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  1. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/21-general/
  2. Here is a bit more advanced information on that topic. Health itself is a very fragile factor, Health is easily removed especially with gas damage. It is essential in my opinion that shields to something a bit like armor but different, take a peak! Please... USE THE FEEDBACK SECTION FOR GAME CRITICISM!!!
  3. Only problem here is your average corpus unit does not use armor, hence damage reduction (Which I believe exists right now) shields and removal of slash/toxin procs skipping to health would be an important change. For Warframes I must agree they need to change.
  4. As per the above post, I agree shields need a bit of a change for Warframes as well. I’d say the more you invest in shields the higher damage reduction you get capping at a 93% dr. This would stack with adaptation and armor boosting mods/effects. That way a single Toxin or Slash proc won’t one hit you because shields will stay up longer.
  5. block em also get a nighthawk router to fix that
  6. In warframe, shields are extremely irrelevant to the corpus faction and frame builds. They provide little to no protection when engaging with them in combat. The two types of shields right now are normal and proto shields. They both can be easily "skipped" with slash and toxin procs. A good example of how shields are extremely effective is the way in which Demolysts DO NOT take status procs what so ever while shields are up. Magnetic and impact damage suddenly become useful here, along with shield disruption. Currently with a shield rework we would breathe life into all of these things that are utterly useless right now. The Shield Disruption Aura (no point if you can just run slash to skip them!) The Magnetic proc! (Finally it can be used as a form of corrosive for Corpus units) The Impact proc! (Same as above) Volt's augment (Boosts Warframe shields) shield mods Going back to what I said about the Demolyst earlier, I think it would be productive for shields to be immune to all status procs but Magnetic and Impact. This would require increased build optimization for magnetic/impact stripping and Shield Disruption usage. As of right now shields are in the fire dumpster and really are not that viable ingame currently, i'd rather use health and armor because shields provide little to no defense, especially in level 90+ missions (new 100+ and onward missions that are coming out now will start to display how weak shields are compared to their armor counterpart). Will add on to this topic later, but overall the point is simple to make shields provide immunity to status procs until removed (crit/magnetic/impact setups work well against them).
  7. The best way to get pubs to listen. Use ingame voice chat Kick em around like the captain of the Black Pearl.
  8. This is nothing compared to a melee weapon being able to do 80 million in a single hit and rapid 30 millions still.
  9. This man knows the way. This is all too true, the ephemera and the vidar reactors are examples of that. Not to mention the bloody battle avionics as well. They will get boosted
  10. Hype is purely how DE makes money. We are just dumb so we keep falling for new content. Lately I like the changes but they should have been done a lot earlier on.
  11. This game needs a lot of things.
  12. ^^ I feel everyone on this thread is bias/passive aggressive, actually that is how I feel about the forums. Overall it would be silly not to sell a riven for 5000 platinum. Is it worth that much? No not all! It is a primary and a Soma with a incredibly low disposition. Can I still sell it for 5000? Yeah and people will buy it lol. Look at Raw riven data released by DE. There are Rivens sold for 30k+ WOWZA people have ootles of platinum hidden in their piggy banks.
  13. What if I made it in a week? felt a bit of aggression from this post, simply adding to the pot that there are people who have enormous stacks of plat, this causes highly sought after Rivens to be catered to them. I’d personally pay 2000 for a Riven at max. Damage in this game is irrelevant honestly. I can probably see the levels going up to 200-300 at max with Railjack introducing level 100 by default.
  14. What if I made over 100k plat without spending. Dime?
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