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  1. Exactly why I'm worried that if the effect doesn't stand out enough it'll get lost in a horde in this horde-shooter. Honestly a fair number of frame abilities could use a VFX treatment to make their effects more visible and distinct from other abilities. They could do all sorts of effects on enemies to show they're affected by a particular ability in a unique way, Ephemeras and Peculiar mods in particular have shown that.
  2. Yeah I feel greyscale would work well, but at the same time, maybe have any creature in the Rift appear in full colour, while they would appear greyscale from outside the Rift. That would solve both the "am I in the Rift" and the "is that thing in the Rift" issues with minimal distractive...ness? I still sort of want some kind of animated aspect to the overlay, on NPCs and Players at least, not necessarily screen-wide- just enough that the enemies stand out at just a quick glance. Not so big on the screen flash, my partner already needs to be warned to close her eyes every time it switches between Fass and Vome in the Cambion Drift because the flashes are so painfully bright and sudden, and Warframe already has too many bright-coloured effects. If anything maybe a quick wavy-looking screen-blur when entering the rift that then goes back to normal over like half a second when entering/exiting. I'm a fan of static as a visual effect when it's not overkill, which is what I was trying to go for here, but I can understand it not being a popular opinion, which is why I wanted to provide some alternatives and to spark discussion around better vfx! The main reasons I went with static is that it's a subtle animation, but one that's still noticable enough for your eyes to be drawn to the affected enemies/allies and know instantly "that's the Rift effect", compared to a lot of other animated status effects in the game which are just some variation of "fancy energy-colour glow around enemies which is hardly distinguishable from every other energy-coloured glow status effect from a warframe power", while having nothing animated about it could still cause enemies to possibly get lost in the crowd. While it isn't quite the same area as my topic (and I'd encourage making a seperate topic for it), there are two things that would make good Exilus "Un-Augments": 1. The removal of the Rift Portal. More often than not it's a nuisance, and if your allies want to enter the Rift they can usually just ask for a banish. As a bonus it could give 15% Ability Range or something, kind of like how Zephyr and Titania's "un-augments" give Strength equivalent to Power Drift. 2. Removal of the slide-to-enter-Rift as a mod. Maybe with the caveat that you can now banish yourself if looking at the floor for no energy cost, to replicate the functionality.
  3. Occasionally upon returning from a mission, my Revenant Mephisto skin and Syandana will turn ultra-low-quality, beyond even the lowest possible quality settings, despite my Texture Memory being set to Medium and not having this problem on any other skin or texture in the entire game as far as I can tell. It only seems to occur on this one skin and syandana, and only sometimes. As can be seen, every other texture is loaded just fine. The bug will fix itself within 5 or so minutes generally, or upon loading into another mission, etc. but no other texture takes this long to load in at full quality for some strange reason. I have no idea why. Oddly, it seems to also affect any armour he's equipped with too (but again, only sometimes). Again, this doesn't happen with any other skin for any other frame. It's bizzare. My graphic settings: Classic Engine, Fullscreen 1920x1080, 50 Brightness 50 Contrast, 75 FOV, Screen Shake Enabled, Reduce Ally Effects Enabled, Effect Intensity 50%, Local Reflections Off, Volumetric Lighting Off, Glare Off, Film Grain Off, AO Off, High Shader Quality Off, Dynamic Resolution Auto, Geo Detail Low, Particle Quality Low, GPU Particles Disabled, Shadow Quality Low, Texture Memory Medium, Anisotropic Off, Trilinear Off, AA Off, DoF Off, Motion Blur Off, Distortions Off, Bloom Off, Colour Correction On, Dynamic Lighting On, Character Shadows On, Elemental FX Off, Optimized Flip Model Off Specs: i7 8750H CPU, 1050TI (Mobile) GPU w/ 4GB VRAM, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD which Warframe is on, and which is in good health, Windows 10 Home, and a terribly inadequate cooling solution for the base parts, thanks Asus
  4. So everyone loves Limbo, right? ...Right? Regardless of how popular he may or may not be, one thing I think nearly every player of him- and a great many allies- can attest to is that the Rift has really bad visual clarity in every single aspect (except Cataclysm unless your energy colour is pitch black). There are 4 primary areas that have issues: 1. Telling if enemies and allies are inside or outside of the Rift. With allies, there almost never seems to be any indication as to if they're riftwalking or not, aside from perhaps manually-banished sentinels or companions. Enemies, on the other hand, have a really hard-to-see-at-a-glance effect around their feet to tell you they're in the Rift. This can easily lead to trying to banish/unbanish the wrong things, not realizing you've banished/unbanished something, or simply having difficulty telling what IS banished at any given moment. I would remedy this with the following solutions: Make the "banished" effect far more visible, either by making the current one more noticable (not great), or by making a new effect (and giving that effect to ANYTHING in the Rift, including ally Limbos, Defense Operatives, etc., not just enemies and some edge-cases) and make seperate effects for banished and unbanished enemies depending on if you're in the Rift or not; enemies in your current plane having no visible effect, letting you more easily focus on them. Here are some examples: This is a Lancer. Let's call him... Krog. He is in the Material Plane. You are in the Material Plane. Krog looks like this to you (and probably smells worse): That's great! But what if some Limbo banishes Krog and you didn't see him in the act? Try looking for weird greyish flames down at Krog's feet, far from his head where you'll probably be focusing on... Or, alternatively, this is what he could look like when banished, viewed from outside of the Rift, on the Material Plane: Now that's obvious! With the outline of course being the offending Limbo's energy coulour... And perhaps a bit less solid (gifs have transparency issues). This may be a bit on the extreme side in terms of clarity, but it would only be in effect if you weren't on the same plane as Krog anyway. So if that careless Limbo then banishes you, Krog will now look like this once again, seeing as you are both in the Rift: The banish on Krog runs out! Who builds Limbo for such low duration?! But you're still in the Rift! How do you tell, at a glance, that he's back in the Material Plane? Well since he, and all the other enemies trapped in the plain old plane of boring normalcy, will look like this: Two options! One less fancy than the other! For the price of one! Of course, if you then roll on out of the Rift, Krog, and his compatriots, will look like bog-standard Grineer once again before getting a Corinth to the face and proceeding to look like Kubrow Chow. 2. Telling if you are inside or outside the Rift. The current visuals for being in the Rift kinda suck: Bad saturation that seems to sometimes be too much or too little, strange outline issues, and that weird hazy effect. Sometimes it's glaring and eye-pain-inducingly low contrast, other times it's hard to even tell which plane you're in without doing an experimental dodgeroll. How would I fix this? Make the effect more clear, probably with something around the border of your screen instead of those annoying screen-wide effects. This is Krog's workplace before he got sent to Earth after knocking over a batch of Tyl Regor's fresh toobmen toobs: And here's a rough approximation of how it would look in the Rift currently (unfortunately): BLEH! So how about some neat around-screen effects instead? The center 90% of your screen is far more important for clarity than the outer edges after all: Or, if that's too much, something like this even would be better than what we have: Or heck, how about a third option which is once again even simpler?: All of these, or really ANYTHING would be clearer and more pleasant on the eyes than what we currently have. 3. Telling how many enemies and allies are inside the Rift. This one's simple: A UI element for Limbo that shows how many allies/enemies are in the Rift would be really appreciated. Doesn't even have to be fancy, could just be a generic buff icon shaped like his Rift Portal with a number. 4. Telling if you've held Banish long enough to expel everything from the Rift. I appreciate the new functionality that lets you instantly remove everything but yourself from the Rift by holding-cast on Banish, but it has no animation or any other audiovisual cue of having worked... A short animation, even just copying his existing Banish or Stasis-End animations would be nice, as well as a simple sound, maybe a quicker Banish sound. And that's basically it. Sincerely, someone who likes Limbo but can't stand the audiovisual design of the Rift.
  5. So I got Lavos recently and I like him, but his playstyle feels REALLY clunky, mostly due to the way his cooldowns are implemented (TP being his main status spreader for Catalyze, but being best used AFTER Catalyze, and also being his 2nd longest cooldown) and the way his infusions work, as well as how his status spreading is kind of not great without the Cedo or more status weapons, and some ability jank. So I came up with some relatively simple tweaks that would make him much more pleasant to use. COOLDOWN-REDUCTION VARIETY, LESS STRICT "OPTIMAL" ABILITY USE ORDER: -Lavos additionally removes 2s from the cooldown of each ability on picking up an energy/universal orb (only obtainable every 5s due to his passive's pickup cooldown anyway; this cannot be bypassed with Synth Fiber on Universal Orbs). -Every ability will remove cooldown from itself and other abilities, making efficiency more pleasant to build for, the following being a rough guesstimate at 100% efficiency: OB: 0.2s per ability per enemy hit, 0.5s per ability per 200 health restored. VR: 0.05s per ability per meter travelled (without hitting a wall, cancelling early, etc), 1s per ability per direct enemy hit with a vial TP: 0.3s per ability per enemy hit CA: 0.1s per enemy hit Each ability only being able to reduce its own cooldown to a minimum of 3s. This would encourage rotating his abilities (which the cooldown playstyle already seems to try, but with the cooldowns as they are, it doesn't feel quite right) INFUSION QUALITY OF LIFE FOR LESS FINGER STRAIN: -When Lavos uses an elementally-infused ability, the UI element will turn grey, allowing it to be overwritten by any new infusion button-hold, but if it isn't overwritten, it will continue to apply to any abilities he uses so you don't need to re-infuse EVERY ability if you want to use the same elemental type each time. This would make two-element infusions much more viable on a controller and for people with finger mobility issues. If this is deemed too much Quality of Life, it could be limited to the next 4 casts, indicated by dots on each corner of the infusion diamond UI or something. STATUS SPREADING WITH ABILITIES OTHER THAN 3 MADE EASIER: -Make Vial Rush and Ophidian Bite more useful for actually spreading statuses for Catalyze to use: Currently Transmutation Probe is his best status spreader for Catalyze to make use of due to its range, but it also is mainly meant to be used AFTER Catalyze to lower its cooldown. The above fixes that, but it still doesn't change that his other abilities are awkward to spread status, with Ophidian Bite having a (relatively) small cone of effect and Vial Rush being nearly impossible to accurately aim unless you just group enemies up against a wall and slam headfirst into it: OB: Each hit enemy will emit a 3m-base wave which applies the default Toxin and Infused status to each other enemy hit by the wave, only if Lavos is on max health already. VR: While in use, Lavos has a chilling aura (affected by range) around him that will apply the Infused status and Cold status to any enemy he passes by or impacts. CA: The Heat from Catalyze and its Infused element will count toward the damage increase if the enemy isn't immune to heat procs, since the status will be applied. (Basically just fixing the issue where it doesn't count toward its own bonus because the status is technically applied after the damage is done, despite being his best radial ability) ABILITY QUALITY OF LIFE: -Give Transmutation Probe basic pathfinding like Sevagoth's Reap so it doesn't get uselessly stuck on objects so often. Maybe make it follow the cursor as well like with Reap when you're aiming. The straight-line thing is really limiting its use as a status spreader, damage, or even its utility as a transmuter. -Catalyze will visibly leak a stream of the burning gel under each Catalyst Probe, giving the ability the vertical reach it desperately is missing so long as you cast it high up. The leaking gel will not pass through walls. It will additionally deal 1.25x damage to an enemy for each status effect they are immune to, making it still useful as damage against status-immune or partially-status-immune enemies. So yeah here's my less-of-a-rework-more-just-refactoring-what-his-kit-already-is Lavos tweaks. And yes I know DE isn't looking into doing frame reworks any time soon but given we got pseudo-bulletjumping for Yareli's Merulina most of this should be easily doable.
  6. Coming from someone who was an Inaros main since I started playing around Chains of Harrow, the way I would personally do it is to rework his passive to be sort of a health-gate during bleedout. Instead of the useless sarcophagus life-leeching (which Sevagoth has proven could be done MUCH better) make him instead survive at "0" life with a health-gate while he rapidly crumbles into sand during his bleedout, getting progressively slower and weaker, unable to use guns but able to use his abilities still. If you don't use any of his methods to heal before he crumbles completely (or are revived by a teammate), he dies, otherwise if you manage to get back to max health, the invulnerability goes away and you're effectively revived. If anything it's even more fitting than the sarcophagus since in the Sands of Inaros quest he's shown to basically be able to become a sandstorm presumably after his death, and his 3rd ability has him literally becoming sand, so him sort of crumbling would make more sense than random sarcophagus out of nowhere. Sure it's not as "mummy", but it's more "Inaros".
  7. Can we just have an option to disable collisions for decorations entirely? Then people could put stuff in their aquariums or outside again, stack things the ways they want to that are "disallowed" due to some arbitrary collision, or broken colliders like the ones in the personal quarters and the front table. If they're worried about things getting stuck in the walls accidentally? Just let us turn on an X-Ray mode that lets us select items through walls. Problem solved.
  8. This also occurs in a different way, sometimes upon opening the "mission progress" menu it will instead be reset to 0s I've noticed. It also seems to sometimes reset upon entering a portal in Sanctuary Onslaught it seems to reset (though that may be the former issue too). In general it seems to reset at random, sometimes during a mission, sometimes at the start of a mission like it's supposed to, sometimes after finishing two missions. With the number of threads about this in the last few weeks I'm amazed it still hasn't been touched in a hotfix. (Or I would be amazed, if this wasn't the modus operandi for years even with massive mission-breaking bugs like the Fortuna spy console bug)
  9. Still a thing, still annoying as hell. Maybe it's intentional to make us do that ill-thought-out "base capture" system that nobody does because it literally just wastes time and gives nothing in return but a slightly different bounty selection.
  10. Bumping this because maybe 3+ topics about it on the front page of the forum will actually get DE to finally look into this after years.
  11. Both of these bugs have occured for literally years now. It happens when you've completed that type of objective at that location and then do another of that type of mission at that location.
  12. Even after all the changes, Railjack still feels pretty janky to play without a fully-coordinated squad of 4, even when using a voicechat, or when using NPC crew. I'd like to note some ways it could be changed to flow much more pleasantly for solo and group players alike: 1. Forward Artillery: Using it is a pain. Aside from Earth and Venus Proxima, most missions have 3-8 crewships that need destroying, and unless you want to launch yourself into each crewship and blow the reactor the slower way, the main way to destroy them is with Forward Artillery- or in Volatile missions, needing to shoot all the large ship weakpoints with it to finish the mission. By default, it only holds 2 charges when you start a mission, meaning you need to constantly go to the forge and make more, and actually using it is a slow and painful process. The first issue is mainly a problem if you don't have a dedicated Engineer doubling as Forge-Monkey. It could be solved several ways, such as: -An intrinsic that lets NPC crew use the Forges when a hotkey is pressed, recovering whatever resource is currently lowest. -An intrinsic that increases the default number of held dome charges. -Commanding NPCs to do certain tasks like with player objective statements but things like "go fix [hazard]" or "forge [item]" or "repel boarders" etc. -Letting you warp between Forge and a specific seat position without as many button presses. This would be my preferred option, and it would be a good implementation for all stations. Given the smaller railjack layout now, teleporting with the Tactical menu feels bad. You teleport, then need to get your bearings after the nauseating teleport screen-warp, then you need to go to wherever and press the Activate key to actually interact with whatever you wanted to. Generally you won't teleport around for purposes other than to use the nearest interactable (forge, gunner seats, slingshot, etc.) It would be nice if, when not occupied by an NPC or other crewmate, it would automatically activate the nearest "activation point" when teleporting to the closest. This would let a gunner or pilot quickly warp to the Forge and make more dome charges, or to the slingshot and launch themselves quickly to something important, then when done, quickly warp back to their intended position. The second issue is mostly again when using a crew of 1-2 plus NPCs. Since NPCs won't use Forward Artillery, and both players will usually want an active role, generally either the pilot or a Gunner will need to leave their station, path around the navigation point or wall to reach artillery, go down into it, charge the shot, fire, then go back up, and path back to their station, which is super slow and clunky. It would be nice to have the ability to press the swap weapon key while in the pilot seat, or perhaps a gunner seat, to warp to Forward Artillery quickly, perhaps causing it to charge a little bit slower as compensation or something. That way it wouldn't take you out of the feeling of being a pilot or gunner. Alternatively, maybe letting Forward Artillery be charged (slower) and fired from these places by holding the melee key instead. 2. Corpus Railjack feels like Taxi Service: This one's harder to fix since it's baked into the design, but spending 10 minutes running Railjack just to be rewarded with a less-exciting version of a normal mission is awful. Especially Defense missions in that new massive Corpus ship defense tile with the drip-fed enemies. Especially in Void Storms it just doesn't feel worth it to run Railjack then a normal mission instead of just a normal mission, even with the potential bonus rewards. I would recommend lowering the length of Corpus Railjack ground missions to compensate for the time spent beforehand doing the Railjack objectives. My preferred way of dealing with this would be to make the on-foot objectives significantly smaller but keep them being themed around the normal ground mission types, and allow Railjacks to continue flying and providing support in the meantime. Basically turning them into Grineer-styled Point of Interest objetcives, but more varied. And I don't mean "ground crew, expose radiator, railjack crew, destroy radiator" which is what all ground-to-railjack interaction generally amounts to. It would also be really nice if NPC pilots had better AI, and if they would actually try to avoid things like ramsleds and shipkiller platform shots instead of dawdling around and losing the ship even if supported by a gunner or two while the players do the groundwork, and if they would actually seek out targets like radiators instead of just shooting them if they happened across them. 3. Crews feel limited: In the average Skirmish mission, there is a pilot, ideally an engineer on standby and doing defending in case of invaders, at least one gunner, and somebody going out to deal with the points of interest while the RJ crew provides support and deals with the mandatory fighter/crewship death quotas, unless you want to be doing one mission for 20+ minutes. That easily puts you over the 4 limit, and NPC crew can only effectively (or at all) do 2 of those things. Even with a squad of 4 players I feel like there should be up to 2 NPC crew available, for a total of 6 possible crew, including making there be 5 NPC crewmates when solo. This could be seen as overpowered, but given NPC AI being unable to handle most things, only really being good at light defending, repairs (slowly), and gunning, this wouldn't be too bad. It would allow the RJ to remain "fully" crewed with 2 gunners, pilot, and engineer/defender while at least 2 players went to do Points of Interest, Derelicts, invaded/captured Crewships, etc. 4. The constant barrage: In Corpus missions, you better enjoy hearing the words "torpedos" and "ramsleds" because there's basically no avoiding them. The NPC captain comes on to tell you over and over, every 10 seconds to a minute that one or the other, or both in quick succession, will be shot at you, and there's no way in mission to disable them short of completing objectives. Even if there were "Torpedo shafts" that could be temporarily destroyed on main ships that would be nice. Or if the "Countermeasures" Battle mod at least worked on torpedoes, which it currently does not despite them being guided projectiles. Destroy a crewship? Here's two more INSTANTLY to take their place, and 10 more fighters to boot, even if you've already reached the Crewship Kill Quota for the mission. It's ridiculous and not very fun, it feels like making no progress, just repetetive, and then you leave it all behind to zoop in and back out of the big Corpus pillar in a way that feels totally unlike the Corpus Railjack we were promised and shown during Tennocon (remember THAT?) And really this is only a handful of the major issues. Corpus Railjack fixed a lot of issues with the actual Railjacks themselves... But made the gameplay feel actually worse than the Grineer Railjack somehow. That's impressive in all the wrong ways.
  13. I often find effective communication during Railjack missions to be difficult even when in a voicechat with my crew. Gunners in particular have a rough time, since with the Phantom Eye intrinsic or whatever it was called that lets gunners aim in 360 degrees they have no way of knowing which direction the Railjack is actually facing, and the Pilot has no idea which way the Gunners are facing. If my top gunner tells me "Look over here, I see [something of interest]" I can't tell what direction to look and just have to flail around and hope. This could be easily improved in two distinct ways: 1. Railjack "Direction" UI: The idea being that in a Pilot seat, two little pseudo-3d arrows would show at, say, the mid-left of the screen, showing the direction your top and bottom Gunners are facing respectively. When in a Gunner seat, the arrow representing the seat you're in would be coloured differently and instead show the direction the Railjack is looking. 2. Allowing players to properly press the marker key to set markers when in Railjack seats; these markers perhaps appearing a different colour to represent them being outside of the ship, otherwise functioning like normal player-placed markers. These additions would make communication between seated crew far easier in my opinion, and would be of great benefit for coordination among crew.
  14. I've noticed several issues with the Orbiter that have just piled up as more updates have come and gone. I show them all in the following video (forgive the reddit link, imgur wouldn't let me upload the video there) The bugs, in text form: -The emissives in the area around the Nightwave console appear as white instead of the selected colour. (*Not shown in video: Changing emissive colour while in orbiter will sort-of fix it, though it will appear a shade brighter than the rest of the lighting) -Under the glass floor in the Liset section, there's a small spinning piece that is only on one side of the otherwise symmetrical design, probably either misplaced or forgotten to be duplicated to the other side. -The moving piston heads under the glass floor in the Liset section do not have a texture on their "head" face, instead being completely see-through from that angle. -The update that changed all the console/segment models and textures missed the spot where the Lotus' helmet sits, and the Transferrence chair, both of which still use a plasticy material instead of the metallic used everywhere else on that colour channel now (this is more of a pet peeve than a bug... Mixed materials sharing a colour channel are annoying) -Next to the Railjack elevator, there are some small wires that go from the roof to the wall, except that they're too far forward and as such, the part that is supposed to connect to the wall just floats in mid-air. -On the lower floors, the lighting is, for some reason, intensely bright despite a lack of actual lighting fixtures. The bugs, in video form:
  15. It's even worse than that: The inside doesn't even match the default skin. Picture 1 Left: The "engine ring" thing on the exterior of the default skin; Right: interior of the same (never mind the obvious scale difference, the colors aren't even right, and the window placement makes 0 sense, nevermind that the gold part I'm standing next to is somehow implied via location to be the same white thing I'm standing on despite the lack of the window.) Picture 2 Left: Those weird "horns" on the front of the railjack; Right: The same (yes, they are meant to be the same structure), from inside, clearly from a different model entirely. The engine being in "collapsed" mode in the left picture does NOT account for those since they don't actually move. Picture 3 Left: When in drydock, engine from the outside, visibly in "collapsed" mode; Right: When in drydock, engine from the inside, visible "open" mode. For some reason you can see the engine collapse animation if you're outside the railjack, but they didn't even bother to show it collapse if you were looking from the inside. Also still entirely the wrong model, quite visibly, in a great many ways not only those shown in these pictures. So I'd like to unofficially change this topic to "the entirety of the Railjack Exterior is incorrect when viewed from the Interior, clearly not even using the final model, nevermind ignoring wear and tear configurations and having literally impossible interior-exterior matching." Like, I could get it for the other skins... But... It doesn't even match with the default??? How did they manage that?!
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