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  1. Twin Krohkur Plague Kripath Galatine Prime
  2. well it depends ... for railjack hold-to-craft is working fine because its cost a resources that we have thousands of it .. i mean i will not lose much .. but for forma, potato, etc better keep that way .. better be safe than sorry you know .. because when you hold left click to hold-to-craft and if your hand slipped the circle will keep loading and finish the task .. only way around i can see to make it safe is by increasing the time.. like you need to hold for 10-15 seconds to finish put forma or potato .. that way you have enough time to cancel if you changed your mind and still its faster than pressing action>add polarity > choose forma or umbral forma> choose the slot > then hit ok
  3. yes please ... an example is oberon or iavara .. when i add a duration mod or range mod to buff one of my abilities i need to know how it affects the other abilities .. on old UI i can see all the stats in 1 screen but now i have to go back and forth between all abilities to see whats the stats after modding
  4. if reb didn't change the name i will offer OP plat to buy it .. but i hope thats in PC
  5. now i realllllllyyyyy want to know the name soooooo badly ..dont leave us hanging like that mate ..pleaseeeee
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