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  1. I deleted it on principal. Id tell you what I think of this mod but I'd likely be banned. I get another, it may be enough to push me out of this game. Last straw kind of thing.
  2. I am using Loki, its not technique, its the dam spawns. Finding 10 of these will likely take 3+ hours. I finally got one to spawn and one of the grineer ships was shooting at me (while invisible). I guess it saw me as I cast but it continued firing in my area and hit the dam rats. So dam annoying. I deleted the mod. Its not fun or challenging and if I cant have it, no one will. Its a horrible annoyance that has no place in a shooter game.
  3. I don't understand why I cannot target flying birds either. I can get up high and be in range of some of the birds that always spawn but these don't count. I'm so tempted to just delete this mod. I know someone would buy it, but I wish I could burn it in front of DE some how. Definitely the worst "challenge"
  4. How do I get the animals to spawn? I have a horrible challenge that requires I kill 10. Previously I could run out of Cetus, fly to west where shark is, and there would be a few rats waiting for their death. Then I could abort and repeat. DE must have patched this out as the rats are rarely there. I reset the game 10 times and they spawned once. A set of birds spawned once as well but I was rushing through this horrible riven challenge and my invisibility wore off and they flew away. My problem is getting them to spawn and finding them. Even using codex is a pain now since everytime I quick melee or spawn to operator, II must requip, I wish fish were counted as animals or at least kubrows on earth. Man this challenge sucks.
  5. When have a scanner, fishing spear, or mining tool equipped and need to quick melee, the item is no longer equipped and must be equipped. Previously I could pull out scanner and look for a simarus target and just use melee until found. Now if I strike, I must reequip scanner. I happen to have my scanner hot key but this is really a pain to use. If I had to go through gear wheel, I'd likely just stop searching for targets. The same is true for mining or fishing, if you get attacked and want to defend self, you must requip. This is slow and the old way was much better. I like how fast it is for combat between weapons and melee, but when you have a tool out, you should have to press F to swap to weapon and quick melee should be available at all times. EDIT: The same is true if you swap to operator mode and back, your scanner must be reequipped. This makes that horrible riven challenge to kill animals with spear much more irritating since the hard part about it is getting them to spawn and find them.
  6. I submitted a ticket the same day it happened and still haven't been credited points. Nightwave has been more frustration and aggravation that fun.
  7. I skimmed through notes and don't see an end date. With the nightwave grind, I haven't been able to run the event much. I'd like to know when I miss getting opticor so I know to skip nightwave or not.
  8. Warframe no longer had a sandbox feel. As a 5-year veteran, if I want rewards, I must play the way DE decrees. The challenges need to be more general so I can compete them however I want to (similar to many riven challenges). I don't need bounties, I don't need invasions, I don't need vaults, I dont need drift mods. See what I mean, I have those things. I just want to be able to play the missions I like and collect passively. Synidicates already had that system and allows players to do what they want. I haven't finished nightwave or event this week. This event is very grindy and so is nightwave. Getting burned out.
  9. I completed a 1-hour survival in Kuva fortress without activating life support with two clan mates and a (recently added) friend. Due to the way extraction works now, and since my computer was the oldest, everyone extracted before me. The game treated me like I played the 1-hour survival solo. I did get credit for the 1-hour kuva survival mission (5000 nightwave standing), but I did not get credit for completing with a clan mate / friend. Ttwo players got credit but two did not. The other got kicked and exited strangely. I'll try to only report the bug, but I cant help but think if this whole friend challenge wasn't a thing, I would have been just fine. Now we have to be able to extract as a friend as well (playing is not enough). https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMpVRkcMfJ2aLsQj_6F8hjdX0TfzNymKAGvTgGG/photo/AF1QipMpCT96EfMbX0yx7JHxPpd_mQP2EkDGEmJl1TuQ https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMpVRkcMfJ2aLsQj_6F8hjdX0TfzNymKAGvTgGG/photo/AF1QipOZTr-Uq9P6WKgSeooO1M5CCVTDzxnguXoHxmoi https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMpVRkcMfJ2aLsQj_6F8hjdX0TfzNymKAGvTgGG/photo/AF1QipOqHfFvozacRg-PbTu_2pkatDBUwsGSC6NJLPH8
  10. Sounds like a good update. Now its time to fix the skinner box you just made with nightwave. That is the biggest pile of garbage you guys have ever released.
  11. It still takes roughly 2 minutes before "Play" button becomes an option and another minute before actual game starts loading.
  12. I've played over 5 years now and have all helmets but man it would suck to be a new player. 35 cash for one helmet is to expensive! The old system would have 3-4 different helmets per day allowing new players to quickly customize. Hell, the really old system had stats on these helmets equivalent to eximus mods. Now a new player may get 1 helmet every few days at the expense of something he needs like an aura mod or a nice cosmetic. However, this forces him into playing certain missions, it's not a sandbox game anymore. You are forced to play xx invasions, xx syndicate missions, xx bounties or whatever when you may already be maxed on all of these or want to work on something else. I think the bounties, invasions, and syndicate missions are excessive. Why not put a cap of 3 on each? 9 is way to many! I have everything from plains, and duplicate decorations. It's a waste if my time to go there. These need to be more universal. Why not complete 9 missions? Then it's more like the sandbox game we fell in love with. The survivals are way to long and open themselves up to trolling or stupid mistake (what if someone clicks life support without holding kuva on accident at 59 minutes). 20 minutes is reasonable for endurance, just bump the level up and make it harder. I like the rewards. I like the random capture targets. I like the feeling the world is alive and new things happening, but this system seems bad for both new and veteran players. You guys gotta stick with the sandbox feel and allow players to explore not forcing us into missions we don't want to play. My son said no to playing with me after this update! https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1066489-my-kid-said-no-to-warframe/?tab=comments#comment-10559107
  13. For the first time ever, my son did not want to play Warframe with me. He usually loves to play video games with me but this new survival was the straw that broke the camels back. He said it was boring. I have to agree, 1-hr on a survival is boring when camping is ideal strategy so life support doesn't stop dropping (and someone gets stuck playing mandatory nekro). I even skipped the 30 minute survival for new vaulted relics. 10 minute sortie survivals is the max I will be tied down to a chair but honestly skip most of those days as well. So, a preteen that loves video games now thinks Warframe is boring and doesn't want to play with his old man. I know there are tons of feedback on this but wanted to pass this critical piece of info out there. DE, you are going to lose most new players and many old with this new system. Maybe you will see a seventh year, maybe not. This system is very bad and there are lots of threads talking about it but I had to get this out there. I guess we will have to play another game together because I do enjoy that bonding. I hope you guys can fix it fast before permanent damage done to playerbase.
  14. I recently build a second chroma prime so I can optimize for orb and edilon. With an umbral forma, I can downsize .
  15. Thanks for tips. I failed because we didn't use the kuva as life support. Didn't want to waste an hour but wound up wasting an hour anyway when the personal life support stopped dropping. I think the the life support gained from kuva should pass no prob. Just hope no one accidentally clicks on without kuva battery thing in hand!
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