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  1. 🍿 Honestly all I was thinking about was just base damage increase.
  2. Titania cuz She cc She attacc but most importantly She's cute as f*cc Valkyr cuz I love melee combat and she's made for it ...and Ripline is best ability in the game I'm not even kidding and this rage, I just want more, only with her I can go 1h survival missions just for sake of it and want to keep going ...till I can't handle them anymore ...and finally have a reason to press 4 Actually hecc, all frames with exalted weapons are awesome, Ivara, Excal, now Baruuk... ❤️ No Mesa, you do not count.
  3. Titania's 3 Lantern simply do not work, enemies still follow the Lantern (...'ed enemy) but they still shoot, and still, and they keep on shooting, even tho they are literally under Lantern and have it's aura round them.
  4. She's just underperforming in comparsion to other archguns, and before it wasn't big of a deal because in archwing missions everything dies instantly, but now when we use it in boss fight it really shows off, and I love this weapon, looks, stupidly high fire rate, looks... Just look at this marvelous form She's beautiful...
  5. Critiamat

    Fixing Mesa

    Honestly this is how I think Mesa was designed... -OK, so let's make gunfighter frame, like John Wick and John Preston (Equilibrium) mashed together with a little bit of Clint Eastwood western theme, and of course female because waifu material. -Cool, awesome, registered losers players are gonna love this! So, what about abilities? What's her 1? -Hmm, how about you deal more damage after you deal damage? -Ok, we will think about something, what's her 2? -You deal more damage. -OOOOooooo... K, how about 3? -You TAKE less damage. -Fine... and her 4? -You know how in these movies gunslingers always make these sick poses and never miss? -Oh, so we're gonna make some dual "gunblade" exalted weapon with badass stance? Or she could enter trance to mark enemies and then shoot them all, like McCree. -Nah, just press 4 and murder all, with sick poses ofc, and dude, Overwatch is not even out yet. -But how about... -damage. -Maybe... -Damage. -And what if... -DAMAGE. -So we are gonna make frame that 1,2,3's are buffs and fourth is just afk turret mode? -Yes. -How anyone could ever enjoy that? This doesn't even have a playstyle, just mash all buttons whenever enemy is nearby. Fine. -__- why are we even hired you -If you really want we can add to 2 and 3 some not useful stuff that will be barely noticable. And then Peacemaker was reworked to it's current state.
  6. Critiamat

    Fixing Mesa

    Lazy design for lazy people.(͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)
  7. Literally perfect description of Saryn in this vid, just change few words. https://youtu.be/_sLKGKl_d44?t=163 "Ok so you're in a fight, press 1, just wait for this thing to spread across the map, go get a drink or something, you can press 4 and kill whole map. The fun thing is sometimes you will not see any enemy around, press 4 and still see affinity number pop up somewhere. Saryn is so overpowered she doesn't care about the rules of Warframe, she will break the game so bad everyone will stop lagging, you won't even see numbers because her damage is inifinite. Another thing is you can equip multiple mods of the same kind, as you can see I have five Stretch because Kill MySelf. That's no way of being Saryn and not getting to player damage every single game. This is no joke, you will have twice as much as everyone else, you have like fkins your team's total, because you just press 1 and press 4, you don't know what you hit but you spread your seed all over the place, yes I just said that, she is like a prostitute: "She might not kill them, but there'll be semen on everyone." Ok so if you play this beach, don't. DON'T.
  8. Critiamat

    Fixing Mesa

    lshidmtamsfo, gj
  9. Critiamat

    Fixing Mesa

    Slow applause for this dude, he knows what's going on, hire him and game will be fixed in 3 months 👍. hire me and I make it 2, lolol fire scott and it will never be broken again In this case I would add maybe a little bit of salvo autoaim on at least last combo attacks. But yes, in perfect world where DE didn't got lazy... You right, don't touch Garuda, but we talk about Mesa here.
  10. Make 👏 Spellbind👏 Instant👏
  11. No it's not. It's dumb to stack CLEMload of them, let other people end the round without scoring and still have CLEMton flying around ur arse, and don't go another.
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