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  1. It is random locations for every player, and of each item, it is random 3. There is no identical puzzles so no other player could possibly help. I watched some YouTube to see if I missed a common location but the ones online were simple. I have no idea where my 5th object is. I just want a reset button and try again with different random locations. This one is broke.
  2. I spent over 30 minutes last night searching for the 5th dam clue. I found the first 4 in a reasonable time and found the first two missions quickly, but I think my crime scene is bugged. I have looked everywhere and even turned on a macro left clicking rapidly everywhere to see if I could find it moving mouse around in a search pattern. I think it spawned in a wall. Two things need to be done to make this more tolerable: 1.) Allow us to reset crime scene; just reset and allow us to start over and find it. 2.) Allow us to take the test at any time. I have 4 of 5, but I cannot start the test! Why not let me trail and error the last piece, that would be so much faster. I have 20 keys saved up, worst case it would cost me 15 but I would save my sanity. . This absolutely sucks, IMO, worst nightwave yet. I've looked every dam where and its not there. This is not fun, I want to play warframe, but I'm stuck slowly walking around in a map looking for a single hard to find item; I cant even jump to get a vantage point. I would just skip it but I'm not sure if I'll miss out on something more than just 7K rep.
  3. Don't forget the awesome change to pets that allows us to save any pet to any configuration. That was actually the best QOL feature DE has given us in years. I'm not sure when air charges were separated from landing crafts, but also a great change. I have not collected Protea yet, but it's an interesting mini-game mode, even if it will disapear after everything collected.
  4. I'd only want any of this if the water gun could be modded. Imagine a status blaster!
  5. I've only been picking up the tokens when they drop and not specifically farming them, so I've got a long way to go for any of this. I've only picked up around 12 or so tokens and screwed up a few runs figuring out how to do it. I have no parts and just a single identical weapon part that's dropped a few times. My point is, I'm in no rush. If this grind was as bad as Khora (which I almost quit game because of), I'd just buy her and move on. I may do that, once I get all the weapon parts if I'm not close to completion, I'll buy and skip the grind. Better off grining relics in missions that are fun, trading them in for ducats, then selling prime mods or Prisma weapons. Heck, selling prime junk can be more rewarding. Sometimes RNG kicks you in the nuts then waits for you to fall down and kicks in your head. If you can skip it faster than playing through it directly and it is no longer fun, skip it. There are ways around it while still being F2P. Save your sanity and skip it.
  6. I got the ship to and noticed a few QOL improvements: 1. You can now pick your air support charge in the lander selector screen so you can use any air support charge you want with your favorite landing craft. 2. You can color each landing craft separately. Previously you pick one color scheme and it's set for all craft. Now each can be independent. Those are great changes. I also like the new sound effects of the new ship. Having each ship have different sound effects is fun. With that said, I'm not a fan of new ship. It looks like a pigeon (or a pregnant bird) and some colors looks horrible on it. The base skin is very bland. The air support charge also points to the fact that Nora is so boring, she puts enemies to sleep with her voice. Kind of shot themselves in foot with that air support charge....
  7. The Rubico weapon skin also colors purple. There are quite a few skins that look nice but unusable because of this. I hope it is a bug because it looks horrible.
  8. I hate to keep wasting keys to test how to do this, I forgot since quest. Do I just need to melee strike specters to charge then throw glaive at prisoners. It's charged when it glows correct? The prisoners are marked on map so I guess it's best to run to closest one first and let specters come to you?
  9. So I have tried this a few times and haven't been able to get to rank 3. I always try it with one extra player so the goal is 100 instead of 75. There are some issues I'm not going to discuss but I typically have to carry him. With that said I don't feel kill speed is the problem. I have a umbra mesa that is extremely powerful. I equip enemy radar and of course a maxed prime animal instinct so I can see the enemy coming from very far away. My problem is the enemies do not spawn fast enough or I kill them too far away and I never see any time extender drops. I'm not certain mesa is the best frame for this because of that reason. I know I can free prisoners and get a 20 second increase, but charging the new weapon is time consuming and requires you to get very close. Heck the mechanic to charge is wonky. I'm not even sure the weapon needs to be equiped and it's a heavy strike or just equip a pistol + melee; I've ignored glaives for a long time. I haven't replayed the quest and wiki is not clear. Did I just have some bad RNG or are the little time pyramids that drop very rare? I got to 87 yesterday and did not see one single time extender. Would it be better just to play a melee frame so we can pick these up? Obviously pople are getting it so what am I doing wrong?
  10. I think this brings more problems than when the pet dies and your teleported back to railjack. Perhaps the problem is forced recall to railjack and nothing else. Teleporting pets when down could be a passive for a unique pet, but it breaks immersion giving it to all of them. I do not care for this change. As far as reviving other people's pets, it is needed because there are some missions, well edilon hunts, where you have a specific role and your pet could get stuck in acid rain while you perform it. Having an ally revive so whole team continues to benefit from extra crit is needed. Until we get separate modable teeth/claws, I'd guess 95% of people mod pets wrong and add damage. All companions need is utility and survive mods. Wasting mod slots on bite or damage just makes it die more.
  11. You are forgetting one very important thing, they are still playing. Yes I wished I started earlier, I've been playing about 5 years. I have everything mastered except the founder stuff and I'm about 5.8K away from 29. While I'd love for DE to release a re-founder package for completionism, or even the prime weapons without the frame, it's not gonna happen. I have accepted that.
  12. This thread is a waste if electrons. Most players cannot solo PT in 5 min with any frame. With a good 4-player squad, yes, but good luck finding that in a pub match and good luck recruiting, you will be waiting awhile (unless it's nightwave week). This is the only place where chromas damage buff is useful because there is plenty of damage to keep it maxed out. Chroma only brings damage to the table but he does not trivialize the fight, and he is expensive to forma up to get him to that point. If your so concerned about credits and your so elite to do it in 5 mins, run it twice with your favorite frame. If you want to get a rework on chroma, fine, he needs it, but don't go calling for a nerf. Man I don't understand this community. .
  13. Definately buggy. I play with my son (invite only setting) who doesn't care about spy. He stayed outside while I went into the vaults. No alarms were raised inside the vault and I do not remember any grineer setting off alarms. He got the quest, I didn't. The only thing I can think is an alarm got raised that was flagged to my account as host, but not his. I just did it again solo as ivara not killing anything and it worked. Not sure how to replicate the bug, but pretty sure the award should be all or nothing, not one player awarded (who stayed out of vaults mostly hidden), and another player not award (who did vaults).
  14. People who have been around awhile remeber old pvp versus pve, where it was basically competitions versus other player teams. Of course it was a fiasco with cc abilities and kills at spawn, but it was fun. Imagine raiding a red veil base for +/- standing with other players on a ladder board. Forget sigils, player teams / clans will complete blasting pve for getting to top of ladder / conclave standing and then some of the hate between syndicates would make since.
  15. It's true. I enjoy the game because I enjoy it for what it is, not what it can be. Yes it has a lot more potential, but I recommend to be happy with what is right there in front of you. It is a good game, likely the best free to play shooter out there, but it's not perfect.
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