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  1. There's always going to be mandatory mods. Whatever gives the greatest damage output are always going to be the most used. If you buff other mods you can shift the meta mods but there'll still be meta mods. If you remove them and build them into the weapons' base stats then it'll just change to a new build that creates the most damage with those new stats.
  2. Launch Railjack was just a hoarde of bullet sponges, and with how umpopular the mode is, it would be incredibly difficult to get into the mode and progress solo in that state. I still think it needs to be a mid-point between what it was and what it is now, because right now just about everything one shots every fighter.
  3. Not in the slightest. Anything that forces me to be in one mission for a long period of time bores the hell out of me. I like moving between things, changing loadouts, doing lots of different stuff. I can't stand when they add S#&$ like Steel Essence that demanded staying in 2 hour missions just for an armour set.
  4. There goes another batch of people being scammed into spending platinum on nothing.
  5. I have multiple liches with the "paranoid" trait where they sometimes attack allies. They will be truly excellent armed with their stugs.
  6. Yeah, the issue is that the only places archwing will be present are the places where they're like tissue paper, both in offence and defence. Railjack demands the use of Amesha because anything else gets one-shot by homing attacks instantly, while it takes forever to kill enemies with archguns, and the open worlds equip every enemy with a homing one-shot archwing missile that has no cooldown, and all of the abilities get severely reduced damage and range.
  7. The pretty simple reason is that anti-fun limitations in the form of cooldowns, as well as the clunkiness of pressing 3 buttons (with combined taps and holds) every time you cast an ability, overshadow the fun of the frame. There'll always be some die hards that will proclaim they're better than other people for playing him, but the simple fact is he isn't very user friendly, and staring at the bottom right hand corner of your screen to watch cooldowns constantly instead of being able to reasonably use your powers results in him just not being a very enjoyable frame.
  8. I mean they work, but there's still no way I'd ever want to use one outside of levelling it on Hydron for mastery.
  9. People go to such mental gymnastics sometimes. "Oh you did exactly what the patch notes said? Well OBVIOUSLY you must have been trying to exploit the system!" I wasn't looking for text in the collection because I already knew the collection wasn't something I was interested in, and the only thing I opened and gifted was the individual Lavos entry in the store. Considering it's the first time they've ever done something like this, there's no standard to hold it against to presume that it being Lavos, not the collection, was in anyway suspicious.
  10. I wasn't scouring the Lavos collection for references to it. I looked at the patch notes, they said "gift Lavos to a friend for the decoration" so when I opened the game I did so. I didn't "misread" anything, I did not "try to take advantage" of anything, I simply did what was advertised to the word, and was cheated out of the purchase.
  11. My assumption was that it was in the spirit of tennobaum, you can spend a lot of plat for the bundle to get the decoration yourself, or spend less and participate in the gifting event and get a small reward.
  12. True, but they didn't go back into the Steel Path patch notes and write "Steel Essence isn't affected by boosters" and pretend it was transparent all along.
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