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  1. I found them on the ground very easily on the mountain near Deimos Terminus. Then I tranqed them and because the ground has a slight slope the whole group of them slid straight off and into the abyss.
  2. Gee if only this patch included "added a bunch of spawns on the ground for avichaea"
  3. Spending plat and not trading it, whether it's come from me or someone else, is taking money out of circulation. It's as good as paying them for being S#&$ty.
  4. That's not my issue, and I'm not going to give DE money for making anti-player changes. I just think it's ridiculous that after weeks of people saying how problematic Avichaea are, their patch makes them even more frustrating.
  5. Because all those little S#&$s needed was to be able to fly away because of the enemy shooting me from 15000m away, meanwhile they're still tiny and hard to locate BEFORE they flee. Oh and let's not forget these brand new spawn points that cause them to fall off the edges of the map when you tranq them. Just wonderful. In other news still no indicator anywhere on the tranq rifle of where the #*!% they are.
  6. You can't even fit 12 maxed out bad mods. you get 11 at the absolute most if you use all the lowest drain mods, and that means giving up 2 of the durability mods and intensify.
  7. There's no patch on the news console, and I can't see any other place that tells me why they're there. Is this a refund for getting a S#&$ty fish trophy for rank 5, or just a bug?
  8. I have this too, I sort of assumed everyone had it. He's in my ship after basically every mission.
  9. Yeah I feel the same. I'm collecting one of every decoration so Grandmother doesn't have anything unticked. Now I just have to wait for them to cycle all the glyphs through.
  10. I mean half of the stuff there is Railjack and Liches, and all the feedback they've got on those systems has been resounding "we don't enjoy this," so I can't imagine there's much drive to keep working on them. Pets 2.0 is still high on my list, but seeing as Deimos' pets tied stats to cosmetics, I've lost a lot of hope for it.
  11. I barely see these things. There's Sly Vulpaphylas everywhere, every tracked target is one, I have used hundreds of their tags. The rare Panzer is 'rare,' but I still see them roaming sometimes and using a pheremone all but guarantees one. The same goes for basically every conservation animal, piles of common Avichaea, Viscid can be bought for pheremones, but Sporule basically don't exist. Son's tokens treat these as though you should be seeing them in almost the same amounts as the common variant, but as someone who's done a LOT of conservation, I can count on one hand the amount of Cres
  12. Yes, but you can make your useless punching build with 8 slots. The issue is that they've chosen to give us more slots for the first time, without the ability to actually make use of them in a meaningful way.
  13. Except they're not viable, and we could still do "multiple mod arrangments" on the 8-10 slots we can actually use anyway. Is this the first time you respond to legitimate grieveances with the game just to be patronising?
  14. Seriously if they're gonna have 1.5x the mod slots, they should have 1.5x the capacity. What's the point in having if even at 12 polarised slots you can't fit mods in each?
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