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  1. Scruffel

    Atekron's Workshop: Atlas Skin

    I don't know why but I feel like the horns are not exactly fitting for Atlas, the rest of the helmet and the body looks good, but the horns strangely just stick out for some reason. I believe its just general size, shape, and position of them, as they seem a bit odd and detached from the rest of the helm. In terms of the position, I feel like having them come from behind the head is the main reason why I feel like they look 'detached'. The back of the head is already going upwards, and this causes the horns to be appear more jutted upwards as well. I'd suggest trying to move the horns to a more lower location, just so that they don't appear like they stick out too much from the backside and instead from the sides of the helm. Now because of the position change, I feel like the size would also need to change too. Generally speaking, the top of the helm or the starting area of the horns could be dealt with, as it feels a bit off from the rest of the helm (not sure it's just the model or lack of current detail on that area). I could suggest removing that area so there's a smoother transition of the front towards the backside, and which could probably allow for a better transition towards the horns. And finally the general shape of them, is not necessarily bad, but for Atlas it does come off as a bit jarring because he's a Warframe that is not really thought of having any sort of horns. In fact most of his original design and other helmets, have more sturdy and rugged shapes and a couple of rounded designs, with very little things that are sharp (which are mostly small details or parts of the collar piece). Also they could use some more detail, similar to the rest of the helm and skin, as they look somewhat plain now. But besides the horns, I think that this skin looks really damn good, I just loved the way you had the chest designs have a very nice transitions towards the shoulders, and the back having really nice looking textures that spread out seamlessly. As an Atlas main, I would probably buy your skin if it was in-game, but I still feel like the horns are the weakest part of the helm. I hope you find my feedback useful.
  2. Why not something along the lines of "Shikkatana"? It's a portmanteau using Japanese words, 'Shikkan' meaning disease and 'katana' meaning sword.
  3. Scruffel

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Don't worry, I found the part where Rebecca mentions it:
  4. Scruffel

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Well they said on the Devstream that TennoGen will be out next week. Finally, soon I will be able to see the beauty of the Karv'r Weapon Skin in-game.
  5. Scruffel

    Revenant skins

    They did, there's a thread in this forum that was made 1 month about his files being released.
  6. So there's this Corpus ship I found in this circular pond. It's somewhat half sunken, and doesn't seem to have much of a purpose, besides being a good platform to fish from. But right next to it, was this Solaris worker. Just operating some of contraption. Well, not really operating but just standing near it. He even has some sort of truck that is wired or connected to the ship itself. He doesn't seem to do anything... nor have any sort of collision hitbox. So who the heck is this guy? And why is he here? If he's supposed to be on work... then what is his job even? Kind of seems like this guy may have been just placed here randomly, without really putting too much detail into him, I guess in terms of interacting with anything. Would have been nice to maybe been able to talk with him, or even do some small trading or services. It just really confuses me that there's this random, neutral NPC here. Anyone find any other type of Solaris worker just hanging around in the Orb Vallis (besides the Vent Kids and Solaris United)?
  7. Scruffel

    Loki Alt Helm Deception Messenger

    Woah, now that's a very interesting look for the helmet, really love the new horn designs and the way how the scroll now flows on to the top. I can't wait to see this get textured.
  8. Scruffel

    Loki Alt Helm Deception Messenger

    Well that makes it even more intriguing, and I am glad that you took some of my advice. Keep up the good work!
  9. I will say, you have a pretty impressive idea for a Loki skin, but as already stated, you can't edit the body's model. However, if you are clever with texturing, it may be possible to carry over certain elements from your original design (like the yin-yang) onto the base model. Don't let this go completely to waste, because that helmet looks pretty good.
  10. Scruffel

    Warframe skin concept : Vauban

    You mean towards the Workshop? Well just go on the TennoGen sections of the forums and you could find out how you can submit one, maybe even find someone who's willing to help you bring this item to light. Yes I have seen TennoGen skins, many of them. And you can't edit the model of a Warframe's body, only the texture. It's going to be pretty obvious to DE that you modified a restricted area when they actually review the item. Unless you are talking about Deluxe skins, well those are made by the Dev Team so they don't have the same restrictions.
  11. Scruffel

    Loki Alt Helm Deception Messenger

    You can refer to this guide about alternate helmets for TennoGen, if you are unsure about certain things: Now for the helmet itself, it does have a unique design in terms of the messenger scroll, but I feel like some of the other details may distract from that a little too much (like the rings on the horns/ears and certain areas in the mouth region). I'd recommend simplifying those parts or try experimenting with some different shapes like shortening the horns or making the top of the head flatter or rounder. Below I decided to point out a few areas where I feel like certain changes could make the helmet feel more 'consistent' in terms of its design, and yet still retain elements from your idea. If you were to make some of these adjustments, then this could be a very flawless cosmetic for Loki. Also I feel like posting some profile shots or different angles could help people get a better idea of the general shape of the helmet. I really do like the potential of this, so keep it up!
  12. Scruffel

    Warframe skin concept : Vauban

    This is meant to be a TennoGen skin, correct? Just remember that you can't edit the body's model, only its textures. So the spiked boots have to be removed and rocket calves may not be possible in this exact way you expect. But either way, I think the skin looks pretty neat overall.
  13. Scruffel

    (Character Concept: Sentients) Junpow

    Nice, like the addition of his curiosity coming to the conclusion that Revenant could be a new body for him.
  14. Scruffel

    (Character Concept: Sentients) Junpow

    Gotta say, I really like the idea of a boss character directly addressing the Warframe the player is using, besides the miscellaneous facts about them wearing a scarf or being slippery. I honestly would be interested in how Junpow would react to Revenant, considering his Sentient background.
  15. Scruffel

    Sword and Shield for Tennogen.

    Honestly, if the shield design was more fitted towards an Infested style, which would in-turn also change the sword and theme of the two, it could actually look nice in that way with its current type of design. Because right now, it's flame-like appearance doesn't really look interesting nor really resembles anything of that nature, it just has a strange aesthetic combinations I can't really describe. Pretty sure he was talking about the general designs of those Syndicates, not just their weapons.