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  1. There is a world of difference between a change and a balance. although it may not seem like it, DE does know that players hitting lvl 150-300 is quite common for anyone that likes playing warframe's endless mode. enemies from the old scaling and the new scaling have very similar EHP values at lvl 80 - 120 (general level enemies where the general community play at) as compared to lvl 150-300. at level 150-300, enemies of the old scaling have the EHP of enemies at lvl 3000-9999 with this new scaling. It would be very stupid on behalf of DE to change code that affects a large spectrum of enemies to only address enemies at a specific range.
  2. This is Wrong, look at the charts my friend, the difference at the 80-120 level range compared to the old scaling is about 20-30% less ehp (being VERY generous) i really dont know how you derived that from the charts if you did look at them.
  3. So which would be a more reactive element within 2 differently leveled enemies, 2 different enemies that can 1 shot you but one is just lvl 1000 while the other is lvl 300 with relatively similar EHP or 2 enemies which the lvl 300 enemy and the level 1000 enemy does the same damage but have a greater EHP difference? All having enemies with high scaling dmg but low scaling hp does is categorize frames into frames that can survive past lvl 200 and frames that struggle at lvl 200. Imagine this scenario, theres a gun that one shots every enemy, what sense would it make to create a gun that does more damage than that first gun? thats the current state of warframe enemies and their level scaling.
  4. Well with current damage scaling, Radiation either does that really well or really badly according to enemy level lvl 170s tickle each other, lvl 2000s one shot level 3500s
  5. I guess this also insinuates that some frames need to be rebalanced? 🤷‍♂️
  6. There's nothing threatening with warframe's current enemies. The general consensus for survival through any gamemode is go invis, apply heavy crowd control or face tank the damage. Frames that cannot do those are basically considered bad and its not their fault. sure they need re-tweaking but most DE just tend to make a warframe that can do 1 out of 3 things i've listed above. As for adjusting enemy accuracy and damage output, I suggested some change, because the current system is still heavily weight against the player.
  7. Whats the difference between a lvl 300 enemy and a lvl 1000 enemy? both can oneshot you if you're overwhelmed. the point of this post was not to "make the game easier", its to address that nerfing enemy EHP did not make high level enemies fair to play against. Sure its an improvement but we've moved from enemies vaporizing your hp while eating bullets from you to enemies vaporizing your shields then hp but you can vaporize theirs. In what way is that a fair game when enemies have a damage, accuracy and numbers advantage?
  8. Viral does not "only look strong", it is strong, really strong infact. It increasing all damage (including true dmg) is what made viral HM popular. Corrosive is a good element and i agree it needs a buff and so does gas but simply stating that corrosive nerf and gas nerf made viral good is simply not true. as for viral, it really should only affect health modifiers, i made a comment addressing this in detail on the first page.
  9. Hello. (Apologies if this is in the wrong subtopic) The recent status mainline rework that reduced enemy Effective Health Points did not make the game more lenient. Here's my reason why. I'll quote some information from the Wiki to back up some claims. My 3 main points are Enemy EHP, Enemy Damage and Enemy Accuracy, (These are the 3 main factors that determines if you'll have an easy or hard time defeating said enemy). Enemy Effective Health Points Enemy EHP being nerfed is a double edged sword honestly. On one hand, you can essentially dispatch most enemies with a weapon modded with a DoT and Viral and this scales up to the current Level Cap but this comes with the enemy gaining extremely high damage output per level the higher they scale (for example a hyekka master's fire bomb can reach over 50000 damage at lvl 400). Enemy Health Scaling Enemy Armour Scaling Enemy Damage Scaling Enemy damage scaling scales just like the old scaling for enemy health and armour. Total enemy DPS then scales on an exponent with factors such as their level, base damage and number of enemies. Having 1 level 100 lancer shoot at you probably only does 27 damage, but having several (5-10) do this with heavy gunners and bombards attacking you all at once means Total enemy dps tends to be really high, usually we ignore this since we'd just kill them and shrug off any dmg we do receive but the higher enemy level goes, the higher their damage scales. Enemy Damage Scaling Enemy Accuracy Enemy Accuracy and in general, accuracy, is one of the more uncharted areas in Warframe. From my observation and experiences, enemy accuracy tend to scale with their level though they also generally follow a general Hit Probability based on distances between them and the player. From this, I've also seen that if I were to use mirage clones and play with fairly evasive maneuvers, Enemies at higher levels (above 120) would more consistently land hook shots or just regular shots on me. Blast also appears to reduce enemy accuracy but from testing this, the results are quite vague, a ballista from 20 meters away may miss me with 1 blast proc or land several shots in a row with 10 blast procs. Conclusion In general, Warframe's enemy design is not perfect and this is widely accepted. The more recent changes was a poor attempt at fixing a problem in warframe but it does carve better ideas for enemy balancing. Instead of making enemies literal glass cannons (glassmaker reference), start tinkering with their damage and accuracy stats, maybe this will make way more squishier frames more viable.
  10. i agree most procs need a buff but simply saying viral is good because others got nerfed is a very obtuse way to look at things. Viral killing enemies just due to raw damage is probably the worst state this game has rn. an interesting effect Viral can do is instead of just buffing dmg to health, it should increase the effective damage types against enemy HP (half the bonus for viral). for example, a heavy gunner has cloned flesh (weak to slash(1.35x), viral(1.75x) and heat(1.25x) dmg). the first proc should apply a 2x bonus to all incoming dmg to hp. (like old viral) and concurrent procs will increase the health modifiers of the enemy by +0.25x until +2.25x. So 10 procs on a Heavy gunner would make her take [(1.25x + 2.25x)*2] dmg from heat damage, [(1.75 + (2.25/2)) * 2] viral dmg and [(1.35+2.25)*2] dmg from slash dmg. This would also fix the Viral Slash proc damage stigma without completely rendering it useless.
  11. Currently Gas only Scales with Base dmg as its 50% of your total dmg as Gas dmg afaik.
  12. well, i tested against 2 ferrite enemies and 2 alloy enemies, these are the enemies that would put up the most resistance to regular fire, lvl 130 is pretty regular for arbies and seeing that viral just wins due to sheer raw dmg it really shows how broken viral is. As for gas, its really a joke of its former self, Gas Scaled quadratically back then and according to where the AoE hits, the cloud can land a headshot, further boosting its damage. Now its just a damage aura that does some really bad DoT, using a High base dmg weapon with a poop status would make that poop status seem okay, until you compare it with a normal or even god tier status. As for diversity, that completely went out the window with this update, back then toxin was basically the best primary element since everything you can make from it was pretty good, now its either a really bad AoE, a Semi decent dmg type that works against 50% of grineer and the best Status proc in the game. Heat and Electric also got some meaning with this update but you primarily use them with viral because its a straight up damage boost. The entire horde element of the game revolves around viral pretty much and im proposing a change.
  13. Why is Viral having similar to faster Times to Kill than corrosive? This Status Rework was not executed right. While we're on the status changes, why is slash the best source of dmg when there other elements that used to be powerful (gas) or just were never that great (puncture, impact, blast, magnetic, cold)
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