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  1. What would you do if you had access to that information? If I could know absolutely anything about this, I'd like to see how many new players spent real money on weapon/warframe slots, but it would be rather difficult to show this given the undifferentiated nature of platinum after you buy it.
  2. TLDR; should we invest in rivens for the New Epic Weapon du jour if the riven's just going to be nerfed later? First, I would like to make the following observations: 1. The Fulmin was released with 1.0 riven disposition, despite being an overwhelmingly powerful weapon to begin with. 2. Things that aren't the Fulmin kept getting their rivens nerfed while the Fulmin riven itself wasn't impacted. Notably, the Catchmoon riven kept getting nerfed even though the riven'ed Fulmin was superior: prior to the most recent nerf, my +Damage/+CC/- Zoom Fulmin Riven easily outdamaged my + damage/+CC/+CD/+ recoil Catchmoon Riven. 3. This recent Riven change is the first one since the Acceltra came out, and is the first one where the Fulmin Riven got nerfed. 4. The Acceltra is overwhelming (from what I've heard, anyway, I haven't done much with it) and it has a Riven Disposition of 1.0. Thus, it at least appears that the pattern is to keep the hype new epic weapon at a 1.0 riven disposition, until a successor comes along, and the older epic weapon gets a riven nerf in order to make room in the spotlight. The point is, if this pattern is deliberate and should continue, I am not sure what to do about the epic weapon riven du jour. You either have to get lucky with your rolls (My catchmoon riven was bought as junk and rolled, and the Fulmin riven is purely my creation), or dump an incredible amount of platinum on a worthy riven. The question is, is the time investment even worth it, if these weapons' rivens will deteriorate to make room for the next big thing? What do you think?
  3. I was astonished at how they kept nerfing the Catchmoon and sparing the Fulmin even though the latter was plainly a superior gun with rivens equipped. Now, we've come full circle. I guess we had to make room for the Acceltra being the next big thing. The only question is whether to save up for an Acceltra riven or wait until the next mainline update, at which point they'll release the Accelfmin primary, and nerf the Acceltra and Fulmin rivens to make way.
  4. Yay! Thanks for the Infested Corpus marker update! I can't count the number of times i've seen people get lost in that basement, and now the marker goes right to the staircase if you come at it from below.
  5. I'm glad the numbers are settling down, I was worried that I'd have to mess with my rivens every 3 months in a crazy game of see-saw.
  6. Well after a few days to think about the Riven changes, I have one idea. If you want to wobble around which weapons are the best, by changing the riven disposition, so be it. I would like it, though, if it becomes technically possible, to increase the maximum number of Riven slots. If I get a bunch of Rivens for my favorite weapons, and then you make those rivens bad and other rivens good, and I go after those rivens, I'll eventually fill up - I'm at 57 out of 90 now, and have no idea what I'll be at by the time I get everything for the new good rivens (so far I have my eye on Spira and Snipertron). I am just conjecturing that the capacity will be an issue either now or soon, we'll see what I'm at once I actually get the new good rivens, but if it becomes an issue, I'd rather not have a situation where I have to get rid of my old, formerly good rivens in order to keep up with the pack.
  7. People have already said it this thread, but since the Kohm is so dependent on its riven to get 100% status chance, everyone freaked out when they changed the Kohm's disposition to make this impossible, so they moved it back. No other weapon has such a heavy dependence on its riven reaching a certain static threshold to access most of its power. Anyway, this is an interesting list. I think some things are being kicked when they're already down (I don't touch my Arca Plasmor now that there's Catchmoon in town), and we'll see what happens with snipers in general now that you've decreased power to all of them save the Snipertron.
  8. Oh my God!! This changes everything!
  9. Clan Name: The Solarians Clan Tier: Shadow Clan Platform: PC My Clan Role: Architect Featured Image: Our clan video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmq-UQiAPc4&feature=youtu.be best of luck to everyone! 🙂
  10. People are farming PT mission 2 literally on the basis of it having the shortest cutscene. We need to get the option to skip cutscenes
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