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  1. I really, really like the design of the new End of mission screen and the new World State/Extractors Panel, the problem is of course the lack of info about the Rewards. Both Item labels the number of items we get are a MUST. No matter if you are an experienced player or a new one. Another problem is that, in order to see Stats, I have to navigate to the botton of the screen and click on them. I don't know for PC players, but for Console players is a pain in the a*s. Why not go the Eidolon/Vallis End Mission results route? In those you can see the Syndicates, which are in a different tab, just with a simple click. Other games do a similar thing with their menus, they have different Tabs which can be navigated with a simple click. Same could be done with the End Mission screen here in order to save time, make them more intuitive and keep the current design. And like someone already said, please let us navigate the screen while loading back to the Orbiter. Because right now, we can only move our Landing Craft in the background.
  2. The problem are not the Tests themselves, which are a cool concept, but the 24 hour penalty. Annoying af and pretty unfair. But if they want to retain it, a 12 hour penalty would be better.
  3. Bully him all you want but his line "Fashion victims about to become murder victims" is still undefeated.
  4. Plot twist: Season 3 is being delayed for so long because it will integrate with Corpus Kuva Liches. The Glass Maker will hunt us down and steal our rewards in retribution for all those years of hard work thrown out of the window (literally).
  5. Also, similar to Destiny, each planet could have its own vendor with its own rewards. Or at least an event vendor. It would add a ton of replay value.
  6. Completely agree here. I feel like DE has shown a worrying level of cockiness last year. Especially mocking the competition. A lot of devstreams are treated like a joke, which is fine only if you also address real issues but problems, such as Liches or difficulty aren't properly addressed in this streams. I still have no idea what's going on with New Player Experience. The last straw that broke the camel's back was last devstream in which they did a "Look at the list of how much content we released this year! Almost everything in the Roadmap!" without acknowledge the flaws or the delays.
  7. I'm a console player and I'm part of different PS4 community groups on various games. It's really sad to see how the big Destiny, Path of Exile or Borderlands groups have 100 players (maximum number displayed) currently playing each game but the largest Warframe group (Warframe Casual Community) only averages 10 online players maximum at any time. At least I can find other players in-game.
  8. Speaking of which, what is going on with Nightwave? When are they planning to release Series 3? Cause not only are we have been stuck with an Intermission, but an Intermission with only about 20% new rewards. I mean, Destiny has a 3 month season cycle. Path of Exile has a 3 month League cycle. Warframe has a whateverlet'sjustimprovise Nightwave cycle. Yeah, they said this one is gonna take longer (months ago by the way), but these are the same guys who, after the end of Series 1, had a period of no-Nightwave, no-Intermission and no-Alerts because they don't have any kind of roadmap or planification.
  9. And the new player experience, which we don't know about since Tennocon.
  10. Haven't played it yet for obvious reasons, but taking into account that this is the *big* update of the year, partners are streaming all day on Twitch and DE used The Game Awards as a publicity booster, it's a little worrying that WF couldn't surpass Destiny's numbers or get to the 100,000+ people of both Eidolon and Fortuna on Steam. This doesn't mean anything of course, but I don't understand why you go for the general audience boost and you don't release the update with the New Player experience that was promised for this year but wasn't even mentioned in the last Devstream.
  11. So according to Danielle, no Booster for Europeans today. No European booster, no Rising Tide, all those Old Blood Nintenno problems the last few weeks.... What is happening on consoles?
  12. I wonder why they said at Tennocon that Empyrean will be about "connection" and not another expansion just to have it run on an entirely separated map with its own separated missions and its own separated resource grind. What I also don't understand is how they plan those sweet sweet new players to stay by making it Co-op based (and non solo-friendly) with so many convoluted systems at launch.
  13. In cert already? Well, that was quick. Tremendous work guys!
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