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  1. I realize this should have gone under "feedback" but I can't delete the post. =/ any mods out there?
  2. TLDR: Change Magus Cloud's immunity to Falling Damage to something else. Some arcanes are better then others, Magus Cloud as-is, is one of the most useless. At most it saves the operator from about 40 damage if you fall from the top of the skybox on PoE and do a hard landing, but you can already negate fall damage easily by going into void mode. I have a couple suggestions; Change "falling damage" to "all damage effecting operator" (not warframe) for a certain amount of time. Numbers can be tweaked for balance and a cooldown can be added so it doesn't make you invulnerable indefinitely, but the idea is - it allows you to safely run and gun with your amp. OR Change Magus Cloud completely. On Void Dash: gravity is negated for (X amount of) seconds while in void mode.
  3. This is a warrior style mask/helmet. The Ostron have officially recognized the Tenno as allies and fearless warriors. Ostron seem to use a lot of orokin style hardware held together with cloth and "wall leather". Here we have a carapace like helmet edged with orokin style organic metal. The visor portion is much like the Ceno helmet visor with the badass energy slits. The back part of the mask is typical ostron "wall leather" or cloth.
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