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  1. I returned from the field to check with Ticker; he said there was 26min remaining, and I was 3 familial bonds short of palette. But mission from in Fortuna abruptly locked out of squad, entry from orbit said Fortuna (location, not mission) abruptly locked. After restart, I should've had 13min left (given the system clock and events ending on the hour), but event is gone early. Is this going to recur with the palette next year?
  2. Hope we all have warmer weather and an ice a nice day.
  3. You lost me there in regards to the secondary and functionality. I still see the secondary having no real use. Even so, I rarely see a specter survive a mobbing. So...
  4. ...going by distance, especially for variety? Because I don't recall ever seeing the specters use a secondary. Go by longest range before the other gun, and finally melee (which I'm sure is the shortest of all 3 weapons). If the equipped secondary has longer range than the equipped primary, secondary>primary>melee.
  5. I'll try that. Wish Helios were able to go with Operator and Necramechs rather than park at the field's edge. )throws up hands as Helios is destroyed...again)
  6. I think there's a pun there about sanity demolition and Michael eBay...would such a pun be Torgue-approved?
  7. How to build it so it's survivable? And is there a way to increase the scan range? Frankly, I'm kinda getting pissed at it dying despite what I try, and manual scan is not exactly easy as Void is negated while scanning (=vulnerable Operator) and targets may be fast-moving.
  8. Just got a crazy idea from this: I find the existing spearguns kinda unsatisfying, so I was wondering if we had a new speargun-esque melee that primarily functioned like a polearm/staff, but worked like Squall's Renzokuken ("Final Fantasy VIII") and discharged on critical/status hits (depending on weapon)...: ...and the alt-fire being a charge-up shot like the Redeemer gunblade. For melee procs, the discharge shots would have properties that may include AoE, punchthrough, or even non-punch knockback.
  9. Prefix/suffix are the same thing, a variant of the original, but
  10. Ninkondi Switch or Soma Playstation? Also, in weather news, Frost is Haven an ice day. --- "That's no ordinary Xaku." -- Ramba Del, "Dynasty Warriors Gundam"
  11. After a clanmate with 'Scarlet' in her name posted that she 'throws a gecko at Raven'.
  12. Enrico Colantoni. also Carl Elias in "Person of Interest":
  13. If some of my selection might help: Ambition of Oda Nobuna Asterisk Wars Bleach Chivalry of a Failed Knight Expelled from Paradise Ghost in the Shell Heavy Object Hundred Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Redline Sengoku Basara Vandread --- One of the shows I picked up that I can recommend was "Flashpoint": "NCIS" was my thing for awhile, not bad, but it being the same formula -- crime involving Navy/Marine, usually winding up with a dead perpetrator -- got a little st
  14. Truly, and not just this year. One of those we lost in recent years was Richard Hatch, the actor who plays Kharn in "Prelude to Axanar", in 2017: And just this week we lost MIra Furlan, the actress who played Delenn from "Babylon 5":
  15. If you're into Trek, tho, I can recommend "Star Trek Continues" from YouTube: For fanmade, it is quite good. Unfortunately, the actor who played Sulu, Grant Imahara (1970-2020), is no longer with us.
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