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  1. Unexpected, but, wonderful news! In the process of working on the hellmaw and the scutimite encrustation, I received an e-mail from a laboratory company who may, in fact, want to hire me! Frustratingly, this has slowed down what is already a slowed down process of design due to "plague-fear fatigue". Happily though, the situation will resolve itself within the next two days, meaning, with the euphoric boost provided by potentially actually being useful to mankind in some way, I may FINALLY be able to show you my completed works before doing yet another "Finish the unfinished" sweep through the layers of Pit material! Given the """"content"""" of the last few updates around here, its about Goddem time!
  2. Giddiness over seeing several things in the upcoming installment of warframe that mirror several of my designs (Ell, were going to DEIMOS! Just not my Deimos.) aside, think the reveals have roused me a bit more from my Warhammer stupor. The Tau Auxiliary Expansionary Project and the Tyranid Enrichment Project were excellent diversions, but, now I crave my old ways. Should spend soem quality time with my old girl Should have at least one of two Infested productions coming out quite soon, both of them not quite that orthodox designwise! Wish me luck, I've been. . . .ABSOLUTELY exhausted lately. Makes it hard to think and create properly. Not just babysitting tired, but, lingering fear-fatigue from, well. . .you know.
  3. Congradualtions suh! I recall when I first got noticed by Digital! Such feelings it brought up! Bask in the glory brudda! You've spent YEARS earning it as your designing improved further and further along to the modern day, and, who knows what the future holds!
  4. Now THERES an idea! Perhaps we could put some of the plant extracts that are just lieing around in the sol-origin system to actual proper use nowadays beyond things like the anti-toxin injectors and the elixir for Titania? I did that for one of my weapon designs at least. Heh, perhaps rocket assisted melee could be a possible goal? Thrusting weapons that push the wielder into the enemy, a minaturized version of the Jat, ell, could even go bonkers with some "rocket fists" or the like. Big thing here being it appears that it's Infested as opposed to Grins. The way the cut scenes were done kinda reminds me of my Onslaughter design, only, much less vocals.
  5. Heh, as I said, that was a joke on my part. This is your place, not my playground to pollute with my ideas while I sit exhausted from nothing! Hence why the idea seemed to grow on me there. . . OHLORDGETITOFF! Heh, where did most of your votes come from? Perhaps that colored the results audiencewise? That barrel parallels a barrel type from the original Borderlands, but stretched out to a ellish degree. Is this some kinda sporting target Pistol?
  6. Heh, in a joking way, I'd toss one of my pistols onto the pile as something to do. In a serious way, after my phone has died mid-posting, I feel that the Cytoblast is my vote, as we don't really have much in the way of secondary "normal" grenade launchers. Plus, HAND.
  7. Taking a breath for a moment, huh, interesting. I had the core act as a "Tear Gate" that leads into the Void, wonder if I can try to incorporate this into my original design as to what lies beyond?
  8. AH! pardon me! Back from the dead and back from vacation. Blasted sleeping problem. BAH, it's only chokeing if you never ever actually go back to it and never think about it. Way I see it, your just unpauseing a project you want to go back to. Perhaps you to can try tieing the colonies togethor with Ganymede as a third colony in the mix, have your characters interact with there's in advantageous ways? Heh, pieces of kitgun, trying to merge both colonies' technological areas of expertise into new, singular kitgun barrels for purchase. Just need one more barrel and I think I can try to stat them all up in comparison to the prexisting ones. Biggest bit of the design is in unifying the disparate openworlds into a single content island chain. Turn fish into The Business, hand Smokefinger Eidolon Blood and Breath, etc. Heh, since my earliest days, Deimos has wormed it's way into my Pit. From the Starborne Brigade, to various implements of mad Grineer science, to the entire world itself as a multilayer semi-open world. I don't know why, but, Deem Ful just seemed to be an excellant tool to use to show Grinic innovation in a way that Tengus and d. . . wha. . . wha. . . WHAT IN THE! How did, what is. . . OH WOW!
  9. Unus

    Last post wins

    Heh, sounds like the time of the robber barons moving out onto the frontier then, filing folks into corporate towns to buy their goods with corpcash. Such a pity, I'd love to find folks I can consistently talk with about designs, theirs and mine. If they seem to be fadeing out though, it's gonna be a elluvalotta harder to meet folks. Eh. . . maybe I'm just old and outdated. Eh, Reddit doesn't feel as "stable" as a forum, based on my personal experience. More "popularity orientated", less likely for long-term projects to survive there unless they are rabidly pushed.
  10. Unus

    Last post wins

    AH! I see! I do have an associate who said as such about social media, less of a doomsayers then the random fellow and more of an impartial observer. On that one, I felt it was more that the "Frontier Age" of social media was finally ending, "urbanization" was finally occurring, and the pioneers and proverbial cowboys of the digisphere were fading away, to be replaced by socialites, formulaic celebrities, and corporate "urban investment". Heh. To think, I never cared much for anonymity out here, given I act the same whether I have a social "mask" on or not, yet it's such a magnetic effect for folks. Interesting, thank you both. Sounds like my Pit just needs to get with the times, "Oh tempora, o mores." and all that.
  11. Unus

    Last post wins

    You know, I gotta ask folks. Recently, while sleeplessly wandering the Internet, I met a sort of lecturey doomsday type of fellow who was telling folks that the age of forums is drawing to a close and that less people then ever go to forums nowadays. Do you feel that is true?
  12. Alright folks! Coming back from my "Coronacation" with the family to embark on my creative endeavors once more, hopefully with no trace of the plague! For now though, in the interim while we approach home, @Fluffywolf36 's recent escapades in his home-thread have reminded me of a few past designs of mine, dredged up from the upper strata of the Pit. Unlike my endless callbacks to Barboga and Deimos (as much as I'd love to spend hours talking to folks on and on about the artificial island and the minor ecumenopolis), these two are a quest and a faction that might be interesting to others. Specifically, we have 1. The Cultural Exchange, which I may need some help in finishing the gun part portion of due to a few hiccups in construction. Effectively, instead of having the two open worlds be left as "content islands", my goal there was to make them into a "content island chain" if you will, stringing the two togethor by having material and content interweave with one another and allow for shared (if somewhat weak) progress. 2. The Free M.O.A. Front, which is a pseudo-communist A.I. revolutionary organization which is neutral to the other factions and offers rewards that can take syndicate specters and upgrade them in various ways beyond their baseline characteristics. I created them when I wondered if I could keep syndi-specs functional in the (at the time) unveiling of the Age of Pets. Whether success was there, i'm not sure, but, I DO know I should really get back there and finish writing Alpha One and Beta Two's tandem dialogue. Reminds me that I need to write the dialogue for Koyaweg and Tanaya as well, though, I'm a bit concerned about how to capture proper "couple dynamics" in the way they talk. Heh, might need to whirlwind through the Pit and fix that which is cobweb covered and unfinished. Thats my Unusian report, straight from a bed at 23:23, somewhere in an Inn in Tennessee!
  13. I mean, it's been four years of me designing here, with a tiny tendril grown in one comic series that was burned a bit due to technical malfunctions and a modest one grown into an ancient multimedia franchise. It just feels like I've reached peak mass, or, gone over a hump of "interest" that was inevitably going to fade with the game and the time I've been here. I'm a bit of a dinosaur, just a fact. Is it? I don't know if folks have the attention span or interest in reading anymore like they once did, if they did. I'm sure it's a legitimate art form, but. . . feels like being a cuneiform sculptor amidst a sea of Rembrandts. Ell, my associate, Mr. Fluffywolf, does what I have done, only, he can draw his work as well. If that's not a sign of me being a living fossil, I don't know what is. Perhaps my artistic associates and their donations over the years have been the true meat of my work, not the writing monoliths, but, the designs made pixels and ink? Oh, I already have a Twitter sir/mam, and I beleive I've bottomed out there as well. The response to my work that had art and citation links was good on views and all that, but. . . no one talked and, when I ran out of art entries and links to my art associates and began posting excerpts and links to my designs. . . well, not even the views survived. Thats okay though, might mean that the quality of my selections might have been subpar, need to mine my Pit for quality better. Oh, you don't need to go out of your way sir/mam. I won't use you like some kinda spring board to squawk at others like a toddler with a finger painted snake/tree/horse. I especially don't want it to be a "clash" between what your wo. . . well, actually, what do you work upon sir/mam?
  14. Just. . . uproot everything? Pick it up, chuck it onto there, pump out content like a factory? Agh, I don't think I can pull that off, to say nothing of attracting an audience. Back in the day, when it was you and Mr. TNC, looking at my work, folks still bothered coming around (Mr. Wolf certainly counts.), the creative gravy train was still long and winding, I think it might have been possible. Nowadays though? I feel like I'm a bit past my prime now. It's harder to craft designs that haven't already been made, I've been around to long to be interesting to anyone the way I was back then. Might be that I just don't fit the target parameters.
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