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  1. Not certain about railjack, but with the rest of Warframe, scans do not count if abort or fail mission. If really need to scan, use amesha #1 for immortality and #3 for slow. However, I do not get the OCD, everything is already on wiki and there is no advantage to having it all scanned. Especially in Railjack where even the small aim bonus from Helios does not exist. It is a waste of time.
  2. When giant new rooms are added, not even a planner will help. What we need is the ability to look at dojo from overview map and move fully built rooms around that connect with each other. We don't need to tear down a room at all, just move it to another space. We also need elevators with multilevels. It makes no since if I want a 3 story dojo that I need 2 elevator shafts! A simple floor selector is all that is needed. Considering the dry dock takes up at least 5 levels total, this is very reasonable request. At the very least, make the elevator shafts long enough so collision is not possible between lower floors! And where is our orbiter? Do we leave orbiter with lander and "park" it somewhere in the dojo? If so, where is our lander room (like relays have)? Do we teleport in, where is that transporter on orbiter? Basically, we need a link between orbiter and dojo. All of this would draw community closer. I do not think a personal quarters is possible in dojo for large clan logistics, but having a community forge, mods, etc., basically everything on orbiter may make a community hang out for starting missions. Even though we have navigation, there is still things I must access in orbiter. Eliminate need and I may just start missions from dojo. Once many people do this, then the dojo won't feel so isolated. Id love this and would finally start recruiting in my clan of two if that was the case. Edit - almost forgot, love idea of NPC on dojo. One idea I had is ambassador rooms with the syndicates. This would allow you to access the store and turn in points. However, speaking to leader requires going to relay. Once room is built, you would have some of thier operatives hanging around. Same could be done for Earth and Venus. A lot of potential here.
  3. Here I was thinking 15 runs was to many since I've already done significantly more than that. Seriously man, it's time to re-evaluate your life goals. This is your fault for grinding that and no one else's. I took one look at that grind and said no way. If someone has an exclusive and all proud about it (like lotus one when so many people got screwed out of on twitch drops), I just smile and walk away. This is going to come as a surprise but someone needs to tell you. No one cares but you.
  4. Having landers battle ready is already half-a$$ed in the game. We do have air support charges. Each style lander (liset, mantis, etc.) should have its own air support charge blueprint. When you get a new ship, you get a new blueprint to go with it. Now (for example) you can use a liset air support charge but have a mantis loading screen. I imagine the orbiter has a large dock that fits all 4 of my Landers (not a skin, but actually a different vehicle). The railjack could fit one. However, I don't think they would be that useful. I imagine they have some type of cloak similar to ivara so when fired, position is given. If lander is destroyed, has to be some penalty. I just can't see having an "air pet" would be that useful. Cool, yes, useful, highly unlikely.
  5. I agree we should change it, but I don't agree that she is now our mortal enemy.
  6. I would love to play around with different builds. I have all of the pets, most of them completely forma (7-9 each), the ardaza is excellent for boss fights, the infested kuvrow fun to play with nidus, some of the kubrows look amazing, but none of that matters because I cannot (easily) access them. I find it infuriating when I pull out a pet, save it to pet slot on my desired frame, then use another pet, I lose all settings. When I go back to that frame and jump into a mission, now I'm without a pet because it removes all saved pets when it gets frozen. Smeeta also has damage buffs in addition to everything else. While Mecha may be nice for boarders, so is smeeta with x2 XP for intrisnics or extra crit chance, etc. I'm not arguing with you the best pet, I want to have a choice, but DE keeps that locked behind a wall. We have all these cool configuration features where we can quickly jump into the next mission with a saved character, except for pets. Sentinals yes, weapons yes, weapon configuration yes, frame configuration yes, and even operator school can be saved. But pets require going through 2-3 minutes of goofy animations and remembering pet name before they can be used. Then do it all again to set things back to the original pet. It is not fun, DE doesn't even make platinum off it (anymore), and it's not lore that can't be easily changed. DE could have used the vasca virus and say some dojo research to provide a cure to the degradation. I don't care if we still keep them in freezer, but let us save them to configurations and use immediately without interacting with a pet console / watching 30 second animation. Treat them exactly like sentinals and robots. They just appear from the back room where they all live happily.... Until that is fixed, DE may as well just stop producing new pets. Their in-game boosts compared to sentinals or having smeeta always available (or your desired #1 pet), is not worth the trouble of playing pet simulator. I do agree with your vasca comments, my point is, pets are to broken to use in a fast paced game like Warframe. Other players don't want to wait for you to swap pets, most can't be bothered to wait while you click from a to b configuration....
  7. There those people are. Did you read the post? Once you have multiple frames and play the game long enough to go through all syndicates, you will leave the wrong sigil on an old frame or have multiple builds and forget what is what. Mostly because the 15% are ugly and the whole system prevents you from actually wearing what you like, but what has the best stats. So you hide them and that makes it worse. If you actually change sigil and adjust for maximum fashion frame, it's gonna take longer than 30 seconds to. Still fail miserably. Most players I see do thier best to hide the syndicate sigil on back behind sydanna, in black, small, and as much invisible as possible. A drop down list on main Warframe screen (below operator school select and above parazon), would be ideal. Select desired syndicate and would be same for all configurations (a, b, c) and allow you to wear two sigils you ACTUALLY LIKE. If you like the +15%, you can still wear it. This would take less than 5 seconds to do. This streamlines the UI and a nice QOL for long time players with multiple builds on multiple frames. It also allows everyone to pick thier favorite sigil.
  8. Wow Love your suggestions, I really wish DE would act on these in some manner. Having this content island has prevented me from going after them. For hunters, they sure do not hunt. Love the idea of murmor assassin squads. However, how would this work for other players in squad? If everyone always had a lich, every mission would have extra murmor. Why would I run lich missions? It seems either spawn frequently or not enough (if solo).
  9. +1, I've done the same thing playing old frames when I supported different syndicate It's funny, I posted something similar over a year ago and had people actually arguing against it! Maybe these guys finally caught up and the community is now pretty much in agreement that adding stats to cosmetics is a bad idea. I'd like a pull down menu on Warframe selection in arsenal right below operator school choice. That way I won't miss who I am supporting when selecting frames, especially old frames I haven't played in awhile! This is also more logical. To the grineer and corpus, we are like terrorists. We state who is responsible for this deed! It's not like the room full over grineer who were alive for 0.3 seconds got a chance to see my red veil sigil in black color, with smallest width / height available, with opacity off, and hidden under sydanna was. I mean really, I think that guy that murdered us was from red veil. Someone get that message to the Queen's! It's not fun, not realistic, it's not even logical.
  10. I don't disagree with any of your feedback. However, none of this matters to players like me (maybe not majority, but certainly numerous). We don't change pets. I don't care how good vasca is, it will always be situational and less that potential x2 XP or x2 resource. Until DE allows us to save pets to frames / configurations, I'll never swap from smeeta. All of the pets have niche qualities, but spending 2-3 minutes between each mission to change pets is not acceptable. I have kuvrows that have been on ice for years (literally). As far as I'm concerned, there is one pet that you have to occasionally swap out and watch freeze animations for MR when a new one comes around. DE killed thier own creation.
  11. I love idea in general but I think application of it would be unbalanced and create scenarios of LF Vauban engineer, or Ember Gunner, etc. I like being able to play any frame on railjack and not being forced into a frame / role. If done right, it could be interesting, but I think it would be hard to do this right as some of the passives would be significantly better than others. I'd be happy with some railjack specific aura mods.
  12. Better yet, why do we still have random stats on capacity? Why even include random at all when there are significantly better tradeoffs that could be imagined other than flux (can manufacture in mission) to capacity, the most sought after stat comparable to Warframe capacity. I don't get why the community is happy the range was reduced. It is still a range and the game mode will never reach it's full potential. I'm ok with dozens of different reactor drops that all have pros and cons and you find and build the best. Random is as good as railjack will ever be. Maybe you like it, maybe you don't. Seems the % chance to like it is around 4% now...
  13. I was thinking yesterday that there should be more heads available (at least 6 unique heads with different attacks) and the game would randomly select from these heads. Moreover, heads could repeat (i.e. possible to have same three heads, 2 identical, or all different) so each boss would be a new fight. When we are fighting the same 3 heads 4 times, it is repeatative. At least if the heads see different always... I also agree we should be able to drop more poison in for higher levels / increased awards. We can carry 10 in gear box, why not drop all 10?
  14. I respect the stubborn defence of a tool that the majority of players loath. Thumbs up to you! I also appreciate your inner knowledge of the features of the game most players do not even know exists, and no instructions even if they were adversised in game. Your abilities are very impressive and you are a total inspiration to us all. I think you may have won the internet today! By your feedback, it sounds like you have to be an extremely intelligent person to figure out how to use this perfectly designed gadget. My question is, what hope do we mere mortals have (with regular sized brains) of figuring this out? This filter that depends on other people using to join your game sounds much better than a tool designed specifically for browsing rooms to join. I really appreciate your useful feedback and look forward to your next degrading comment.
  15. Maybe it is as simple as to much MR on one frame. We already get MR for her and the cat, if she also had an exaulted weapon, she would grant the most MR of any frame. Maybe ...
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