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  1. IntheCoconut

    Hildrenn Appearance Feedback.

    If their inspiration was female body builders (which it seems to be, based on her flexing animations, her bajillion ab muscles, her pattern looks like the typical bikini that female body builders wear, etc) then her small breast size is accurate. Body builders have low fat ratios, and considering breasts are mostly fat, they would be very small or almost nonexistant on a female body builder. Here is a quick google search of "female body builders"
  2. IntheCoconut

    destroyed fortuna?

    Just posting this from the wiki incase anyone else finds what little lore we have about Deck 12 interesting:
  3. IntheCoconut

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    It seems very ambitious. I hope that they can get the Wolf of Saturn stuff out asap, because I feel like weekly challenges would bring lasting gameplay to the players that don't have anything left to work on. It would just give them something to do while waiting for larger updates like Fortuna part 3, The New War, Railjack, etc.
  4. IntheCoconut

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #122!

    Lots of interesting stuff and I can't wait for 2019 to hit off. I'm SUPER excited to see this "Wolf of Saturn" and the daily/weekly challenges!
  5. IntheCoconut

    Nitain Extract

    There isn't anything you can really do about it, sadly, other than wait until you have enough to craft Saryn. Nitain isn't meant to be farmed quickly, it is time-gated as other have mentioned and unfortunately, as you are now discovering, it can take a long time to collect the amount that you need when first starting out. All I can say is, from now on you should prioritize nitain when you see it, even after you craft Saryn. I only play after work hours and on the weekends, and I have 30 Nitain. I can't tell you how long it took me to get that many, but it is good to amass a collection so that next time you need it you can avoid the situation you are in now. Sorry, I know that doesn't give you a solution to your current problem but I don't think there is a quick fix for this one 😞
  6. I don't have twitter. Currently, the game doesn't support having favorites or mains. The gameplay loop of Warframe is collecting new things, leveling them up, and repeating that process. And I don't take issue with that, I just wish there was some gameplay that encouraged and rewarded me for investing in my favorite frames/weapons. I think Arbitrations and Sorties were supposed to be something like that, but they really don't do what I want. Sorties - I like how the modifiers shake things up. This could be a really fun "end-game" mode for people like me, who just want to play a handful of their favorite toys, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm limited to doing it once per day. Arbitrations - I worked to clear the starchart to do these missions because I was excited that I might be able to dust off my favorite frames a bit more frequently than once per day. I instantly hated Arbitrations. I wanted an excuse to use my favorite frames, but this new mode inhibits warframe abilities and makes you almost completely reliant on weapons because it has Nullifiers on steroids. I get that the main appeal of Warframe is collecting things, and that has certainly entertained me for a long time. But what happens when there aren't any more things to collect? Or, not even that, but we decided we want to commit to one warframe? The game suddenly feels very limiting. I love Garuda, she's my favorite frame to play, but the only thing for me to work on is unlocking other warframes or weapons that I have no intention of using. How about we get some content (it doesn't even have to be a lot) that gives us a reason for using our favorite frames that we've committed to. Otherwise as it stands, all I have to look forward to is signing in once per day to do my sortie, and then sign off for 24 hours until the daily resets. I guess you could argue that this is my problem, and not DE's. If I'm not looking forward to unlocking new gear, then maybe I'm just finally burnt out? I guess I'm just struggling with that realization.
  7. IntheCoconut

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    Can you elaborate on this "gawd mode" to a clueless player like me? And I get what you are saying about the crouching, but I often don't have to bother with crouching on Octavia because its built right into bullet jumping, which I use naturally any time I move, so most times her invis refreshes without my conscious effort.
  8. IntheCoconut

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    I love Loki but I've replaced him with Octavia. Octavia has: a 40 second stealth for the whole team that can be refreshed at any time, instead of waiting for the buff to expire to recast. 30% party-wide movement speed increase 30% party multishot. 30% bonus melee damage, also for the party. I just kind of feel like he is outperformed by a lot of frames that do the same thing but bring more to the team than Loki. I'm sure there is a reason to pick him over other frames, but I'm not sure what that would be 😅
  9. Why have there been so many of these BR topics this week?
  10. IntheCoconut

    Respons time > 3 days

    I don't know the normal response time, but they just got back from holiday break so it is likely they have a lot of catching up to do with tickets. EDIT: What quests can't you do?
  11. IntheCoconut

    Shield Only melee weapon? just an idea

    I'd like this. A shield only weapon. Reminds me of Braum from LoL ❤️ As mentioned above, I'd also love shield + pistol. And shield + spear.
  12. IntheCoconut

    Dust covered Frames

    1. Rhino. Got him early on, he helped me get through a lot of the game as a noob, but I find him really boring. Amazingly useful kit, but boring. 2. Trinity, same reasons as Rhino. 3. Saryn Changed this to Octavia. I used to play her all the time. I loved how dorky she looked, messing around with music, dancing during missions, etc. Like the others, her kit is very strong, but I just found her gameplay to be very unengaging. Basically, any frame that has a very passive playstyle, I'm likely to lose interest.
  13. IntheCoconut

    Any warframe you feel attached to?

    Loki was my first frame so I love him. I don't really take him out often anymore, but I'll never get rid of him. Starting out, I was really bad at Warframe and I was constantly dying and barely competing for damage on Loki compared to my friends who started with Mag and Excal. Eventually I got decent mods and could stealth 100% of the time, and then from there it was just trolling my party with Switch Teleport to get back at them for making fun of my Loki all those times when I died 😠 Otherwise, Oberon and Garuda are my favorite to play. Oberon has such a nice kit. He really fits the protector/paladin role well and he just gives me warm and fuzzy feelings when I play him 😆 And I originally had 0 interest in getting Garuda. I thought she looked lackluster, her kit made no sense to me, she seemed to have little cohesion and I didn't get her "theme." But I got her anyway, tried her out, and instantly fell in love. She's just a blast to play.
  14. I love both of those ideas and I hope that if DE ever redesigns Conclave, they approach it with just as much creativity. I would definitely play Conclave if either of your ideas were implemented. I love PvP in other games like Dark Souls, Overwatch, League of Legends, to name a few. In any case, I like PvP, but Conclave just never really interested me. To be fair, I've only done a few rounds so I probably didn't give it enough of a chance, but it all felt a bit too chaotic for me. Your idea of preset loadouts with a bombard Rhino, or the asymetric teams of 1v7 all sound like a wildly good time but can still be balanced to make things feel a bit more fair than the current mayhem that is Conclave.
  15. I feel like they really just need to turn it into something different. There are waaay to many frames and weapons for DE to even attempt making them balanced for PvP. While it might not be as interesting as playing your favorite warframe, I like your suggestion of having specific units/loadouts. It is restrictive, but it is a way to provide balance which I think is the biggest problem Conclave has. It does, as others have mentioned, pretty much turn it into a generic shooter, but otherwise I just don't think Warframes fit the format of PvP. There needs to be an equal playing field so that when you lose, it feels fair. It wont have as much variety, but you can still offer classes with set "roles" so that people have the freedom to pick something that fits their chosen playstyle.