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  1. -Bv-Psykiik

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    DE need to create a new (effective) way to farm kuva or reduce 3500 to roll a riven mod ... it takes less than 1 minute to roll riven mod 10 times but do you know much it takes to farm 35k kuva ??????
  2. -Bv-Psykiik

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    finally new aug mods .. thx
  3. -Bv-Psykiik

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    thx for locker change it was really annoying what about Corrosive Projection????!!!!!
  4. my oberon build for heal and range with quick thinking, hunterM and phoenix renewal .. in sorti 3 i can stand laughing to vs heavy gunners... didn't try that build for orb fight tho am thinking maybe ivara with range and duration build and stand a bit far away and spam sleep arrow to adds and then snip them one by one ... while she invisible of course so the spider wouldn't notice her and keep focus on the other 3 players but the problem is she may be forced to go there from time to time to rev someone
  5. ^THAT .. my inaros when reach 2k HP I hit and hold 2 to any nearest corpus to heal myself but in the middle of cast ability animation I found myself on the air and befor I hit the ground again I find myself in air and like 40 m away .. can't cast any ability that has long animation, can't reload, cat get my archgin .. its ceazy who would imagine that corpus open world will be tougher than Grinner
  6. -Bv-Psykiik

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    when or can orb fight be soloable ... we dont ask to be easy but soloable bcos as for now its not soloable
  7. -Bv-Psykiik

    Orb Mother fight -> the Mother of Disappointed

    WTF ....i didn't say that ... it was an example for a challenge .. not just make boss invincible and throw sh**t to our faces ....read my comment AGAIN kid
  8. -Bv-Psykiik

    Orb Mother fight -> the Mother of Disappointed

    i left hydron damn looong time ago when min waves were 15 or 20, not 10 like now ... for fun long runs i only do ESO , MOT and Hieracon for 2 to 4 hours (solo so no leaving early drama from squadmate) orb mother fight expected to be challenging and hard but the definition of "challenge" term is kinda misunderstood by DE team look at Ambulas sorti mission as in example .. that is a challenge .. you gotta take down the boss and hack and defend it from addds for certain time ... that can be done solo too but very hard an not everyone can do it but it can be done look at Kela De Thaym the sedna boss during sorti missions ... kinda same challenge not just keep firing till it die.. and it can be done solo but hardlly but for orb fight, DE choose the challenge to be "make the boss invincible and spawn hundreds adds at the same time and prevent the players from using abilities" OMG even the index mode is more fun than orb carbage fight ..you cant use abilities and the longer you stay the lower your weapons dmg and mobs grow tougher sometimes i do high index solo just for fun and to make more challenging i do it with different frames and weapons
  9. -Bv-Psykiik

    Gearwheel insert item

    totally agree with you .. every few days I have to re arrange the whole gear
  10. -Bv-Psykiik

    What is up with the enemies?

    dude ... 12k iron skin went bofffff in 10 seconds
  11. i tried solo and with squad and mission failed 6 times. just how on earth did you expect us to focus on the army of adds who keep spawning with archguns and keep an eye for damage type? most of the time we are right under the spider and we have to look up to the sky to see the damage mark !!! and why dmg cycle and the invincibility phase? and why 10 min CD while an army of corpus with archgun keep spawning every minute ... at least keep max limit of how many corpus spawn with archguns you want me to take the shield down, shoot the legs, shoot the body, and again do that, and then we have 5 minutes limit or allllllll that is lost ... and while we do that we have to keep an eye on adds and the dmg type.... we got it you dnd want you boss to be 1 shooted down or be easy fight but comoon!!! me and so many ppl were hoping that the boss fight can be soloable but from what i see .. no hope for us, we doomed why no one understand that some ppl prefer solo play or HAVE to play solo i cant complete the 4th phase no matter what tactic, frame, weapons i use ... i will just back to my ship and farm mesa
  12. -Bv-Psykiik

    Please do not nerf anything from the orb

    to PPL who say it was soooooo easy fight (solo) ... be a good lad and share your full gear enlighten us sparky
  13. -Bv-Psykiik

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    How about we get rid of all simulor family? this is a horrible weapon, I would rather watch paint dry than use it for 1 mission
  14. -Bv-Psykiik

    Fortuna: The Profit-Taker - Update 24.2

    Dear god .. that a huge update and fixes we were expecting Fortuna 2 only but we got fixes to some old bugs and many things requested before ... thx guys i wish you a happy holiday
  15. -Bv-Psykiik

    Max Framerate

    now i feel cheated by my win 10 .. i disabled v sync in Nvidia control panel and in WF settings ... i even pushed all settings on nvidia control panel towards high performance for launcher.exe tho on borderless fullscreen i dont see any inch of win desktop ...below my screenshoot and i dont see anything