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  1. Hmmm, it seems I've won. Victory is mine.
  2. The Jenga thread will never have a winner.
  3. When you start missions, you sometimes spawn in facing away from the objective. When you enter a boss room, the cutscene deposits you facing as if to exit the room like the boss has frightened you. Why is this?
  4. This isn't the first I've brought this up, and it isn't hardware as the issue has persisted thru different controllers for a few years. When you bleed out, you have camera control to aim and fire your secondary (if equipped) at enemies. Problem is, during bleedout, your camera will inexplicably and spontaneously swing at a rate far faster than you can move your camera during bleedout, and sometimes in the opposite direction if you were turning.
  5. "Hello there." -- Oberon Kenobi
  6. Might be relative, but I suggested foundry-batching to build multiple copies at once, offsetting it with copy-dependent cost increase with same-or-longer* build time. Means that 24 copies of Forma wont take you a full 24 days to make, but you better have credits and resources handy to compensate for the batching. *longer time than if building solo
  7. With Warframe going the direction of loadout modularity and archguns, maybe even archwing/necramech (or kdrive) in the future, this should probably be a thing as the Landing Craft (LC) is personal pref with no impact on the mission; the Air Support (AS) does, however, and is no longer tethered to the LC you obtain it from. This would make it easier to kit up for things like hacking, defense, etc. Presently, AS is accessible only from the LC screen and is separate from loadouts, meaning only one for all. If you need a turret and you forgot to swap from Override... For the record, much as I've wanted to use my turret again, I've not done so in a long time for fear of forgetting to swap it back to Override in case of a data purge.
  8. This is a problem when it happens during a hack. I dont know if they fixed it, but dialogue csn obscure one part of the Corpus grid.
  9. Cannot be accessed because there's too many uncompressed posts, pushing the tabs upwards and out-of-reach. For future posts, I'd suggest post compression, redo of screen from quarter-view to full-on, or alternative tab access (likely by the PS shoulder buttons and other-platform equivalent) if the current system is to be kept but the tabs are again rendered inaccessible.
  10. All equipped mods are identified by a dot, and separation from a pile of unranked mods if also unranked. If upgrading an unranked mod currently equipped to something, you'll be told that it will exceed the gear's capacity. The gear will be identified by name. If you're selling/melting/trading currently-equipped mods, you'll be told that the mod is equipped to something, but not to what it is equipped. This can screw up a build if two same-rank mods are equipped, but the wrong one is sold for lack of information, as I posted earlier. If an unranked mod is sold, the next copy picked up immediately replaces it, and you're still uninformed to what it had been slotted to in the first place. This is less of a problem if your arsenal or specific selection is small, but it magnifies with the more gear you have. What I am asking is that, when you are attempting to sell/melt/trade an equipped mod or upgrade it beyond a gear's capacity, to be informed of what gear(s) it is currently equipped to. Because if you have 100 pistols (for example) with 3 different loadouts each and an unranked Hornet Strike keeps reslotting itself after you got rid of it, that's 300 kits you gotta manually eyeball under the present system if you aren't told that it's equipped to (insert list of equipped-to weapons).
  11. Detail enhancement is for daytime, dimming for night. More contrast makes the darker parts darker, but the problem is the flashlight, being white light and not optional, is made brighter. And if I happen to whip it across a surface that's within spitting distance, the light rebound is sometimes blinding. It still stands that a non-optional and activated flashlight makes no sense with an actively-cloaked stealth frame.
  12. Do you have a PSN I can send the screenshot (with default settings) to? Or can someone else post?
  13. To enhance details and dim my screen at night. Minus the flashlight, not a problem.
  14. The display of whatever ore/gem you mined is not only bright (and magnified in a sufficiently-dark or underground area), it's compounded by the Sentinel's flashlight (which is non-optional and another issue) being deactivated only when zooming in. The goldsplosion behind the ore/gem needs SERIOUS toning down, or even removal, as it blows up your screen.
  15. This K-drive quest has me worried. Folks keep telling me that K-drive racing is "easy", but ease is subjective, and I worry that this quest may prereq future content.
  16. This is my first time attempting much of anything K-Drive related (as board sports ain't my thing), and honestly the tricks has me hung up. Relevantly to your post, the way Grindy was capitalized led me to assume it was a specific trick's name; much to my frustration, the wiki said nothing of a trick by that name, but someone said it was just a regular rail grind (trick class). This then raises the issue of the command (hold L1, X). I dont know what trick that's supposed to do, but as my L1 is custom-mapped with Aim, I'm just seeing the Mario jump from pressing X. I'm not sure if there's no accounting for custom layout, or there is and I'm just missing something.
  17. I use Black (PSIV) or the darkest grey (Eximus) for anything that can be bright, AOE, or pulsating.
  18. Atlas/Inaros with Ember's Fire Blast, Hydroid's Tempest Barrage, and Zephyr's Airburst = the Avatar, master of 4 elements.
  19. Dual energy color requires at least 1 forma to a maxed frame/weapon.
  20. Depending on the weapon/ability and color combination, it's very visible...or not. Honestly, it's fine as-is, and sometimes necessary for things like AOE or ability visuals like Hildryn's strobing shield.
  21. My TV is normally contrast-maxed and minimal brightness, but this unfortunately strengthens the flashlight's brightness when I have to reduce the game setting to 30% brightness (contrast untouched).
  22. We need some straight-back wings, be it ephemera or syandana, like the Freedom Gundam.
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