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  1. I can proudly say it has been four whole months since I last played Warframe addictively in seven years. I am free of the grind game 🙂 How many months has it been for you mysterious screen reader?
  2. I've since quit until DE releases real content, did not even return for the new Warframe. I can say that i'm 3-4 months free of my 7 year addiction and i'm proud.
  3. I live in Michigan, every event I want to go to is in LA ;). Tennocon is like the only northerner event in the US that is reachable via car.
  4. Here ^^ read my children. (Trickery and a arcane of your choice now).
  5. legit like 4 pages into this thread I gave a good review of Banshee from a vet Banshee player (7 years). I've got a build for you and how to play her. She is utterly powerful in a knowledgeable player's hands.
  6. I made some above quotes on things people have pointed out that I see as very harmful toxicity towards Warframe (I guess this would define my stance on it). From everyone elses opinion, I can see that toxicity is natural in language. When it comes to certain ingame aspects, it can be detrimental greatly to the gaming environment.
  7. Thank you wise one, your gaming sage experience speaks volumes! (I played during cata but never big on the forums).
  8. That is one of the negative effects here linking toxicity with warframe uniquely. It may happen on other games but I know it shuts off people really fast :*(
  9. Hey man, you would have to agree that it is indeed a good discussion idea, regardless if it is quite sensitive.
  10. I would have to both agree and disagree with you, I believe a lot of people express themselves because the culture of gaming and this community have inspired others to imitate player's word choices and actions. By changing the culture norm of player's word choices and actions, that discourse can be altered into a more positive form.
  11. Is there anything toxic about the forums here that you'd like to see change? Or nah.
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