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  1. Major issues Immolation meter: Please don't keep this mechanic. It's not needed and is going to be counter synergistic. It will FEEL BAD. Fireblast: As a power it is still redundant, and the knock-back is hurtful to a Melee Ember, who now needs to go chase down enemies. Combining Immolation meter and Fireblast, as you currently do, is again anti-synergistic and punishing to a melee style. You're making Melee Embers not only reduce their DR, but now they also have to go chase down the things they're trying to kill. I've long advocated for the return of Overheat to Ember's kit. I've also long advocated for it to replace Fireblast (which has been a rather redundant power since Ember was added). I strongly encourage DE to consider the following: 1) Fireball (25) This power is mostly fine. The fixes to animation and timing will help it. Perhaps reduce the charge time, or truly make it a scalar (uncharged x1.0 to full charge x2.0, with the options of x1.1, x1.35 etc). A Scalar will also be useful for a Fireblast as a power combo effect. 2) Accelerant (as a grenade power) (50) There are many good reasons to keep most of Accelerant around, and to convert into a grenade. Being able to throw down a zone with a Slowing and Debuff effect gives Ember a soft CC option. Combo power with Fireball + Accelerant zone = Fireblast effect (scaling from Fireball charge level). Combo power with Inferno. Enemies stepping into Accelerant patch ignites it (no Fireblast) and makes it a carrier for the Inferno DoT, spreading to enemies that touch the new Inferno zone. Accelerant remains the Damage booster power and you don't need the "Immolation meter" for that effect. 3) Overheat (or if you must "Immolation") (6 per second*) Drain-over-Time power. Cost 6 per second Reduce cost based on # of On Fire Enemies (already being tracked by passive), scale from 6 down to 3. DR% based on power strength (thus partly based on passive), or directly link base DR to # of On Fire Enemies. Either way, you don't need a separate Meter for this. Combo power with Inferno, Ember can become a carrier for Inferno DoT, by running into an Inferno'd enemy (or burning Accelerant zone). Double Drain-over-Time cost (12 max to 6 min, scaled). Roll to self-cleanse early (stop, drop, and roll). There really isn't a good reason for the "Immolation meter," it's just another thing to track. Ember's should only really need to track: Warframe Energy Number of On Fire Enemies By making Overheat a Drain power, and having its cost subject to the number of On Fire enemies, you reinforce the two things Embers should be tracking. If you're just running around with DR on, its going to drain you out fast. But keeping the drain low also means needing to stay on top of keeping enemies on fire. If everything is dying within fractions of a second, Overheat will stay costly to keep active. The "Immolation meter" could just be an abstracted UI indicator of the number of On Fire enemies. Allowing Ember to pickup the Inferno DoT and be a carrier, while Overheat is active, allows players to have the "weeeeeeeeeeeee I'm running around and everything is on fire" fun at lower levels. But with a bit more work, as they have to make physical contact with enemies, or can further combo off Accelerant by dropping a zone on their feet (turning it into an Inferno zone). Yes, the doubled cost will start to drop as the Ember sets things on fire, but it won't be as sustainable or easy to nuke the low-level-world as the current World on Fire does. And that cost won't stay low if things die off fast. Again "Warframe Energy" + "Enemies On Fire" management. If that seems too good, make it the Augment. 4) Inferno (100) Great change, but see keeping Accelerant as a way to expanding the options for keeping the "World on Fire" and spreading, especially when the AI has pathing problems. That way Embers who want to 'passively' DoT the world to death can a bit more actively toss Accelerants around. You do not need Immolation Meter to increase damage, you've already got that being handled by Ember's new passive. Just make sure the special Inferno DoT hooks into the # of On Fire enemies count, you're already tracking. Passive) Ability strength for # of On Fire enemies Good change, the more that's on fire the more painful the Fire gets. Just have it apply to Inferno DoT damage as well, and you don't need an "Immolation Meter". Combo Effect Fireblast: By making Fireblast a combo effect instead of a power, you give Embers the OPTION of that hard CC knockback if they want it. And where they want it, instead of just on their feet. Including being able to "blast" enemies toward them, or into other teammates traps. It also gives Embers a reason to keep using Fireball and not just ignore it in favor of an Efficiency Inferno. Working off the Charge Level (scalar) of Fireball would also give an Ember control over the "force" of the blast. An uncharged Fireblast could have negligible knock-back, good for an AoE fire proc. A full charge, could do the major area clear rag-dolling. Options, choices. A quick 2+1, at her feet, and its 75 cost Fireblast as it currently exists. A slower 2 + charged 1 , and you have a 100 cost "everyone away, and be on fire" zone clear. Overall setting up Ember's kit this way, you can allow different play styles to Ember that don't punish her for doing them. Everything Burns (power & weapon status spam) is what we have now in the Mid to Late game, but won't allow Overheat to stay active for long periods. Especially on the Power Spam end of things as Overheat (as drain) will fight for Energy needs, on costly combos. Face Melting Melee with Overheat and carrying an Inferno DoT, which isn't blocked by needing to Fireblast every so often. Keeping DR up by staying on top of enemies and keeping them lit. Blasted Goal Tender, Accelerant zoning + Fireball (for a Fireblast) lets Ember clear Defense points and terminals (Interception hack points), without having to constantly stand on those points. Smoldering Friendship, with Augments for Accelerant and Fireball, now your friends can play with fire too. And it only gets hotter as they do (spreading more fire procs, and raising power strength). And she's doing it all in a "yep that's a lot of fire" way.
  2. Brasten

    Shawzin ui bug

    I cannot confirm this bug. Both I (as client) and host both Auto-play'ed on a Earth Mantle. No UI issues reported nor noted by the squad. Requires more testing.
  3. ✋😣🤚 ✌️😗👍 Now all that's needed is to rework some older Community Events as re-playable Lore quests.
  4. Yes, the new Fireball Frenzy has broken Ember's Charged Fireball. No one noticed, because basically no one plays Ember, or charges her Fireball when they do play her.
  5. Since Perls have no performance bases and are locked to 10 per minute (less because of load time). There 0 incentive actually play. There is a major incentive to just AFK in Solo while doing ANYTHING else. Ignoring the Rathuum mods getting 1 copy of everything else is 3350 pearls. Roughly 360 minutes, or 6 hours total event "engagement". Even if you play every day of the even and spread out the time over the 9 days, that requires about 40 minutes every day. This is very disrespectful of the player's time. Tips well past limited progression into tedium. Bad design. Hopefully y'all won't start punishing people for such a major oversight.
  6. For iterations of this event: Make the AI throw Water Balloons at camping/stationary Tenno. Take that horrible Plasma Grenade logic chain and give it to the Executioners for this event.
  7. As long time player who basically doesn't play Arbitrations... Absolutely none of these changes have any appeal to me, and really just annoy me. The rewards didn't ever seem worthwhile for the amount of time required to obtain them. 10 minutes/waves per reward is just too long for the rubbish clutter in the table. No revives is just Warframe gatchas in full force and punishes playing anything but Undying tanks (complete opposites of what your bonuses were trying for) Warframe has too many "oops you just instant die" things going on as levels scale up. Plasma Grenades, Toxin Ancients, Corpus Nullifer Scrambus Combras weapons. The option to pick up revives for dead team mates does not change this. I don't see any of your changes making me want to play Arbitration any more then the absolute minimum I already do. The meta will remain undying frames, with weapons for taking out the Arbitration Drones ASAP. Nothing else maters. Hurry up and get on with the Dynamic personal (forget locking it behind clans) Antagonist (Shadow of War) system.
  8. Film Grain is Permanently on. Small Chat Text is also blurry as result.
  9. I've finally found them, still mid fight (first fight Solo). They were body blocked by the Exploiter Orb's Invulnerable body. They have identical coloration to the rest to the model and almost no aim-over tell tale. The Thermia Canisters are also unmarked in the HUD. Again almost missed them, and Zudd's voice barks are unhelpful. As a Closed Beta player this has to be one of the worst Boss Fights I've every played since Lech Kril and his floppy tubes of Un-commented Mechanics.
  10. Fight mechanics are unexplained, I almost didn't find the insert prompt for the Thermia. I'm now sitting here looking at an invulnerable Exploiter Orb. Sitting on the ground. What Vents! This is awful and opaque design! Once again a lack of clear commutation in-game, on in-game things. This must change DE.
  11. The fundamental problem with the Data-Hash event was the lack of in-game information and direction. The opening part of it was an external ARG, which many users do not pay attention to. Finding the Hashes required an external map. Scanning around for the Hashes was difficult even for experienced collectable hunters, and had no in-game assistance for less hyper dedicated players. We keep coming back to this issue again, and again. Warframe cannot keep growing and maintaining beyond its dedicated players without in-game direction and assistance that is currently only available through external tools and 3rd party community sites. DE very much miscalculated, and should be thinking of ways to avoid find the thing game design in the future. This was feedback given on The Sacrifice Quest. Time to take it to heart, and the design docs. As a direct critique, no systems of the Fortuna Base taking system were used in this event. A better design for the Data-Hash finding would have been to use that Base taking as a trigger for highlighting and directing players to the Data-Hashes in the region around that base. Includingsomething like the Simaris scan trails, the code base for the footprint trails of Fortuna Conservation Hunts could have been used, to the Hashes. But also leaving the option for players to find them on their own. Take a Vallis Base, get clues/direction. Same goes for the Fractures of this event. It should have been put into the Bounty system, with incentive to take the regional bases to gain access to the Coolant and Fractures in that area. Which then could have lead to being pointed at that Data-Hashes. A far more organic and immersive design.
  12. 24.4.3 Bug: Using Aim (right-click) during a Melee combo causes the Gun to be re-equipped. Replication: Begin mashing Melee. Tap (do not hold) Aim (right-click) during the combo Complete a few combo sequences. Gun will be equipped when the last animation plays. This should not be the function. The melee weapon should remain out if Aim is used as part of a combo. From a programming stand the "Switch Weapon" function you're calling shouldn't triggered and be put in the animation queue IF a Melee animation is in progress. It should only trigger if no melee attack is running. You should also look at a grace period so it doesn't trigger and get queued mid combo. Aim should only trigger "Switch Weapon" once a Warframe has come to complete Melee rest. No more Melee animations in the queue. Frankly this wouldn't be a problem if Aim was actually Manual Bock when Melee was equipped and did not return to Guns. As I accidentally posted in the Main Feedback. And as I said there, a "Dramatic Draw" which uses the full un-holster melee weapon animation (with those lovely custom positions we paid for), should be added to HOLDing down Switch Weapon (as you could do in Melee 2.0). When "Dramatic Draw" is done the user in a Full Melee mode. Left-Click melee attack. Right-Click Block. Tap "Switch Weapon" to return to Guns. Maybe turn "Melee Attack" into "Quick shot" in this mode as well. I still do not have a solution to accessing the old Quick Melee attacks and animations under your new system. I am still thinking on this. If you could explain your working ideas for the Melee Combo system in the rest of Melee 3.0 perhaps something will suggest itself to the Community-Group-Mind... you had talked about more dynamic combos that are less button mashing memorization.
  13. Thinking on what's really missing from Nightwave, and a lot of the flaws that have been exposed in this second week: As a long time player one of the things I would regularly do was jump into Alert missions to see if newer players needed help with them. Or to Taxi them to Alerts just outside of their current unlock range. This could be done without FORCE FRIENDING them. If they wanted to friend me to hit up later for game questions, that would be up to them. Nightwave has destroyed this very friendly and welcoming aspect of Warframe's community. "Challenges" like Hold Your Breath and Survival with Friends are antithetical to this kind of community building, as they increase the tension and expectations on the players in those missions. This creates conflict in the PvE space where there shouldn't be, especially for a system that is replacing the old Alerts. DE now has plenty of feedback why the "with Friends" weekly are bad design from a growing segment of the player base. I'll leave it at that. Same goes for missions that need 1 hour+ to complete. What Nightwave is really missing from the casual pick-up and play end are, ironically, alerts. There should still be Credit and Resource granting Alerts that are tied to the current Nightwave. With The Wolf of Saturn Six, we should be getting Alerts to escaped Saturn Six Fugitives. This brings back one of the very useful aspects of Alerts to new players (bonus Credit and Resources), a reason for Older players to Taxi new players, and a method for far more casual players to skip busted and poorly designed Nightwave Challenges.
  14. Solo playing does not invalidate Co-Op playing, nor does it prevent the developers from making money. Solo players still have to buy Slots (if they want a collection). They can and do buy cosmetics. If you're going to go on the money end, Solo players can end up costing less since their games don't need to go into Match Making pool, and don't have the resulting processing and bandwidth costs of said Match Making service. Solo players can and do still trade with Co-Op players. By your ending logic 4 Solo players spending 100 bucks, means 400 bucks. Where 4 Co-Op players spending 400 bucks total means each one spent on average 100 bucks. Same difference. If anything Solo players are more likely to need to spend money. On things like Dojo construction since those resources and construction costs aren't shared among a group.
  15. Long time Closed Beta player chiming in.... The Elite challenges for Week 2 are exactly the wrong way to create these challenges. 60 minutes in any mission is just mind numbingly bad. This has been communicated to you time and again, ever since original Void Key Towers. Please, please don't regress. The 30 minute force "War on ENEMY TYPE" alerts were pushing it. 40 minutes is the absolute limit for me before I lose my mind on the monotonous environment and task of an Endless mission. The forced "friends" thing needs to stop now! This is solo player hostile as has been pointed out in the past! It also directly contradicts the ability to form Pickup Groups. This is the absolutely annoying aspect of forming specialized groups in the Recruiting Channel. It is annoying extra step that does not need to be there. Have I mentioned this is annoying? Let's elevate it to aggravating.
  16. I don't envy you trying to balance this atrocious system. It's so badly designed and implemented you have almost no tools for making it do it's original design goal of giving a boost to underutilized weapons. And its only going to get worse with time. You need to make rebuilding this system a priority before it turns into "Multi-shot was supposed use more ammo" levels of problems. Players should be using more types existing resources to control the Re-rolling process Rivens should be Weapon Specific, not family name based. Rivens should be transmutable non-randomly into other types. Weapons in the same Name Family should have fairly easy requirements to shift them within the family. Rivens should be transmutable to a different Name Family in their Class (Rifle, Secondary, Melee, etc.) at a greatly increased price Rivens should be transmutable into a different Class as a long term play objective. This would allow you to balance Rivens around INDIVIDUAL WEAPON performance. Previewing issues like the Strun family of Shotguns from happening. This is the system that would have met your design objectives. This is the system Warframe needs ASAP before Rivens fester much longer.
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