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  1. I know solution. You simply can't be host. Take a friend with you who's hosting and it will count the challenge


    (i did it 3 times: With my friends - they had challenge counted, I didn't (I was host); second time solo - didn't count I was host naturally, Third time with my friend, who hosted: It did count for me this time)

  2. Same! I ran with my friends, they had challenge counted and I didn't (after completing the same mission) 😞



    !!!!!!!! Edit: Solution: You can't be host. I ran again with my friend when she was host and it counted the challenge !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. It sucks for you YandereWaifu 😞


    In my country no region pricing has been applied whatsoever. I just see American dollars, full tennogen price. Steam exchanges to my wallet currency on it's own, so hello huge post-coronavirus exchange rates. 

    We're part of European union, so why no Euros you'd ask? Now tennogen prices for euros have been lowered. So us Eastern EU country has to pay more for tennogen, than Western EU countries, that earn like 5 times more. Sigh

    I can't even pay in dollars. I would totally love to, having some of those on my payments account. But I can't because when I try to pay, steam automatically applies it's own exchange rates from dollars to my currency. There's no way I could just process transaction in $, despite seeing them in-game.

    If I could see my local, Polish currency in the game, instead of dollars, and have that accordingly exchanged to our local earnings just like it's been done for many other countries, I'd prefer that much more, but nothing has been done about it so far.

    We're having to deal with steam's ridiculous exchange rates from $ to my local currency. (and not just Poland, as far as I'm aware)


    I wait for some changes, because I love doing and posting fashionframe, but it's too expensive

  4. 7 hours ago, AcidHorse said:


    In case of UAH - the prices were doubled.

    I had to pay ~1.9€ for a tennogen item last month, but now (taking current exchange rate into consideration) it will cost me almost 3.4€.

    I was not buying tennogen often when it had euro prices on it - I will stop buying it often now.

    2 cups of coffee (50 Hryvnia) was a fair price for a piece of digital art. Now it's just an overprice.

    You can have more than 4 cups of coffee in my country for a tennogen skin (in Poland).. Or 2 full meals.. We need to.pay full price (7$) Even Western countries have cheaper euro now? I think I know what people would choose in a time of crisis 😕

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  5. How about the rest of the world? In other countries, despite earning little salary, we have to pay full price. In Poland it's 7$, it's like Americans had to pay 29$ for a tennogen skin, if you compare exchange rates to salaries. Please do something about it! 

    Increasing prices for these countries is a bad move. As people state here, they will simply stop buying tennogen. My concern is also not taking under consideration countries, which also earn less and can't afford the tennogen.

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  6. The point of this thread isn't to insult the fact, that in Russia and in a few other countries the prices for Tennogen are lower,

    but to make it equally same for countries, that also don't earn salaries like for example in the US.


    So please don't argue about it or take it personally. Shameful to admit, but I cried when I found out for the prices I spent, I could have double the tennogen that I've got if I had the prices like Russia. Whenever tennogen round is out, I can buy 1 item. My Russian friend says the tennogen for them is "deadly cheap" and admits he's buying a lot.


    It's not the case for me, I multiply the ~7$ prices four times to the local exchange rates, and it's very expensive here in my currency for single item. Plus Steam has it's own currency rates, now with the coronavirus the tennogen prices are even more expensive due to the exchange rates being even worse.


    I don't want it to be worsened in Russia, I only want this to be also implemented in other countries, otherwise it's unfair. If you want to know how bad is it here, imagine Americans having to pay over 28$ for a single tennogen skin. This is comparable price rates in my country.

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  7. Hello, so only today I've discovered, that the pricing of tennogen items in Russia vary between 1-3 dollars (150-170 rubles). I live in Poland and I see dollars as my currency for tennogen items. Having to pay the full price, which is really expensive for me and then finding out that other country could pay half of the price, made me feel really disappointed. I was always saving a lot to buy the tennogen and have to choose between what I like more or less to buy a cosmetic. Why does other country is able to buy twice more, and it hasn't been introduced in other countries, which earn less?!


    My steam currency is my native currency, yet I can see dollars in the game. Please introduce tennogen pricing, depending on region for EVERY country, not just Russia.

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  8. I wait for the dojo hotfix, seeing how my dojo looks like makes me very sad.

    Hours and days of work went to ruin for now.


    Orokin elements gold became plastic in mustard colour, and my dojo is in a big part made of the orokin elements.

  9. Hello!


    We were told to report areas brighter than expected..


    That is everything in my dojo.


    On the screenshot you are able to see, how the dojo used to look like and how it looks now (it's scary).


    All the metallics are washed off, matte, without depth or anything, overly saturated, bright, too yellow when they are supposed to be gold. They ended up being plastic, not metal. Additionally I have not noticed any improvement when it comes to flickering of metallic parts you've mentioned, which was supposedly reported by people: Now to be honest the light looks as bright and bloomy as before, only the metallics looks worse because they're overly saturated and the depth is absolutely gone. I believe the problem that others might have had with flickers would come from blom and glare effects in the settings - I have them off for the most part, I've never noticed any flickering issues with metallics before.

    Please fix this, I don't want our dojo to look like this. Thank you!


    Please view the picture:




    Other reported issues, except for dojo metallics gone:

    - prime details not toggling
    - skins are buggy, for example clicking tennogen garuda successor skin from the skins menu (when not purchased) makes the skin flicker over default skin. Preview only works via helmets menu.
    -every prisma weapons, skins, attachments, landing craft skins destroyed. They look like plastic toys, their depth and metallics are gone. Every metallic skin or attachment has the same
    - Some odd flickering, weird lighting, messed up lighting engine, slow perfomance, rendering problems and texture problems reported
    - White color captura scene, brightness drop when color selecting in captura mode (reported since Dog Days)

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  10. 1 hour ago, CarrotSalad said:

    Agree with this havent been using a riven on mine and can still hold its own in the supposed 'eidolon' Its as if people believe you need a riven for every weapon for it to be viable..


    So why would that riven be introduced in the first place? Now every 3 months SAME weapons rivens are being nerfed down to ground, and only 'players' taking satisfaction from that are the ones, who could never either afford a Rubico/Lanka/Vectis riven, or can't accept the fact that majority like to use them. Simply selfish people.


    Nerfing those rivens will make them completely useless. Is that what you call balance? Simple dumping a content to junk levels, only because they can't handle things the other way around, and give weapons a rework? It's just lazy.


    These changes are terrible. All the rivens should have the same disposition and the weapons should be worked on. Overpowered riven mods WON'T make people use a weapon, that using is a pain itself. It's just concealing what's terrible about weapons in this game. And this is what this game is mostly about, weapons that you use to kill enemies.


    These rivens are popular, because weapons for them are good to use in the game for specific purpose, and in this example it's Eidolon hunting. Make the other weapons as usable, as this. SIMPLE. Don't be lazy and don't cover up what's bad in the game with overpowered rivens.


    Following by their bad decisions, they're gradually nerfing rivens for something, that they finally managed to make good and usable in the game, so that's obviously why people use it. So that's plainly why majority of people will be displeased about, because majority's favourite weapons, most used in the game, are constantly having rivens for them nerfed by % with every "rework". Big announcement! It's not the riven making them great, it's the weapon itself! So now you make it as useless, as everything else, by nerfing a riven mod for it, that somebody already owns! And won't suddenly desire a Stug or whatever!

    Nerfing enemies, so that Stug could deal damage to them, won't help them either.


    I'd be proud of developers if they announced, that all rivens get a dispo of 1.0 and weapons, that nobody uses, get a rework. But that won't happen. Seems like too much effort for them. Better to nerf something, that's already good, rather than trying to make other weapons better and instead, overpower them with ridiculous stats on rivens.

    (That won't help, because the weapon itself will still be terrible).


    DE: Let's just nerf rivens on weapons that everybody uses, so these weapons become as bad as everything else, and rivens for them non existent. Smart move.

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