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  1. Hey look this game still living through immoral monsters that tease others.
  2. The fact this thread has become to big and popular means there is something to certainly learn from Genshin Impact. I'm not sure what that might be, but certainly it would be naive and ignorant to assume nothing could be learned from Genshin Impact. The recent update with the new 'Boss Fight' in my opinion is something Warframe needs to learn from. Mihoyo is very big on balancing their game correctly, something Digital Extremes needs to learn how to do.
  3. Hey its me i'm alive! Been here since the start but also almost a whole year without playing Warframe woot! I guess my only comment on difficulty in Warframe is it is non existent when you and your team are overtly powerful in all scenarios throughout the game. Idk what has been said before me but that stands and my evidence is experience and others experience. I don't think my clan and I will be returning anytime soon or ever.
  4. I cannot finish the rest of the Orokin lab (armstice) research (I did a little bit of it a long time ago). Anyway we can fix this?
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