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  1. Not really, they can pull up all the statistics with a Mouse Click. and seeing how there's only 4 (5 if you count Odonata Prime) it would only take a few minutes to bring the others on par with Itzal with or without Blink. But Yeah, DE is sort of like anyone here in the Northwestern United States They're lazy and have a habit of slapping a band-aid on a gaping wound
  2. So here's what I think of the Lich System so far. The Bad 1. Having a Lich being able to "Take it's Tithe" on a planet or node it doesn't control... Not cool. My current Lich taxed me on Sedna earlier today and it's only at Stage 3 (could be a bug however) 2. Lich's being able to steal Requiem Relics shouldn't be a thing 3. 3 use Mods after going through 6 Levels of RNG is Utter BS 3. Having Requiem Relics Rely on Void Traces which is a Limited Resource instead of Kuva... Seriously... What were you guys Thinking??? 4. Farming 130 enemies to find out what mods you need to kill the Lich? Again... What were you guys thinking??? The Good 1. Progressively Stronger Enemies 2. A new Puzzle to solve (Well not really a puzzle for anyone with half a brain, but still) 3. I'm pretty sure I'll find something to put here Suggestions 1. Have Lich's only Tax you in Lich Specific Missions i.e. Mission: (your Lich's Name Here) ) Controlled Territory &tc. 2. Have Active Lich's be tradeable (if possible) 3. Reduce the Murmurs needed to 20, 20, 40. 4. Use Kuva instead of Void Traces to Fully Charge Requiem Mods 5. Have the Requiem Mods be Rechargeable instead of having only 3 uses 6. Please give us a way to Mute a Lich without having to Mute Transmissions all together. Like... I don't know give them their own Voice Ticker Like we used to have for our Operator?
  3. DE needs to Realize that players are going to use what they're going to use, it would be refreshing if they actually took the time to look at what everyone is using and then buff everything that they're not using instead of nerfing the one thing that everyone is using into the ground. Which is gonna wind up biting them in the ass in the long run In any case, I'm an Amesha Main
  4. So when are y'all going to Fix the Elemental Stats on Kuva Weapons?
  5. Yeah... I can redo my key bindings, but it would literally take me 3 weeks to acclimate... not only is muscle memory thrown way off but consciously having to remember that the bindings have been changed is more than al little bit immersion breaking. I mean if something works and works well, leave it alone it doesn't need to be fixed
  6. Why? Tapping E to Finish a bad guy off is a lot more intuitive, and a lot simpler than giving finishers a dedicated button. Not to mention that it's absolute hell when you go to finish a guy and your entire hand decides to Spasm and lock up for hours because you have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (same as carpal tunnel except it affects the elbow and the outside of the wrist) because it has decided that it's had enough
  7. No, they didn't Nerf Condition Overload... They just changed how it works. If you're having issues with Hybrid Builds (Blood Rush/ Condition Overload combo's) then Drop Pressure Point or it's variants from your Mod order, you'll have an easier time of it and you'll thank me later.
  8. I've been reading over this thread the past few days and have noticed that there are a lot of complaints about having dodge assigned to a dedicated button, the general SNAFU over Keybindings in general... like not being able to assign Melee and Fire to the same whilst keeping E assigned to quick melee... Well I may have a Solution why don't y'all set up key bindings the way you had them before Melee Phase 1. I would make for a lot less aggravation
  9. Rolling isn't bugged, they just gave it a dedicated button
  10. Got an ETA on when y'all are going to fix Weeping Wounds?
  11. Tapping shift to dodge is a lot simpler than having a dedicated key for it
  12. Hmmm... Looks good in black and white, cautiously optimistic on how this is going to play out (-Chuckles- not apologizing for the pun)
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