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  1. ITT - People who look at damage values as their only point of comparison as to whether or not a weapon is any good. Opticor Vandal is fine (and fun). Quit looking at just the base damage.
  2. More for Shield Pillage than anything else. Ability has a set duration in which the field will remain active before returning -- if it's too short, it'll never reach its full range. Duration slightly affecting cost on her drains is just an added bonus.
  3. Feel like most of the people calling her 'weak' or 'underwhelming' are simply playing her wrong/haven't figured out a proper build for her. She's an absolute monster in the higher levels, and thrives in Arbitrations/Elite Onslaught/Sorties. Trick is to stack strength. Lots of it. Stretch is more than enough for range (you're really only using it for Shield Pillage), efficiency and duration are your throwaway stats. You don't need them. She's more or less an Inaros/Oberon hybrid, centered around being an obnoxious shield tank/supporting her team. Can easily see her becoming a mainstay in the tryhard ESO teams, solely because of Haven -- being able to give others near-perma overshields + shieldgating is enormous.
  4. Literally anything involving energy doesn't work with her. Flow, Zenurik, Energy Siphon, Energy Vampire, etc. etc.
  5. The screen shake on Haven caused by it tethering to an enemy is utterly excessive in various modes (like Survival, when you're constantly running past several mobs), to the point of being extremely nauseating to someone who isn't normally motion sick. It makes me not want to touch her at all because of it.
  6. I'm not one to get motion sick in basically anything ever, but the screenshake caused by Haven each and every time it tethers to an enemy is probably the single most nauseating thing I've ever encountered in Warframe. If I have the ability on and I'm simply running around like you typically do in a Survival, it's constant. I either have to just not use the ability at all, or not use Hildryn at all, and neither one should be the acceptable solution to this.
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