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  1. I'm not a content creator, but Warframe is the only PVE games-as-service model that I keep returning to. I sometimes go back to the PvP ones like League of Legends or Apex Legends, but this is the only PVE one that I've stuck with over the years. Sure, I take breaks, but something always ends up drawing me back in unlike other games. I've played Destiny, Destiny 2, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online, FFXIV, Black Desert Online, and probably others that I'm just not remembering. These were all fun games but I eventually had my fill and moved on. But for some reason, I keep coming back to Warframe. I honestly wish I could stop caring about this game because there are a lot of other games I'm missing out on 😅
  2. You'll have to contact support. Sorry, but we don't know either.
  3. For me personally, I get tired of RNG. It has its place, and I'm fine with it existing in most instances in the game, but I want more modes that offer currency as a reward, and you can pick what item to buy from the shop. But most importantly, those shops need meaningful rewards in them. We've seen it with Fortuna, Syndicates, and Arbitrations, but the rewards are somewhat lackluster and nothing is particularly difficult to grind for. Someone the other day mentioned adding armor pieces that you can buy for 200 Vitus Essence a piece, and people were actually recommending that it change to 1,000 essence per piece instead. This tells me people don't mind grinding, they just want to feel like they are actively working toward a goal. I'd rather get ephemera from spending 10,000 essence over the current 2% drop chance. But this is all just personal preference. I like having clear-cut and easy to understand goals that I am working toward. Doing Arbitrations over and over, hoping that someday I'll get the ephemera but never knowing when, is that kind of mechanic that frustrates and discourages me.
  4. I get that people want new content but I don't understand this whole "no excuse" mentality people are taking up on these forums. DE is too slow for you? Okay, that's fine and you don't have to feel differently about it, but...demanding that DE work faster for you isn't going to magically make it happen. Saying it isn't excusable doesn't change the reality of it. DE makes content as fast as DE can. Claiming that they do otherwise is illogical. What reason would they have for intentionally holding back finished content, or choosing to work slow? What do you think they are doing? Starting the day off with a meeting discouraging people from working their hardest? DE Steve: "Hey everyone, lets be sure to work extra slow today, and in fact if you could make no progress at all that would be even better!" Like it or hate it, accept it or don't, but content will get done when it's done. But I'm sure DE is SUPER happy you suggested they work faster and harder. I'm sure they'll do just that, and all because you finally brought their attention to it.
  5. Honestly, I feel like Warframe releases new content more consistently and frequently than any other "games as service" model out there. Edit: except maybe Fortnite, where employees pull 70+ hour work weeks, and have literal billions of dollars from Epic Games at their disposal.
  6. Vay Hek is a Grineer of many faces. Or maybe this is confirmation that we'll finally get to use him in place of the Lotus 😍
  7. This looks fun. I don't really like the current meta; it is effective but so boring. I'll try anything new just to breath some excitement back into this fight.
  8. I don't have the game on the switch and I haven't tried purchasing plat. I take it you can't purchase plat here, on the Warframe.com website? The plat gets added to my account on PC when I buy them here, but I am assuming that wont work on the switch?
  9. Yes, but not the kind I'll come back for when taking a break from the game. I return when there is a new game mode (disruption), boss fight (ropalolyst), or area (fortuna), and I think getting new weapons and frames is a nice bonus to play around with, but that isn't the type of content I'd specifically come back for by itself.
  10. Man, it does really suck when Night Wave surprises you with a totally unexpected Ayatan Sculpture mission....oh wait,
  11. I guess I'd vote to improve it in some way because as Rivens are now, I just ignore them entirely. Everything about them just seems like a time waster for something completely unnecessary. They have no value to me. Maybe if they changed Rivens so that they shake up how a weapon works mechanically, then I'd be interested. Like Napalm Grenades or Wild Frenzy. If Rivens worked more akin to Weapon Augments, I'd be totally invested.
  12. I guess we can all just agree that the English language sucks. If I didn't know about Carl Friedrich Gauss, I also would assume it was pronounced like cause, sauce, fault, launch, or any other word containing the 'au' sound.
  13. Neat, didn't know that. So the green one would be what? Infested maybe?
  14. I can't wait for the dev stream. I'm super hyped to see his abilities.
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