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  1. Remember the time when community in warframe is supposed to be friendly like all people said?
  2. Don't really have him since getting all his ingridient is a$$, but if recall his half of his kit relies on getting self damage so you can deal more damage. Since -100%damage on a explosive weapon, you won't be dealing damage at all cause the damage is already 0. Unless you use explosive mod such as thunderbolt and concealed explosive which has fixed damage that cannot be rised or reduce by damage.
  3. Then use cautous shot that reduce the damage taken by 90%, then use other mods that give -damage% as well, like vile acelaration. Edit: also since javlok is a heat based weapon, maybe the heat resistance mod on Warframe can be used to reduce the damage from javlok.
  4. The only thing I could think of -100% damage is only using on explosive weapon as effect and use it on captura, but other than that's it
  5. Well I stated fact how PoE handled the RNG. Yeah its full of heavy RNG, but you can already minimize the RNG by using crafting table, so you don't need to be annoyed at all. It's still better handled than Rivens in Warframe. Also a looter game doesn't excuse the RNG system, if the RNG was simply badly made then it is simply badly. Why do you think you think the tower key was replaced with space cabbages. DE simply just throw stat and useless stat into the rivens, and just make it scale on Disposition, where concerning the fact you can get yourself -140% damage on 5 disposition (which most of them are mediocre or bad weapon) where as you can get -60% damage on 1 disposition simply just goes to show how they handle RNG to begin with, because they made the negative stat scales as high as the positive stat goes. Didn't say anything about removing RNG at all, minimize the RNG is simply what I said, cause making a design that fully relies on RNG, can easily waste your time. Like rolling 20 time on riven, you know what I got last time one of the stat is? 160% crit chance and 120% crit damage and -180% damage, My time on farming kuva was simply wasted. Because you can't keep the stat at all, not only that, the time for farming the kuva was nothing but a time wasted, because You can only get them by farming kuva survival and kuva mission which they only give you so little, that you have to like farm like 2 hours in survival just to roll 10 times, while the missions you have to wait for them to spawn again. If you want to create an RNG system you have to make that system does not fully waisted the players time, otherwise it will create a problem
  6. if you prefer it fine. But that's doesn't mean that anything at all PoE still handled the RNG better than Warframe. That's simply a fact, like I stated in my post. PoE have mutiple to minimize the RNG, allow you keep the stat you want as well, allows you to get the stat you want, also non of the stat in PoE weapon are useless. All of them have use. Riven Warframe have 2 ways like I stated. There's no way to minimize the RNG, you can't keep the stat you want, there's no way of getting the stat you want, not only that the stat in riven have stat that's complete useless such as -flight speed,-damage,-multishot, -+zoom, -mag size. This is not an opinion, this simply fact
  7. Never played Diablo 2, but PoE? Here is the difference between them The resources between in PoE which is the trading curreny (which is used for crafting) is really easy to get from farming efficiently since all you need to do is to kill faster and move faster, and you can trade to get the currency, not time consuming at all, but kuva? If you want to roll a riven that has a 10 rolls, it's about 15 minutes of kuva survival, just to roll 1, not 3 but 1. Because each 5 minutes you get 600 kuva, with booster you can get 1,200 kuva which you need 15 minutes just to roll 1. There's no scaling as well, which makes it bad as well. Now the RNG between Warframe and PoE (rivens for warframe and equipment for PoE), is that PoE handled a lot better. You have mutiple way of getting you want, you can even put another modifier on your weapon that is also guranteed as well. PoE is also introducing synthesis item, which is an item that have different permanent mods, this way people don't need to fear of losing the stat the have. You also have a way to increase the chance of getting the stat you want as well with delve Now Warframe? You have only 2 ways, either you roll your rivens, or just buy it. You can't get guranteed the stat you want, and you cannot keep the status you want in the riven at all. You cannot raise the chances of wanting to the get stat you want. The RNG in Warframe is simply an RNG that has been done in a bad way
  8. stat lock on rivens. Come on, i wasted a lot of kuva and didn't get a decent stat, and when I do get it, I get garbage stat such -100% damage. Just give us the option to keep one of the stat in rivens.
  9. Well there is the alpha/Omega forma that was leaks months, it's hasn't been confirmed though
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