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  1. The crystals containing past clues that float around Nihil at the start of each of his three phases. Idk if you need to hit a specific one (containing the correct clue), for me destroying any seemed to do the trick.
  2. Man. I wish I had such a strong opinion about anything. I like the chonky materials used in the mockup. Makes me want a mastery paperweight IRL.
  3. I really liked the 1st person segments. Gave a fresh perspective to some locations. Really cool. The detective gameplay could have been more fleshed out.
  4. Can I just say how impressed I am with the simultaneous releases recently? In the past consoles tended to lag weeks behind, in the case of the Switch even months. I thought this would always be a necessity due to the console cert process, but apparently they found a way. Good job, DE. One less obstacle for cross-save! 😄
  5. I gotta admit, I have pretty low standards, but DE ain't no Nintendo when it comes to classic three-phase Bossfights. Jeez. What a slog. Here's some pro strats: - You can pause the fight at any time to chill and vent on the forums. - You can fall off the stage without penalty. - Once you respawn, just stay on that platform. It constantly collapses, but who cares? - When Nihil tilts back his head, he's about to shoot a projectile. Jump to get out of its way and it impacts right behind you. - Run over its yellow marker (no button press needed to pick it up) - Throw it at a blue cr
  6. I try throwing the yellow things at him, but I can't manage to hit him? Is my throwing arm too weak lol?
  7. Ah. Thanks. Turns out I'm in fact dumb. I just read "sidearm" in the description and my brain went to "secondary". On topic - can reproduce OPs bug.
  8. Now *that* is a UI bug. Jjust curious - I just chose the Zenith as the 300 day login reward, is that where you got it as well? I can't figure out how to equip it, it shows up in my inventory but not in my arsenal. Am I just dumb?
  9. I got the 300 day login reward, the choice between three weapons. I chose the sidearm, Zenith. It shows up in my inventory, but not in the arsenal. I figured it's just the blueprint, but it's not in the foundry either. I restarted the game but the problem persists. Is this a bug or am I just confused?
  10. It's all the free decorations I got while playing. I just throw them in the corner by the market :) I'd like to think it's quite an art to decorate a convincing "chaos" ;) You should see my private quarters!
  11. I didn't even notice the tiny teeth before! :3 Mad props to Rekkou for this skin, I was never a fan of Wukongs overall design and the long head tassles in particular, this skin completely transforms him. Tennogen is expensive, but in this case very worth it.
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