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  1. Nah. There's nothing wrong with gendered characters.
  2. I want to see Cleaving Whirlwind made consistent with every other stance in the game, which allow you to spam their moves with impunity. If no other stance needs such a restriction, then neither does CW. It's a nuisance... a minor one, but a nuisance nonetheless. If CW would be too "braindead" and "boring" without the stagger, what's stopping you from just not using it? I absolutely understand what you're saying. I'm telling you it's wrong. The head-smashing feeling is mutual. I do try to stay away from the most toxic members of the community, yes. It's not, because I'm still attacking, not stumbling around doing nothing. Just... blatantly false. First, you claimed you've played for 7 years, then you claimed more people in this thread agree with you than me, and then you claimed you ran it by your clan. That's 3 times. You were locked if you had already pressed the key for the next attack while the previous was completing, and couldn't cancel the animations. They fixed this with melee 3.0, and you know it. Don't be obtuse. lolwut Please.. show me whatever evidence you've pulled out of your butt to suggest that new players are enjoying melee more because of a stagger at the end of one stance's combo... It's funny how whenever people like you try to exit an argument in this fashion, the onus is always on the other person listening. God forbid you do a bit of listening yourself...
  3. These things are not mutually exclusive. they are both true. As I've said numerous times in this thread, it takes control away from the player, which is unique to this particular stance mod, and it should be removed to make the stance consistent with every other stance in the game. The ability to easily avoid it isn't relevant. You could easily avoid the Profit-Taker's knockdown attack as well, yet DE saw fit to increase the cooldown because it was an annoyance for players. I'm making the exact same argument for the removal of stagger from Cleaving Whirlwind. If you agree on everything except that it should be removed, then why are you even here arguing? Your point is that it's not worth removing because it's an unnecessary and easily avoidable hindrance? I'm not the one with conflicting views here, my dude...
  4. We're not. We're talking about an unnecessary hindrance placed upon the player for no actual reason. The animation itself is a holdover from pre-melee 3.0, when you were locked into completing combos, couldn't interrupt and then resume animations, and had less control over them. They've changed all of this while reworking melee, but kept the useless stagger that both of the people arguing against this agree is easily circumvented anyway. I've yet to see an actual valid reason that suggests this stagger animation is necessary or even relevant. You claim it's a requirement for balance, yet admit that all you have to do is throw in slide attack, which is also a 360 degree attack that is just as powerful, and you can avoid it entirely. It's not difficult. It's not necessary, and no other combo in the game has this imposed restriction... so DE should correct that inconsistent behavior.
  5. You can already do this. Removing the stagger changes nothing other than removing the control that gets periodically taken from the player. Having a stagger at the end of a combo does nothing to make it more interesting or dynamic. Which renders it unnecessary and irrelevant beyond the annoyance it demonstrates for the player. Who are these meta slaves and where have they said they would use CW over TR if not for that blasted stagger? Literally where are they? No, because it's part of the increased mobility aspect of the block-combos. Name one other stance that staggers you for using it. It's also referred to as an argumentum ad populum, but the term used to point it out isn't relevant and doesn't make you appear smarter. You can claim whatever you want about your "500 member clan" saying this or that. I could claim my 1000 member clan all said they want it removed. It's an inherently fallacious argument, and is easily ignored. You keep trying to use how long you've played or how many people you think agree with you to prove your case. I'll absolutely point out such blatantly fallacious argumentation.
  6. No it doesn't. You're trying to invalidate the fact that there are hundreds of more effective ways to kill things than using a specific melee weapon stance, which is the point of the comparison. You opened the door for this when you brought up balance and tried to suggest that removing a stagger animation was going to make something OP. The same DE that removed self-damage, right? They've repeatedly said that they're trying to make things consistent. CW is inconsistent with the rest of the roster of stance mods. Which they've mostly done. Now they could finish the job by removing the thing that makes CW less fun, hindering player movement for no reason. It was nowhere near mandatory, same as Catchmoon. Meta =/= necessary. I've yet to even build a Catchmoon. I didn't get a maiming strike until after the nerf (because that's when they finally brought back Acolytes). You know what it means in that context. Argumentative then, if a different word pleases you. You want to talk about logical fallacies, yet appeal to popularity? Beyond that, I'd bet if you could poll every Warframe player, you'd find this to be a popular opinion. The fact that there aren't many people in this one thread who have decided to post in agreement isn't really relevant. The point was that you're just disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. I've yet to see an actual reason for why the stagger shouldn't be removed. You claim it's because it would make the stance too powerful, but there are very simple ways to circumvent that anyway. You don't care about that though... you just want to argue. Who cares? No one is going to stop playing Warframe if Cleaving Whirlwind's stagger gets removed. Absolutely no one. I've already explained it multiple times. Again, ignoring that is just proof that you want to argue and disagree for the sake of it. But I'll play along once... Having a stagger for using a combo too often is annoying because it temporarily removes control from the player. . It's inconsistent with the rest of the stance mods in the game which have no such mechanic. It's not necessary because the stagger isn't relevant, all it does is hinder the player's movement for a couple seconds, doesn't prevent spamming the ability in any relevant way, and can easily be circumvented by throwing in one separate move. Taking control away from the player is the opposite of what DE has claimed they want for melee 3.0. If balance were an actual issue (which I don't think it is), there are other ways to balance the stance that don't involve taking control away from the player.
  7. You're ignoring the fact that every two spins for CW has a buildup that isn't significantly shorter than the attack or two between the 360 degree coverage of the other two stances/weapons I showed in the video. The fact that ALL of CW's attacks are spins and only every other attack of the other two are spins... isn't relevant. It was still a nerf to maiming strike, and got people to stop using it. The entire point of melee 3.0 was to make weapons feel more responsive and give more control to players. That's why they simplified the combos in the first place, and implemented things like instant-melee switching, the ability to interrupt combos, and implemented more intuitive controls that allow you to specify whice attacks you want to use based on which buttons you use, as opposed to trying to memorize different combinations of mashing E. These are words and phrase used by DE in dev streams... and interrupting the player's input by keeping the stagger in CW does the exact opposite of achieving those goals. No they're not. They're both used in missions to kill enemies to varying degrees of efficacy. Same as Warframe abilities. Same as pretty much everything else in this game. The point is that there are a broad range of weapons in every category that perform entirely differently. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are in-between. The idea that CW would be so OP as to invalidate all other stances and remove player choice if they just removed a two-second stagger... is asinine. If you're really that worried about balance, you could always argue to also slightly decrease the base attack speed of CW to balance it out. I don't get the stagger, and you don't get to act as though the difference is actually relevant. Everyone's happy. But I have a feeling you're only arguing against this to be contrarian, not because you actually care about balance.
  8. I can absolutely say that because they haven't bothered to do it with literally anything but CW and the nerf to maiming strike, which was only really broken because it allowed you to hit through walls, which justified the change. Every other stance is just as "braindead". And? One weapon does more damage than another weapon. Welcome to Warframe. This doesn't justify imposing a movement penalty upon the player for using a certain move too often. I can wipe an entire map of enemies with Saryn faster than any stance on any melee mod. Why isn't there a penalty there? The entire argument that it would be too OP if they removed the stagger falls completely on its face when you realize that pretty much everything in the game is extremely overpowered, and most methods of killing things are still going to be preferred over a certain weapon with a certain stance. Hell, up until recently, everyone was just using Catchmoon. It wasn't because Cleaving Whirlwind had a stagger, it was because Catchmoon was OP as hell. I hold, there is no reason for there to be a combo that causes you to be staggered when using it, which only exists on one stance in the entire game. I didn't say it was the only stance with drawbacks, I said it's the only stance that interrupts your combo for using it. That has nothing to do with any other stances beyond the fact that none of them interrupt your combo for using their combo.
  9. I don't like Temp Royale's combos, which is why I use Cleaving Whirlwind. This stagger effect isn't enough to make me not use it. It just makes absolutely no sense that it's literally the only stance in the game that interrupts your combo for using it too often. There's no other stance that does that, and you can spam all of the others with impunity. #FixCleavingWhirlwind
  10. The stagger doesn't stop you from using a macro anyway. It's a speedbump. You can continue spamming the attack as soon as the stagger animation is finished. Nothing is stopping you from doing that, least of all a brief stagger animation. And it really doesn't matter what the animations are. Gleaming Talon and Vermillion Storm can both output massive damage. I actually noticed this while spinning to win with Vermillion on Garuda's Talons. Spinning like crazy and slicing everything to bits with absolutely nothing hindering my movement. One of the points of melee 2.0 was to give more control over your combos and movement to the player. I can move and spam attack with literally every single stance in the game... EXCEPT for Cleaving Whirlwind... for no reason at all. None of what you said justifies it. It's a nuisance imposed upon the player, and it's exclusive to CW for no reason.
  11. Honestly, this. Of the three "sample" resources, mutagen samples are the hardest ones to come by... for no real reason. The only truly viable way of farming them is to do Derelict defense or survival missions with a full group running every loot-frame and companion in existence. Even then, it's a boring, soul-crushing grind for basically a token that says little more than "hey look everyone, I had nothing better to do with my time!" It's the reason my friend and I (the only active members of my clan) haven't bothered farming it out. We've researched pretty much everything else... but the Hema has no incentive to actually do it. I think we have a combined playtime of well over 2000 hours (not a lot compared to some, I know, but that's not really the point), and we've only dumped maybe 500 total samples into the thing... just when we've felt like tossing them in the toilet, basically. OP is asking for the wrong thing. I know they want a refund for whatever they've already spent... but they really just need to increase the drop rate of mutagen samples. There's no reason for me to have tens of thousands of fieldron samples and detonite ampules, but barely a couple dozen mutagen samples.
  12. As the title says, I'd like to see the pointless stagger effect when spamming Cleaving Whirlwind's spin attack removed. It's mildly amusing that your frame apparently gets "dizzy" and stumbles around for a second when you spin too much, but the fact that none of the other weapon stances seem to have this issue makes Cleaving Whirlwind mildly annoying to play. Here's a short video showing the stagger effect of Cleaving Whirlwind, as well as a couple of similar stances for different weapon types, which you're free to spam all day long without any consequence whatsoever. This most recent update was all about introducing some consistency across Warframe's various systems... please add a little consistency here. Remove the stagger animation from Cleaving Whirlwind.
  13. I love the look of the deferred rendering, but my cpu hates it. Specifically on the plains. My cpu hits 100% usage and my framerate drops from nearly locked 144fps to like 80... and it starts stuttering. I can't wait to upgrade from my current i5.
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