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  1. Thor

    Coming Soon: Devstream #25

    Important question: Do you believe in a thing called love? Deepdowninthebottomofyourheart?
  2. Thor

    New: A Call For Comics Contest!

    Ta-da! It's nice that I'm used to doing three-panel comics for my own stuff.
  3. Thor

    Community Melee Weapon Submissions Results!

    The blade of a lightsaber hasn't got a "correct" slicing directionality, so the swinging attacks work fine. The grip change is also impossible for those, but given it's a lightsaber I imagine that's not a major issue.
  4. Thor

    Community Melee Weapon Submissions Results!

    So, has anyone else noticed that the design of the bladed tonfas makes it impractical or impossible to do many of the things that one actually does with tonfas? Besides the basic punches and elbow strikes which are fine, the blades mean that swinging strikes1 would accomplish nothing - that is, unless slapping people with the flat of a blade is an incredibly effective technique in the grim darkness of the space-future. There are also more showy techniques where one grips the main shaft of the tonfa and strikes or hooks with the handle2, which the blades also prevent. Don't get me wrong, the basic punches and blocks and things with tonfas are great and given the quality of the other weapon animations I'm sure DE will come up with some neat stuff - but it's a little saddening that the very way the weapon is designed prevents so many of the neat and flashy things that you can do with the real thing. Immersionwise I'm pretty sure a futuristic version of a weapon should expand its possible uses, not limit them. 1 The very first technique that's shown in this video, at 1:01. 2 As you might imagine - and as that video actually explains - these are rather less practical in a realistic setting since the flip to switch grips carries the chance of losing the tonfa, but we're space ninjas. We'd be fine.
  5. Do you think jump-sliding might help? That's how I usually do the pillars anyways, I dunno what the distance will look like with Slowest Rhino though. EDIT: Hah, it autoformats TM if you put it between parenthesis..
  6. I think usage of stamina mods is fair, since the "point" of the challenge is the slowness. I'll give it a shot again later using stamina mods and see if I can figure the pillars out.
  7. Tried it out a bit, not sure it's possible without stamina mods (or Rush, but that's cheating). I got stuck on the wallrunning bit - my base stamina wasn't even enough to get me to the first vertical section.
  8. Fun fact: The Hobbled Dragon Key works in Dojo. ... I'm a bad person.
  9. Thor

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    Nope, you can't use weapons or powers in the room - otherwise Excalibur would be at quite an advantage.
  10. Thor

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    Nicely done! For the pillar section, with a bit of practice you can skip over several of them with jump-slides. Give it a try - it might help your time out a fair bit!
  11. Thor

    Dojo Speed Run Videos: Livestream Fun!

    "Fastest run with Thrak Rhino, no speed/stamina/parkour/recovery mods allowed, must stop every 25 steps and type 'huff huff huff' into chat"
  12. Thor

    Hotfix 8.1.0

    What Frost does'>here.
  13. Thor

    Update 8 Related Work

    I have four full extra Frost Prime blueprint sets. If I craft them all, can I combine them into some sort of... Voltron Prime?
  14. Thor

    Update 8 Related Work

    This is great, thanks for taking the time to write this up.