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  1. While I cannot suddenly put up my data digestion opinion due to being the witching hour at the moment, but, I simply have to say, HOLY SHET on the quality you have conjured in the modern day! As I always tend to say, I remember when you were starting out and your sketches slowly evolved into sketches with some color on them. I deeply enjoy seeing the culmination of that in your latest works, where it has gone from "colors and patterns on a sketch" to "quite well blended and put together full blown pictures that look to be done in one go."! Well done! Now, to stabilize my sleep schedule so I can actually make any kind of leap in progress and not miss out on my "work schedule" by sleeping through the day.
  2. Ugh. . . I wish I had some control over my mental output, where imagination resources are allocated for maximal balanced production. I have soooo many more Warframe project pieces almost done, so many improvements I can make, yet, for some Goddem reason, all production inputs have been targeting my much younger "Warhammer Homebrewery" zones! Try as I might to balance out the course, creation keeps skewing in that direction when it comes to new bits. As infuriating as it may be and has been (to say NOTHING of my poor neglected associates desireing direct input!) I think might need to engage in another art piece search while the ship remains rocked like this sailing on strange tides. Significant apologies folks, I understand if this might be making the Pit stagnate and boring by modern standards!
  3. Blast and stagnation! Pardon the delay folks, reality comes at you in waves when you least expect it! The piece continues to come along properly, molasses like speed notwithstanding. I hope to have it out for you during the upcoming week!
  4. Hm. . . .back in the day, the one thing I was ever known by was my Conatus Staff. It is THE one thing that Digital remembers me by, the first in the Swordflesh lineage, and the only thing I ever got on Prime Time for. So, my thoughts on them? Of course!
  5. Apologies for the slow updating ladies and germs, had a family health scare crises that riled up the household a bit and had us needing to pull extra duty before we found out it was a false alarm. Now though? Back to the Swordflesh vita-wombs for me!
  6. AH! I like it! Reminds me of my own work on Deimos with just a tiny bit of Barboga (Samodeous brings it to mind mainly, though the instanced randomized dungeons also plays into it all) in it for good measure and a minute sprinkle of my Dotter Tribes of Venus, all with a heaping gob of originality (the hammershots and the properly randomly-generated "situations" (alla Fallout's randomized encounters) are the standouts for me in this.). Well done suh!
  7. Vunderbar detailing on the grip again suh! Blimey, still recall watching the evolution of your craft from the early days till now. AH, almost like a cousin of sorts to the Mara Detron in backstory (NO SHET, seeing as I only JUST noticed that, you know, it has MARA IN THE NAME.). Oh, how delightfully Warhammerish in aesthetic. Ell, there's even a class of extremely rare human energy weapon with similar aesthetics but different functional principles. Statistically speaking: Magazine capacity appears to be functional, with the closest parallel I can conceive of being the functionality of the ballistica and it's "tap for burst, charge for "condensed boltshot" aspect. Critical Chance is very low, and fits into the "low critical, high statistical" class of weaponry. Critical Multiplier is overtly high, but, improvement would be quite simple, as the secondaries have the precedent of not being bound to the strictures of 2.0x as closely as some weapon variants. A change to 2.?x would be more then sufficient as an improvement. Status Chance is . . . In a very strange place. The Chance itself is functional in comparison to the greater mass of weaponry, yet, most of the weapons who have said Chance do not match up with this guns functionality. I'm. . . hm, kinda stumped on this un. Primary Fire Rate is fully functional and has no need for further tweakage. Damagewise? Hm. . . is the magnetic damage also applied to the target at the center, or, is the radial discharge just for all their friends? Additive or seperated, fellow falls within functional damage parameters just fine. Secondary Damagewise Similar question to the above , but in this case, hooolllyyyy shet if it's the former! Would surpass ANY non-explosive secondary in current existence at the moment! Not sure how I feel about that aspect there. Understandably so suh, the cutting room floor of every creator is more then likely littered with chunks and pieces of concepts that just didn't quite click in their mind. Huh, fascinating. Makes me wonder if the aforementioned hammer weapon is derived in turn from the Bladerunner gun, or vice versa? Oh, I saw that Vampire show and books mentioned on Twitter recently, both in a Strange Twitter piece and mentioned by Ms. Ford. Statistically, I comprehend what you mean, as mentioned above in that section. It's not full-blown insanity mind you, might just need some clarification. OH, uh, thanks suh. Always shell-shocked when folks say I've helped them by just rambling in their direction. (Sincere apologies for the delays as always suh. It was gonna come immediately after my response to you, but, you know, babysitting duty, mom getting admitted to the hospital for potential cranial tumors, sleepiness, etc.)
  8. Heh, is it? I couldn't help but wonder if folks would grow tired of my more biology-based tools of warfare. That could just be me spending so much time with them that I know the things outside and in. First time seeing that on my end. Wonder if the comment was edited by administrators or something close to that? Ah, hyperreactivity rather then being inert. It's hard to tell which approach would be the best one of all for me, although I feel the hype-act approach is more in-tune with the spirits of balance then just blindly charging onwards.
  9. Be getting back in business quite shortly folks, gotta clear my head of several concepts so I can crystallize on each one, one at a time. Two are surprises to me, each one a potential boss battle I tried to think of in the first place back in the day, yet, I feared I couldn't do justice. Yet, despite that fear, here I am now, stuck between the tumescent and boredly mad Alink Innoy of Deimos and the faux foo-manchuness of The Tengu (Doc T after a tiny bit to little oversight from the Kweens.). Think I should try to wrap up the current batch of swordflesh weapons before I try tackling those particular mountains. All I got for a status update at the mo! Hope you folks aren't disgusted by the wait times!
  10. That's odd, why the ell didn't it load your message in until now?! That's a. . . huh. Alright, no use crying over spilled milk I suppose, down to the task at hand! Hm, I see what you mean now. . . I never really think about my weapons modified statswise for some reason, just the baseline. Might very well be something for me to head back and rejigger. But isn't that to overpowered if one were to extend it to any toxin p.r.o.c. at all as opposed to just the one inflicted by the Spartoi? This one I'm not as sure about altering, though, if it seems needed, I could potentially addendum on "Or killed outright by the Spartoi".
  11. Huh, really? I had my doubts in the story section and a bit of a wishy-washy feeling when I went over the special mechanics department, but. . . hm, perhaps it's my perfectionism talking.
  12. Post 704 (Flesh-birthed kill-crystal dagger Conceived circa 6/10/2019 between 20:00 and 21:00. Completed Circa 1/14/2020 at 01:31) Took me long enough, eh? Boy howdy am I losing touch. That, or, maybe I should start advertising some of my old work elsewhere and discussing it since production takes so long these days as I do what I can to avoid copying anything I, others, or Digital has done. Designation: Spartoi Weapon Designation: Secondary, Throwing Type.
  13. ALRIGHT! This is it. I've done enough getting battered by reality and wasteing your collective times with unceasing explanations of my lack of presence! From here on out, unless something truly hellish thunderbolts out of the sky and requires it, I'm gonna be in work overdrive! Estimated T.T.C., 1-2 days, no ifs, ands, or buts. I just hope I haven't Half Life Threed the ell out of all of you enough that what's coming will seem egregiously dissapointing. Signed with "blood" and sworn "duty". Unus, Ancient Windbag Extraordinaire.
  14. Oh, I wasn't thinking about it in terms of projectile weapons anymore in that regard. Sorry. Think I'm just not that good at sticking to the script when the "winds of creative channeling" start billowing.
  15. I can see that. Perhaps our old venilator-lunged friend will cannibalize some of the surviving Zanuka models and incorporate them into his faulty prototype. End up with this hellish oro-infused even more-cyborged meat droid with the ability to channel the void through it's collection of severed-but-alive Warframe parts (You'd THINK that wouldn't be gruesome to a Tenno, until you find out some of those parts came from "sleepers" who don't know they have a body to pull out to. Yeesh, I wonder if the Lotus has an asylum somewhere filled with all the Gravidus ""survivors"".)
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