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  1. I could see potentially what you described in your first post, about an open-world railjack. Which would be pretty cool. But I certainly don't expect anything like another Fortuna or Plains.
  2. I just want content that feels good to play cooperatively. The game, from a difficulty or design standpoint, doesn't really feel like it was designed for teamwork/cooperation. When you have friends that like to play Saryn, or Hydroid, or Limbo (or really any Warframe with enough mods and powerful weapons), it makes my existence feel completely unnecessary. I'd love for my friends to be able to play what and how they want without also trivializing my experience.
  3. Infested Open World? It concerns me when people get this hopeful. At most, I could see this being a prelude to them announcing development for another open world. But to expect them to just drop one in our laps without months of advertising/hyping? Seems highly unlikely.
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