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  1. yeah I am wanting to see "Patient 0" beyond that Umbra copies of warframes dont interest me
  2. Personally there is only 1 more Umbra I want to see, and that is the Genesis of the umbra, the accident or test which proved the self thinking warframe is possible that gave Balas the confidence that he could create and control this thing. Umbra warframes are cool but I want them to be a supplement to what we have rather than a strait power replacement like Excal Umbra is
  3. Because there is much more to the game than the warframes even for the Tenno
  4. doesnt change that he is boring and frustrating to deal with, any of the other drop in bosses turn up I know I am going to have to kick things up a gear and have an interesting diversion for a minute or 2, Wolf turns up, and well I cant be bothered to dodging him while he soaks stupid levels of damage just so that the top 15% of players in the game dont cream him in 5s because DE still doesnt have a grip on the damage scaling of their game.
  5. because here is my real point, the Wolf's HP+DR exceeds most bosses in the game, none of the drop in mini bosses (Stalker, G3, Zen) have anything close to the damage soak of wolf, and thats before you take into account his 3 immune minions, combined with damage potential equal to or exceeding the existing mini bosses, combined with a reward drop that just is not worth the effort make wolf a very unsatisfying encounter for late game players and impossible for early and mid game players. Wolf has been bad for the game, you go days without seeing him only to be spammed several times a day when you do see him. His "Difficulty" is crazy damage soak His hammer from all accounts I have heard is meh His appearance is often best dealt with by aborting the mission if your solo because only a group or someone running a top end gear tailored to taking him on is going to kill him in a reasonable time He brings no interesting mechanics Why should anyone look forward to him spawning? The infested juggernaut is just as infuriating except you have the choice to avoid it if your setup isnt correct or you dont fancy taking it on
  6. so the message from the try hards is only take anti wolf loadouts at all times because anything else makes you a scrub, got it
  7. I am sick and tired of the wolf going days without showing and then suddenly turning up when I am levelling low power gear. I have just had it turn up twice in as many solo missions forcing me to abandon them because I dont want to take the time to pick away at his stupid health bar. the dude is tankier than most end of planet bosses, hell MOT Vor goes down faster and the bosses that take longer usually have some interesting mechanic. seriously enough already, drop him to at least sentient stalker level of tank, I am fed up with having to abandon missions because he is not worth the reward and usually my only recourse to beat him is to constantly cycle operator mode for 7 minutes because me gear isnt set up to deal with something designed to take multiple 11k Arca plamor blasts before the hit point drops a couple of pixels.
  8. Just had a Corpus glass break lock down trigger as I was half way through a door which trapped me in the door until I was able to bullet jump out, but I couldn't cancel the lock down as the panel in the room I had jumped into wasnt active to hack even though the map said it was.
  9. yeah its better to momentarily reward players who contribute to reviving the team than punish them for not. maybe a 5 second invulnerability state or something like that
  10. I do all my trades via https://warframe.market/ though not having an unveiled riven section is irritating
  11. it isnt about get good, its about the team is now punished twice if a player goes down. for example a rhino fails to spot their iron skin is about to fail, the team is now down a player and having their survivability reduced in order to bring the player back
  12. So @[DE]Drew these Arbitration changes Arbitration made as hard as existing modes but still on a reduced reward rate? New Rivens locked behind Arbitration Mode In addition a new, horrifically expensive resource to grind in order to remove a limitation on our warframes, involving a resource that will require us to grind modes away from the Arbitration mode (Forma from Voids and Nitain from Wolf) Revival mechanic in arbitration that further punishes the remaining team members beyond being a player down on the other hand Arbitration is still just a recycle of other modes adding nothing interesting game play wise to keep players interested in the game Arbitration Drones still make none damage tank builds pointless negating 75% of "how to play" a player learns unlocking the star chart Continued Insistence on using red and red based colour auras in everything is punishing to people with red colour deficiency (AKA one of the most common forms of colour blindness) How is this supposed to encourage people to play the mode? how are players supposed to not feel like this is a slap in the face? If you want to get people playing arbitration my suggestion is with the increased enemy level scaling restore drop rates to standard as well Remove damage and ability negation from the drones, replace it with selective damage type reduction + one additional drone type that negates target affecting warframe abilities, this will force players to use a mix of weapons to bypass the drones, encourage varied and intelligent play, not just bring your biggest weapons on the tankiest frames and see how long you last. Bonus Remove the reliance on red colouration, have affected enemies pulse noticeably or something.
  13. h3addie


    Possibly related to the Cloud City Tile set. sometimes the door will open if you leave it's trigger distance and re-enter but not always
  14. Concept for an open world area
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