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  1. Well he has since he made a Two-Handed Nikana in a similar fashion: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2394233895&searchtext=
  2. The only time a Warframe "desperately needs" or at least *could use* a Deluxe, is when they haven't had one in a long time in comparison to their release. It's luckily why some Warframes like Mirage and Zephyr are finally getting ones. Saying that a Warframe needs one because "they look absolutely hideous" is not only subjective, but also not very useful for feedback considering the nature of why the request is being made. A designer would probably just say "Oh, I guess you don't like their design" and moves on.
  3. Did you confirm any bank account information with Steam beforehand? I believe that is a prerequisite in order to making your items public.
  4. Yeah... then you essentially have the only plat-purchasable Dagger skin. Seriously, there is no more as far as I can concerned or remember. And I can’t recall if any new Dagger skins were announced by DE, and there was only 1 skin submitted for the recent TennoGen Round although I am not sure if this one would meet your criteria: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2396105664&searchtext=
  5. Well I can't really get into the specific why because that would be assuming the reason for why DE hasn't released those files yet. The main reason I can be somewhat confident about is due to animations, it's the same as for why we can't submit any other Primary or Secondary remodel skins. And even though some weapon types could be simple enough to allow through, such as Throwing weapons, there's not really a way for us to know what DE would need to do in order to allow or give access to files that would make it easier to create items for those. Just recently they started to allow weapons
  6. Honestly just add Warframe specific Arcanes to replace the helmets, and maybe as a accommodation, make those old helmets have a special effect while casting abilities or doing specific things. It would obviously be a lot of effort considering how many Warframes now exist, but considering how the helmets were mainly small stat boots, I don't think it would be that hard, especially if it's done slowly.
  7. Ehh... It's not really permanent in the same sense however. Yes, permanent in our inventories since the Eros Ephemera will not go away after Star Days, but not permanent in terms of acquisition since the event will go away as with many other seasonal events. TennoGen are always in the Market (unless you download via the standalone/Epic) by default, and less we forget, aren't made by DE rather by community artists. I think it's fair for them to have a word for accepting items into their game as long as it's not entirely restrictive. Anyway, I can't wait for this discussion to be brought up
  8. I really don't see the huge deal over the Eros, considering the fact that it's not only seasonal but also not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Also, I find it somewhat strange that *now* we are questioning the art style in regards to seasonal items, or at least a single one that seems to stand out the most. And I'm not just talking about the bunny ears or candy cane scythes, I'm talking about the Day of the Dead skins and even that Festive Frost skin you can use and wear all year. It's not a new thing for seasonal items to be technically permanent, but I suppose since we got literal w
  9. Hey good news! Seems like Baruuk Blade of the Lotus was the fortunate receiver of a revision so he will have a chance for next Round:
  10. If an item is not in the available files for TennoGen, then by default it is not eligible for TennoGen submissions. Scythes are currently not allowed due to this, and the only thing to do is to hope that during the next Expansion, that they will be included alongside other items (Expansions are essentially updates to TennoGen that adds more items to them, usually gets announced every TennoCon).
  11. Well, just to note, that this is technically the most outdated version of this skin since there is a V2 version of it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2119723268 I'm not sure if this skin has actually been submitted for this Round, since even though there is an update after Jun 20th, 2020 (which was the previous Round's deadline), I'm unsure if that was made in response to DE's feedback, since they try to help it getting accepted again. So while it is theoretically submitted, I'm not sure if it's properly so; although the creator could eventually do another update o
  12. (From personal experience and other perspectives) Main issues with Zephyr are that her passive can be hard to deal with and get used to, and it doesn't necessarily benefit her kit, her 1 is a decent but uncontrollable movement ability with a subpar damage variant, 2 is a sorta decent CC tool, 3 is one of her best since it's basically damage invulnerability from *most* ranged attacks, and her 4 is basically some big but somewhat unreliable CC and damage. She has potential, but due to way how she works and is especially weak in certain areas, it's probably why you don't see her as much. Als
  13. I'm hopeful for all 3 of her weapons to be Primed, because it will actually cover a lot in terms of categories, since it would be a new Primed Shotgun, new Primed Throwing weapon, and a new Primed Hammer all in one pack. Plus, it would definitely be a missed opportunity by DE to not include all of them as not only would it make people want to buy the Prime Access Bundle more (or at least the Weapons part), but I feel like it would be easier since Gara Prime is already being designed; might as well finish her whole set. It's like breaking 3 windows with 1 rock... if that makes sense. Oh ye
  14. "A harmonious Prime Access Reveal"... Gee, I wonder what that could mean.
  15. I'm not sure how to respond to this regarding the strange grammatical errors and odd manners, but, oh well. Glad that the item is going to be submitted again and given another chance to get accepted. It's not that hard. Why would you not want that? The 2nd step can't happen if it's not updated. I am not sure why you think even non-accepted items don't matter, considering the traction certain items have gotten through getting denied, such as Nidus Night Hunter (you would know) and even recently with Revenant Draugen. First of all, you were saying "plz" in regards to an item that
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