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  1. yep, the timer should stop ones you reach the score
  2. read the notes again ... they know that ammo is never an issue before thats why they didn't just nerf the ammo from 15 to 5, they also reducing ammo pickup so you will think twice before shooting
  3. thats OVERKILL , change it to slow draw like 1 sec or something but 15 to 5 and less ammo pickups!! thats just overkill , you are killing the weapon and telling ppl to not use it any more
  4. i have 120 of this relics , if you PC i can give you 18 for free
  5. ah social distancing... gotcha..also you should add a sanitizer bottles at the landing area at every relay with an NPC with infrared thermometer any player refuse to interact with that NPC, he cant interact with dravo or cephalon weep
  6. same here , i have no idea what this number means , and am pretty sure i have over 160 relics and am sure we dont have 160 type yet
  7. yep , just finish all acts for the next week then the old acts will show up sorry my bad , only weekly can recovered
  8. thanks Saryn - Spore - Revealing SporesInfected enemies within 40m will show up on the Minimap. my favorite enemy is a dead enemy, why would i waste a mod slot for that? just by looking around me i can spot the infected enemy because of the damage numbers the shows on my screen
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