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  1. Still no fix for the missing Orm fighters, and the missing 3 Engineer enemies, as all proxima use Taro Engineers in Volatile.
  2. No, augments which require 2 different abilities to function (Hildryn requires her 2 and 3, Harrow requires his 1 + his 2 or 3) are not supposed to function on other frames as they don't have the abilities required to actviate them.
  3. Still no fix for the missing Orm fighters and the 3 variants of Engineers meant to spawn across different regions' volatile missions.
  4. Yeah they do. I found piles of them on crewships more than in any of the objectives.
  5. Fighters in the Veil are all Elite Taro, the elite version of the Venus Taro fighters, instead of the Orm variants (except for Orm Gox and Orm Crewship which are correct.) This means the codex entries for Orm Basilisk, Orm Harpi and Orm Weaver are all currently impossible to obtain. Additionally, Axio, Vorac and Orm variants of the Engineer do not spawn, instead in their missions the Taro Engineer is still used meaning their entries are also impossible. Also, unsure if this is a bugged entry, but curious if anyone knows what it is, a new entry has appeared be
  6. Many incorrect enemies spawn in different proxima regions, resulting in impossible codex entries (again.) Taro Engineer spawns in all proxima regions, making it impossible to get scans for Axio Engineer, Orm Engineer and Vorac Engineer. In the Veil Proxima, all fighters except Gox spawn as Elite Taro fighters. This is the elite version of Venus Proxima's fighters, instead of the Orm fighters intended for the reagion. This means scans cannot be obtained for Orm Basilisk, Orm Harpi nor Orm Weaver.
  7. Great. Been waiting like 6 months for any sort of content and instead come back to "congratulations on having all your avionics maxed out, here's a bunch of half-ranked crap and about 6 months of credit and endo farming just to be at the same place you were yesterday." What a slap in the face, especially with how pitiful those "early adopter" bundles are.
  8. Please just delete the dry dock. Nobody likes having to go there. Nobody likes being forced there to upgrade stuff. Nobody likes being forced back there regardless of where we launched the mission from. 9/10 times it's just an extra loading screen to get back to our ship.
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