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  1. Is Tennocon going to still happen with the Coronavirus? I was hoping to go this year, but so many other gaming conventions have been heavily impacted or even delayed.
  2. I'm fine with some things being left to RNG but I think it is healthy to have multiple systems. After getting burned with bad luck in RNG, it is nice to have a system like in Fortuna, Syndicates, Arbitratons, etc. where I can earn a currency and simply buy what I want from their store.
  3. And that's also my concern even as they dole it out piece by piece. I just know for me, this isn't how I want to experience this content. I don't envy their position and I think there are pros and cons no matter which approach they take. Either way, they'll reach the finish line, right? I'll just be taking a break for now, experience some other games on my ever-growing backlog, and then come back whenever its closer to what they advertised.
  4. I didn't say I expect a fully polished and bug-free experience. I in fact said I expect just as much (if not more) bugginess if they did a massive launch. But it would have been nice if Liches invaded you during Empyrean missions, as advertised. It would also be nice if we could be out in the open worlds, doing bounties, and call down our ships to skirt us away to Empyrean content, as advertised. I can only assume that they will add these things eventually, as they have said as much, but it has significantly dampened my enthusiasm. It's like someone delivering me a pizza, one ingredient at a time. Here's my sauce. I got some veggies. Ooh, some pepperoni! Now I'll just wait for the dough so I can put it all together. Each time I get a new ingredient, it just makes me feel a little bit more impatient that I still don't have a pizza.
  5. Personally, I'd rather them hold content until it is complete. Imagine if, instead of getting beta-tester-level content trickled out, we got a massive update later this year; a full-blown, Fortuna-level expansion. In it contained Melee 3.0, a completed Railjack that functioned like the Tennocon demo shown a few years ago where you can call down your ship from a planet and blast off into space, with Liches threatening to invade your missions. Sure, there would be bugs and kinks to work out, probably just as many as there are today, but at least all of these systems would be connected and working together. People could at least see more profoundly the direction DE wants to go with this new content and it would more accurately align with the expectations of what was shown years ago. As of right now, these updates are still fragmented and unfinished. I understand that from a business stance, approaching content as a yearly expansion has challenges. By trickling in content every month or so—finished or not— they can try to maintain player retention. If they hold off on content until it is closer to their final vision, it means people will be hysterical and cry about content drought and potentially lose interest in the game. I get it. Maybe there is no ideal approach, and DE does it this way to survive. But personally, I don't want to play an early-access version. I don't want to beta-test these systems individually. I want to experience it as it was advertised. I understand I might be in the minority for thinking this way, but I'm just going to wait until its all tied together before picking the game back up. My concern now is when will that be? When will all of these systems finally be intertwined? Is that what they have planned next? Or are they going to add another, separate piece of content to be experienced in its own bubble? How many more separate systems will be introduced before they go back and tie it all together?
  6. I'm not playing right now, and that's the only factual statistic that has any relevance to me. And not just from Warframe, I'm taking a break from "games-as-service" models because I'm just burnt out. I'm sad I'm missing out on all the newest stuff in Warframe, but I want to play some games that have a definitive beginning and end to them. It is a nice change of pace. I'll come back again, eventually, as I always do. Edit: Just to put this in here, the recent updates have nothing to do with my break, it was just time.
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