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  1. also none of you noticed this but i forgot to aim with the angstrum. therefore i wasnt using embedded (DE why is that an actual thing?)
  2. its statistcally better to use the auto mode for limbs, the puncture damage helps with the DPS
  3. twas my main reason for not posting anything huge until leyzar did that vid.
  4. Not the absolute best setup but the fulmin does some work in eidos. The body DPS was lower than usual since I bulletjumped (causing less light around the area, hence my Damage will fluctuate much more). but for a Solo run the Fulmin Does well So what would be my ideal Riven? Probably along the lines of CC CD MS, since the Mirage 1 would benefit from it alot and the Crit is soo good for this weapon. CC CD DMG is also a good contender since its Auto mode Benefits from having more puncture in eidos. TL:DR This weapon is the brigette of warframe weapons.
  5. Knew this since they Nerfed World on Fire.
  6. the Ember thing was a no-brainer, iirc they told you you get the buff while on fire.
  7. Hey, so i've seen the video Leyzar has put out with the mirage prime trick. While watching the vid i found it quite impolite to not give credit to the person who founded the strat (As from what i've seen, it was me since ive been doing this 2-3 weeks before the video came out). I did get into contact with him and his reason for not giving me credit for finding this is because 'i didnt tell it to him on stream.' Well, i have videos, pictures and some discord pics showing that ive been doing this way before, thus proving that i've founded the strat. I will say this, if anyone has video , photo and Some sort of posted proof of doing this strat before me, I will gladly step down since you would be the founder. (the video is pretty bad since i recorded this with a bunch of tabs opened)
  8. Honestly on delivery, K-Drives were just a way to make transportation look fancy. To buff them would be changing how they were originally intented to be, which would mean a full rework. again i agree with OP NO NERF ITZAL BUFF K DRIVE
  9. Glad to know i wasnt the only person who saw it resembled a prometheus lens / Chaos Reach hybrid (or operator chest beams).
  10. Imo experimenting isnt adding abilities with animation locks. experimenting is taking a hard counter to the DPS meta and making CC frames mean something (we'll save that for another thread) . Adding warframes with animation locks are kinda useless unless they did pre nerf banshee damage but now look at banshee, her 4 is a stagger fest while equinox just presses her maim and clean up shop for much less energy. If DE tried something new, then innate Damage Reduction wouldn't be a main part in every main and mini boss were fighting today.
  11. also just saw what based god Pablo posted, i suggest you guys get to practicing.
  12. imo, her 4 is meh, its one of those "sound cool abilities" that would probably be lack luster after DE nerfs it 3 times, (see Ember) her other 3 abilities kinda makes her viable for stratergy play which is what ive been asking for in warframe. Less mindless shooting, more thinking before shooting. As the exploiter orb says "DPS Frames are akin to a simple beast, using violence and wrath to fix any matter" at leas thats what i hear.
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