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    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop Part 2!

    I'm gonna be blunt here, this still feels pretty awful. It's been months and months since 'reworking daily rewards' was being discussed and something that everyone seems to agree on is that collecting weapons is a RIDICULOUS grind. In a game where your level is literally linked to how many weapons you have access to, having 4 locked behind years upon years of waiting is still a horrible mechanic. After all this waiting and discussion, what do we get? The exact same 'milestones' holding weapons hostage. I feel like I haven't even played the game in about 3 months since I finished mastery on everything else except when new content drops. I'm just logging in and closing the game because I want these frankly mediocre mastery points, and no matter how much effort I put into the game, it's another 2 years before I get a sword and shield. Please, PLEASE, just lower the milestone intervals, am I missing some reason why not? There's NO downside. More than half a year between each weapon is insulting to players, cosmetics and resources are fine, but locking gameplay behind this system is terrible. It's the only part of Warframe that I despise.