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  1. I cant express how much I love you right now, finally someone that has half a brain. I wont comment on the stalker and acolytes since they have so much missing lore to their origine that it hurts, but everything else you said is spot on, 10/10. The Titania incident can even be seen as a confirmation that the Warframes are imprint-able like animals (I mean Ordis even claims the transference bolt on Umbra was never used, so there most be something or a way to keep record of the transference bolts being used by other Tenno), having the ability to sense wen the last person or thing to tr
  2. 1. I have, multiple times here now. "The Sacrifice" quest tells how WARFRAMES are made, it never speaks in a un-general term and nowhere in the game is it ever stated the way of making them has changed, so if you wanna say that the Main Warframes arent human you have to prove me otherwise, as I have prof backing up my claim, you not so much right now, its on you to show how I am wrong, and I once again state, UMBRA is MADE, using the FOUNDRY, we LITERALLY SCAN his parts and make him in the FOUNDRY. I cannot say this enough times... the FOUNDRY is a GAMEPLAY system, just like you make a Warfram
  3. Exactly. People keep seeing this as Hunhow saying that the Main Warframes arent human, but thats people just not understanding what he means, as you can literally take Umbra to the same quest and the quote would still make sense. XD His quote isnt wrong, the Warframes are Infested Imortal Golems (no death) that whit the Tenno have no soul or feelings (no self and no sense, which is what the Tenno literally take away and replace whit them), Hunhow simply didnt expect that whiteout the Tenno the Warframe would wake itself up in order to save the thing that is saving it, its basically t
  4. Only people we have seen use Transference is a selected group of people, which is Teshin and Ballas Teshin does a type of transference to talk whit you in your mind in order to revive your memory's and Ballas can be seen using a type of Transference to speak whit Umbra telepathically. Yet, only the Tenno can use Transference to control things, as in "Silver Grove" Silvana states that she can only handle short bursts into Titania, and that she cant use Transference like the Tenno can. The Lotus is a complicated case, the cinematic doesn't tell exactly what she or the Tenno are do
  5. Dude, go play the game, every time you use transference they stay standing still. Again, state things from the game if you wanna have an argument, its never stated that Warframes cant move by themselves, only that Warframes do not have memory's. Which is normal as the humans get warped by the infestation to the point of no return, leaving them as crazed berserkers that cant judge friend from enemie, which is what the Tenno fix wen they use transference to a Warframe for the first time. They do, the game shows them doing so, VERY clearly, just because you wanna add up things to suppor
  6. Usually Warframes stay 2 feet up wen you transfer out, which tbh should be changed to them just going into kneel like the new player experience ones, but, as seen in the Duviri Paradox trailer, War Within and 2nd Dream, Warframes go limp wen the Operator is forced to break the link. We see this happen wen the Operator is forced out of the Warframe wen the Somatic link sends a Void Wave that makes the Operator drops from the Warframes arms and loses connection whit it, we see in the War Whitin wen Teshin teaches you how to control transference to avoid the Queens taking over you, and now w
  7. I really hope so, because right now Rank 5 is looking really underwhelming apart from finishing the lore.
  8. Which content did Fortuna get ? Was it the Arcanes ? And yea, I also think Rank 5 will be focused on Mother, I think Grandmother will stay nameless, as the requirments for Rank 5 are 1 Mother and Father token, and the Seriglass which Mother used to attack Father.
  9. So, I just got Rank 4 today, and to my surprise the talk this time around was between Vilcor and Kermerros, 2 Entrati which we already have the name off, but all is good, I got the 7th Requiem Vitruvian and the Rank 4 items unlocked, but Rank 5 is looking extremely weird for me. Rank 5 currently only unlocks 2 items, a Captura scene from Kermerros and a Fish Trophie from Kaelli, and thats it. It seems a bit weird for Rank 5, a Rank that requires you to give 20 Grandmother Tokens (Seriglass) is only being used for what will probably be the Mother/Grandmother name reveal, the last Vitruvian
  10. No.. its not... the Operator is shown to not be able to control the Warframe whiteout the Somatic Link or being in contact whit it until you do "The War Within" quest, where you learn how to properly use transference, so its safe to say that the Warframe did destroy the sword on its own out of desperation or sheer will, as we see that it barely has enough strength to brake the sword. Plus we never see any Transference energy or sound wen the Warframe starts moving, all we see is it spasm as if it is waking up. Warframes have full autonomy until a Tenno pacifies them, after that they seem
  11. You build Umbra in the foundry to... You have the Levirian that tells you events that happened after the War and during the Rebellion while showing off the Main Warframes, not the Primes, you have Xaku that was made from parts of lost Warframes from the Entrati Void expeditions, which was a thing that happened before the rebellion, you literally synthesize Umbra and repair it in your FOUNDRY (which DE should replace whit the Helminth as it claims that he is the one repairing your Warframes) You have several instances of the game that literally show that Main Warframes and Primes wer
  12. Nope. Here from the wiki, a little search would have sufficed... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARFRAMES Ballas: Our hubris shone like a black star... for our technology, our war-machines were your kin. How easily you turned them against us. We were forced to older means. Not circuits, nor light... but flesh and disease. Our horrors past, our ravaged outer colonies... became gardens
  13. The Vitruvian shows the process of a human being turned into a Warframe as Ballas explains how they made them... It literally shows how Warframes are made... Helminth infested Humans, thats it.
  14. 1. The Sacrifice quest is a thing, we know what they are and how they work. 2. War Within lets you pick "what you did", some Tenno hunted down the adults, other created prisons and other tried to stay away from the conflict, and yes, we are meant to be this special Tenno going trough all these quests and special events, the multiplayer aspect of the game is just gameplay, not exactly connected whit the story, WE killed the elder queen, WE fixed the heart, WE stab Ballas, etc... 3. Not really, no. Many Tenno served the Orokin willingly till Margulis was killed, after all we were 10x m
  15. This is never stated anywhere in the game.
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