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  1. OH! The Sector skins! I WAS wondering where they disappeared to. Huh. Oh. . . eh, not my cuppa tea. I mean, unless the author mentally knows EXACTLY what happened and left the pieces for people to construct it from. It feels like a cop-out of sorts to make an event "widely interpretable" in my eyes, like "here, have this disjointed pile of puzzle pieces, I don't know how they fit togethor, but, you may!".
  2. It could very well be that, because competition and strife are considered profitable in their culture, they themselves think they can make profit by CREATEING problems that can be solved with capitalistic investment. A "Black Seed" is planted, and only they have the weed-killer you need to remove it. Datamined hints? Oh? Also, whatcha mean by "Dark Souls-esque?". ?
  3. Unus

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    I beleive it's the "lovingly cultured" portion of what Ballas states that folks are pointing at. Something like "The others, we gave them the industrial doses, we broke them quickly. Nothing left over afterwards. But. . . you? I made something extra special for you. . . I want to make sure you suffer every waking moment from here on out." You could further stretch this out with the idea that, as the Empire was starting to crumble, Ballas went on an angry vengeance quest to torture everyone who had ever wronged him, making them kill their loved ones in an even more grotesque parody of the Marghulian Execution.
  4. Hm. . . grave-digging aside, I hear what your saying. The story seems to suggest that they revere the Orokin in an ancestral worship capacity though, less "anti Orokin" and more "attempting to emulate the Orokin through what limited means they have available to them". AH, how I miss the "Ask a Cephalon" segments! I wonder if we will ever get such nuggets of insight in a similar manner ever again? Ah, so, for you, the true belief is the cultural "always reach for the pinnacle wealth through hyper-capitalism" lifestyle, while Mr. Anyo's change in the formula is that he added a semi-deifying layer of ". . . and only the Void is capable of granting you the pinnacle!". Hm, so, "a seperate "proper" cultural doctrine, with extremist and actually religious elements on the fringes that are tolerated so long as they hold the cultural core in it's proper place" seems to be the route that you and possibly the game itself abides by. Seems almost like a "sacred philosophy" rather then a religion, in the vein of Confucianism and it's adherents, but then with some lenience for faith in a higher power.
  5. Heh, the fun of ever-evolveing concepts. Fair. Hm. . . "The Faithful" eh? What would that be? Huh, Resistance eh? Boy howdy, there's a series I haven't heard much of for a very long time. For sure! Just because the Brakk exists, doesn't mean everyone's thrown out their Heks and vice-versa. Something like those "exploding trees" that occur in Canada, when water in the wood's cracks freezes and expands? Works for me as an answer! Following your imaginings. Eh, sometime, when things are calmer perhaps, want to make sure we have your designs down to pat before I poke you for anything involveing the F.M.F. or the E.W.S.G.. Speaking of. . . hm. . . could it be that the weapon's they make are unique? "Niche" weapons of quality that aren't really pumped out on an industrial scale?
  6. Initiating Evaluatory Response: AH, this is the cryogenic gun you posted in your possibilities list a fair ways back. Ah, the beam mode is mostly a status applicator eh? Might have a synergy with yet another weapon elsewhere that requires it. Heh, lookit dat, accidental psychic predication. Chill, then, push below zero for a funky fresh flash freeze. Fair, fair, statistics seem to be panning ou. . . ah, there's that old fellow punch-through at the bottom! Hehe. Ah, an ingrained flat bonus? Are there any other weapons with similar "must haves"? C.C.P. Games? So. . . Dust? Eve? AH, bursts so close togethor they seem to be single shots. I recall the machines, interesting thing that I didn't quite expect from the grubs, biologically superior in close-combat prowess as they are. Understandable. Ah, a throwback from the ancient days! I think I recall the Garn. Hm, I see. always nice to have a little "just-in-case" skittishness with possible releases. AH! A Manufacturer/Forge system! Not unprecedented, given, as you say, the "Arca" series. Hm, reminds me that I need to find a way to make a logo or two for my own recurrent groups, at least, in a physical format rather then a written one. So, do you actually WANT them to reflect in a Borderlandsian style, or do you want to come up with your own?
  7. Ah, another good source from back in the day, classes teaching me things I can implement in my designs. That was me and geology at one point, ended up in a unit of mine, plus a few landscaping details here and there.
  8. (Apologies for the significant delay as always, was struggling a bit with an agonizeing quest I was embarking on to find a notebook that can complete my resume.) Alright. I think 72 stabilizes it at a good point. Hm. . . maybe 21 and 28? Gives it a bit of flexibility into which direction folks wish to bend it. May not be as hard of a hitter, but makes up for it by being an effective "gambler" if you will, armed with loaded dice. Ah, a cousin to the Argonak's system, perhaps even a stripped piece or a derivative becoming more widespread? Heh, this idea dates back to one of my earliest entries in the Pit, one I almost homebrewed my own art for before I lost it all in the digital flames of a crash and my chances of doing it again to the mists of time, whipping away from me. . . huh. . . . . OH, uh, ahem, memory-tripping aside, could it be possible for it to have a "ramping bonus" for both critical and status chance? Perhaps bodyblows up status while headshots up critical, perhaps even vice-versa so that, if the ratio is getting to onesided, you have to switch to the other one in order to start boosting the statistic you desire? Gimmicky, I know, but, ''twas the thing that came to mind for me.
  9. OH, nonono! I thought it may have seemed a bit cross of me in what I typed, something along the lines of "GAWD, GEEZ, I was only trying to work with the $&@! you gave me, but, sure, whatever you ungrateful hack!" Or something similar.
  10. Alright folks, Assumeing we have no other datapoints to work off of from others, I'll be beginning the coin flip on where to go from here As.Soon.As.Possible. I'll post the results here to avoid "bumpage". Lets see where we go! AND THE RESULTS ARE(with heads being shields and tails being the antitank) THE RESULT IIISSSS. . . . TAILS!
  11. OH, did I make that sound condescending? Sorry. Was trying to work in the lines of your vision without dragging it off into my own zone.
  12. Did what I could to try to make it a bit more unique, what with the marker grenades you have up above, but, I understand.
  13. (Whimpering Victorian orphan accent) "Please Papa Steve, can we come out of the basement of neglect soon?" (Mr. Steve in a top hat, monocle, and with a cane pushes the Infesto-orphan back down the stairs with said cane in a cacophony of crashes and bangs.) (Very poshly) "No." Eh, I'm just not as sure. Sure, they have a fitting "assimilation" theme, but, I made the Vector as the "human consumption" faction. Kinda throws off the "Thing" feeling of it all when machines get tossed in, as meaty as they be. Heh, good, good, took me a bit of time to "shop" the last bits of the idea on. The "new improved huggable" rollers were a day-one sell, but, it took me some time to develop the cam-sent-combo.
  14. AH, splendid! A few of my designs date from my time employed as a lab peon doing research at a local university, put a few ""discoveries"" (personal, not groundbreaking) I made there to use. As for the second part, hehe, I think it would be hard for anyone who's in here to say otherwise.