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  1. IntheCoconut

    LifeofRio appreciation thread

    I have reasons to appreciate LifeofRio's videos, and while those reasons may seem obvious to me, they might not be obvious to everyone here - especially for those that haven't seen any of his videos or might not even know who he is. I think if you are making an appreciation thread, you should at least explain to the rest of the community why he is deserving of said appreciation.
  2. IntheCoconut

    Yeah, the thing about game's story...

    I honestly didn't pay attention to the story for the longest time. I just had no idea what was happening. I am caught up finally, and I really enjoy the lore, but if I am being totally honest, 90% of my understanding of the lore/story comes from outside the game because I read the wiki and watched Youtube lore videos. My problem isn't with Warframe's story, it is with how it is told and how it reveals the story. I am often unable to differentiate whether the game is intentionally being vague to create mystery, or if I feel lost and confused because of something I missed or didn't pay enough attention to.
  3. IntheCoconut

    5 different Archwing flight modes, why do this to yourself?

    It's always an adjustment for me going from doing a regular space archwing mission, to being on the Plains. On the Plains, I always spin out of control and crash into trees and the ground until I remember that 'a' and 'd' rotate instead of strafe left and right like they do in space. I'm sure it is funny to watch. It doesn't take long to adjust, but it always puzzled me. Why they can't just have the same control system for both modes?
  4. I don't think OP is suggesting it be made mandatory for all players. I think most of us just want the option to change and customize the camera. I love fashion frame as much as the next person, but I wish I was able to toggle first person or at least move my character off to the side, that way I can focus more on killing things instead of always admiring the backside of my Loki.
  5. I also would love to shift my warframe even further to the side of my screen. I don't use larger frames, like Rhino, unless I'm using a shotgun or explosive weapon because he blocks so much of my screen that I can't even see where the enemy is half the time 😐
  6. IntheCoconut

    Twitch drops are not dropping and need changing

    That's what I got! I also got a relic and a nitain. But mostly Credits, fireworks, and glyphs.
  7. IntheCoconut

    My concern once Orbs can be fought

    I'm less concerned about avoiding meta and common-place strategies, and moreso just want a boss fight that is fun and engaging. A meta exists because the game is grindy. My first few fights with the Teralyst were really fun, sure, but once you figure out the mechanics and realize that you need to do the fight 30 times to farm for Arcanes and Quills, it becomes more about getting the fight done and over with as fast as you can. So yeah, I'm fine building the meta amp, investing in meta weapons, and meta warframes, if it means that I can complete the fight in 5 minutes instead of 10. As others have said though, if you don't want to be running the most efficient and time-saving builds because you don't enjoy it, than don't. No one is forcing you to play the game a certain way. Will it take you a few minutes longer? Probably. But you need to play what you enjoy. It is a game, so take some time figuring out what works for you and spend less time worrying about what everyone else is doing.
  8. IntheCoconut

    Please rework or remove Stofler on Lua

    This is an ongoing bug. You can check the Bug > Mission section of the forums, and find many reporting this issue. My friend and I tried 4-5 times, and only the host was ever able to fall. The rest of us would make it half way, and then be teleported back the the top. We also tried changing the host and restarting the mission each time. We were able to get the host and one other down there because they were using Nezha. But we still couldn't complete it because eventually the enemies starting spawning under the map where we couldn't kill them.
  9. IntheCoconut

    Please DE, get rid of stasis for kubrows and kavats

    I love this idea! Then I could let my little helminth pupper drag his butt around my ship for as long as it wants XD But seriously, I hope they implement this.
  10. IntheCoconut

    Please DE, get rid of stasis for kubrows and kavats

    I wish I could have two options, pets to equip, and a pet to wander the ship. The little Kubrow puppers are so cute (especially the helminth one), so it makes me so sad to put them away when I want to change my loadout.
  11. IntheCoconut

    Lua Stolfer Glitch

    Yeah, posting in this thread too to help get this noticed. Can't complete this currently.
  12. IntheCoconut

    Lua defence (Stöfler) infinite falling loop

    Same, my friend needs this in order to advance the story. We tried restarting the mission over 4 times, and changed the host each time as well. Only the host can actually fall all the way down.
  13. IntheCoconut

    Who is being vaulted? (If anyone)

    Thanks, I don't have to panic just yet then.
  14. So I read the announcement for Mag and Nyx prime being unvaulted. Will this be like every other time where you can get them with relic hunting? Or is it exclusive to being purchased with real money? I'm not talking about the accessories, just the warframe themselves. And if so, are there any warframes and weapons that will be going back into the vault?
  15. IntheCoconut

    Riven changes costed me 2k plat

    I'm sorry you lost out on plat, I get that must be a crummy feeling. I might not be creative or smart enough to see it, but I'm not sure how they could have avoided this situation. They either stop balancing the game, or they make it so Riven mods can't be traded. Those are the only two options I see to avoid the market shifting, but I don't like either of those options.