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  1. Lemyr tosses something out onto the water, an orb of fishmeat and other ingredients, oil begins to leak from it into the water below. You see movement in the crystal clear water, something in the reeds and mud below is moving. A small fish, its head bordered by two bulbous eyes, swims to the surface. Lemyr holds up a hand. "Wait." He says. "We want the big ones."
  2. Lemyr hands you a spear as you reach the rock. “Stand at the edge and try to hold still.” He says.
  3. HL11 steps up onto the mat. In his armor he stands about as tall as Luc. He grabs an Amphis and adopts steady stance.
  4. The cannons do not drop tracking till you are out of range. You do receive a message requesting the retrieval and delivery if Zaeed to a set of coordinates on Uranus.
  5. Whether by luck or skill you manage to sick without sending any alerts. ”We have map of the ship.” Dirge says. “You’re on your own from here. Gremlin will deal with anything you need to Hack.”
  6. The Grineer fall easily to your pistols. The Grineer by the cave gets only a few steps before your rounds hit him. You hear a splash and see Lemyr swimming out to a rock in the middle of one of the ponds.
  7. “No one whose presence would be sorely missed”. Marcus says. “If you are here for Zaeed Zi’teer turn around. Our cannons are loaded and our barrels are hot.” Dirge answers. “I will make this quick.” He says. “Zaeed Zi’teer is a traitor and a liar. If given trial he will undoubtedly attempt to convince others of the lies he himself believes. This must not happen. Deliver him to us, that his sins may be catalogued and punished. Our Gremlin will disable their sensors long enough for you to board.”
  8. The second Grineer panics As his comrade is killed, running for the cave.
  9. All but the two guarding the cave turn and begin to shamble towards the floating Grineer, mesmerized.
  10. You are able to hear the full message broadcasted to the bounty hunter. “I am Tavor, heir-apparent to the Empire and Lord of the Remnant.” A voice says. The tone is one you have only heard from recordings of the Orokin era, regal and commanding. “I seek to reward your friends loyalty with a place at my side.”
  11. “Foolish bounty hinter.” A hooded figure says as the channel cuts out. The Oberon Prime next to him looks out the window of the cloaked shuttle. ”Shall I send in the interdictors?” He asks. ”No.” The former says. “Spook her and we lose our prize. Order them to hang back for now. We shall see how this unfolds.”
  12. “Alright, declaration of hostile intent is justification in five sectors.” Marcus says. “All cannons, open fire.” Hatches open on his Orbiter revealing enough firepower to make a Grineer galleon envious. —— “I am...” The message starts, then cuts out as the shots from Marcus’ ship take out shields, then communications. Scans show the ship has locked into your life support module.
  13. “There are several parties who appear to be interested in you.” Athena says. “It seems they lack the patience to wait for your sentencing. I hypothesize a 40% chance that you will be killed prior to your trial. Please remain inside the cell for your own protection.”
  14. The rounds rip through the Lancer, killing him instantly. The gunner begins to float.
  15. As you move behind the Lancer the Heavy Gunner spots you from the bridge. Apparently a wide open plain is not a good environment for sneaking. Explosive shells burst around younas the Heavy Gunner opens fire.
  16. Two heavy gunners stand in the center of the “bridge” while a butcher patrols the far shore, and a Lancer stands watching another hill close to you. Another two lancers are standing outside a nearby cave.
  17. Lemyr points to twin ponds with a lbatrual brigade between them. A squad of Grineer patrol the area. “That slot is great for Lungfish, Khut-Khut, And Yogwun.” He says. “If you clear them out I’ll show you how to catch the big ones.”
  18. Lwnyr seems to vanish into the tall grass of the plains. He reappears on a hill, motioning for you.
  19. Hai-Luk hands Lemyr buendle of spears, nine in all, of three different varieties. Lemyr spends he walk to the gate stating at you. Several times he nearly runs into a pole. The gates open to early morning on the plains. “We’ll need to move quickly.” Lemyr says. “Or the Grineer will take all the good spots.”
  20. The intact shard is back with Onkko. Hai-Luk looks at it, placing a hand over her heart. ”By The Unum.” She says. “It looks like my nephew was telling the truth.” ”I told you auntie.” Lemyr says. “Can I have the day off?” ”No.” Hai-Luk says. “We still need fish to sell.” Lemyr looks disappointed. ”But perhaps you could show the Tenno the best fishing spots.” Hai-Luk says. “You wouldn’t mind helping out here, would you Tenno?”
  21. He looks up at you in awe. ”This is one of the Tenno auntie.” He says. “I saw him kill the Eidolon.” Hai-Luk regards you with a curious gaze.” ”Did you now?” She asks. “What do you say Mister Tenno?”
  22. You see a fisher woman standing behind her market counter. She is looking at a young lad. ”You’ll see.” The young lad, Lemyr, says. “I’ll find a piece of the Sentient to prove it.” The fisherwoman shakes her head. ”And try to find some fish while your at it, ya?” She says. “Or soon I’ll be selling you to make ends meet.” Her tone is aren’t, but you sense her comment was largely in jest. “No off with you.” She says. “Hai-Lul has fish to sell.”
  23. The Exilus adaptor states it will take one hour to build. The control module should take another to combine. The Market begins to stir, Ostron leaving their houses to set up their stalls.
  24. “Another story, Lemyr?” A voice asks. “What was it this time. Did you see Vay Hek watering some Mapricos.” Another voice, this one excited pipes up. ”Better.” He says. “I saw Tenno kill an Eidolon.” ”Nohing can kill an Eidolon.” The first person says. “If it could the Grineer would have wiped them out by now.” “Gara did.” Lemyr says. “Ah Gara, Onkko’s little myth.” The first person says. “Look where believing in myths got him. Now stop telling stories and go grab the rest of the fish, we have a market stall to open.”
  25. It is clear none of the Ostron possses such items. You would need to purchase or build such a thing yourself.
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