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  1. run adaptation for 5+ hour survivals.
  2. Pug Eidolons ALWAYS and never form groups/join a clan for it
  3. Never be creative and run whatever [insert quote on quote top tier player here] tells you to run.
  4. Use Elemental damage/status chance for Eidolon runs!
  5. Run steel fiber on any warframe, never use arcane guardian for Star Chart enemies.
  6. Currently doing 11 minute run with clan mates (Timing from the minute we leave Fortuna) it is just consistent imo. I guess they can add a matchmaking for orb runs but that requires you to find the door etc... (Which is easy of course). Mostly the problem is being placed teammates who do not know all the mechanics + managing adds, thermia, and when to throw thermia requires a lot of coordination. In other words go for it and add a matchmaking for it. The experience may push many people away from orbs though if you don't know what you are doing/ have not developed strategies with your clan mates, friends, recruiting chat... etc...
  7. Dps adds is something DE needs more of! X4 cp for raknoid burning fast!
  8. D.E. Is trying to get you to develop friendships/join a clan for organized fights. Railjack will require a clan to even use it. Use recruiting chat for an organized party for this operatoon as orb fights will most likely be like plague star where it lasts only so long (If I am right).
  9. Currently using mesmer skin and reave to one shot anything in the game. It is a good composition I agree with your thrall changes but be very careful with true damage... 2% max health is quite a lot especially in VERY LONG non starchart survivals.
  10. Listen to Onkho's words... He literally tells you what to do. It may be discrete but these are skills gamers need to pick up!
  11. No problem! Don't let it get you down either because warframe is still in beta. Also you only need to do 60% of the challenges to get all the rewards.
  12. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us It is also not a quest but called a nightwave challenge. (There are two of them worth 5k standing each).
  13. Thats a bug, if 3 other group members recieved the challenge and you have not. Put a support ticket in and see if you can get 10k standing back.
  14. Confused maybe i'm seeing something different... Turned on dark background, had no idea wtf happened should be fixed now
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