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  1. Except, no. We were clearly referencing Warframes that only had 1 skin beforehand, not ones who had 1 skin submitted (even though I believe there was 2 skins actually for Gauss). And again, Wisp getting 4 skins has no affect on other skins / items being accepted or denied. Causation =/= correlation.
  2. I don't know, but the most I can say is that those items did not affect any of the items you are complaining about that didn't get in. Because that's just not how this system works, as I said before, there's no slots or limit to TennoGen so nothing can be taken from another. Now I can't say either why these items were not accepted, but for the ones that I bolded, they weren't because of simply: they weren't updated before the Round. Heck, one of them hasn't been touched since 2018. I think the ION Gan Shoulder Armor might be a similar situation as those, but not sure if that was meant to be a resubmission, as the only update was labelled as a "reupload". Either way, hopefully that let's you understand it more clearly. I mean, last two Rounds had 29 items... and I can guarantee you that DE doesn't look at "what's better", they look at what's acceptable by their standards. TennoGen isn't really is a competition, more like a regulated collaboration, if that makes sense.
  3. Can you give an example of that at least? Because here's the thing, DE has already stated they've been levying the TennoGen guidelines restrictions ever since Round 19, and I kinda believe that considering how varied and plentiful each Round has been since them has been. So I'm really not sure what *more* would you want. That's a terrible idea. If 3 skins were submitted for a Warframe in a single Round, and all of them were acceptable and perfect by DE's standards, what sense would it make to deny one of them because there's more than two? At this point, I feel like people who suggest this really have no idea how TennoGen works; because DE is supposed to give feedback for most denied items for them to change / improve for next time, and simply saying "lol just submit it next time buddy" isn't feedback at all. It's just unnecessary. DE has already said that not only do they not really factor popularity / votes for item acceptance, but they even have a guidelines and standards for TennoGen with the purpose of determining the acceptance of those items. I get that you might be disappointed because your most wanted skin didn't get in, but trust me, you don't want a system that accepts items into the game with no consideration for the quality of said item. I can show you a chilling example of what happens when you don't *cough*TF2*cough*. Are we talking Workshop skins or accepted? Because she only has 2 skins in-game. Skins that are still waiting to be accepted / previously don't really matter or count.
  4. It's a good thing those Wisp skins didn't prevent any other Warframes from getting a skin then, because TennoGen doesn't have a limit or "slots" to each Round. In fact, I don't think there were any skins at all submitted for a Warframe this Round that only had 1 skin beforehand (unless then I can be proven wrong). Can't really add something that isn't there. And the one that I do recall, being Protea *did* get accepted, so, there's that.
  5. General rule when it comes to new Warframes: Don't expect any cosmetics for them for at least a year or two. Whether we are talking TennoGen or Deluxes. It's always gonna take some time either way.
  6. Let's be blunt, there's a reason why there's only 1 Kuva Melee weapon, and why all of the Tenet Melees are obtained through an alternate vendor. It's because it can take a lotta time to animate an entire new set of Melee attacks for those characters. It's easier when you can just reuse one animation set over and over, with at most needing to make 2-4 'new ones' (such as with Primaries and such). So besides the Ghoulsaw being too new to warrant a Kuva variant, animations are also something key to consider. Speaking of which, as C11H22O11 mentioned before me, there will definitely be more Assault Saw weapons in the future. Personally, I'm hoping for a nasty abomination of an Infested one and perhaps a fun Sentient design.
  7. Gonna be honest, considering how the artist seems to have been inactive for the past couple of years in regards to TennoGen, I find it unlikely they would come back to this anytime soon. Also, not wanting to start a commotion or anything, but what stuff in the last Round was "pretty bad"? Seems like a weird slant to pull out there for no reason.
  8. I think it would be better to have a "Loot Warframe" be more along the lines of a Gambler archetype from MOBA games (specifcally the one from DOTA), where the main mechanic is that the character uses a specific resource (such as Gold / Credits) to gain buffs or use abilities. I think there could be something similar to an extent where a Warframe is able to collect regular Credits faster and more, but also a special variant of them (let's just call them Roulette Credits) that allows them to use special abilities or enhance them in a unique fashion. Like for example, an ability that normally gives a standard buff to the Warframe upon hitting an enemy, now can be enhanced into gaining 3 random buffs upon doing so. Something that's risky but overall rewarding, perhaps with added enhanced damage / effectiveness on top for the ability. I think Credits are much safer to riff off of and make more available through this Warframe due to how Credits already aren't exactly a scarce material to a certain extent in the game (at least mid-to-late imo). I think the concept of a Loot Warframe can be risky if not properly done so, as it would just create a situation where you NEED to have a specific Warframe to effectively perform a task, rather than a Warframe simply being more efficient or have specific conveniences to assist in one, such as Speed Nova in Defense or Lavos in Railjack. Or you just don't understand how themes work? A character can have more than one theme; in fact there is nothing contradictory about a Dragon-themed Elemental Master since in some interpretations in fiction, dragons are basically just that. You're essentializing a specific function over their entire theme, and it would be silly to apply this every Warframe. Ember isn't the Fire Warframe, she's the Nuke Warframe. Saryn isn't the Toxic-Disease Warframe, she's the Nuke Warframe. Equinox isn't the Equilibrium-Day and Night Warframe, she's the- You get the point.
  9. Ugh. This again. Can't wait for when Caliban comes out for people to say "WTF how are they gonna Prime this Warframe???" and then forget that the Orokin literally created the Sentients, and its probably why a Sentient Warframe is even possible in the first place. I don't find it hard for Caliban to be a blueprint of sorts for all the next Sentient designs, with Caliban Prime being the 'Ultimate Sentient Lifeform' or whatever. And no, Revenant is not a Sentient Warframe, nor even an Eidolon Warframe really. His base version was *corrupted* by their energy, and it's why his abilities all have the appearance of said energy but do not function anywhere near like them at all. You could make an argument for Danse Macabre, but as far as I am concerned Sentients' don't have anti-adaptation damage capabilities. It can be easily explained from lore that he always had that function because he was always meant to be an anti-Sentient tool (and that would make sense considering his lore was basically hunting Eidolons for food at night). Revenant Prime will just be a gold, flaming vampire. As all vampires should be (if you get what I'm saying 😉).
  10. The body model in a TennoGen skin cannot be edited in any way, so that can’t happen.
  11. Well, this may be an unexpected update or "necro" to this thread, but it seems like the feature got added to the Workshop (not just for Warframe mind you, but still): I wonder if this was just a solo-decision made by Valve, or perchance one made by DE. Either way, pretty neat and useful. Just kinda wished it also showed recently submitted items alongside the updated ones, but it works well as it is.
  12. Glaive skins are not able to be done through TennoGen at this time, so sadly no.
  13. Well, that isn't true considering how DE is the one themselves who makes decisions on whether or not an item is accepted into the game. Community votes don't really matter for that.
  14. They'd probably announce it on the 27th - 31st of this month, since those are the last few days in which the Devstream would mostly likely be hosted on.
  15. Fellas, I'm sorry to have to remind you all, but you guys have to remember about a key line that's in this announcement, and one that has been true practically ever since TennoGen has started: This is pretty self-explanatory, right? So, I would suggest lowering your expectations and wishes a little bit, especially when requesting items that haven't been updated yet. Like for example, Nidus Blade of the Lotus won't be reviewed for this Round until it reaches this basic requirement. I'm not saying that it won't, but rather, it would be better to wait and see if the creator will update the piece before asking for DE to accept it. It's the cut-off date to when items would be considered for this Round.
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