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  1. I know, right? This time, it was a Goddem tree landing on a power box! Gotta love it. To think I started doing this with warhammer work before I did it for Warframe. A double recommendation is certainly worth an attempt. Only thing I've ever disliked about it is that it means I can't work on designs until I get to my computer. I like to immediately jump on work I can immediately ship out as soon as it's ready. Given how long the losses have been, well getting lost, this may be the time to make the grand switch, trade one set of pros and cons with another.
  2. Well. . . shet, right when I was getting back in the mood to start gunning our pieces, . . . boom. . .data lost. Well. . . take. . . 5-6 I suppose?
  3. GOOD LORD! My work on my Adeptus Mechancus document has really been taking wind out of my Warframe sails! In all honesty, I think, as much as it likely feels stereotypical, that I can attribute my lack of updateing to the lack of major Warframe updates. I absolutely, honestly, and fervently HATE tossing around teh term "Content Drought" casually, but, at this point, Warframe the game isn't motivating me to complete my work as much as its more rapid updates did. I WANT to finish my sun gun, but, Warhammer keeps catching my eye at the moment. I KNOW that, as soon as the next big one pops up, i'll simply EXPLODE with the glory you folks are so very used to, but, right now. . . .its frustrating, because I don't want the old girl being tossed away under the assumption that I've stopped liking Warframe and abandoned her to the junk data graveyard.
  4. Alright bruddas and sistahs, I gotta mighty neeeddddd to profreaaaddddd! Though, I still have Warhammer designs to work on in the form of the Twin Forgeworlds, I think I may actually be slowly gravitating back towards Warframe and my original productivity levels. With any luck, my sun-gun will be completed in the next few days!
  5. OH, really? Sure! Was trying to avoid potentially overpowered numbers when I cooked her up back in the day, but, if the ante has been upped, i'm more then happy to oblige. Is a good vacation from game-deving stress. Oh, I can see what you mean, the main idea I had was. . .well, desperately clawing for allegories on my end, I think the closest thing I can point to is the Shade turrets of the Haloverse, but, much thinner, more organic, floating on a swarm cloud, differing guns, etc etc. Well, shoot, thank you mam. Didn't have to go scrawling through that wall! Also, yeah, my only "hmmmmm" moment has been my ancient Zor design, which somehow coincided in several aspects with the Zar in both name and attributes for some reason. Must have hit the team on a good day. Ah, trying not to get found by some weirdos who might be snooping from other places eh? I can understand the desire to "throw off the scent" as it were. Oh, and finally, went through and did some vote counting to update the front page as a break from the harshness of focus tree crafting, think we may make it, maybe. Hopefully. . .urk, I wanna get back to my beam and brain guns. (Apologies if it seems like i'm trying to "pad out" Pit entry writing or some such bullshet. Seems that, in the time of my ""Hammer Hiatus"", all the interesting people and design hungry viewers (sometimes even overlapping)have come crawling out of the proverbial woodwork. What timing!)
  6. ME, for you? Shucks, all I do is talk at your prompts, treat em the same way I do my own bits. I'm sure you would have easily found your place hear without my running peanut gallery, just taking a tiny bit longer. Yeah. . . . thanks. W e started out so strong, even managed to get a few Youtube videos done about our designs by a few Tubers. I'm left wondering why we hit such a sudden hump. I repeatedly went back to it over time, refining it with the advice of those greater then I when it comes to suit construction. She is and will always be the only suit I will ever create, as I've never been the best with the frames themselves. The suit was simply the strongest idea of the time, and has remained so ever since. Hm. . . .hm. . . .I will definitely keep your detailing in mind, particularly relating to the fourth ability. Ah, so a vast creature of sorts, some product of orokin science who is a syndicate all it's own.
  7. OH, uh, well shet, uh, thanks! I always dislike how the auxila were stuck on the backburner, especially in recent years. Couldn't help but try to "fix" that. As for how? Heh, this is YEARS of work sir/mam. In the early days, I had garnered so many designs mentally, that I felt like I was going to explode if I didn't put them down on paper, so, the first two pages were born. Over time, I just started to naturally produce more and more designs. They just. . .came to me as I lived life, without any real rhyme or reason. To this very day, they continue to come to me and I continue to write and refine them, much as you do. The only difference is they come far slower, as I must filter Warframe-existent designs out and only take the unique ones that emerge. I wish you luck on your own journey suh! My Feynman suit and my Free M.O.A. Front might be interesting to you. Meanwhile, I was just told that production may not actually pick up until the next collegic vacation days start up. Horrible soul screaming aside, it may also mean that I may be able to refocus again on the Pit. Really hard to tell, given the communication blackouts that have been occurring with the boss. Urrggghhh, think I feel a blood-vessel throbbing in my forehead!
  8. Oh, uh, sure, my dumb-little pet project aside, the biggest thing I have is my Tau auxiliary project. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-amNLBAmpEYNLMgelwRA1XFjuxyhGX5tE2yH-qyzK_Y/edit?usp=sharing Heh, I honestly thought that Mr. Jado and Mr. Epoch had a more spot-on view then I, though, several of the Sentient designs (particularly those riders) made me look at my own Sentient Factions and compare them to the Teocuitlatl Coconeh and their humanoid variants. AH, got it mam! I would ask what the name change was for, but, I get it. Eh, don't think i'm gonna do any exportation over from Warhammer directly or indirectly. Inspiration perhaps, but, don't know if I can do full uploads. Ah, you've mentioned them before If I do recall, also chatted to them on Twitter as well. I'll be sure to eyeball them a bit in the future. Progresswise folks, things are a bit wonky. My "associates" have. . . uh. . .not been contributing anything at all to the project lately, meaning nothing is actually getting done without my own contributions. This is. . . beyond awful, yet, I have pored to much of my blood, sweat, and tears into this for me to just stop. I dearly want to come back to Warframe already if it means I must labor on work not my own in squalid silence, yet, I must continue, for the sake of those who work just like me. Fingers crossed this is just a temporary hump-in-the-road.
  9. Ugh, I have something I really don't want to say, but feel that, in order to go through with it, I must make it into a statement. Due to a creativity clash between a current Warhammer Project that involves me working with other people and me working on the Pit's latest piece, I feel that, in order to ensure greater quality for the Warhammer piece, I must put the Pit in the fridge, at least for a few days, perhaps a week or two. I sincerely hate to do this, as, I fear it means I will lose the interest of anyone who even considered looking at my work for effectively ever (to say nothing of the possibility of me getting permanently shut down.) but, as the Warhammer modifier work is for something that will be implemented for public consumption in a game, I feel as though my obligation is greater there now then it is updating here. Absolutely sincerest apologies folks, I simply shouldn't have taken on so many projects at once. P.S.: This is NOT a farewell piece! Rather, this is a temporary mono-focus upon a specific design document, as opposed to spreading my creative tendrils to multiple things at once as I typically do.
  10. Huh, I wonder what that massive happy spike in December 2018 was and what that ""actual"" negative spike was on September 7th?
  11. Did some digging around to see if I could find some more details and, apparently, heres a Reddit post from the man himself. https://amp.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/d4169y/the_steam_review_bombing_and_the_simplified/?__twitter_impression=true Looking at it all. . . I feel like I just can't be sympathetic to either side, to much ego from both.
  12. And there we go! Congratulations folks! Somewhat saddened that my own work was most certainly not worthy of even gracing the board, would love to hear the reasons why. All the same, congrats one and all! Enjoy your riches and keep on designing!
  13. Gotcha, pologies. Was watching the recent wave of Warframe burnouts and was only just hit by that sudden revelation that there are folks out there who actually don't know it's bad to put all your eggs in a singular basket. Indeed, man's a veritable cockroach among the inhabitants of the Sol-Origin System, even more so considering his mortality. Can't help but wonder where he might end up next. Heh, may very well just be a "universal" game idea. Yessir! Talk about a murky one! May very much taker a greater man then I, better versed in the ways of game balance. Understood! One of those guru-types like we have I imagine, personal spin on the whole Spacelords bidness.
  14. Does he. . . do other things? I've noticed how game-pigeonholeing can really put a lifespan on a tuber.
  15. Uh. . . . shet, miiigghhhttt just be a weeeeeee bit behind schedule, jussssttt aaaa weeeeeee bit. After a recent data loss, combined with the recent release of Borderlands 3 (my data-scrounging of it), and my tiring attempts at working on my share of the Unification Wars modifier for Hearts of Iron 4 I'm a part of, sun gun just hasn't topped my priority list. Dem it.
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