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  1. I thought it was going to be a permanent thing when I first heard about it. At most I was guessing that there wouldn't be an option to disable it at first but that would be added later. Now I just hope that the parts are tradeable.
  2. A warning is given about this kind of thing in the trade chat tab. Basically DE doesn't enforce this kind of trade. As far as reporting goes if it is against the ToS then you are in turn reporting yourself.
  3. Io - Banshee SO and ESO - Harrow or Saryn MOT - Ivara or Titania Syndicates and Lua Spy - Limbo Spys other than Lua - Loki Fortuna - Mesa Index - Mesa or Rhino Eidolons - Trinity
  4. Saryn is just another nuke frame and one that uses Viral damage making her great against Grineer and Corpus but weak against Infested. While other nukes have other abilities that allow you to increase damage to enemies, create shields, give extra speed, heal, etc Saryn has an ability that does DOT and has great synergy with her nuke ability. Honestly if you want to nerf one nuke you're better off nerfing them all as people will just move on to the next.
  5. Same could be said with other frames and yet I use them. However just looking at Vauban's abilities and stats the combo I would go for needs Duration, Range, Strength and Efficiency I draw the line at building for 3 of them.
  6. I would have to say Vauban but I haven't really given him a proper go. A few of the others seem bad but are decent in the right hands.
  7. Which means the other Limbo stopped their Stasis thus stopping your's.
  8. Stasis combos with other Limbo's Stasis. Lets say your Limbo has 10 seconds left while mine has 20, enemies inside your Cataclysm will remain frozen until mine runs out. On the other hand if I was to manually stop my ability early it also stops your's. As a result we could have one of us build for range while the other does duration and use one Cataclysm or we can take it in turns to Stasis making the ability's use never end.
  9. Tenno can damage drones while they're in Cataclysm so switch over, take the drone out, then switch back.
  10. That's what I've been doing. Cast 4 and 2 while keeping an eye out for drones, which are usually obvious thanks to the aura they give off and the moving enemies inside the bubble at which point I switch to my operator to take it out. As for combo's, it depends on what you mean exactly. Warframe abilities tend to be able to hit targets outside Limbo's 4 while inside. For example Ivara's 4th passes through the bubble meaning you don't have to rely on her invisibility allowing you to add more damage to her 4th. Harrow can be built to provide 100s to over 1000 on a headshot worth of energy so he goes really well with ability spammers. All you have to do is build up your 3rd for a bit then get the odd kill before letting the nukers lose.
  11. That's news to me. He's still the only loot frame I use with the others having too lower range and creating a slow TTK for my liking. I don't use augments either.
  12. I'm wondering the same thing. There was a mod locking other threads which is likely how this one got moved. But it seems like the mod didn't even bother to read OP's post or even look at some of the last few pages before dumping this trash here. It not being locked may be down to no one bothering to report it because we're too busy laughing at the people tossing around insults.
  13. Considering how toxic similar events got for other games it's a bad idea. One of the main problems is that people link it to the left side of politics while this new pride event this month is being linked to the right.
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