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  1. I tried to watch it. Honestly, I did. But after zoning out and rewinding 3 or 4 times I just gave up. He rambled for so long, I kept waiting for him to get to the point but he never did. Was there a point, or was it just a laundry list of all the things he dislikes in Warframe? He was just all over the place and I got really impatient. Further more, it's just his commentary over boring footage of him playing the game. Zzzzz....
  2. Post it up in Feedback subforums. DE still checks General Discussion from time to time, but Feedback would be a better place. Think about what DE could do to resolve this issue so that you don't have this problem in the future, be it a pop-up when you sign in, or a banner running across the Nightwave Panel specifying an end-date, or a message in your inbox, etc. And then post up your suggestion in Feedback.
  3. Well I doubt they'll see it because General Discussion isn't where they look for feedback. A cursory glance over at the Feedback forums tells me no one is currently making any suggestions about your current concerns/suggestion. I don't think it is a bad idea to have a notice on the Nightwave panel that says in big red letters "Season Ends x/x/x at XX:XXpm."
  4. We don't have the exact details of how season 2 is going to work. All we know is that there will be fewer challenges but that they will reward you with greater standing, and supposedly Wolf Creds will be accessibly earlier in the rewards tier. But we don't even know if they'll be called Wolf Creds any more. It is entirely possible that instead of getting Wolf Creds, we now get something like Infested Spores or something more thematically tied with season 2. In which case, leftover Wolf Creds from Season 1 would get you nothing anyway. Prices might even change as well. Or maybe it will all stay the same. No one but DE knows and we'll just have to wait and see.
  5. I just assumed everyone read the news announcements in their orbiters. If nothing else, I can't stand to have any blue highlighted headlines so I click them just to get rid of them 😅 But I guess I shouldn't be surprised, no one pays attention to the news in the real world so why would they in a video game?
  6. I would certainly welcome DE increasing drop chance of rare items on Stalker/Wolf. As for farming the Wolf 300 times....I don't know if I should be impressed or concerned. At what point does your commitment and dedication become an uncontrolled obsession? 300 times over the weekend? It is no wonder you are frustrated. I hope DE fixes the drop chance, but at the same time, why did you do this to yourself? It's your life and what you do with it isn't my concern, but have you taken a step back and assessed if this game has turned from a fun hobby into an unhealthy addiction? I've been there, many times and without even realizing it. Some people struggle with not spending too much money on loot boxes, but for me, I struggle with not spending too much time grinding on low drop chances. I'm self aware of it, and like me, maybe you should try setting goals to restrict yourself a little. What if you didn't get it at 300? Did you have a plan? Or were you just going to keep going endlessly until you got it? Remember, you should be the one playing the game, not the other way around. I do hope DE fixes the drop chance, but we also need to hold ourselves accountable for how we spend our time.
  7. I don't think it will happen to the extent that you are suggesting. And I don't think I want it to, either. I've learned to accept that Warframe isn't going to balance the game around end-game difficulty. I just don't see why Warframe should strive to fit the typical end-game model when we already have plenty of other FPS games that do it, such as Destiny, Anthem, Division 2, and probably the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands. Trying to mimic those games would change Warframe drastically and then it would just be another generic FPS. Why play Warframe over any of those other games at that point, since they'll all offer the same gameplay? And as a foot note, all the aforementioned titles are doing a games-as-service model just like Warframe, and yet despite being backed by AAA publisher and development studios, they don't retain players, and their survival still hinges on releasing sequels every 3 years. Warframe has been around for over 6 years now, and it's showing no signs of slowing down development. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 was released only 3 years after its predecessor and they still can't keep players. These other titles rise and fall, and Warframe is still here, so why risk changing the model and status-quo when clearly they are doing something right?
  8. I don't know how all these theft shenanigans work, but I'm one of those lazy bums that used to use the same password and email for everything. So even though they weren't able to get into my email (luckily I used a different password so they couldn't), they were able to steal my twitch account and a handful of other accounts from other games. It has been over a month and I still have 0 replies from Twitch Support, and even though I have paid for a Prime membership, I've pretty much given up that I'll ever regain control of it. 2-point is worth it, trust me. (or just don't be an idiot like me, and use different passwords)
  9. DE is letting players buy it directly, they aren't giving new Clans the ability to research it in their Dojo, so what is the problem? You are still one of the few clans to exclusively have the research option. No one is taking that away from you. So I fail to see how this is an issue.
  10. TL;DR: Even if it isn't the "endgame" that many players want, I'm just happy to have more variety in mission types, and new modes that require cooperative teamwork. I feel like end game is going to look more and more like what we got with Exploiter Orb. It is a fight that doesn't utilize Warframe's abilities at all and weapons are ineffective for 95% of the fight. The only way to complete the "fight" is through doing a sequence of stages that require specific mechanics to "break" the invulnerability of the boss. This approach has its pros and cons, as it makes our Warframes useless but it does offer something lacking from the game which is cooperative, teamwork gameplay. As it stands now, we all know Warframe doesn't require any teamwork or cooperation of any kind. Participation isn't mandatory for mission success. An entire team can be carried by one person for most content in the game. I could certainly see the return of Raids being similar to an Exploiter Orb experience. It will make abilities and guns useless but successfully force teamwork through mini-games, puzzles, and other similar mechanics that require full-team participation in order to move on to the next stage of the raid or boss fight. I do wish we could have a mode that required teamwork while still utilizing frames/weapons without making the game tedious or easy as a result, but that would require a complete overhaul and redesign of the game from the ground up. And then what would we be left with? Would it even be Warframe any more, or a completely different product? With all of that said, I feel less and less interested in an "end-game" mode even though its exclusion from the game used to leave me kind of unsatisfied. I don't know, maybe I became a filthy casual along the way, or drank the cool-aide, or otherwise just changed my perspective and once I stopped fighting to turn Warframe into something it wasn't, I could start enjoying it for what it is. In any case, I strangely find myself content with Eidolons, Profit Taker, and Arbitrations . I don't think any one of these modes is perfect, but I enjoy them enough for what they offer. I guess for me, I am not chasing an end-game experience, and instead hope that DE can continue to provide support for and expand on existing modes in the game (which they have and are continuing to do), and that they add new types of gameplay (which they are also doing with Disruption and more boss fights).
  11. According to the wiki, Arbitrations will only select nodes with endless missions (Survival, Defense, Intercept, Defection, Excavation, and Infested Salvage). So we know what types of missions, but what then? Is it selecting from all possible nodes of these types? So it could land on any Survival mission, any Defense mission, any Intercept, and so on? If that is the case, then your numbers make sense. There are a lot more Survival, Defense, and Intercept nodes on the star chart than there are some of the other missions types. For instance, there are only 3 different Defection nodes and only 1 Salvation mission on the entire star chart. Compare that to the 15 or so (I didn't count for exact numbers) Defense, the 15 Survival, and 15 Intercept, and suddenly those three missions combined make up for more than 80% of the star chart. So it would make sense that Salvation, being a roughly 1 in 50 chance (again, not exact numbers here) would only be selected on rare occasions. I am not saying I agree with it, just suggesting that the system is purely based on RNG, but not a favorable or balanced one because there are more nodes of certain missions than others, which creates a higher probability of seeing some missions over others. The system will be biased toward picking those three other missions types simply because there are more of them to pick from.
  12. Yeah, my thoughts too. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have it, but its been sitting in my inventory for 4-5 weeks now because I dunno what to do with it lol. I have frames that could benefit from extra mod capacity and three umbral mods sure, but most of them I can already do this because I used normal Forma on them. Maybe I'll just toss it on Hildryn since I've only forma'd her once but even then, there isn't anything I can't complete as is soooo...I'll probably just keep it in my inventory.
  13. Ignore those people. MR doesn't mean anything other than that you know how to level up weapons. That said though, if your friend is participating in the "end game" content (Sorties, Eidolons, ESO, Arbitrations, etc), she should really focus on getting a strong arsenal. Have her pick a weapon and frame that she enjoys playing, and have her start using a few forma on them, as well as finding a good build and farming for the mods needed for it. Up until sortie levels, the game can be completed with little effort and while on autopilot. Once you reach the end of the star chart though, it is really beneficial to know the right mods to use and to max them out with endo, how to build your warframe and weapons effectively, and know what damage type to use against which enemies. Up until that point, the game didn't really require us to learn those things, but if she is participating in "end game" content then she really should go back and start learning and this applies to everyone, regardless of MR.
  14. Most people don't know how to play the game either, but have strong opinions about how everyone else should be playing it. If they wanted experienced players, they would have recruited people, so honestly, you shouldn't stress about it even when people point out your inexperience. If you want advice, you can always ask for it and find a plethora of people willing to help. Sometimes people might see you struggling and make suggestions even when you didn't ask. For everyone else, they can use recruit chat.
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