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  1. Wait what have they screwed up?
  2. My apologies I was trying to click on another thread but clicked on this one a few times. Any way I guess a way to remove the scarf would be nice.
  3. My go to build is all about maximising his 3rd to give my team as much energy as quickly as possible and in the process allowing me to use my other abilities. To do so I have efficiency at max which gives his 3rd a lot of conversion as well as strength to increase it further and Primed Flow to increase energy reserves. After that duration will increase the time you have before you need to recast and range mods helps if you are playing with non talking randoms (when you'r unable to tell others to get to you for energy. From max energy I can get over 200 energy for a non headshot kill.
  4. To be honest the build up is the thing slowing the ability down and stopping it from being any more OP. The energy regen is ridiculous if built right.
  5. Well at least the channel toggle is still there even if I'm apparently the only one around here who uses it for combat. I can however already see the auto block becoming a hindrance if there is no way to turn it off.
  6. To be honest if I really wanted to just use my abilities and dance on the spot not even removing passive energy regen (which I forgot was a thing with Limbo) would stop me as there are other ways of getting energy.
  7. It was an "issue", I and I'm sure others thought it was a "feature".
  8. Simply put, activate 2 > kill things. tomatos tomatoes.
  9. Sure (if you really need the energy or aren't getting enough energy drops). It really depends on what else you change with Speed, for example if energy is the issue while Speed is active it could grant an amount of energy per kill.
  10. The first post. If the host is standing at extraction then you know they are going to leave. If the host leaves it triggers host migration.
  11. DE has already stated that they won't add one so your closest option is Warframe Market.
  12. Na, I'd have to disagree especially when they have a low starting duration like Volts 2.
  13. Lol they won't. you're going to either have to fix your PC, buy a new PC, play on someone else's or miss out.
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