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  1. Sure, let's see today's (Tuesday) numbers at the moment. Meh, I guess people went back to the Warframe car. Let's see how it... oh Anyways, I see lots of "Destiny" stuff around but I wonder why no one has mentioned Untitled Goose Game as one of the main reasons of the WF debacle.
  2. Agreed. I think 2019 has been a disappointing year content-wise in Warframe (it all depends on Empyrean and the less-likely-every-minute-NewWar Christmas release of course). The current Destiny growth only means more competition for DE and hopefully better things for the future. Personally speaking, I'm currently taking my largest Warframe break and playing Destiny. No regrets!
  3. In my humble opinion the problem isn't content draught, but lack of exciting content (and the lack of devstreams teasing exciting future content). DE has said that if they'd continued dropping weapons/warframes every week the game wouldn't be what it is, and this is exactly what is happening at the moment. I think they should have dropped the intro rework and/or melee 3.0 to keep us entertained until Empyrean, but they prefer to release it altogether.
  4. If metallic fixes cause these many problems, God help us when the full new rendering arrives.
  5. DE be like: "That's cool, but wHaT abOut fLOoFs?" Seriously, with Nightwave, they have an opportunity to bring closure or explain lots of stuff. So fingers crossed.
  6. Indeed. My guess? They implied they'll rework PvP, or at least, they'll provide a "new" PvP experience (don't remember the exact words) and they fear people will max rank with the medallion and have no reason to play the new mode when it comes out.
  7. Agreed. That's why Apex was a success at launch. Instead of a full marketing campaign, they just bought influencers.
  8. Funny because the majority of the player base has probably reached level 30, or at least level 25. And after 4-5 weeks, an Intermission. Meh.
  9. Lmao I always thought "Tenno Councilors" where in-game characters used to provide tips like Teshin or something.
  10. Good for them. I couldn't care less. DE gives them free platinum, their own glyphs, exclusive interviews, studio tours and most of them either don't care (Mogamu) or don't play the game (SkillUp). At least there are a few that are worth imo, like TacticalPotato, JoeyZero or some streamers like Sherpa Rage and Mr Morgenstern. The thing that worries me is that DE could panic and rush future content in order to retain them. But hopefully they are smart.
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