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  1. Yes, i tried charging it like i stated earlier in my post by using my other abilities and that didn't work. i've seen other people use his fourth ability in captura somehow that's why i'm asking what i need to do to get it to work. -- Edit: Apparently i wasn't killing enough enemies, i spawned some broodmothers and got it to finally work for me, they really need to change it so its like Nidus where he already has a full bar to use all his abilities.
  2. Hello! I'm having some trouble using Sevagoth in captura, as the title states i'm having trouble getting his fourth ability to work in captura. My Sevagoth is level 29 (forma'd) and his shadow and claws are 0 (forma'd) and whenever i press the 4th ability button the little error sound plays when the ability is unavailable. i've tried spawning enemies and using his abilities on them but that didn't work. His abilities work fine in regular missions.
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