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  1. Baruuk's passive is literally up to 50%damage reduction, how is that bad? :^| Ember Titania Loki Oberon ...
  2. When I play Ash it's in 90% for these sick Bladestorm cutscenes so I don't like idea of adding more clones/shadows... With marking itself I would like to see kind of circle like Garuda and Mesa have with theirs 4th to mark faster.
  3. First, of all, she's adorable as frick, just look at this moth face, aww. ❤️ Ok, to the point. What's the only thing that makes her viable and do CLEMton of dps? Right. And most important part of this is that it's her main way to stay alive, she's not meant to take damage with fancy Shatter Shield or Splinter Storm but to avoid damage. Lemmie explain. During Razorwing she summons 6 smol Razorflies that draw high agro on enemies, that means this angry herd of disgusting deformed abominations (or Corpus/Infested) will focus them, not her. And also 4 gives her 50% avoid chance if that changes anything. But da problem. Razorflies die too quickly on high level missions, and when they are gone, well, she's aswell. Good thing that's not all, because she've got. <drums> Lantern (yes I am serious) In short enemies shouldn't shoot when affected by it, and when they don't shoot, they don't kill razorflies. And pretty awesome ability overall imo. And one Tribute buff that debuffs enemies with -50% fire accuracy... Basically she keep them alive so they can keep her alive. Obviously they will die sooner or later and you will have to recast Razorwing, and sometimes it's nothing more but a death sentence. Here comes the solution, what every Titania player including me wants. More Razorflies But not to make Razorwing summon more of them, it would solve nothing. The part ya'll waited for, Changes. Tribute: Collecting buff resummons 2 Razorflies, every seperate buff increases Razorflies limit by same amount. Won't ask to make Razorflies invulnerable, but it would be wasy way so DE might take it. or just x4 tankier, dammit Why? To keep her ass alive. Now about something different. Most useless ability in the game, no wait, most useless ability in any game, Warframe, Apex ...Minecraft. Behold Spellbind Actually on paper it's pretty good, but only 5m range? FIVE GODDAMN METERS? ARE YOU SCOTT'ING ME? Make it 15 at least and instant, instant I say,1 sec cast for a bit of cc, PFFFFF. Also Since getting out of Razorwing is basically a death sentence as I mentioned before I suggest a new augument for (already buffed) Spellbind. Every enemy affected by Spellbind restores to Titania 10 energy. Why? Razorwing isn't damn cheesy, optional, abusable Peacemaker, it's all of Titania, and sitting in corner where enemies won't reach you just to wait for Zenurik restore your energy is whack... Ps:Why there are no Titania one tricks? Because she got only one playstyle, you can't really change weapons, try new things, I mean you can change but fundamental will stay the same.
  4. One infested crawler: *exists* Mesa players:
  5. Titania prime or uinstall.
  6. I like when during Hysteria all my screen turns red. :^|
  7. Currently in order to use Baruuk's 4 Serene Storm in captura you have to discharge Restraint like in normal mission and to do this you have to spawn enemies ...and in captura we got limit of 3 so goodl luck with stacking that. Since we have unlimited energy in captura can Baruuk have also fully depleted restraint so you can use Serene Storm freely? ...like please? btw auguments for Baruuk when
  8. So now I have to get out of Hysteria to use Hysterical assault. well thought
  9. Now these morons can replace catch rare fishes at poe, I would rather do 40 defence waves.
  10. I fuccing swear, each week these challenges are geting worse and worse. Can DE get out this pack of diccs out of their asses?
  11. My unpopular opinion: Garuda and Baruuk are way better designed and healthier for game than everyone's beloved Mesa and Saryn ...and joke that Revenant is.
  12. What do I think? Well literally me when I saw this CLEMing CLEM pile of CLEMing bullCLEM CLEMing morons at DE better reroll these challenges right now.
  13. Reach mods should have base values to help out weapons with shorter range not to abuse it on weapons with already long range.
  14. Time to spread the Church of Orange
  15. As a someone who is addicted to Life Strike mod my only issue is that channeling is now toggled on/off not hold like before...
  16. As I despise all this Nightwave bs I only have one question mrs. Night. Where do I mute you.
  17. DE:Does anything to Warframe Warframe playerbase:
  18. 404 there's one from past, tho >_>
  19. Literally perfect description of Saryn in this vid, just change few words. https://youtu.be/_sLKGKl_d44?t=163 "Ok so you're in a fight, press 1, just wait for this thing to spread across the map, go get a drink or something, you can press 4 and kill whole map. The fun thing is sometimes you will not see any enemy around, press 4 and still see affinity number pop up somewhere. Saryn is so overpowered she doesn't care about the rules of Warframe, she will break the game so bad everyone will stop lagging, you won't even see numbers because her damage is inifinite. Another thing is you can equip multiple mods of the same kind, as you can see I have five Stretch because Kill MySelf. That's no way of being Saryn and not getting to player damage every single game. This is no joke, you will have twice as much as everyone else, you have like fkins your team's total, because you just press 1 and press 4, you don't know what you hit but you spread your seed all over the place, yes I just said that, she is like a prostitute: "She might not kill them, but there'll be semen on everyone." Ok so if you play this beach, don't. DON'T.
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