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  1. Heh, I understand completely sir, the very reason why I have such gaps in my production! I’m certain you can still pop off unpainted pieces though suh, what kinda animal would hold you at gunpoint to produce something like the Gandiva art you were working on for me and painting it up in all the right colors, I know not.
  2. PHEW! Pardon me ladies and germs! The weather AND my job are conspiring to lay me out flat more often then I’d like! Righty ho suh! That one dates back to my time spent mulling over “Impossible effects in a possible universe”, whole idea being the further into the Void you go “away” from “leaky high traffic” areas within it, the more likely you’ll trip over things that take standard physics and natural laws, spit upon them, and then throw them in a car compacted. Inevitable something could and would be weaponizef. Righty ho then! Figured I could continue what Digital began
  3. Alright ladies and germs! As promised, heres the current "menu" of projects I have in the ol pile that I might dig deeper into the deepest layers of the ol pit. Which ones strike your fancy? If its legitimately difficult for you folks to write a paragraph or two as to the why, please, feel free to just say the letter of the one you desire and that will be all I need to finish a vote tally! Give it about a week for it to soak into the viewer pool. _____ A) The Targeter and the Executer handgun pairing. B) The Blackmatter manipulation engine. C)The Scutimite arm Symbiote. D) The
  4. Ah, time for another report folks, figure it’s not a “bump” if enough time passes with silence being the only thing echoing through. My job means that production and updates are fewer and farther between alas, besides the mental stimulation the job has certainly been providing me with and I MOST CERTAINLY needed! First up, theres a new upcoming piece of art on it’s way from the generous art gods atop talent mountain folks! Mr. Fluffy Wolf has once again decided to grace us with his abilities by bringing one of my popular pieces to digital ink and pixelated life! I can’t wait to u
  5. Shes a beauty, I gotta say, the overall design very much fits the bill snugly and tightly, not very (uninsultingly) surprising coming off of your desk! Only thing that pops up is the leaf-sight that bugs me a bit. I'm trying to think of a better way to describe it to you, the way it works inside my mental testing grounds. The way you have built it does indeed fit, but, its the mechanism thats getting muddled. There needs to be a clear space behind the leaf-sight, and the leaf sight needs to be able to snap down onto the barrel to let the bolt pass. See the leaf sight on the M203? See
  6. Smooth as butter to read now suh! Heh, I guess you get black from copy-pasting from Deviantart documents and white from copy-pasting Word documents
  7. And so it goes! Much thanks sir! My apologies for pilfering your skill in the arts away from your personal designs! As always, and seemingly without error, you continue to show your mastery of the craft, significantly improving over the earliest times I first saw you slowly begin to post and gradually develop over time. As a side note though, I've gotta ask. . . what happened to the text involving your Entrati pistol up above? It displays as a white textbox that I need to highlight in order to read, in a similar style to one of my old Latcher launcher entries where the text was all blacked
  8. THE SHADOW APPROACHES YOUR WORK! Jokeing aside, I did INDEED notice the familial resemblance to Borderland’s “gun faces”. Hm. . . instead of the fleshy peg-teet, perhaps you can go for the metal-infused jaws of the mollusk for the style? A proper metallic gun barrel, but, a weeee bit more exotic in styling? https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24329-zoologger-mollusc-grows-hardest-teeth-in-the-world/amp/ Alternatively, maybe a bony beak with a hole in the front or a pseudo-barnacle formation for that “sturdy and gory” style. https://marine.ucsc.edu/images/target_
  9. Yessir! Actually given time to process it more mechanically in addition to my forte of “”fictional reality””, it almost reminds me of the way guns were treated in the ancient original arcadey-style shooter genre, guns with bottomless magazines and no reload mechanics involved, just point and spray and pray you find more before the dreaded click is heard.
  10. Take all the vacation ya need suh! As you’ve told me, burning yourself out on one specific thing does not a body good! Also, daw, shucks, ya don’t need to if you don’t want to suh! Vacations a vacation, kick your feet up and laze! On the topic at hand, ah, word play, like that of the Karak of Grinissh origin, albeit, a bit more direct in it’s naming. I don’t see TO much resemblance in each weapons layout, so much as I see each gun fitting the typical profile of a gun in general (Stock, grip, trigger, mag, hand grip, barrel), so, the resemblance is in being cousins by “primeval a
  11. Post 821 (Conceived circa 3/1/2021 at 17:50, completed circa 3/27/2021 at 21:45) Designation: Braton MK3 Weapon Designation: Rifle Manufacturer: Luxor Forge as a premium product run, Ultor Outpost, Mars. Statistical Breakdown: Special Trait(s)= Appearance: Basic Description: Pit News:
  12. Heh, a present from the forum gods just for you! I think I actually recall seeing you create a few of those suits when I was wandering Twitter several months ago when I was in a fanatical tizzy over my “”new”” Dheghom suit, mainly muscles magoo and hawk-man: Tenno at law. And look it that! Your fan base still lurks below in hideing!
  13. Just goes to show important you’ve become in the community, hehe. The higher-ups just assume you’ll be back again and again. (That, or, a lucky missed button-press/revelation that your still here from the forum patroller.)
  14. Heh, I can’t believe the “desert dentures” pic escaped my mind after all this time. Yeah, that trucks with my thoughts, filling in blanks with easily accessible human material in the Orokin case, then, purposefully chimerifying what is desired in the case of these theoretical “Grineer freaks”. Ooooooo, getting even closer with that style suh! My Desperaza does have a few more technological bells and whistles to be sure, but, the general layout is very much starting to reflect! Understandable. Oh if only each human had a map of all their traumas they could hand out to tr
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