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  1. Well. . . .shet. . . .even with all my time spent on Warhammer bits and gradually making my way back to Warframe, I still somehow manage to scuttle over the 40,000 mark. Heh, in the Grim Darkness of the 40,000 viewing, there is only war for my attention among my projects. What can I say folks? Its been years, and yet, even after I disappear off the front page, folks still come to my heap and delve into the dark below for some reason or another. I enjoy making my work just as much as seeing what other folk's opinions are on it, to say nothing of how much fun it has been meeting all sorts of fellow creators along the way. Rest assured, though I may have expanded my wheelhouse of designs, I have not forgotten my origins, much less lost interest in Warframe, theres still so much to come, for both Warframe and the Pit. Finally, as always, my gratitude continues to overflow for all you folks out there who bothered to stick with this mad fellow. With every success, every failure, every long period of silence, you folks always seem to be there, hopefully by choice. Heres to us all folks! As much for my Pit as for all of the "newer" folks who have arrived on the block and set up shop with their very own collections! Who knows, maybe someday, something will stick and become a fan favorite?
  2. While seemingly stuck in my current spiral of warhammer work, Mr. Crow has taken it upon himself to actually go into past works of his and improve upon their clarity! A truly unexpected part of my Pit experience, nigh-on unprecedented! May I present the recently improved-in-clarity image for the image for the Patrolman/Commissar for the Grineer Generations (Its at the bottom of the Starborn Brigade)!
  3. The hammerwork or the weapon suh? Hehe. If you feel like you want to do something, feel free to look around, its all missing the zing your works have to them as they dev. . . .. SHET, I've been neglecting to get to your updates! DEM IT, sorry about that!
  4. I continue to apologize for the significant delay, some recent chaos caused by the discovery of some kittens in my grandfather's wood-pile and trying to determine what to do with them has been interfering with production, alongside several Warhammer (Heh, I guess i'm branching out into all the "War____ franchises now?) projects that have appeared. Fortunately, I CAN say the next weapon coming soon will DEFINITELY have some personality to it's backstory, one that has actually developed alongside the disruption. Hooray/ see you soon folks. I wish I could be more accurate with a timeline, but, for now, it definitely looks like at LEAST during this month is fair game!
  5. HEYA folks! Excuse me for my lack of updating at the moment, but, I've gone on a bit of a sabbatical for the moment, partially due to being skull-punched by a hay-fever and partially due to a decision to creatively refresh myself in another series at the moment, in the form of Warhammer. This isn't me "Abandoning the Pit for Greener Pastures" or some other apocalyptic event, but, rather, keeping myself from burning out. I deeply enjoy warframe, I just don't want to become so completely mono-manically focused that I lose the ability to do other works as well. Variety, you know? Report aside, have I got a treat for you folks! Mr. HugintheCrow has taken time out of his busy schedule to provide the Pit with yet ANOTHER donation of art! Always brings a mental tear down me cheek how folks still care enough to make some time out of their day to turn my bullshet into. . uh. . .beneficent? Bah, on with the show! Some lovely flesh on the mutated bones of the Dotter Grineer over in the Grineer Generations.
  6. The last time I felt some modern Tenno flavor was through the Zephyr suit's story. Beyond that, I kinda have to agree. A revolver within a revolver eh? Heh, whatta thing. Could pretend your revolvers empty, show em the empty cylinder, then pop em with the hidden cylinder load inside, hehe. So. . uh. . .ya pull it open to fill the cylinder? For some reason, when you mentioned that, the Puckle gun came to mind with its whole "Square bullets for Muslims, round bullets for Christians" shenanigans. What your thinking of t compare to my hexagonal connected cylinders though. . . uh. . . .was it the "Trounds"? It actually came later in the project! But, its certainly opened up a gateway of possibilities for me, I gotta say! Oh, just threw that i when I remembered how you liked revolvers sall.
  7. Turns out, it was a leftover from when I was going to enter it in the wrong spot and I missed out on eliminating it. Whoops.
  8. Post 588 (Conceived circa 4/10/2019 at 20:31.) Not to often that I come up with a piece that has a direct inspiration from a prexisting design from elsewhere in the digital multiverse, but, after a ell of alotta twisting and tweaking and interuniversal adaptation, I think this un will be able to stand on their own two legs quite well. Mr. Wolf? If your out there, enjoy! Designation: Ala. Weapon Designation: Secondary, pistol type.
  9. So, with that name, do they essentially just "beleive in the existence of Gods"? What? BAH! You did nothing more then ask, I simply had trouble resumeing my oath-bound duties.
  10. Bidanian theists? Statistical crunch; Magazine Size compares equally to the ol Goon. Pellet count lacks an easy statistic to review. Reload-Speed is functional. Semi-Auto mode's fire-rate is roughly equivilant to the Kohm's strangely. Damage is greater then the Strun Wraith, but less then the Hek. Critical Chance is slightly lower then the Sancti Tigris. Critical Damage is . . . excessive, for sure, going .4 above any previous shotguns Status is clean and on point. For the second set of stats: Fire rate is only slightly greater then the plasmor and slightly lower then the corinth. Damage is only slightly lower then the Hek. Slightly greater critical chance then the corinth, but only slightly slow. Critical Damage is high, but functional. And the status chance is the PINNACLE of average. (Forgive me for the significant delay, currently coming apart on all accounts due to a variety of existential crises, health issues, busy work, and lack of busy work.)
  11. I have to SIGNIFICANTLY apologize for the long delay folks! The first week was just being busy with family, but the second part was due to technical complications that destroyed significant chunks of my current project. I think this is the most significant delay i've had in my entire time spent posting on the forums. DEM IT.
  12. Your quills, my teeth and urticateing spines then suh. AH, dipping into the slang till there eh suh? Hehe, always a fun one! Still. . . uh. . . what or who is "Captain Beefheart"? Statistical Breakdown: Aha, a significant magazine size. Not unexceeded, just significant for a non-akimbo non-variant secondary. AH, I recall having a gun like this in one game or another. I wish I could recall the name. "Auto burst". Perfectly functional damage profile. Unexpected critical chance slant, but not an insane styleing. Critical Multiplier is stable. Status Chance is functional. Fire-Rate is unconventional, but, functional within the given parameters. Reload Speed is in functional stats.
  13. Really? Wowza! I had absolutely no idea! I actually have absolutely no idea! The closest thing I can think of as an answer is "weeks of thinking, to much inputted effort, and an annoying thirst to make things.
  14. Post 582 (Conceived circa 4/7/2019 at 4:01.) This one came to me after, once again, another question came to my mind, that of "So, the Tenno killed (almost) all of the Orokin, but, where are the bodies? Where are the gilded graveyards, frozen in time, or the splenderous husks, left where they had fallen for the ages warp and mar as they saw fit?" As always, all my answers seem to immediately leap into the macabre and grotesque. Sorry if that's unoriginal folks. "One has to pay dearly for immortality; one has to die several times while one is still alive." -Friedrich Nietzsche "Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but ourselves and immortality." -Emily D.i.c,kinson
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