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  1. You've got some very good sounding songs on that purple player. Sharing is caring comradski! Got the codes?
  2. Let's make a song request Thread here! Ask and thou shalt be given (not by me though). I figured out how to compose the letter coding manually but the timing is a hell of a drag. Requesting Witcher 3's Silver for Monsters: Tried to play it randomly on the shawzin: 3UAAUAHUAKUAMSAOSAUSAZSAcSAhKApKAwKAyKA1JA4JA/JBEJBGJBLUBRUBZUBbUBeUBgSBjSBqSBvSBxSB2kCFkCNkCQkCTiCViCciChiCjiCo It would require godlike scale change to hit the right notes which is impossible, code or botplaying is the only option!
  3. I just bought the new Corpus cache and felt cheated. Expected it to be a little smaller than the ones in game but atleast fridge-sized. It ended up being smaller than a freaking Argon Crystal! Reform the way they are previewed and there are many ways to do it: - Give us a point of reference to compare to - Give us the option to preview it live in our orbiter, if satisfied the option to buy will pop up.
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