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  1. Well then, I am back again. But this one is not necessarily an update or addition, more of an opinion piece related to Atlas and the recent reveal of the Helminth Chrysalis from TennoCon 2020 (and plus it acts as a neat bump to the thread too). If one of his abilities were to become subsumable, the question obviously is, which one? No Rumblers for certain, since 'Ults' or 4th abilities are not considered for it, which leaves one of his other 3. Landslide probably wouldn't be the case since it is somewhat 'signature', and it might be weird giving a pseudo-Exalted to other Warframes. Petrify is probable due to the fact that it is the more simple one of Atlas's kit, but it does come with the addition of being the primary Rubble source, so would the Rubble passive also carry over to the subsumed version of the ability? Most likely not. That somewhat leaves us with Tectonics, which is definitely the worse ability of Atlas's kit, and I wouldn't imagine a lot of players taking it. I probably will experiment with Atlas in terms of the different types of abilities I could put on him, with Tectonics most likely getting replaced in most cases. Obviously I don't have an idea on what ability to replace it with, besides *Celestial Twin because apparently that is going to be one of them and having two Atlas's punch at the same time sounds fun*. I hope with the addition of this system, there can be a way to tell what abilities need balancing or not. Because if everyone replaces a certain ability, or don't use one from subsuming, it would show that those are in need of change. *Edit: Oops, apparently the screenshot that showed this info was from a dev build and the ability used was a placeholder. Sorry for that.
  2. Well, it was obviously used as an insult. So yeah, they would probably get at most a chat suspension. Don't play dumb games to get stupid rewards. It's as simple as not being a jerk. People who fear monger over the world ending over this are probably the ones afraid of what they have done, doing, or going to do for them to meet a similar fate. Just sayin'.
  3. Yes, alternate helmets can be either a retexture of the default helmet or a new model. And considering that reference art, I doubt it. It would probably have to require changing Inaros's neck model (which, yes, that's also apart of the body). And seeing the restriction of body model changing as an issue in the first place, is already coming up with a bad assumption around it. Mainly, it's for technical reasons and time. A new model would require a complete re-rigging of the entire skeleton, taking a lot of time, while a retexture would only require re-regging using the already existing model for the Warframe and take less time. Even if the change to the model is small, it would still count as it's own separate one. Add in the fact that technical issues could arise during the process that might make the skin rejected during the rigging process, and keep in mind that, usually Winners are announced when the models are completely finished being implemented within the game. That would create issues where DE may have to edit the TennoGen items themselves, and considering they have an hands-off approach in terms of certain design decisions made by creators, I don't think would want to risk breaking that precedent.
  4. For some reason, it doesn't allow me to get the code even though I'm with Metro. And Metro and T-Mobile are basically one in the same so... a bit disappointing. Oh well.
  5. I'm not adding to the list. I'm trying to point out how some of the items you posted (aka the ones I quoted) aren't going to be added into the next Round because they weren't updated in time.
  6. Not to be a party-pooper or anything, but those items cannot be added because they were not updated in time for the Round to be submitted. The only one that did was the Xulatu one, but just a fair warning, it's not going to look the same as that one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2167813896&searchtext=
  7. I need to do the same too, because you keep on missing my point completely. And I'm just going to stop responding afterwards because you'd probably do the same thing again. DE gave access to the TennoCon Relay on July 11th, and was only accessible to people who had purchased a TennoCon Digital Pass. People saw a new Armor set and bought it. Inaros Prime Access revealed July 14th. People started to find out and spread information around July 15th about the Void Raider mission that was only exclusive to people who owned Inaros Prime. The mission gave the same Armor set that people bought before. In fact, alongside those items were two additional items, a Noggle and a new helmet for Inaros. The mission rewards are obtain always in order, meaning you will always get this item on the 1st mission or 5th mission, etc. It's even player specific; so if Player A has completed it 3 times already, and Player B is doing it for his first time, A gets the 4th mission reward while B gets only the first one. However and again, the mission does not consider how you obtained the item previously, meaning that someone who bought the Armor set before will have to receive the duplicates if they want the new items. This creates two dilemmas. Buyers were not given any notice of a cheaper method of obtaining the items beforehand, and the fact that buyers have to go through 3 missions that repeat the same rewards that they already obtained. Again, their decisions are not being considered. And again, if it was ideal, buyers would have simply skipped to the next 2 rewards. However, that is not the case. It would seem that DE intended to have these items sold by Baro originally, but found out they could be used within a new set of missions that they were already sourcing Baro's voice actor for. Yet, somehow, those items were still inside of Baro's item shop. So when the buyers of the items bought this item before Inaros Prime Access released, they had no form of knowing that the item would be available in its 'proper' fashion later on, and for a cheaper price. In some manner, they were deceived. They thought the items were standalone. There was no indication that anything else would come of them. There was no way to know. Now they have to go through 3 missions that don't reward them anything substantial besides a Desert Skate Specter. 10 Waves. Maintaining Baro as he moves and shoots, (sometimes killing enemies) and having to use Inaros Prime. All to get a Noggle and an Inaros helmet. You believe, that those buyers are considered to be "early adopters" and early adopters should be aware of the consequences of buying an item early. However, and answer this one internally, in what way were they suppose to know that? There were no hints. There was no precedent set for items obtained through Baro up until that point. These weren't event items that were unavailable for years. These weren't Prime Access items that were vaulted for years. They were items in his shop, just like any other. However, you believed that they needed to be aware of their own consequences of performing such actions. Those actions being buying items. So a buyer has to come to that term and simply just say "Well, I should have been aware that I was buying this item "early" and that I should have suspect that the release of a Prime Warframe should entail the alternate and proper acquirement of this item that is only accessible with that very Prime". How is that good? Where is the "fairness" of that situation? You immediately dismiss any thought of it being unfair because it would mean accusing DE of being intentionally malicious, yet many things within the game can be considered "unfair". Where are you to defend DE during those times? Or is it not the same? And why not? Where's the threshold were something can be unfair or not? Is there even one or are you just making it up for the sake of dismissing criticism? Be honest. Now the player has a sense of mistrust and feeling deceived from the current situation that they are in, because again, there was no way for them to predict that these certain events would happen. Now it may not have been intentional by DE in any way for this to have happened. This could have been a dishonest mistake. Yet, the problem is that, people still bought the Armor set. People still found out about the alternate way to get them. People still found out about the inconsistency involving with the missions. So, in that case, how does it being unintentional or not change the result of what is happening within the current situation? So a buyer has to also come to term with that and say "Well, I guess it's okay that this happened because DE didn't mean to do that". Again, how is that good? How is that good moral for DE? And as I said before, again, DE doesn't have to do anything. They could just say sorry and do nothing else. They could do everything in their power to make everything correct. Yet they don't have to at all. But, it should be clear, that DE still did something wrong. And it's important to understand that people may express their distraught feelings in any manner, even using (apparently) severe words such as "scam". Your immediate dismissal of the word and your constant accusations of libel, just seem like dismissal of claims made by these people because they are in an unfortunate situation. Keep in mind, you had a probably with someone referring to something as "ducat scammed". Would you have preferred, "ducat steal"? "Ducat deceit"? "Ducat fraud"? Because if the use of a word causes you to reprimand the people who are the disadvantaged in the situation, maybe you should try to understand why they may feel the need to use that word? Why do people have to accept how something happened? And I tried to ask before, and will do so again, what do you expect DE to do to everyone using that word in this case? Do you actually want them to press legal charges against them? And again, keep in mind this being referred with a resource within the game. Is it that word really that powerful that it could invoke the justice system to be used on that individual. Call it hyperbolic, but I'm simply referring to how you seem to be doing the same thing. Because obviously a post within a thread within a forum should be taken that seriously. I hope you keep on holding this standard to every single post you come across then (not that you need to nor I want you to, but you seem to have already set a precedent for how posts should be conduct, so go ahead and enforce it). And you seem to miss the point of bringing up the time, again. It's not the amount of time between the availability of the Void Raider missions and the TennoCon relay. It's the time that it takes to not only farm the ducats, but to also go through the missions. Again, if the purchase of the Armor set were considered while playing through the missions, everything would have been fine. But again, since they are not, 3 missions are going to be dedicated to getting duplicates. That's time being wasted. That's ducats being wasted. That's effort being wasted. Because again, there was no way to know that these things would happen. And again, it all gave the current result we have now. It is deceitful.
  8. But here's the thing about event items. There's no way to tell when they will be available next time. Primed Chamber was only available in during one in 2013, scarcely spread through contests and livestreams, then being available from Baro in 2020. That's a whole 7 years of an item being unavailable in-game for a long time. The Armor set was available to purchase 4-5 days before any information of the Void Raider mission came out. That's not anywhere near a year, so not comparable in the slightest. I am not agreeing with you about re-releasing event items = scam. I was pointing how your comparison doesn't make sense for a statement you made later within the post, and how new ways to acquire old items didn't make sense with that logic in mind. Because as I said before, there's no way to tell when an event item will be available again. And honestly, there's already a precedent set that most event items will eventually become re-released. (And no, the Armor set is not the same thing because they are not "event" items and they came from the same source of the mission). You seem very offended that people are using the word "scam". Sure, because every single deceitful act has to be 100% intentional. No where in the history of mankind has anything been done in the sort with only 99% or less. So fine; I'll stop using the word and keep on using 'deceitful act', if it makes you happier. Because again, at the end of the day, people were deceived when they bought the Armor set. I also find it very strange that you say it's not important for being in-game currency, but apparently it's too damning to call that act a deceitful one that it becomes libel. It can't be both. Do you just want DE to press charges on people saying it or what? By the way, I didn't ask for a refund in my ticket, rather a clarification of what will be done about the current situation (because I even said a refund wasn't necessary). And actually, it does matter if it is in-game currency, because Prime part trading exists. Even though it's optional, if someone were to spent around around a hundred plat to get parts for Ducats, then spend that amount on the Armor set, then find out a couple of days later that those exact same items could have been retrieved for cheaper along with other items and now they have to play through a set of missions getting the same rewards... seems to me like someone would be considered deceived in that situation. And even then, it shouldn't matter how it was done, because once again and again, it's the same result.
  9. That's because it is, and it's player specific too. Let's just say you already completed 3 of the missions already, and you join someone else's first play of the mission. You would get the next reward (the 4th) and the other player will get the 1st reward. Meaning you could theoretically get all the items without having to spend a single Ducat as long as you have Inaros Prime and taxi all the time to it.
  10. Pretty sure it can't be done mainly since Steam hosts the Steam Workshop, and TennoGen items are acquired through them as well. It's a three way split where DE, Steam, and the creator take a cut of the item sales. So somehow, Steam would need to be paid in order for the item to be 'free' or some sort of deal made.
  11. You clearly don't if you think the body model can be modified through TennoGen, because again, it can't. DE will deny any Warframe skin that even slightly edits it. Mesh and model are one in the same.
  12. The main issue is that the new method invalidates the original acquirement. You don't have your choices respected when you play the mission, you are forced to get duplicates of the same items you already bought if you want the other items. There's no consistency. And the lack of it causes the current issue that is happening now. And no, it's not the same way because usually when event items are available through Baro, they have been unavailable for more than a year or more beforehand. Also, I wanted to point out this. You say time is not a factor for determining scams, yet you use the example of playing 100 missions vs Invasions as one. There's a literal time difference there. Or is more about an effort difference? Because it's the same situation that's happening where you are having to put more effort to farm for Ducats to buy the Armor set, but then punished to go through 3 missions giving you the same thing that costed less, devaluing the effort you put in. Except, time is not the only factor here. It's resources and effort being scammed as well. Again, I believe DE that it wasn't intentional, but that doesn't change the results of what happened.
  13. Current situation: You purchase the Armor Set first from Baro. You then play the Baro mission and find out that the first 3 mission rewards are only going to be the Armor Set. That's basically purchasing for duplicates. (Sure, you get a unique Desert Skate Specter, but are people really going to play the missions without end for just those? Most would want the cosmetics and be done with it) Ideal situation: You can purchase the Armor Set first from Baro, then play his mission to immediately get to the last 2 rewards, skipping 3 previous missions OR you only purchase the Baro missions and get the reward slowly through the next couple of weeks/months. The only way for the ideal situation to happen now, is for you have to have not purchased the Armor Set before hand. Essentially, people who did pay for the Armor first, are getting scammed. They basically are. There was no way for those that bought an item that came out before Inaros Prime Access was released in order to know how the Baro mission rewards would work. That's deceit. Scam. Swindle. Bamboozle. Maybe not intentional, but still the same result nonetheless. Not sure where you're pulling this "first purchaser's dangers" thing from, but that doesn't make it suck any less. It's pointing the fingers at the victims and saying "you didn't know, so you deserved what happened". Except in this situation, there was no way to know beforehand.
  14. I am on the same boat, as I saw the Armor set originally in his offerings and thought to myself, "Huh, I don't recall Baro having these particular items before. There was the similar Prisma version of these not too long ago, so what would hurt in getting these?" However, that was before I knew about the Void Raider mission and the guaranteed item drops, and I feel a bit scammed too. Yet, I'm still fine with repeating the missions because I mainly want the Noggle and Osiris Helmet now, but it feels like I wasted some Ducats and Credits now while playing through the missions. Think about it. By yourself and no other invites, it would take 500 Ducats and 275k Credits over the span of 8 (including TennoCon relay) or 10 weeks. While that's not as immediate as simply buying them directly from Baro, that's still a lot of Ducats saved, and technically time too. Because if you're getting them in order at a guaranteed basis, it's really more optimal to get it through the missions. I think it could have worked if the missions simply checked if you had the items, no matter where you got it from, and simply push you forward to the next set of rewards. That way, people who bought the Armor set directly could have saved time both by skipping the first three missions and getting it quickly through Baro (and considering the current schedule, the whole mission rewards could have been earned in a single week). Plus, since that how the item rewards already work within the missions, especially with them being player specific, it wouldn't be that much of a difficult change. Still though, I think a refund would be nice alongside a change like that. Heck, I wouldn't even mind giving back my current Elixis Latron Chest Piece (which I haven't reached yet in the mission rewards) in order for them to fix this whole scenario into it's intended manner. Because it definitely seems strange that the items were even available to purchase, when they were scripted rewards for something else. Obviously, DE doesn't have to do this, but it makes me feel crummy for dealing with this. Especially after having farmed and spending some plat to get Inaros Prime as well. I'd imagine a lot of other people who were able to get Inaros Prime during this time would also feel a bit betrayed. Oh yeah, and it doesn't help that this was a Relay that could only be accessed through a specific payment first. Sure, that payment had other items included with it, but it still feels strange. I'm gonna send a Support Ticket to see if anything can be sorted out or clarified.
  15. I'm interested in your thoughts of why Atlas Prime is considered boring to you. Just wondering.
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