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  1. Basically the new Extraction feature for endless missions has a serious bug... I was on a survival mission with a squad of 2 we went o the 30 minute mark, my squad mate extracts and Bad Guys stopped Spawning. C'mon DE you can do better than this 😠
  2. Do you use a controller or keyboard/mouse? If the latter, you're more than likely going to have to clear the macro's. I was having the same problem so I switched to dx10, same thing happened, cleared the macro on my mouse and it started right up
  3. (Error WAR-224804 0) if I remember right is a Network Latency issue... Maybe they borked the update by making Clients in Squads Authoritative __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Error WAR-224804 0) si recuerdo bien, es un problema de latencia en la red ... Tal vez hicieron funcionar la actualización al hacer que los Clientes en escuadrones sean autorizados
  4. Try switching to the Dx10 api and clearing the Macro's on your mouse/keyboard if you have them. I have a sneaking suspicion that DE is "soft" banning players that use them now
  5. Can you re-post in English? as I don't understand Russian
  6. Do you have a gaming mouse? I had the same issue until I cleared the macro's on mine, so my guess would be that DE might be Soft banning players for using them now
  7. Just as the title says, I was having an issue with warframe dieing after launching from Dx11 api in the launcher, I switched back to Dx10 and it's running passably now. I think y'all need to fix this pretty quick as it's gonna cause issues... more like a lot of complaining here in the community
  8. Yes, I can confirm that they borked dx11 mode on this update. I've switched betwixt the two a couple of times and every time I launch via dx11 mode it just dies after popping up on task manager
  9. Little bit of an update, I found that by switching over to dx10 mode in the Launcher I was able to get Warframe to behave properly. So I'm lead to believe that Running in dx11 mode requires that you download the Full version, as the versions of Direct X shipped with Windows are heavily Stripped down. That or if you have Macro's for a keyboard or a gaming mouse they may be causing the problem... Which is what I'm going to try next
  10. Yeah, I've done everything on the list and same problem. I'm starting to suspect that it might have something to do with Macro's on my Mouse
  11. Just as the title says I downloaded the latest (Buried Debts) update, verified/optimized my DL Cache, and clicked the big red Play button... Warframe popped onto my Task Manager for about 2 seconds and then it just shut down Nothing in the Log files. Currently running in Dx11 mode
  12. Um... Warframe is not Launching after this latest update... That's after Verifying/Optimizing my Download Cache in case anyone suggests it
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