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  1. I'm at least 60% of quitting the game. Maybe railjack will be the one made me play the game more or made me leave
  2. When swimming you use a wall to boost yourself so you can swim a little faster Now how is this related with melee? What if behind you was a wall, and you use that wall as a boost, you use the melee weapon to attack. Kinda like slam attack but in horizontal view. What do you think?
  3. Chroma have some relevance all right Revenant doesn't have any to begin with It does actually, to say the whole description doesn't matter is like saying an Excalibur a sword theme frame using Mesa kit.
  4. His is an eidolon theme frame, where does his abilities that exactly share or have some connections to the eidolon? NOTHING
  5. Hmmmm, maybe its a feature.......... An early one that is
  6. NO, she doesn't deserve it. Until Revenant get his eidolon exalted archgun, hildryn doesn't deserve at all
  7. Remember the time when community in warframe is supposed to be friendly like all people said?
  8. Wall attack? I have never heard such a thing. No really, I didn't even they even exist
  9. Or DE could leave it to Pablo. We all know that Pablo is the true God of creating and reworking frame.
  10. Well that's why I want to know if there is arch melee rework. Since archwing is getting rework, the control and movement would probably change as well. It would also affect the arch melee as well Well if the new archwing control came, the new arch melee system would also be different or change right? The way how they attack, the range, also Arch melee usually focus 1 at a time would also be changed. Since some combo have AoE, multistrike. Also keep in mind when DE release the new arch melee system they would also need to release new mission as well, high level enemies might appear. In my opion, particularly combo usually are given to the player to have option on what they want to use combo. In arch melee there is only one
  11. Yeah, but she was lock behind a paywall. Keep in mind WAS. There's was no way to access to exploiter orb figth at all at the event, at the time the only way to get her was buying her.
  12. Don't worry about that, they probably gonna put wisp behind a pay wall then release after a week or 2 week like hyldryn
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