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  1. This is exactly what I was thinking with Revenant Prime too. It’s really not a complicated at all. You just have to correlate back to his lore. Revenant used to be a regular Warframe, with vampiric abilities and all, and got corrupted by the Eidolons. It’s why all of his abilities have an appropriate flare to them, but are not mechanically tied in the same way. Revenant Prime will simply be a gilded vampire with some small flames on his body, and abilities with said theme. And it would be pretty easy to explain his Dance Macabre too: since the Orokin were developing the Sentients, they probably would have wanted an anti-Sentient tool, so lo and behold Revenant. Plus it would tie back to how pre-corrupted Revenant essentially dedicated his time to fighting off the Eidolons. It’s really that simple. I guess the only other to worry about in regards to Rev, is his signatures. Although to be honest, a weapon that mainly fires a beam of radiation and a sword that can use the souls of slain victims at its disposal, both sound appropriately Orokin ideas (in my opinion).
  2. Wow, this just happened to me. I already had a Lich who was Level 3, and had 1 word solved w/ correct order. I do a single Sabotage mission, killed around 6-7 Thralls, and with little progression beforehand on my 2nd word, I instantly got it and I'm near the same progress as before with my last word. This is great!
  3. Yes, usually DE is the one to deal with cloth / jigglebone physics, rigging, and animations when necessary or when requested by the artist (which can depend based on what type of item it is). The piece however needs to be accepted by DE first, since not to waste resources on an item that’s not going to be put in-game.
  4. That's great and all but I didn't read any of that. TennoGen Operator Suits, don't exist because they just aren't available. I don't know why this became a debate around the ethics of allowing people access to 3D model's of child-like bodies or whatever, because not only does DE would deny sexually explicit content (as they already do), I had already explained why it could have been an issue to implement. Duviri Paradox. If our Operators are gonna grow older, I don't see the Outfits simply transitioning easily 1:1, there's bound to be some changes within the two bodies. Especially with new models and textures to abide to the new body model. I would imagine that might be tricky for DE to already give TennoGen artists access to files that will give them everything for the current way of how Outfits work, because of how many separate parts they use as well as rigging / animations, but then on top of that another set of consideration for when Ops' become adults which adds another layer of work.
  5. ... I didn't ask that question. I asked what would Valkyr Graxx be infringing in terms of copy right. But never mind I guess since you seem to have dropped that reasoning all of a sudden.
  6. Yeah, it gets really annoying whenever I see a constant cycle of players joining the match and then leaving during the beginning of it. Which is weird, since in one case it did happen recently for me, there was definitely at least 2 people (myself included) who had one of the new relics equipped. They must have been very picky then. Which also makes it extra funny, since in that same instance, I ended up getting Gara Prime's BP from another player's relic. Beggars' can't be choosers, but keepers are better than losers, as I say.
  7. Because the files for them are not available for use. Every TennoGen item, including Warframe skins, weapon skins, even Armor have files to download so artists cannot only reference off of them, but also understand how the item is supposed to be made.
  8. ... No. That isn't the reason why. It's because the creator hasn't been reached out to and/or hasn't accepted a contract by DE to add the item to the console. Due to how console TennoGen can be bought with plat and artists won't benefit from those sales, a deal between DE and them has to be agreed upon so it can be transferred over. What would entity / IP would Valkyr Graxx be infringing upon?
  9. I assume you're talking about TennoGen, which in that case, Dual Sword skins actually can't be created through it. So you'd probably have to wait until TennoCon to see if they are added, since there is usually an Expansion for it every time that puts new items up for use in TG.
  10. I have barely played Gara, and have played a good amount of Xaku, and know that they aren't really comparable by a long shot. At most, you can say they are offensive/defensive counterparts to each other, but even then that's a stretch considering the vast differences between them.
  11. It has, Khora's Deluxe Bundle originally didn't include the Syandana in relation to it, and anyone who had purchased it before received it.
  12. You know, it’s kinda funny how some people state “no one cares about the biomechanical warmachine’s gender!” but then contrast that to: speculation on Prime releases based on release order and gender, new Warframes (esp with similarly themed/looking Warframes i.e. “Hildryn is just female Rhino”), and I won’t even start with the whole waifus and husbandos crowd. But to stay a little bit on the other side of the topic, I guess Zephyr could still use some tweaks on her 1 to feel more fluent and easy to use in its regular dash form. I recall it used to be cancellable by sliding but was changed for some reason.
  13. No they aren’t, mainly because the files for them haven’t been released yet, so TennoGen artists cannot create them. It was said by DE that they were looking to implement them, but it’s unknown when at this point. Especially with the upcoming Duviri Paradox probably further complexing things.
  14. Well considering it’s only one armor piece out of 5, I’d say the entire Armor Set would probably make you look as bulky as a Space Marine, which I imagine some people wouldn’t mind at all (including myself). I wonder what’s the source of this image. I recall seeing that somewhere but it was probably on the wiki or something. Only reasoning why I am questioning it is looks odd as a concept piece. Either way, that Set probably wouldn’t work because the Chest piece extends too much to the stomach, but the rest seems fine. That Syandana though would definitely worked well enough, especially since it slightly alters the silhouette of the Warframe wearing it.
  15. I guess to some extent I agree, since Necramechs have a more distinct style appearance than whatever the Ostron and Solaris have, it just feels weird they didn't get the same treatment before hand.
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