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  1. Thanks for the reply. I had absolutely no idea they did this. Now I'm going to have to go tinker with them!
  2. Honestly, I would have assumed it meant you needed to deal damage to your enemies because it says "wreathed in the gore of its enemies" which, to me, makes much more sense and seems much more horrific then "omg, I took so much damage, my blood is pooling out of me!!" All of that said though, I already knew how this worked simply because I happened to be at the right place at the right time when this sigil first released. Had I just come into the game today, I would have felt frustrated with the result. If you spend money I really don't think there should be any vagueness or anything left up for interpretation. This is something that is so easily avoided that it kind of seems silly, it literally would have taken just a few more words in the description to provide more clarity.
  3. I know this is off topic, but what do you mean by "dynamic" syndicate syandanas? I bought some just to have them, but is there something unique about them that I was supposed to notice?
  4. The two that you mentioned are part of it, but also the clip that was shown from the 2018 Tennocon that showed off Fortuna before it released. In it, they showed someone doing missions in Orb Vallis, and then they called down their ship and flew seamlessly into an Empyrean mission. Then there was the additional stuff shown at this years' Tennocon, with the Duviri Paradox, and what that entails is of course speculation. All of these things separately might seem like pretty insignificant additions, and each person is within their right to decide if these additions are really all that important or not. Personally, I think the way that it was advertised and the buzzwords used like "seamless" and "not an island" are fairly vague and that might be the problem. Without clear definition, It leaves things open to interpretation, allowing players to each decide what a "seamless" experience in Warframe means to them. I personally have no idea what it means, but its clear it isn't what we have right now. I'll certainly be curious to see what it is when its done, or if I'll even recognize it.
  5. DE was saying Empyrean would be a new game experience that wouldn't be "an island" like past expansions (Fortuna, PoE). But as it is currently, Empyrean and the individual pieces that make it up are exactly that, islands visited separately from the rest of the game. I'm sure they are working toward the seamless experience they showed off and advertised, but we don't know when that will be.
  6. It will eventually be what was promised...I hope. But I guess there is the possibility that, in the mean time, people will get bored and tired of this content before it is all tied together. If we get to experience each "island" separately as it is released, I don't know how interested people will be in re-experiencing the same content when it is seamless. I guess all we can do is wait and see what becomes of this little experiment.
  7. And that's also my concern even as they dole it out piece by piece. I just know for me, this isn't how I want to experience this content. I don't envy their position and I think there are pros and cons no matter which approach they take. Either way, they'll reach the finish line, right? I'll just be taking a break for now, experience some other games on my ever-growing backlog, and then come back whenever its closer to what they advertised.
  8. I didn't say I expect a fully polished and bug-free experience. I in fact said I expect just as much (if not more) bugginess if they did a massive launch. But it would have been nice if Liches invaded you during Empyrean missions, as advertised. It would also be nice if we could be out in the open worlds, doing bounties, and call down our ships to skirt us away to Empyrean content, as advertised. I can only assume that they will add these things eventually, as they have said as much, but it has significantly dampened my enthusiasm. It's like someone delivering me a pizza, one ingredient at a time. Here's my sauce. I got some veggies. Ooh, some pepperoni! Now I'll just wait for the dough so I can put it all together. Each time I get a new ingredient, it just makes me feel a little bit more impatient that I still don't have a pizza.
  9. Personally, I'd rather them hold content until it is complete. Imagine if, instead of getting beta-tester-level content trickled out, we got a massive update later this year; a full-blown, Fortuna-level expansion. In it contained Melee 3.0, a completed Railjack that functioned like the Tennocon demo shown a few years ago where you can call down your ship from a planet and blast off into space, with Liches threatening to invade your missions. Sure, there would be bugs and kinks to work out, probably just as many as there are today, but at least all of these systems would be connected and working together. People could at least see more profoundly the direction DE wants to go with this new content and it would more accurately align with the expectations of what was shown years ago. As of right now, these updates are still fragmented and unfinished. I understand that from a business stance, approaching content as a yearly expansion has challenges. By trickling in content every month or so—finished or not— they can try to maintain player retention. If they hold off on content until it is closer to their final vision, it means people will be hysterical and cry about content drought and potentially lose interest in the game. I get it. Maybe there is no ideal approach, and DE does it this way to survive. But personally, I don't want to play an early-access version. I don't want to beta-test these systems individually. I want to experience it as it was advertised. I understand I might be in the minority for thinking this way, but I'm just going to wait until its all tied together before picking the game back up. My concern now is when will that be? When will all of these systems finally be intertwined? Is that what they have planned next? Or are they going to add another, separate piece of content to be experienced in its own bubble? How many more separate systems will be introduced before they go back and tie it all together?
  10. I think it would also look pretty awesome on Inaros.
  11. I'm not playing right now, and that's the only factual statistic that has any relevance to me. And not just from Warframe, I'm taking a break from "games-as-service" models because I'm just burnt out. I'm sad I'm missing out on all the newest stuff in Warframe, but I want to play some games that have a definitive beginning and end to them. It is a nice change of pace. I'll come back again, eventually, as I always do. Edit: Just to put this in here, the recent updates have nothing to do with my break, it was just time.
  12. I agree with some of what you've said but I do disagree about challenging content, at least, what I want from it anyway. This honestly isn't really "challenging" content, at least not the kind people are asking for. This is just a gear check. You get wrecked if you don't have the right components and if you haven't upgraded them. Sure, a ship with a more experienced team is likely to do better than a group of randoms on the same content and with the same gear, but even an experienced team is going to have to stop at some point because they need better components. So many MMOs do this. You can't do a dungeon or a raid, not because you need to improve your skills, but because you are lacking the necessary "gear score" to survive it. This isn't new, and its what the entire foundation of Warframe was built on; getting through the starchart with new mods, frames, and weapons. I think Railjack fits into that same design just fine, but they mucked it up with too many elements of RNG. At least, that's how I see it. I think needing to upgrade your MKI to II and eventually III is fine, its nothing more than a gear check, but it isn't a very satisfying feeling either right now with how easy it is to "fail" at RNG. I hope we'll see more depth along with some balancing changes (and of course bug fixes) as The New War comes out, but I'm starting to feel a bit disheartened by these half-baked projects that DE keeps pushing out. We couldn't really judge Melee 2.999 until Melee 3.0 finally came out. We can't really judge Lichs because they needed to be tied into Railjack. We can't really judge Railjack because they want to expand on it with The New War and seamless planet-to-space transitions. Everything new that they come out with is only half finished and I keep feeling like we're told "just wait, you've only seen half the potential this new system brings!" but instead of building on it, they keep introducing another new game system. I keep telling myself to just wait until its "finished" to judge any of these systems, but I don't see the finish line anywhere.
  13. Multiple people have posted examples of their MKIII having worse stats, the Wiki lists the stats showing its possible, even highly probably, to get worse stats than your MKII with very little trade-off in terms of modifiers. I personally take that as proof and evidence enough that you can waste your time and resources upgrading for a higher tier with worse stats. If you want to keep debating on whether these modifiers justify their lower-than-MKII stats, so be it. If you want to post your own examples of your MKII having modifiers, or an MKIII with modifiers expressing a range instead of a set number like its shown on the wiki, than have at it. As for me, I'm moving on and considering the case closed because regardless, the math on the wiki show its easy to get a MKIII that is worse than your MKII.
  14. Are they though? The wiki is likely incomplete, but they don't show a range, they display a set number which leads me to believe that if you get the minor breach repair, its always going to be set at 10%. This is further reinforced in the other example at the top of the thread which shows a 50% chance to extinguish a new fire after 5s, which are the exact values listed on the wiki. I also haven't seen any MKII with modifiers, can you post yours as an example as it would be really helpful.
  15. But don't all all MKIII come with a component modifier? I guess if you think -15 avionics and -40 flux is worth a 10% chance of minor breach repair, okay? But...I dunno, I think you'd have a tough time arguing that one, that's a pretty steep exchange.
  16. Dang, a nearly max-roll on the MKII and a nearly min-roll on the MKIII 😂
  17. I might not be understanding this correctly, but doesn't the wiki show that you can get an MKIII that has worse stats than an MKII? Granted, I could be interpreting this wrong, and I only looked at reactors because that was the specific example given in this thread. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Railjack/Components Zetki MKII can roll between 5-30 for avionics, and 30-100 for flux. The MKIII can roll between 10-50 for avionics, and 50-300 for flux. So potentially you could get a pretty massive increase, but you still have a 60% chance to get stats that are worse or equal to your MKII range for avionics, meaning you only have a 40% chance of exceeding your MKII. For the flux its better, giving you a 60% chance that you'll roll higher than your MKII stats. However–given that it costs 12 hours to research and a boat load of resources–it does seem silly to me that you have such a high chance to roll a complete flop on this component.
  18. Agreed. I like making steady progress toward a goal. When everything is left completely to RNG, it can make me feel pretty hopeless, frustrated, and maybe even feel like I'm losing my sanity when I can't see that I'm a step closer to achieving my goals. I've given up on acquiring certain mods and other rewards after spending days trying because the RNG is so punishing. I've learned from experience now to just look at the drop chance of things on the wiki and decide beforehand if I even want to bother. I can't imagine that's really how DE wants people to approach their content. But I dunno, I might be in the minority, and other people might do this content regardless of how poor their chances are.
  19. I think it is working as intended. I have Amazon Prime because I live out in the middle of now where, so when Twitch was advertising "Free Frost Prime Warframe!" I was like "hey, what's that? It looks neat!" and then I downloaded Warframe and two years later here I am.
  20. I'll take the optimistic route and assume that nothing will change for Warframe. I'd be more concerned about the Lord of the Rings game that is in the works. Warframe is already well-established so I think a publisher would be leery of changing anything at this point. The LotR game however isn't established yet, and I could see the publisher making new contracts and negotiations with the development team.
  21. I like how atmospheric it is. I like the setting, the world, the characters. I'm a sucker for dystopian stories and retro music/themes. I also have to give them props for making it visually appealing. It can get old seeing desert wastelands being overused as the go-to setting for the post-apocalypse, so I think a winter environment is nice and I think the industrial look inside of Fortuna is surprisingly pretty. For that reason, I enjoy simply being in Fortuna and Orb Vallis. I like playing the game inside that environment. I almost think it is a shame that Archwings exist because I have the most fun in the Orb Vallis when I slow down, actively pay attention to my surroundings, and traverse on my k-drive from mission to mission. Beyond that though, I'm not sure I'm in love with the actual gameplay loops. The fishing and mining novelty wore off pretty fast for me, as did the animal conservation. I think the bounties are better than the Plains, I even find the enemies to be somewhat more engaging and demanding of my attention than most of the star-chart. Overall I like it, I just wish they had pushed the gameplay parts a bit more and not just the environment. Right now, Fortuna is a great place to look at, but in terms of actual combat gameplay it doesn't really offer anything different.
  22. I honestly don't know what to expect, but I am excited regardless. DE is trickling out content, so it is easy to scrutinize each update in a vacuum, but I think the bigger picture is what I am mostly excited about. Empyrion, hopefully with more Lich interactions that have more impact, and the eventual release of The New War and Duviri Paradox; when looked at holistically they seem like a pivotal new directions for the game. I'm honestly most excited for the story beats, being able to face-off with the sentients after all this time, learning more about our own past. It's just super exciting to me.
  23. Oh man, you are talking my language now. I am SUCH a nerd for quality-of-life. Don't get me wrong, I love new content, but I love love love when DE goes back and beefs up existing content. What you mentioned sounds like absolute music to my ears. I'd love the idea of being able to run a sabotage mission to break a Lich's current weapon as a way to "reroll" it. The wonderful thing for DE is that sabotage missions already exist in the game, so they technically wouldn't even need to create anything new for it if they didn't want to. Maximum development efficiency for them, while still providing a much-requested feature. I also like your idea of better rewards as incentive for letting your Lich grow in rank. Dang it, I wish I didn't read your post, I want this to be a thing.
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