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  1. I'm glad the numbers are settling down, I was worried that I'd have to mess with my rivens every 3 months in a crazy game of see-saw.
  2. There's precedent for caches in low-level areas to have fairly good rewards, though: Earth Sabotage has Bite (Bite's price crashed but it used to sell for like 90 p) and a host of uncommon Kubrow mods with okay sell prices, and Stribog has Bullet Dance.
  3. I have noticed that Carpo, the Extermination mission on Jupiter, has resource caches. I might be in a minority here, but I like caches as a concept. They make you familiarize yourself with and appreciate the tileset, especially since the fixed cache locations help you distinguish between main rooms and adjacent hallways and dead ends. You all clearly worked hard on the gas city tileset to make it a big parkour heaven, but I'm still zipping through the tileset to get the mission objective done ASAP. Caches are therefore a good way to showcase the good work you've done, for more utilitarian players who don't tend to wander around tilesets on their own volition. However, I was disheartened when I saw the reward table for these caches. It's the same stuff as anywhere else - very low chance for nitain and xiphos parts, and otherwise nothing really worth going out of your way to learning the caches for. I wish there was something more, especially with the heap of new resources and mods that came with Jovian Concord. I realize that Naeglar Hive Sabotage is a counterexample to my argument - High Voltage and Shell Shock are powerful mods that are great for selling, but still nobody does the mission. However, this is also influenced by the low skill floor of the hive objective, as well as difficulty with navigating the Infested Corpus tileset. The gas city tileset is much more user-friendly than Infested Corpus, so I think we should give resource caches more oomph in Carpo.
  4. Well after a few days to think about the Riven changes, I have one idea. If you want to wobble around which weapons are the best, by changing the riven disposition, so be it. I would like it, though, if it becomes technically possible, to increase the maximum number of Riven slots. If I get a bunch of Rivens for my favorite weapons, and then you make those rivens bad and other rivens good, and I go after those rivens, I'll eventually fill up - I'm at 57 out of 90 now, and have no idea what I'll be at by the time I get everything for the new good rivens (so far I have my eye on Spira and Snipertron). I am just conjecturing that the capacity will be an issue either now or soon, we'll see what I'm at once I actually get the new good rivens, but if it becomes an issue, I'd rather not have a situation where I have to get rid of my old, formerly good rivens in order to keep up with the pack.
  5. People have already said it this thread, but since the Kohm is so dependent on its riven to get 100% status chance, everyone freaked out when they changed the Kohm's disposition to make this impossible, so they moved it back. No other weapon has such a heavy dependence on its riven reaching a certain static threshold to access most of its power. Anyway, this is an interesting list. I think some things are being kicked when they're already down (I don't touch my Arca Plasmor now that there's Catchmoon in town), and we'll see what happens with snipers in general now that you've decreased power to all of them save the Snipertron.
  6. Oh my God!! This changes everything!
  7. Clan Name: The Solarians Clan Tier: Shadow Clan Platform: PC My Clan Role: Architect Featured Image: Our clan video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmq-UQiAPc4&feature=youtu.be best of luck to everyone! 🙂
  8. People are farming PT mission 2 literally on the basis of it having the shortest cutscene. We need to get the option to skip cutscenes
  9. Ahh. I've been preparing for this since the day you announced it, and still I don't nearly have enough Clem noggles, Ludoplexes, or Powders and Dyes for it to be complete. I hope there's a chance for other dojos to be featured later on.
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