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  1. This dude's for sale. Need some plat to waste on the 3 new forma eaters.
  2. 15-16 weapons until MR29. That is once I finish wasting forma on the new batch of forma eaters.
  3. I'm still pretty sour over the 5 forma requirement for every weapon. Hell, half of them can't even USE the capacity gained from the last 1-2 as they can fit the highest possible drain mods without them. It's just an artificial time and resource sink that adds no value to the game.
  4. I really don't want this to sound mean, but so much of what's in here seems to boil down to "we're catering to people who are pretty thick." The new abilities screen is really good for players in their first few hours, after that it becomes a downright pain in the ass. So much of Warframe comes down to modding, and you've taken away the most useful basic utility for players; seeing how mods affect each ability without needing to move the mouse around, click different things, and hold more information in short term memory than is possible. Before I could put on a strength mod, look at the abilities and go "ok, it affects abilities 1/4 in a meaningful way, but 2 is not affected at all, and 3 is increased in a way I don't require." I could put a duration mod on Baruuk and see "yep, that's something I never want to use" when only one stat shows a change. The new end screen frankly looks terrible. It's nice that it's stylised but you've completely neglected what people actually care about on an end of mission screen; "what did I get out of it?" The XP section is basically the same, but WHAT THE HELL IS THE OBSESSION WITH REMOVING ITEM NAMES. Your own screenshot shows how blatantly terrible this design is; there's multiple prime parts there that all use the same generic images with no indication what you got. Also far more troublesome, you can't even see amounts. As a player, I want the information fast, and I want it in a way that I don't need to fumble through both scrolling and hovering, which your screenshot already shows I'm going to need to do both of. Not only that, you've removed the distinction between mods and loot so it's one messed up pile of disorganised junk. Really, it's nice to make a post about why you do things, but it's sad to see the disconnect between your motivation and what players actually want.
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