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  1. Some people no longer do invasions unless forced by nightwave.
  2. +1 If they must eat credits, just add 15K more to build so we don't have to constantly run to dojo to buy more!
  3. That's a sorry excuse for a rant. I don't watch devstreams because DE screwed me out of my empherma and nekros prime when my account was/is setup correctly. That's a rant. Screw devstreams.
  4. Same here, but for ripkas. I have wisp and multiple copies of each of the other mods, but not this one. I just gave it up and will wait until can trade. If you didn't have to run for 5 minutes to start the fight ...
  5. I got the one kill dargons with bow. Used to be able to go to kuva fortress where they always spawn but these are now "kuva dargons" and dont count. It sits in inventory because I'm not interested in making dargons spawn. I say get rid of evwry single kill x type enemy. It should be a challenge, not a challenge for it to spawn! At least at kuva fortress they were always there. I don't get why DE would screw up abilities like rhino / nidus for this challenge. Using a frame to make it easier is what Warframe is all about. Make sure you are host, used to work for me. But, so did kuva dargons. They must have stealth patched riven unlocks and were afraid to announce in patch notes because they know it's a horrible thing to do to people paying thier salary.
  6. I'm keeping mine caged so his muscles don't develop and the meat is soft and tears off the bones. Mmmm, field rat
  7. Such eloquent feedback. Where did you study writing? Your style is amazing! I love how you spelt 'because' as 'cuz'; such inspiring work.
  8. Yes, +1 Archwings are faster and have weapons along with new abilities. K-drives need weapons, maybe just secondary and melee allowed to create differences with archwing. There can be two modes of k-drive you swap with middle mouse butting (like alt fire). 1.) Tricks available 2.) Weapons available (but fewer tricks possible due to RMB for aim, left attack). Would require skill to trick, swap, aim, fire! The same features for operator need to apply with amps. Really a missed opportunity for DE leaving operators off kdrives. Hell, they even look like the vent kids... Experience can be gained same way, i.e. gun play will not level k-drive. Without weapons, kdrives are just as pointless in regular maps as they are in open world's. Considering DE never goes back to old ideas, with exception of tweaks to warframes, may as well move on. This is never gonna happen.
  9. If you suggested a third game mode finder with 8 waves as the prerequisite, ok sure, but people are not going to 8 waves for many different reasons. Not sure game reasons, but there are many reasons in real life not to go to 8 waves! Forcing people will only force them out of the game mode, not play more. Your idea would destroy ESO. I certainly wouldn't play it. I have Khora and no way I'm grinding for emphermas. I play only to level gear and I don't need to go far to max, especially if I have a booster. If I wanted to go to 8, I'd play a frame that can easily solo it (volt, saryn, excal, etc.) or host, not make everyone else suffer.
  10. Inside a ship, there is no way that would even be close to operator movement, especially with maxed zenurrik. It would be faster for some I suppose, but not as quick as what we already have.
  11. Why did you scratch out 4? That is the most important one. A simple ascending / descending feature would go a long way.
  12. It would be nice if the map would show which ones have been completed, same with caves, which ones discovered. I'll likely never complete those challenges bacause I'm not going to scan through each one in off chance I find it (again).
  13. I'm not arguing for it, I just don't see it as a difficult challenge. I actually see it as the easiest one since I am always forma at least one piece of gear anyway while I run missions. Forma bp are also very easy to enquire now, just wait for a lith exterminate and speed run it and always have one building. Sometimes I'll forma up something to test a riven, then sell the riven after done. Test alternate builds, play with sentinals, etc. There is no way I'd ever have all gear I will ever use maxed! To each thier own.
  14. I agree with OP, I think hunting is a pain. It's a neat side thing to do for those that want to, but why force it? At least remove perfect, I never run this game mode and don't care to learn. If it was just capture 6 animals, ok, no prob. I can still run frame X and not have to spend an hour running Loki, ivara, Octavia, etc. when I don't want to. And why you guys have a problem with 3 forma? It is so easy. I'm a veteran 5 year players and still have tons of gear to forma. The modular ones are even easier and can be done for scraps building the 500 rep parts. You can run 3-4 waves with just kit gun equipped in onslaught and be done in 1/3 time it takes for 6 perfect captures!
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