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  1. On PC, neither I nor my girlfriend received the Twitch drop.
  2. The way I see it, Titania is the ultimate fire support drone of death. Ironically, Warframes are already unmanned, so....she's literally a UCAV. All of her support abilities are more or less unnecessary and wasted....and go mostly unused. She's in the game to be the Tenno answer to the need for close air support, able to get a lot of firepower aimed at unexpected angles toward otherwise unreachable enemies. If I were to change her kit, I'd make the Dex Pixia able to switch into different fire modes (guns, missiles, bombs, etc), and give her damage buffs that she doesn't have to contact certain enemies to give....she's a fairy, make her buffs based on fairy dust that she sprinkles down to allies as she buffs herself.
  3. I'm calling it now. The Tenno are in a stable time loop engineered by the Orokin, the Archimedians, Lotus, and/or Teshin. The Tenno and Ordis cannot remember the Old War because, for them, they have not experienced it yet. With the antediluvian setting of Warframe, the hints that the Tenno of old were more powerful, and the transdimensional nature of the Tenno themselves, not to mention the necessity of Void energy to damage the Sentients, it would appear as if our current operators are building up to go back in time to battle the Sentients in the past. So, follow me here. Zariman Ten Zero incident occurs. Separately, the Warframes are developed An archimedian named Morgulis, who happens be intimate with the executor Ballas, takes care of the Tenno, accepting being apparently blinded by them. During this time, Natah, a Sentient mimic infiltrator, is tasked with the mission of killing the Tenno. Morgulis speaks out against the Orokin for weaponizing children. She faces the Jade Light. Her Oro is supposedly destroyed. Natah observes this, but is captured, and supposedly reprogrammed. She takes on the form of Morgulis. The Orokin manufacture more Tenno in the meantime, meaning to use them for war. They are taught the basics of their focus schools. An unknown Archimedian figures out how to use transference to make the uncontrollable Warframe bio-weapons into unmanned combat surrogates for the Tenno's use. At some point, the mercenary Ordan Karras rejects becoming an Orokin, and is made into Ordis. Karras' combat style is used as the basis of Tenno combat, and his mind is used as a Cephalon assistant to the Tenno. From this point, he is placed into storage for thousands of years. Hopefully Ballas saw fit to turn Ordan Karras' body into a Warframe..... Secondary prediction, the Tenno meet Ordan Karras before he becomes Ordis. This may be why his combat style is suggested to be that the Tenno use....because he mentors the Tenno at some point. His pseudo-destruction may be an additional impetus for the destruction of the Orokin. The former "Natah," now "Lotus," places the Tenno into the Second Dream. The Sentient threat continues, and the Old War continues to rage on, consuming Dax and Grineer lives in droves. Thousands of years later, perhaps to allow Lotus to finish the details of the Void-based technologies that the Tenno will utilize, she awakens the Tenno. This is the first conscious thought the Tenno have had since before the Warfame project was completed....and they have thus never been in a Warframe before. We go through all of the events up until this point. Of note is the following: Teshin's superior understanding of the Tenno's abilities during The War Within. The lack of any memories of the Old War by the Tenno or Ordis. Ordis being on EVERY Orbiter, helping EVERY Tenno, and his ability to recognize mimics instantly. Lotus' ability to command thousands of missions at one time. Lotus' lack of ever giving explanations for the past, other than the memories the Tenno has of the Zariman and the Focus Schools....but no apparent memory of Warframes, even after the reveal of The Second Dream and The Sacrifice. Ballas identifying Lotus as literally being Morgulis during the Apostasy Prologue, despite knowing that Lotus is a Sentient. Lotus keeps leaving bread crumbs behind for the Tenno to follow, leading to The Sacrifice and The Chimera Prologue (and thus the Paracesis). During the Ropolalyst fight, Lotus directly contacts the Tenno in a form similar to how Captain Vor used the Ascarius during the opening mission...meaning there may be a similar device intrinsically in all Warframes. She takes this chance to outline her hopes for peace through amalgamation, and spills the beans slightly on the Man in the Wall and her views on the Void. As we approach the Duviri Paradox, our operators refine their powers, especially thanks to new lenses and the last two Focus Schools finally being "rediscovered" / revealed by the now supposedly traitor Lotus. The Tenno find a way into the Void...the so called "Duviri Planes," and beyond this a path through time itself....a way to engage in transference with Warframes in the distant past. The Tenno, with all of the power they have developed in the distant future, safe from the Sentient war machine, take control of the Warframes of the past. The Tenno proceed to fight in the "Old War," or rather the "New War" from their perspective. The Tenno does this, over and over again, changing appearance, age, etc....even fighting beside itself.... There was only ever one single Tenno....one operator.....looping through time endlessly. Every player is the same Tenno, hence why everyone goes through the same story missions, and often times without the option of other Tenno joining them. Every other Tenno other than your Tenno is your Tenno....just at a different point in time. There are thus, infinite potential Tenno. Tenno, as a word, is meant to convey the singularity of the Tenno. Rell is the end of all Tenno. The Zariman had many children. None actually survived. Their Oros were used to forge the Tenno, which was the true horror that Morgulis objected to. Lotus, having knowledge of the past and having already endured the Void before, travels back in time with the Tenno. She takes the name Morgulis. Morgulis was never human. She was always future Lotus, who opened up the Planes of Duviri to the Tenno with stolen Sentient tech...her reason for turning traitor. To assure the success of the Tenno, she protects them, endears them to her, and passes her knowledge of the future to Teshin and past Natah....both of whom guard their knowledge of the future. As a side note, the skulls in Teshin's cave are literally all from the one Tenno....immortal, yet still learning in an environment where death is meaningless. The Tenno beat the Sentients back to Tau Ceti, and close the gates from both sides.....no matter, the "ones" trapped on the other side all know that in just a few thousand years, they'll hitch a ride back to Sol when they arrive with their Railjacks for the invasion of Tau. They're immortal, and can cull Sentients in the mean time. Those Tenno who remain, with the help of the newly briefed Lotus and Teshin, execute the Orokin for their misdeeds, and to clear the path thousands of years later for Lotus to unify the Sentients and Humans. The future Tenno leave behind their Warframes in the past, returning to the future to invade Tau, and either unite with or destroy the Sentients, the Lotus having given her life as Morgulis to assure their ability to choose the future of the two races. The "Man in the Wall" is the Tenno from even farther in the future, looking back over himself in the past. Just like our own Tenno character's ability to change appearance, voice, gender, etc....he simply reflects whatever he looked like at that time back to us. He occasionally messes with Lotus, freaking her out. Lotus, having foreknowledge of the Man in the Wall's identity, uses Rell to prevent him from causing a causal paradox, up until his time of release by the player's character. So, in summary: There was only ever one single Tenno, just looping through time, taking on new appearances. The Man in the Wall is just you from the future popping back in to look at his past selves. Lotus, Natah, and Morgulis, are all literally the same being, just at different points of their lives. The "New War" and the "Old War" happen at the same time for the Tenno, accessing the past through time traveling transference. Teshin already knows they can do this....hence why he seems to know more of your powers than you do in The War Within. The reason the Orbiters all look the same is because they are all the same orbiter, being used at different times. The reason Ordis only ever recognizes a single operator, even when multiple Tenno are present, is because there is only one Tenno. Lotus is neither loyal to nor a traitor against the Tenno. She has her own objectives, and ultimately travels back in time and gives her life for them while disguised as an Archimedian named Morgulis. Ballas finds out....somehow....that she was always a sentient, and thus goes turncoat. So....that's a lot to take in, but I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on this set of theories. Am I missing any clues? Are there any forgotten plot points that should feed into this? I'll edit this post with lore corrections in response to replies that make good points. Otherwise I'll make note of incongruent info in bullet points below here. Thanks for reading!
  4. While the new additions in this update are fantastic, one stands out most of all and will serve to get me back into Warframe above all others. The expansion of the Riven Cap....as someone who isn't a trader, buys all of his plat, and has completed essentially all of the content currently in the game, this change alone will serve to get me back into Warframe. I may very well even buy Prime Access now as a result.....as may my girlfriend with whom I game. We now have something to do in game again, and something to bother spending plat on. Add onto this the return of Sentinel Rivens, INCLUDING THE ARTAX!!!!!! DE....I feel like you actually want me to play your game, and have fun searching for and unlocking Rivens for hours at a time! And....I probably will until I hit the new Riven Cap....which is an obvious problem, but one I hope has an obvious solution. So, thank you DE. While this is only 30 more slots, it'll serve well for now. I sincerely hope that this is a test to see if the Riven Cap can be entirely removed in the near future, as that alone would provide literally ENDLESS entertainment for collectors who don't like trading rivens, and an infinite place to spend real money with which to patronize my favorite video game. tl;dr: I'm beyond thrilled and thankful for the changes to the riven system, but the removal of the Riven Cap entirely is the goal.
  5. This is the coolest idea I've heard for a new mini-game! It should happen in the Relays!!
  6. Thank you, DE! With the attention to rivens, is there any chance that we'll see the removal of the awful 90 Riven Limit anytime soon? It is really deflating my desire to play, as not being able to do the sortie is quite disappointing, and the inability to continue collecting is precisely why I'm not buying more plat.
  7. Wait, so was there some kind of change or update to the Amphis? Because if so, be it cosmetic, stats, or abilities, I'm not seeing anything new.....
  8. Not to be rude at all, but I take it English is not your first language? I'm just having trouble understanding if you're annoyed with people still wanting a reasonable and small change to the game, or if you're annoyed at DE for not implementing it yet.....
  9. I totally agree with you, and this thread hits on the point that "riven collecting" is an activity that people who have completed most content would enjoy in this game.
  10. Dude, you're so smug, that I can just imagine you driving around in a hybrid like:
  11. This is basically what I read. Therefore, category 3/4.
  12. Yet another case in point! I'm on a role!
  13. Thank you for proving my above stated point.
  14. I've been wanting these for a long time, myself....especially the Cadus.
  15. As a small aside, my girlfriend doesn't want to play Warframe tonight SPECIFICALLY because of the Riven Limit. DE, for the love of your fans most likely to buy Prime Access and who have gotten roughly a dozen people to get into the game and also buy Prime Access....ELIMINATE THE RIVEN LIMIT. (like, seriously, the Steam Summer Sale is on right now, and money that would have ended up as Prime Access is going to purchasing other new games, even though this is my favorite game....announce ending the Riven Limit at TennoCon, or something....just get rid of it.)
  16. I made a similar post a while back. From a gameplay perspective, you're entirely correct. The player is stifled in their progression and collection due to this limit, and it adds a straight up source of anxiety which leads to less desire to play. From a business perspective, it's a disincentive to buy plat, which is [quite honestly] idiotic on DE's part. Now, given how obvious it is that the Riven Limit should be abolished (note: note simply "expanded," as this only pushes off the problem without fixing anything), there will be many who disagree with you. Those will mainly be DE database apologists who think that the storage necessary for rivens or the I/O capability of it will be utterly overwhelmed, those who think the point of rivens is to trade them, those who will say you're playing the game wrong, and those who will say "you don't *need* more riven capacity, you want it." All of these people either have ulterior motives (like keeping riven prices high so they can abuse the riven limit), while others just want to sound better than you because "they play the game the right way." All of these people will post in this thread trying to call you out as a fool for pointing out an obvious point, which if implemented would instantly improve the game. So, don't worry when most of your replies are people telling you you're wrong. Keep the flag of obvious improvement to the game flying in the face of these sophomores and punks, and let's push to eliminate the riven limit.
  17. I would say player retention and encouragement to buy Prime Access is key to company health. There's plenty more they could get out of customers like us.
  18. Actually, there are good technical reasons for that, which improve the player's experience. Apparently it allows for much faster gameplay, and a massive reduction in lag. But I'm sure that newer servers could be even better. I agree, though....host migrations are THE WORST. And I hope they come up with a way to eliminate the issue.
  19. It seems many people are missing the point. The point of this post isn't to disparage one another for their supposed ability to sell rivens, transmute, etc. The point here is that the 90 Riven Slot Limit is a detriment to the game to some more active players....particularly those who aren't exactly free-to-play.....those that spend money. And that these limitations are punishing to such players, and discourage them from playing the game entirely....especially when our Steam libraries are so big.... Further, I took the time to note that on a personal level Warframe has meant quite a bit to my girlfriend and me. I am finding it somewhat sad that due to the riven limit, she hasn't played all weekend, and I only played briefly a few times....as her repulsion from the riven limit screaming at her has made both of us play (and spend money on) other games this weekend. I want to play Warframe, and she does too...and I want to justify spending another $140 for each of us to get Prime Access.....but with such a huge emotionally triggering punishment from just playing the game, it's just not happening right now. tl;dr: the riven limit is bad for business.
  20. Wow. That is the most sexist thing I've ever read.
  21. Did you not see her own post up above? It's not at all like that....it's that the mechanic that deals with >90 mods is intrusive, prevents participation in the Sortie, and punishes players for using rivens for what they are meant for; boosting the viability of less viable weapons. It's kind of backwards to punish paying players for playing the game.
  22. Also, again, I was just now like "hey, @gallantblues, want to go sortie before it turns over for the day?" And she was like "definitely, let me just save my (RPG that she just got) game and I'll be right in.....also, I just got my characters a boat in this game!" Then, as she was logging in, I was casually looking at my rivens and said "yes, I'm at 89!" With that, she was realized she was at 91, and said "I'm not dealing with this...I'm going back to my boat." And thus, the Riven Limit once again ruined my ability to enjoy Warframe with the person I love. Remove the Riven Limit, DE. Please.
  23. At this point, @gallantblues and I are very happy to see so many people with varying opinions on this matter, but really want to hear from one of the designers from DE. We're kind of hoping to get mentioned in the (theoretically existent) Monday morning staff meeting at DE regarding player retention, because this matter affects a lot of the player base and it would be nice if the TennoCon / Empyrean mainline update included the removal of the riven limit.
  24. Some of us like to use non-meta weapons, and try to make them viable with rivens. With several hundred weapons available, and I own EVERY weapon in my inventory, actively available, I can't be forced to use the Amprex or Rubico Prime every time I play. Besides, isn't that what the riven system was originally meant to do in the first place? I like my Karak Wraith, and I want space for TWO rivens for it. Why? BECAUSE I LIKE THE KARAK WRAITH IN CONCEPT, AND SHOULDN'T BE PUNISHED FOR IT!
  25. The point isn't about buying and selling rivens. It's about the riven limit making normal gameplay unpleasant. Having to deal with a mere 90 riven limit when I am a weapons focused player is punishing. And I do actually earn most of my rivens, rather than buy. I don't care about the losers who are so unsuccessful in their irl careers that they bully people in a video game to take their Chuck E Cheese tokens to hoard forever. I just want to enjoy the game with my girlfriend and friends and not have to choose which weapon that I've invested said Chuck E Cheese tokens into via forma to ruin because I can't do certain content (Sorties) if I have too many of them. DE, I'm sitting here telling you I want to spend plat that I actually paid for to buy more riven slots so that I can have a better gaming experience. That's it. Stop punishing players like me who want to give you actual money.
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