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  1. Same issue here, I can select the wheels but not turn them
  2. Great to get some love for Nyx and Titania ❤️ Like many people though I personally would love to see more radical changes to Titania. I am aware that you are a small team and have lots on your agenda, but I feel like she is worth it. One of the cores of my suggestions is that Titania like Equinox has two modes, so why not make her other abilities differ between normal and razorwing mode? That way for example her current 1 and 3 could be folded into 1, one applying if she is in razorwing, the other if she is not. In general I would suggest to tune her abilities in razorwing more to the egoistic/aggresive side and out of razorwing more to the supportive side. As part of this, make razorwing no longer a channeled ability, you pay a fixed cost to enter and none to leave. To offset this change, razorwing no longer spawns butterflies automatically and recharging shots on your dex pixia costs energy (or they only recharge really slowly with the option to reload immediately at an energy cost). Her 2 in razorwing mode shreds an enemies soul into bits that act as her helpers (aka summons/recharges the butterflies). While they are active, the enemy is comatose and unable to act. Should he survive and all butterflies get killed, he recovers. Her 3 should give her some kind of survivability buff. It's getting a bit hard to come up with something unique here, maybe it switches the butterfiles from aggressive into a defensive mode of some sort. To facilitate a mostly-razorwing playstyle and give more use to the Diwata, have it give her energy in some way or form. Maybe slicing enemies drains their life force and converts it into energy for her to use. And(Or have her Dex Pixia reload faster while the Diwata is out. Consideration should be taken to keep her viability as a DPS in boss fights. People have posted plenty of ideas that sound viable for her abilities in "normal" mode, as I already said, in my opinion for the type of change I suggest they should be focused more towards the team/supportive side.
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