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  1. It's a good idea as an out of game thing (we have access to an editor made by DE). As an in game thing it would be way too OP. Off the top of my head I could mix Sayrn's 1 and 4 with Harrow's 3 and Trinity's 4 added in because why not.
  2. Starting with the issue of making things challenging. Allow players to start custom mission with sliders for Starting level and level progression - what level enemies start at (100) and how quickly that level increases (10 levels every 5 minutes). Stats - decrease/increase for things like energy, frame strength, weapon damage, ability cooldowns, etc. Revive - how many you get and how fast players are revived. Enemy numbers and types - nuf said. And much more. Rewards are also scaled based on what options you pick . As for modes Add raids back in wi
  3. I can understand the change since it was causing problems with AI and assuming they couldn't get enemies to aggressively attack players while the pod was invisible. Can't say I ever cloaked a pod because I play Ivara offensively, going for a crowd control, heavy damage and long invisibility time setup. She's my main go to for Hydron and MOT but also shines at a lot more especially around a Limbo.
  4. I'd probably spend more time in the editor than actually playing the game considering how I am with Forge and Beth's construction kits. There would be a few monstrosities (look at the Ceres Defence map as an example) but also some fun and challenging maps.
  5. I didn't know that you could still jump in to the ability, the invincibility it brings saved me multiple times. I know that teleport's augment now seems to be broken 99% of the time. If anything while the 4th is active hitting it again should let you join.
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