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  1. Give us the ability to correct the creature in how it addresses us. I find it insulting to be called a demon. The context of the conversation is evil. I'm not going to play a game that I often play with my kids where being an evil creature is cool. I know there is reference by other NPC, but never by one we take care of and interact with and have the ability to correct. We need to be able to have the option to correct this creature and change dialog on how it addresses you. It's enough for me to leave the game.
  2. Rationalize it all you want but the context is clear. This is the first definition and judging by the first response above, it doesn't take a genius to figure out the context. 1.an evil spirit or devil, especially one thought to possess a person or act as a tormentor in hell. Similar:devil, fiende, evilspiritf, fallenangelc, cacodemoni, incubuss, succubush, hellhounda, afreetr, rakshasa Opposite: angel 2.a forceful, fierce, or skillful performer of a specified activity."a friend of mine is a demon cook" . If I interacted with you every day and called you somethi
  3. A demon is evil in this culture, I don't live in some ancient pagan culture. An interaction to correct it and tell it never to to call you that again should be available. Eating an empty shell doesn't bother me, allowing it to call you evil and just go along with it does. A void spirit would be a better option but there is no choice leaving the player to accept being evil and accept that our character knows it. We either are ok being called a demon or ignore the entire new system. I do not like this direction in warframe and I'm stepping out. Having some NPC your fighting call you a
  4. After grinding to get what I was excited for, the ability to customize Warframe skills, now I have a giant plant that calls me a demon. Call me a beast, a warrior, a tenno, whatever, but a demon is an evil spiritual creature that does no good. I want nothing to do with that. Does DE see warframes as evil? Are we the bad guys? Maybe I'm not so interested anymore. I know this won't bother most people, but it bothers me. There needs to be an option to correct the giant plant or throw his ass out the airlock.
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