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  1. It tells you which planet they're on right there on the star chart... and if you look at the invasions menu, you can easily see which ones are infested outbreak missions.
  2. Go play something else until Railjack. You aren't owed anything.
  3. Even if you could assert that with such certainty... who cares? The only way this affects other players at all is through leaderboards... so ban them from the leaderboards. There's no reason to ban someone who exploits a bug from the game itself, even temporarily.
  4. I think DE should give a more detailed explanation of the Loki issue, since switching enemies into bottomless pits to be rid of them sounds like typical Loki play. I mean what's next, banning players for doing the same thing with Valkyr's grapple? I'm guess it involved finding spots of tiles which don't have such hazards, but cause enemies to die when switched because they're otherwise not supposed to go there? In which case, blame your QA team, I guess. I don't really understand why those players should be banned from the game (especially permanently) even if they do knowingly exploit it repeatedly. Just ban them from leaderboards and make a note of the exploits so you can fix them later. Nobody should be banned from a game for abusing an error in development. Even if it affects other players. I remember back when Battlefield 3 had bugged weapons that could murder other players across the map... I even used them a few times because it was funny. Nobody ever got banned for exploiting the USAS12 when it was broken... or M203 Flechette rounds that somehow used the accuracy of whatever rifle they were attached to instead of the typical shotgun spread... DICE just fixed the issues and moved on. That's what DE should be doing here.
  5. Came here to comment something similar. It would be cool if instead of moving to the ground and *then* stomping, he stomped as soon as he impacted.
  6. Wait, what? Anisotropic Filtering hasn't been a demanding visual setting for what... almost 2 decades?
  7. Feedback is one thing. Saying "we pay your bills" turns feedback into an ultimatum.
  8. Look, I just want to know if it has the same requirements as Profit Taker, because I'm not an Old Mate yet. If it does, I guess I'll just keep stockpiling thermia until the event ends so I can farm up Hyldy next time...
  9. Is the cancelation of certain frame abilities like Chroma's vex armor and Rhino's iron skin when using an arch wing intended? If not, will this be fixed anytime soon? If so, why are these abilities not canceled when using the Kdrive, and why are some frames' abilities not canceled at all, such as Nezha's halo?
  10. Wait... what? It was like ~70% when I was playing like 2 hours ago. How did it jump 30% in two hours? Or is this a veiled way of saying something went wrong with the hashes and they'll be back for players to finish scanning tomorrow (considering they're gone from the star chart now)?
  11. I've only witnessed the Wolf's mysterious majesty ONCE since this whole thing started... and of course it was while I was on the moon, solo, with my stealth loki build, and using weapons modded to deal with Corpus. It took me 10 minutes to get him down to half health, then he killed me. Was much disappointment.
  12. I've found region to be a great place for tips and random bits of information. Basically every question I've had about the fundamental aspects of this game over the last 1.5 years I've been playing it have been answered in region chat. Just because it serves no purpose for you doesn't mean it serves no purpose for someone else. Trying to get such a thing removed simply because you don't like it, despite the fact that you can very easily disable any and all possible interaction you have with it... is completely absurd. It's the equivalent of people complaining about wanting tv shows banned when they could simply turn the channel. And if the purpose of you not changing the channel is because you want to police the thought-crimes of your fellow clanmates, then I'd say you have entirely different problems you should be looking into instead of trying to get a chat channel removed.
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