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  1. check this video for kohm riven with -100% projectile flight speed
  2. thank you i thought it will end by May 15th but now we have another week :D
  3. hi am not joking or mocking anyone, am seriously asking this question and i hope one of the dev or one of the mods here can answer that, why would i : spend 30.000K ENDO use 1 mod slot for utility mod, not crit or damage sacrifice 15% of my damage for a nothing whats the point of Cautious Shot if i can 1 hit myself anyway ??!!! without Cautious Shot, any self-damage weapon can 1 hit me..... now add the mod and STILL, you can 1 hit yourself ... then what is the point? why you created it in the first place? i would put fire rate mod or reload instead of Cautious Shot bcos it does nothing .. 1% of infinity is still infinity .. our warframes is like a glass cannon. we built them to deliver millions of damage but a small rock can shred them apart 1 mod slot and 15% less damage is a very good tradeoff for -100% self-damage....we still receive damage from other enemies i thought i finally can enjoy playing zarr or penta!! .. we spent a long time with snipers, shotguns, rifles ..etc ... is it too much to have a little fun to play with launchers? you know, the only 4or 5 launchers we have in the game
  4. 12 mods for 3k standing(or more for S2) .. how is that gross .. if you are newbie i can understand but if you med or vet player then explain .. i have thousands copies of mods ...transmute 12 or even 1k for wolf cred is not bad at all
  5. i was running Hepit-Void capture mission to farm lith but i couldn't extract for 11 minutes although that mission takes only 2 to 3 min max to finish i followed the extract point but i came to blocked/dead door so i had to walk around all over the map to figure out the way to extract point ..as you can see in pics below the extract point was very confusing to me .. sometimes it was 80M away then +100 away later it was 108m then i found it not very high quality images but i hope it helps to investigate it now finally i found it
  6. Melee phase 2 .. where we are at it ? what we should expect to be changed next ? stance mods ? combo change? manly ppl asks about quick melee to be back or to change combo movement bcos 1: it moves wf forward when we dont wanna do that 2: some combo animations has 1 sec stop before it starts again which can kill us
  7. is that mean they will appear as we extract, or will not appear at all if the mission task finished and we are on way to extract ?
  8. i start to think they run out of ideas for aug mods .. we have like 2 or 3 other frames can do that with aug or with abilities alone
  9. mirage eyes .. that look in her eyes and the Queen Saryn really nice work
  10. rhino stomp need some changes .. add buff or more dmg or anything to convince me to use it... what we saw in your video is same what his passive does knock down all mobs around him and give him few sec of cc which also kinda same what melee slam attack does too .. knock down all mobs around him and give wf few sec of cc .. i know rhino stomp does have dmg and longer duration but imo : double bullet jump 90 degrees high and let rhino come down (his passive) < jump and slam attack (kinda faster) but also jump and slam attack > jump and cast 4 (kinda slower bcos of cast animation) ... right now rhino stomp is working fine as it is bcos rhino can cast and perform the cast animation instantly in the ground .. why would i use in mid air if i can just hit E for faster knockdown
  11. 1: ppl like OP weapons ..weapons that can delete anything move from existence in nanosecond thus they all wana go to weapons MR12 and up and no one care about low MR weapons .. and that why rivens exist .. they here to create balance but if we will have so many changes in a short time then why even bother to spend time and money for mods that will be hit constantly ?? every one will go back to OP weapons that dont even need riven mods to kill everything .. sounds wied but that what will happen if certain weapons get hits multiple times in a short time 2: some weapons needs riven to perform good like ingis wraith and other weapons with -20% CC or -20%SC .. without riven you cant get enough CC by just point strike 150% ... imo any weapon that is below 20% cc and sc need a riven to be taken i higher lvl missions i dont say dnd change disposition ever .. they need to be changed from time to time for balance .. just dnd hit 1 weapon twice in a row or how about make disposition scale high and low depending on weapon MR? low lvl weapon always have 5/5 and MR14 weapons always have 1/5 .. sounds fair and balance .. you will not see 150-200% dmg cc cd ..etc on any high MR weapon and also no headache to dev team to change stats every prime access
  12. the thing is .. its not about yesterday hit or the 1st hit 3 months ago .. its about the idea of changing disposition every 3 months (4 times a year) so your lato vandal may get 2 more hits like arca plasmor and ignis both got hit twice and we expecting more hits this year.
  13. Melee Phase 2 when ? whats the update or changes towards melee after feedback for phase 1? will we get quick melee back ? or can we change combo animation to be faster ... return polearms to glory again plz can you add a global stance mod for all melee weapons that give them the ability to quick melee without any combo ..just 2 or 3 hits and repeat without any combo the move wf and change our position
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