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  1. Hey, thanks for a great stream! And guys, please don't let the vitriol over the latest release get to you too badly. Your fans love you and the game, and we know from past experience that you'll work hard (presumably after the first of the year) to address the complaints. I myself was rather disappointed with Fortuna Part 2, sure....most people are. My girlfriend, who introduced me to the game, is actually avoiding Warframe in the meantime *until it's fixed." And that's the key, DE team. We are all confident that you will fix it. We're not abandoning the game, and we're still buying Prime Access. So please, enjoy your holidays, and after New Years, come back and look at the forums, and start addressing the various lists of umbrage and feedback from the contributing members of the community. Don't feel like you need to run a special event like the Acolytes or Plague Star to keep people occupied over the holidays or to placate angry players...just give as much of your staff as possible time off, and come back fresh, and happy. We play your game and have confidence in you because you've earned it over time. Don't drive yourselves into the ground over all of this....not here at the weekend of Christmas. Don't press. Just rest, for your sake and for your fans who don't want you to start spiraling and burning out. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Pleasant Tennobaum to you all, -From the Fans
  2. Wow....DE, I love you guys, and that's why I throw money at you happily, but you have no clue what you're doing with this Profit Taker fight and Arch-guns, do you? The Arch-guns are still useless (any timer on their use at all makes them unreliable pieces of kit, plus they're weak), and now you go and make Shattering Impact on the Sarpa (a long loved boss fight tactic) useless in a fight that no one enjoys anyway? Just....wow. I'm contemplating taking a break from Warframe until you guys figure out what you're doing with it. I haven't had my excitement for a release so thoroughly dashed since Games Workshop released Primaris Marines.....
  3. One more additional question, which likely means a lot to a lot of people: We've recently heard talk of the possible removal of the riven cap of 90, as the database has proven able to handle them. Those of us who like to collect rivens, and enjoy spending plat on rivens....and don't necessarily trade to get our plat (eg: exclusively buy it)....would very much like to have at least one riven per weapon...to include our sentinel weapons (please bring them back) and potentially out Arch-weapons. In other words, many of us would buy more platinum for additional slots and to buy them from other players if there was no cap...I can only see this being a good thing for Digital Extremes. Therefore, I must ask: Has DE come up with any plans to remove the 90 riven cap in the near future?
  4. Three requests: When will we see dual wielding of single-handed secondary and single-handed melee weapons, similarly to glaives? Is there any hope for a Tenno silenced high-crit secondary "headshot" pistol to complement the Baza? Is there any hope for a "sniper" or "marksman" warframe in the next year? Bonus question combining all three of the above: For those of use who like sneaky gameplay, is there any chance that we'll see missions or bounties that emphasize stealth and sneaking more? Perhaps infiltrations (with a danger zone outside of what "spy" missions provide), or sniper crawls / assassinations?
  5. I think the best solution to the Arch-gun debacle is to just make them "an addition to our toolbox." They aren't more powerful than our regular guns, so they don't even feel like "heavy weapons." Just make them infinitely summonable, and make them take regular ammo. Done. The timer is just innane, and making them simply "one more tool" will vastly improve their utility in all mission types....so long as the summoning animation is removed...which is almost as bad as the timer.
  6. Dude....same. The two mechanics changes I've been looking forward to the most were (1) Arch-guns on the ground / in open-world Archwing, and (2) dual wielding a single-handed melee and a single-handed secondary together. We only got the former, and it sucked. Now I'm worried whether or not we'll ever see the latter....I want to be Solid Snake Ash with my Lato Vandal and my Sheev both out, ready to CQC some Corpus sentries! Though, for Solid Snake, I guess I'd need a Mk 23 silenced pistol....a high CC/CD integrally silenced pistol optimized for stealth headshots...if this game added any new weapons, that would be the one I'd most want.
  7. Likewise....and I kinda feel robbed of that. I have more forma in my Imperator Vandal than in my Supra Vandal, and I feel like I'm downgrading by pulling out my Imperator Vandal....once every TEN MINUTES. (most missions don't even last half that long in this game....what were they thinking?)
  8. Shhhhh....Chroma users will be VERY sad if they entirely remove self-damage..... ....but then again....you're entirely correct. It makes weapons like the Lenz, Ogris, and others entirely lulz-based rather than legitimately fun. Also, I'm very against this nerfing of the Staticor....they became a go-to weapon of Scatter Bullet and Kamehameha action for me while they were buffed....but now it's back in the bin of "maybe I'll use that gun at some point.....and so much for the forma I threw at it." Serious Note: To be entirely honest as a consumer, I feel bait-and-switched with this nerfing of it, due to the time and forma investment I put into them, and I can't say that I entirely buy the idea that their buffing earlier in the year was a mistake. DE, you only get so many times I let you slide with lines like that, but you're generally the ABSOLUTE BEST in terms of not being EA, so you get more latitude than I would give to most other companies. That still doesn't mean that I'm not feeling "bait-and-switched" regarding the Staticor......
  9. The big issue in my view is the flexibility in "re-summoning" the Arch-gun. As per my post found here ( Game Breaking Arch-Gun Issues in Profit-Taker Phase 4 Fight ), the timer lock-out existing at all is a problem. While the options put forth here are a step in the right direction, I still think it heavily limits the player, and is a large contributor to the fight being less-than-fun (to put it politely). Please consider eliminating the timer, and perhaps instituting a mobility limitation of some sort, or a lockout from abilities. Aside from the need for it during the Profit-Taker fightt, what seemed cool about being able to use your Arch-gun [before actually getting to] was the new flexibility that it would offer to our arsenal. I won't make a secret about it...I got into Warframe because my girlfriend told me about all of the unique and amazing weapons in the game (only later did I come to see the warframes themselves as anything more than gun- and blade- carrying platforms]. The idea of having the option to call down a heavy weapon from orbit, much like how we call on our Archwings, Sharkwings, and K-drives, got me very excited. I imagined switching to my Arch-gun for a quick burst, switching back to my Vectis Prime to hit a far-distant enemy, meleeing a few scrubs, following up with my Akstiletto Prime, and then jumping into my Archwing AND calling on my Arch-gun again while I transit from one part of the map to the next. Instead....I get a clunky animation that takes longer than an unmodded Opticor takes to fire, and a 10min cooldown timer that makes using my Arch-gun feel like less of "one more tool in my toolbox" and more like "well, this is more useless as Air Support Charges." As a side-note to the Arch/Sharkwing and K-drive summoning being instantaneous, it seems lore-breaking that the Arch-guns would be any different...but that's entirely aside from the gameplay issues. The ability to call on the Arch-gun should be fast, seamless, and rather than feeling like a "boost of oh-yeah-power," it should feel like an organic addition to how we fight in the game, role playing as Tenno. We already get that feeling of "oh-yeah-power" using our normal weapons. Even my strongest Arch-gun with 5 forma doesn't match my new Akjagara Prime without a riven....and with a riven, who even cares about the Imperator Vandal, Grattler, Fluctus, or Velocitus? Already I can't bring myself to care about the Corvus, the Dual Decurion, the Cyngas, or the Phaedra....so much so that I had to look them up to write that sentence, and didn't even care to spell check them. I was hoping that being able to use them on the ground would give me a reason to actually consider them as part of my arsenal, but as it stands I won't be inspired to find new uses for the [already awful] Duel Decurion....nor will I finally throw a Catalyst or Forma on them....and I CERTAINLY am not inspired to throw a Gravimag on them. So...I'm just wanting to say that the original idea of having the Arch-guns be equipable as normal weapons, or perhaps taking up both gun slots, was a far better idea. To sum up, they're too weak, the requirements for them are too high, I'm not investing any leveling time, forma, plat, or even credits into something that I can't depend on in a fight, the deployment breaks combat flow in horrendous ways, and the mission-breaking re-deployment timer make them a pain to use....they are not in any way a boost to the feeling of power you are supposed to get playing this game. They are simply a debuff, and feel foisted upon you in the Profit-Taker fight. So please, just make them immediately summonable on foot and in Archwing, and above all else, please, please get rid of the horrible, paralyzing, death-inducing summoning animation. It's the worst part of calling on your Arch-gun, and enough to just never use it unless forced.
  10. BUG REPORT FOR WEBPAGE: @[DE]Megan I cannot access the page to buy Mesa Prime Access. I am receiving the following error. Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://warframe.com/prime-access" on this server. Reference #18.3c4ccdad.1545160416.2f0611db Is anyone else getting this error message?
  11. Legit Question: I know that Baruuk is supposed to be the "pacifist" frame, and that this makes him somewhat like John Wick (I assumed he gets a bonus to damage if his Kubrow is downed or killed). But when I think "pacifist," I think "the Dude" from "The Big Lebowski." So, my question is: "Will Baruuk have any attributes by which he 'abides?'" Sincerely, A Nihilist
  12. Please let this be a sniper warframe......or a rifleman warframe. That said, he looks like Kratos, so maybe this is the "Spartan-frame?" Or, considering this is Fortuna, it could be a construction-based frame....perhaps one that builds turrets and fortifications? The bare chest look of this guy kinda looks like a construction worker.
  13. @[DE]Rebecca With the reshuffling of Riven Dispositions, and considering the length of time that rivens have been a part of Warframe and its "collectible culture," would DE be willing to consider either an expansion or full elimination of the paltry 90 Riven Slots that players are allowed to own? Often times, we players are put into positions where we must choose between rivens for strong weapons which we know are/can be made strong, or rivens for personally enjoyed yet less popular weapons that can be made better with a riven, but will never compare with a more "meta" choice (or even the *potential* for a more meta choice). As a player who enjoys the collectible nature of rivens within the game, I implore DE to please consider ending or massively expanding the hard cap on rivens in the game. It most severely hurts those of us who play by the rules in the game, as those who would abuse the riven market will find a way around this restriction no matter what. For a game with ~300 weapons, a paltry 90 Riven Slots feels like a severe limitation to those of us who enjoy collecting them and would happily spend plat on their slots.
  14. No fix for unwinnable Arbitration Survival scenarios?
  15. @[DE]Megan It was fun! And I can't believe I won Chroma Prime Access! I "whispered" the Twitch account "Warframe," is there anything else I need to do to contact you?
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