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  1. Yes, but I feel the Kuva Lich is gonna be our own Stalker. Anyways, I want Clem to have his own ship: The Grakata Railjack.
  2. We should get it this year because there is literally no way they won't release anything before New War's Christmas. 5 months of nothing? Player base will drop in consequence. What I would expect is a rough Empyrean update (like we saw in the presentation, with a few bunch of planets, not the entire Starchat) and then a Part 2 in 2020 with Duviri.
  3. Also, Warframe continues to evolve graphic-wise too and they are remastering old tilesets (like Jupiter), so no, no way Warframe 2 is coming.
  4. Well, I disagree with some people here as I find both Eidolon and Fortuna to be two of the best parts of the game. As for the Infested zone, I think Duviri will be the next open world (they said tileset, so maybe not, who knows) but it doesn't seem Infested related. It would be very cool to have an Infested world however, the problem I think is the lack of big villains related to them (like Nef Anyo in Fortuna) and the annoying fact that they won't let you breath (imagine endless waves of enemies coming at you in an open space. Awesome at the beginning but after that....)
  5. As someone already said, the forums don't represent the entire community. Still, lots of good Tenno can be found around here, for example the other day a wonderful player told us how his experience with the game and the community helped him with his mental health and stress issues: "http:// https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1105205-thank-you/ However, if you are tired of some of the negativity around here, the Reddit community is very very nice and friendly.
  6. Exactly, I think the clan is only where the shipyard dock for building will be located. Which railjack will be used in mission will probably depend on the host. Also, more space for decorations in our ship = more money for DE
  7. I really hope each one of us gets his own ship, because if we have to share it, it will be a mess (and pretty disappointing because there are lots of people without clan) Also, Reb said we are gonna use matchmaking, so....
  8. If Empyrean is meant to replace the Orbiter (or at least include it in the bigger ship) and to eliminate loading screens, then new players should have access to it. The problem is that long term players would be mad. On the other hand, if Empyrean is +100 hours into the game, veterans would be happy but player numbers wouldn't increase that much. I think it they should release the "New Player experience rework" first. The game should be less confusing. Empyrean should be tied to clans as a way to allow new players to use it. Veteran players, however, can have their own railjack.
  9. I agree we need more Infested lore-stuff. So many posibilities as some of you already said. Whats interesting is that, Nightwave 1 introduced the Wolf and the Saturn Six (which means that we'll probably get an Infested boss) but the Wolf was also used as a vehicle to introduce Alad V and his Jupiter experiments. After Nightwave we got Jovian Concord. Maybe I'm reaching, but what if the Infested stuff is related to something?
  10. While is cautious being realistic, there is no way they wouldn't release New War and Empyrean this year (at least Empyrean) when in the Roadmap Stream they already said that working on the Open Worlds took both a lot of time and a content drought and that they'll trie to avoid it by doing less ambitious stuff this year. If there is a content drought, player base numbers fall. So no, they won't delay this until 2020. Duviri on the other hand....
  11. Indeed. I wish DE would give us this. The clipping is absolutely horrible, especially with syandanas.
  12. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Hopefully your problems will be over. Best wishes, tenno!
  13. Thanks guys. That's a lot of cool content! Just a tiny nitpick, why add Ability videos to Wukong if Wukong is being reworked and some abilities will change in consecuence? Seems like a waste of time.
  14. The "3 Orokin Cells" reward should be replaced with a "Back to the old UI" reward. So that everyone is happy
  15. A little tired of the "I've played Warframe for 40 years. This is not enough!" in every post. Come on guys, it's just a placeholder until the real Nightwave 2.
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