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  1. I just want a Kuva Stubba. Always liked the weapon, and I wouldn't mind a little bonus on a better version. What I'm more interested is how they're gonna look. They said during the Devstream they didn't have the skins set-up or finished(?), not sure. It would be cool for them to have a similar appearance like the Prisma weapons with a Kuva animated sheen to them. Although, they probably will just get a similar appearance to the Kuva Scythe.
  2. You just search in the Market for Saryn or go into the TennoGen category. Better yet, you can also just preview and purchase skins for a Warframe when you are customizing them in Arsenal. Just go to the Helmet or Skin categories and you'll see them.
  3. What are you talking about? TennoGen items just get released whenever they do, within a TennoGen Round update. That's mostly it; any sort of change to a Warframe during the same update would be a coincidence at most.
  4. While I can't say why it wasn't before, but why it wasn't accepted this round is probably due to the skin not being updated in time for the Submission Deadline. It was last updated on April 15th, same day as the Round 16 Deadline. And it hasn't been updated since, and so then it wasn't eligible for Round 17, whose deadline was August 26th.
  5. ... This is just the release of the Gauss's files for TennoGen and a tool update, that's it, really.
  6. Is it possible that Atlas is next for rework/revisit consideration?
  7. While using a default-modeled skin for Atlas Prime, a Syandana will be positioned differently, in a similar position to for a default Atlas Prime/Prime Toggled-skin. This new issue does not seem present on the original Atlas. Example A: Comparison of positions in a Syandana on default Atlas Prime and with a TennoGen skin on Atlas Prime: Prime Skin: TennoGen Skin: As you can see, the TennoGen skin has the Syandana in the exact same position as the Prime skin, even though it's using the regular, default model and doesn't need the adjusted height. Example B: Atlas and Atlas Prime Syandana Comparisons Regular Atlas: Atlas Prime: Again, the Prime variant is using the same position for the Syandana as if it had the Prime Toggle enabled. The regular variant is how the Syandana has looked, and is supposed to look. Hopefully DE, you can fix this simple mistake. I'm really liking Atlas Prime already, and I haven't even started to level him up yet!
  8. Can anyone answer me this question, is the mod even good for it be used *in* PvE? Because to me, it just seems like a weak Rhino Skin copy that replaces your weapons with some slow and inconvenient attacks, while also impairing your movement. That seems somewhat capable within a Conclave setting, but outside of it, I don't see the point. Not to say there's anything wrong with giving players more options, but as someone who uses Atlas a lot, I wouldn't touch this Augment with a ten-foot pole. I know you could make the Augment better by simply buffing the mod and removing all those restrictions, but then, why not make a new mod at that point? I mean, has there ever been a PvP mod before, that works different in PvE (not situationally, but functionally)?
  9. Atlas is one of my most played frames, I own all cosmetics (including TennoGen) for him, and I've been waiting for his Prime Release ever since the beginning of this year. At first: I though that the Mod Drop Chance Booster was just, odd and not that important. It didn't really seem like a worth-it booster, even if it was part of a Prime Access; too little time for a booster in the first place and specific to even use (since you'd practically have to focus on farming mods to really "use" the booster). But then, I realized, "Oh wait, they did nerf a bunch of farming techniques in the past did they... and now they add this." It just doesn't feel right. Even if they did revert the nerf now, it just feels wrong, because they still did something that would be perceived as "selling the buff". And I get it, it's going to appear in the Market, Nightwave, Baro, etc., but you can't deny it's extremely suspicious. What's even more weird (if you ever noticed or cared) Atlas himself has a farming augment, Ore Gaze, which I am pretty sure didn't get touched/mentioned in the nerf patch notes. I know it's not the best farming tool, but it just feels wrong seeing it unscathed after the omission of others. DE, don't add the Mod Drop Chance Booster, not now and not in this way. Maybe add it another time, especially after you bring back the before Nekros + Pilfering Augments or make some sort of agreement with the community. It feels wrong, and I don't like it being connected to my favorite frame's Prime Release. It's not even necessary to add a Prime Alt Helmet, or a Prime Armor Set or whatever, just get rid of it. I'm probably not going to get the Accessory Pack (not that I would have enough money to do so) because of this situation would make me feel wrong with doing so. I don't mind buying the Frame and Weapons, because it's something I've been waiting for quite some time, but I was not waiting for something that is or could be considered scummy. I like the Syandana, the Sentinel Accessories are nice, the two basic Boosters are nice (and something I could use for MR farming), but the Mod Drop Booster is not. I was planning on doing some 'charity' as I would just run relics for the new Primes and give them away afterwards to clanmates/randoms, mostly as a way to be nice. I'm still going to do it, but I also don't want to do it under the guise of 'not having to directly support DE'.
  10. They already have him completely modeled along with his other items. He's going to be released no matter what, he's practically past due at this point (depending on how you interpret release times), no amount of whining or arguing semantics on his popularity is going to change it.
  11. For anyone who was waiting for some sort of update on the TennoGen Round date, it's supposed to be this week. Pretty quick from the announcement if you ask me.
  12. That's not one of Atlas's signature weapons though, in fact his only one is Tekko. Convectrix was just a weapon he was bundled with. And plus it's mainly a Corpus weapon. And no, Helios Prime existing is not the same thing.
  13. I can understand the first part of your post, since it seems odd that the "delete everything" option is right next to the Decorate one. Perfectly understandable. But this one I don't. Especially the part I underlined, you do realize this makes no sense right? If someone did accidentally clicked on a Warframe/weapon they didn't own... it would just display it. There's no pop up that immediately goes "PURCHASE COMPLETE". You'd have to click on the item, click on the same item again or the Purchase option, and then you can actually accidentally click on the Purchase option within the Market screen. Either you think there's someone stupid enough to do that or think that DE thinks someone is stupid enough to do that, either way it's disingenuous. And what's exactly wrong with the game showing you the items you don't own? It can be useful for comparing stats with other items and possibly even discovering any that may interest you. And why exactly should the Marketplace be the only place where you can see unowned items? You just say it's "bad UI" and say you don't like it, without really saying why (besides the point I already pointed out had faults within it).
  14. That Garuda skin is probably the best one out of the three, the designs just look really good, especially in the chest area and even in those arm-banners of hers.
  15. Again, when the item gets updated for the next round. It hasn't been updated in a full year.
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