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  1. Really? Theres a wealth of data on the wiki that you could utilize in order to suitably deploy a desired unit. Do you need a hand in putting them together while I continue to nurse my metaphorical and sometimes literal headache while also working on my current design?
  2. GODDEM IT, I'm sorry folks, the business scale just seems to be going up ever higher! Job search is going to ell in a hand basket, mother got penciled in for another brain surgery in a few days, phone died and took much data from the past 10 years with it, its all gone bonkers and my poor work, she languishes in exile to the background, crying out to me to continue. I. . .I don't know what to say folks, its like a lampshade has been put over my fiery passion, made of concrete that is very hard to lift off of to expose it once again. I still get to work on the Xatu-Jahu on occasion, but, it
  3. To take into account what you asked after dealing with yet another bout of annoying fatigue, hm, reminds me of some of my Deimos guns. Whos the main wielder of this? Steel Meridian insurgents running on a shoestring budget? Solaris United in the depths of the coolant tunnels hoping not to meat a particularly unintelligent Kubrodon seeking shelter? Heh, with a name like that, does it have a conventional payload, or, is it slightly more "exotic"? Shards of glass or blades come to mind, things that appropriately cut things into meaty tidbits so they can meet their makers as meat.
  4. You and me both Mr. Wolf! After suddenly realizing my new laptop can actually play Warframe for the foreseeable future, I've been spending more time actually playing the game then writing just yet. Though, I've definitely been gathering and refreshing concepts as time goes by. Regarding lockdown time, I believe, from my previous, more looked-at-by-others times, the timing before lockout is about four weeks.
  5. I must apologize for the significant delay that is occurring at the moment between designs, as a series of job opportunities have suddenly come up and taken up all my time rather stressfully. Tomorrow, I will be carveing out a specific time of day upon which I WILL be posting new material here. Hopefully, it will be worthy. In the mean time, enjoy the Pit's old designs folks! I think I'll also be initiateing an art search at some point in the near-future, something to help dust out the old cobwebs that might be clinging to my old gal as of late. Apologies an
  6. Happy Halloween folks! Significant apologies for the current delay, but a single drop of water went and obliterated my laptop. Be getting a new and improved one on the morrow, but, needless to say, it's set my work back a. . . "Wee" bit. . .
  7. Heh, I've thought about it in the past, but I always felt that all of my design ideas ended up mirroring prexisting suits, like the Mag, Titania (didn't even exist then I beleive), or Rhino series. Not even my Feymen has survived the ages easily, what with the birth of Grendel. Seems like Dheghom is the closest I have to being full-fresh, and, even then, she cuts it close with one of her abilities being unplanned cousins with Nekros. Regarding your own work Mr./Ms. SP: Hm. . . "Saturn's rings" seem a bit to specific to one Sol-Origin gas giant. Perhaps "Jovian Ring" or "Accret
  8. Well folks, looks like I'll be working on the phone half of my projects for a while. I was juuuuusssttttt about to publish my little barnacle-esque horrors when, suddenly, out of the blue, a single drop of water from my water bottle hit my computer's mouse spot right in the crack and my computer immediately stopped working. I've had a fan going on it upside down for the past 24 hours, so, here's hopeing I get to see the old girl alive and kicking come tonight. Mannnnn, Goddem this year.
  9. Alright folks, I think I have an idea of how to alleviate this annoying phenomena of "dread-silence-despite-being-idea-loaded". I'm going to go back to my older method of "writing on the go", while also utilizing the google approach as well. I may lose designs on occasion like I used to in the "Pioneer" days, but, thanks to the ollllllll google storage, losses should be cut in half, with one half of the set of designs at home to cook up that are almost ready, and then the second set that I can finish on the go! Fingers crossed for me folks! Lesee how diss lil
  10. Heh, crashes and concepts piling on top of each other until everything looks like a fustercluck of eye-pain-candy. Heh, and the question remains on my end that I await possible answers for from Digital in the future, is there anyone/thing in the Void to recognize there is pollution, and try to work to ""fix"" it? .. . . Hm. . .OH, I don't believe I'll be working with any suitably "magical" or "primitive" styleing in the weapons department of upcoming shipments. I'm not sure I'm that good in the magical department, while I used a helluvalotta my primitiveness in the Dotter Tribes of Venus
  11. Heh, not an unreasonable idea to add in, a strong enough sentient mind, effecting the landscape of the Void by forceing their view of reality onto it, "what should be there" rather the "what is there". Could be how the Founder made it as long as he did even looooonnngggg after he'd been stuck in that specific Void "zone", his strong thoughts of how things should be desperately scrabbling to hold togethor the patch of busted metal and rock he was clinging to. That, or, "pollution" by reality of the Void is permanently scarring, and spots stick around and flow through it
  12. While still working on my projects, it hit me that I might need to add-on a bit of an explanation for upcoming design decisions. Apologies for the girth! Theoretical Void Materials Musings:
  13. Heh, reminds me of my very own Restless Depths concept, but, much more modernized and scaled down to a sleek and modern style with flavors injected in from Deimos and The Plains for good measure and a weeeeee sprinkleing of Jurassic Park sprinkled in for good measure. Juicy. Cold and wet and Juicy sir/mam.
  14. Pardon the delay suh, that kicked the ell out of me for some reason to write. Think its some lingering plague troubles interfering with my Magnum Opusing. Hehe, I do feel like I've been sealed into a vault on the moon and need to break loose to start some planetary conquest. Yessir, even after his "curing", the scars remain unhealed on the Sol-Origin system at large. Heh, honestly? I completely forgot how to format it's been so long, but, in the stumbling process of relearning, tripped over a new method that may allow my work to become easier to digest and l
  15. Post 788 The return, hopefully to consistency and excitement for all, I apologize to the folks who left my viewership, I haven't been doing very well as of late healthwise. (Conceived circa 2/27/2020 at 18:36) Designation: Maharaurava Weapon Designation: Rifle, Beam Type. Manufacturer: Alad V. Production assets sold at underground auction by Loan Reclamation Department to make up for budget deficits due to aggressive Anyo Tech acquisitionary inroads. Partial interception made by attendant Perrin Sequence shell company agent. Statistical Breakdown: Special Tra
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