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  1. One infested crawler: *exists* Mesa players:
  2. So now I have to get out of Hysteria to use Hysterical assault. well thought
  3. Reach mods should have base values to help out weapons with shorter range not to abuse it on weapons with already long range.
  4. Time to spread the Church of Orange
  5. As a someone who is addicted to Life Strike mod my only issue is that channeling is now toggled on/off not hold like before...
  6. As I despise all this Nightwave bs I only have one question mrs. Night. Where do I mute you.
  7. DE:Does anything to Warframe Warframe playerbase:
  8. 404 there's one from past, tho >_>
  9. Literally perfect description of Saryn in this vid, just change few words. https://youtu.be/_sLKGKl_d44?t=163 "Ok so you're in a fight, press 1, just wait for this thing to spread across the map, go get a drink or something, you can press 4 and kill whole map. The fun thing is sometimes you will not see any enemy around, press 4 and still see affinity number pop up somewhere. Saryn is so overpowered she doesn't care about the rules of Warframe, she will break the game so bad everyone will stop lagging, you won't even see numbers because her damage is inifinite. Another thing is you can equip multiple mods of the same kind, as you can see I have five Stretch because Kill MySelf. That's no way of being Saryn and not getting to player damage every single game. This is no joke, you will have twice as much as everyone else, you have like fkins your team's total, because you just press 1 and press 4, you don't know what you hit but you spread your seed all over the place, yes I just said that, she is like a prostitute: "She might not kill them, but there'll be semen on everyone." Ok so if you play this beach, don't. DON'T.
  10. Can I report people for playing Saryn already?
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