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  1. A good and healthy decision. Have some well deserved holidays, enjoy yourselves and be safe.
  2. I had this happen to me once while fishing in Cambion Drift. /unstuck didn't do anything so I desperately hoped I would die, but I happened to be Inaros and any approaching infested were just target practice for the Panzer Vulpa. I aborted the mission... will try Alt-F4 if it happens again.
  3. I use Octavia and wait out the mallet vs Necramechs fight in operator void mode. Perfectly safe if somewhat boring. Alternatively, I shoot them up with God King Prime and a rattleguts secondary (with punch through on its riven). Heavy attack Stropha to clean out any infested. Don't hit the necramech with that one while their Storm Shroud is up though...
  4. TYPE: In-Game (Cambion Drift Bounty) DESCRIPTION: Bounty: protect the purifier while gathering samples, bonus: activate purifier only 5 times. Quest stage is stuck due no not collectable samples being present. VISUAL: No screenshot, sorry. REPRODUCTION: Do the bounty that has this stage in it EXPECTED RESULT: being able to advance the bounty stage in some way by gathering samples, apparently from some pods on the ground OBSERVED RESULT: did not find any object to interact with except the purifier so no samples could be gathered, no objective marker popped up
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