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  1. what happened to operator void dash ? kiddo used to stop instantly after i he dash but now he keep move forward for few meters .. please fix that also i played KELPIE- Sedna by khora and it was ok but when i tried it with saryn my HUD bugged and stuck at round 1 .. i couldnt' use any abilities or melee attacks and i couldn't aim glide too .. all i could do is kill by primary and secondary i think i will avoid disruption for now until you hotfix it
  2. i cant decorate my orbiter ... Oberon prime equipped, i hit esc and go to decorate screen and the camera is stuck above Oberon head right between his two horns (his default helmet) i try to press WASD but the camera cant move to any direction and its just stuck up there also game crashed when Khora equipped and i was in Arsenal screen and i hit esc to exit from there but before the camera move to 3rd person i pressed x again bcos i forgot to change her melee but the game frozen and became (not responding) and i had to use task manager to shut it Edit: typo
  3. i didn't know there is a feedback topic about echo of umbra here so i just will copy/paste part of my post in reddit here i dont like it .we wanted a new umbra warframe like Rhino umbra or Valkitty umbra or maybe Saryn umbra and it should come with a lore quest with a story like the sacrifice quest ( DE have said in a devstream that there will likely be more umbra frames but it won't be every frame like prime frames) but now if they added this i feel like DE telling us to forget any another umbra warframe and here a grinding mechanism to temporarily turn any wf to umbra .. just 1 day and no abilities just weapons now i lost hope for a cinematic quest about Rhino prime codex or cinematic story about Valkyr and Aladv because i see many ppl ask for permanent change to Umbra from and if that happen .. no more Umbra quests :(
  4. i knewwwwwwwwwwwwwww it .. that explain why Paris prime is sh*** weapon in combat but in arsenal its godly OP
  5. Saryn Main here its not fair to ask devs to nerf warframe just because few players abuse its abilities ... i use here 1 and 3 only and i use her 4 only as a panic button when am surrounded by many mobs in small area or if i want to rev someone yes 90% or maybe 95% of the time iam the 1st in kills and dmg% but guess who always (or most of the time) can get higher than me? mesa prime and eqnux because they dont have to move to kill enemies while my saryn have to jump all over the map to spread the spores and kill ... all they need to do is just sit there and kill BUT if i abused spammed saryn 4th i will be higher than them but i dont like do that bcos its not fun to me ... am not complaining am just saying what i saw in any game there are always 1 or 2 characters that may considered OP and dps goddess so its not a sin to have that in warframe .. here we have 40 characters and i think 6 or max 10 are considered OP including saryn eqnux and mesa and Ember was there too but now RIP.. we even have a character that literally cant die even if he wants too (inaros) and another character that can stay invisible 100% of the time and CC the whole map (ivara) and kinda loki..keep in mind that this is a PVE game not PVP if they nerf all OP wf to what Ember became it wont be fun anymore
  6. we will be running studies on people who use this exploit then complain about warframe being boring let me fix this for you : its not ppl use the exploit then complain that the event is boring its because the event is boring and poorly designed ppl use the exploit ... trust me no one likes to stay afk for 5 minutes for hours .. i dont login everyday to the game just to stay afk up on the tree .. i login to get entertain but you made us do that by making nakak prices sky high simple way to fix this is by multiply the total points by x 0.5 so the more they kill .. the more points they get ..e.g if total score is 20 then the final rewards is 50 (base reward) + 20*.5= 10 which makes the total reward 60 .. if they score 50 they get 75 points .. its win win .. now ppl will not be afk because they want more points and because its based on total reward there will be no steal kill/score because its based on total kill not individual score
  7. i just checked now and found that i have like 30 folks and only 16 played last 7days.. we never talks or do anything together .. we just add each other for night wave missions
  8. i think i have 5-6 and am not sure if they still play or not
  9. friends!!! is that new resources or something
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