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  1. There would also need to be a huge nerf or a change to the ability's energy conversion. As it stands energy conversion is increased in small amounts by strength. Where as efficiency can not only increase it by a larger amount but also multiply the benefits from strength. With the 175% efficiency + whatever % strength I have I can produce over 250 energy per kill and over 1000 on headshot.
  2. People have been asking for the option for years now. 1st person does exist in the game in the form of a long standing random glitch. But other than that DE would be pulling resources for something a portion of the community feel they wouldn't be able to handle and would get motion sickness. Alternatively you could ask for the option to change the positioning of the current camera.
  3. It does feel like it's built for more than four, with any luck they'll increase the number at a later point. As others have said you get a good amount of intrinsics for stealth kills. That could explain why people are going for the base and why they take their time in the Crew ships. Additionally if you can capture a Crew ship it gives you not only a gunner with more freedom but another target for enemies too.
  4. So basically they are heading straight for the objective at the start of the mission leaving the rest of the team to deal with the ships. Once inside they are using prowl and sleep arrows to assassinate enemies.
  5. Loki with Tigris/stealth melee. Avoiding combat would probably be easier but I try to take over a crew ship.
  6. What playstyle? Personally I don't stick to the standard playstyle, instead I try to mod and use frames in a way that go with my offensive approach. For example Baruuk is supposed to be a pacifist who builds up before going on the attack. Meanwhile I'm non-stop attack with him using his 2 and 3 to buld his 4 while totally ignoring his 1st. With Ivara I use prowl (built to last 50 minutes stationary if need be) alongside silenced weapon (likely the Ogris) and use her bow for high health enemies. I'll either walk around or set up a dash wire and use that. She is one of my go to for MOT and Hydron.
  7. The ammo one I can understand having been in a match with one guy who wasted the host's missles on a single ship.
  8. I'm sure someone out there has 3D printed one, perhaps there's one of her bending over to pick something off of the ground.
  9. I'd say that his passive should also increase the damage of melee slams.
  10. They handling on both feel better to me (especially Titania). My only issue is that the archwings seem slow (might be to do with the boost) and button mapping (which I will find issue with until I can freely change it).
  11. I have no issue with the space required for the room. It's the fact that I can't freely move built rooms around to create a new layout is what I take a huge issue with. Right now I'm having to destroy my dojo donw to the first room just to get it to how I want.
  12. Do you have any proof (screenshots)? Also have you noticed any other non-english comments being removed.
  13. I stopped using excalibur's 4 in favor of his 3. It's deadly and you can use mods like rage to build up energy fast as you spam 3.
  14. A number of people simply use it in place of a downvote button (since we don't have one), they use it to show disagreement with another users comment. A downvote button is something that has been asked for for a while now and something I personally find helpful on a forum as a way to tell how much a suggestion is liked/disliked. Sure you'll get your upvote/downvote trolls but in most cases it has been helpful. If I remember rightly the reason given for not having a downvote option is to do with engagement. The mods would rather people actually comment on threads which would make sense to me if I had to actually comment before I can select any reaction on a thread.
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