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  1. Well yeah, I'm assuming your talking about the Corpus Liches and Infested Liches, which will definitely bring new weapons and possibly the rest of the damage bonuses. However, I'd like to believe those would be separate from the current selection, and possibly even differential in theme as well. Like instead of Kuva, Corpus could be using some new Proxy technology for new types of Android-like units and upgrade their weapon as new dangerous Prototypes, and Infested could further mutate their selves for more deadly cysts and create more Mutalist weapons and Abominations through them. I don't know, having Kuva in everything related in all types of Liches would be kinda weird to me and oversaturate the theme. Although, that does save DE from having to make up some weird explanation on the Requiem mods we'd have to use (or not, since they'd probably make us farm for more types of them either way).
  2. To be honest, I kinda hope not. The fact that there's still only 1 Kuva Melee weapon is odd to me. Not only because of the fact it's a unique weapon (which I don't mind), but its due to how there are so many Melee weapons from the Grineer faction to choose from, and with lots of potential for creativity. But the fact they decided to go for 2 Primaries (which I will admit, the Bramma is something I actually secretly wanted) and a Secondary for the recent additions is strange to me. Just seems like they aren't done with the pool yet, especially considering how they are still changes left to be made. Although I'd imagine that create problems for both Larvling farming and future faction Nemesis in terms of the weapon pool having to match or upstand the previous.
  3. Definitely Toxic. Viral AND Radiation procs? That's asking for trouble.
  4. That's literally a restriction. I was never arguing about cases in which one creator would make 2 skins for 1 Warframe, I was arguing about the cases where different artists each make a skin for the same Warframe, which is very common. And since you're limiting a Warframe to only have 1 skin, you'd have to deny one of the skins. Restricting the skin to be added because of factors unrelated to the item itself. Plain and simple, it's a restriction, and one that's not fair at all. And again, how would you solve the issue of not enough TennoGen item diversity? Would you mind at least having the quote with the context I was talking about? What would "overshadowed" mean in that context? As in the item was more popular or more focused by DE? You were talking about an item potentially being denied because it released at the same time as another skin, as it would be "overshadowed". And I asked an A or B question (followed by an answer of myself) towards it on what factors determine it being defined as such. Your definition isn't helping because I know what it means. What I don't know is: what would "overshadowed" be in that context? Are you basing it on popularity or DE themselves? Because they have to pay the artists and Steam a partial profit of the skins. It's why we use the Steam Wallet, it's a basic transaction for all parties involved. Only time that changes is when TennoGen are transferred over to consoles and contracts are conducted. Wasn't talking about any of that, I was talking about items that would shift way too much from the themes of the game. Like making a complete fantasy styled item or extremely modern look. And actually I'm pretty sure you can combine other factions with the Infested theme, and I don't think it's the same Tenno, if I recall correctly. Well, you said "plat skins". Deluxe are plat skins. So I assumed you were talking about them, and you didn't make an attempt to alude to anything else but I digress. I could agree on DE making more series of their own in-house skins, but your last statement confuses me. You said before that if DE denies a skin for a TennoGen Round, they could just make a "plat skin", right? And now you're saying if DE so happened to have wanted a skin for a Warframe, they could just make it themselves. What says that DE seeks out specific Warframes to accept skins for? Or that they would need to make a skin in case of an item's denial? I just don't see the purpose.
  5. I'm talking about the rule you mentioned in previous posts, the one you said would "incentivize the creators". Which would involve only allowing 1 item per Warframe to be accepted in each Round, that's a restriction. And again, how would you solve the issue without any sort of limitations. Again, that neither confirms or denies that DE doesn't at least see every item, and still focuses on the acceptable ones, nor does it really answer my question. And actually, would it even be called overshadowing in that case? Like obviously, the items that will be put into the game are going to be attended to, as it makes sure the items get properly implemented. At that point, an item can't really be overshadowed unless DE is willfully ignoring an artists' last minute fixes for a late acceptance. First off, I know this might sound crazy, but maybe because its not always about money? Yes, DE is a company, but when it comes to TennoGen, they seem to abide to their guidelines and rules for the purpose of making sure accepted items are appropriate for the game. It may not seem important in the short term, because at the end day its a product for fashion, but it could eventually lead in the long term for less thematically appropriate items to be common and potentially shifting the art style in a different direction from the original vision (prime example TF2). Not saying at all any of the rejected items have the capability of doing that, but just accepting any item purely for popularity and profit could start leading into that. Second, what do Deluxe skins have to do with certain TennoGen items being denied? DE would probably make them no matter what the outcomes of a Round would be. I'm still confused about the connection.
  6. Here's the thing. TennoGen is a community-based item submission system, which means that there are many artists and different creators who could be all working on multiple things, it's not like 1 single person is making all this stuff. Trying to make this out to be a problem and that needs to be solved, seems like shifting the responsibility and blame towards the artists. And it's kinda hard to complain about that sort of thing when multiple people are involved with it, and no one necessarily has to listen to that feedback, because who is it really directed towards? Again, how could you solve this issue without having to put unnecessary restrictions on artists? We are "voting" because the currently used Steam Workshop's layout just so happens to have a voting-esque system in place. That's why I said DE should try to ask for a new Workshop layout that fits TennoGen more. Also the Steam Workshop allows for easier implementation since everyone can just upload their items there, without having to go through extra steps. DE just gets the items whenever they need to (at least that's how I assume it works). I'm not exactly talking about by coincidence, since that is understandable within that context. I'm talking about an item looking very similar to an item that already exists, for example, if I were to create a series of skins but every helmet for each Warframe would all looked the same. I know that, but I wasn't referring to any of the recent items. I was just talking about in general. What would "overshadowed" mean in that context? As in the item was more popular or more focused by DE? Because it probably wouldn't be popularity, since they don't really care about that; and whether or not DE focuses on specific items is debatable to say the least. Definitely when it comes to items they have accepted or are going to. But, I wouldn't exactly say this means that DE doesn't at least check for most items on the Workshop (not just for eligibility but also being recently updated and such). Is this supposed to imply... what exactly?
  7. Past 3 Rounds, which would be around 9 months. That is most definitely what I would call a break. Also I don't know if Excalibur skins are going to be added in the next Round, it's up for DE to decide. And Deluxes are separate from TennoGen, so I don't see the point in bringing that up. You can absolutely breath more life into other frames, it's called making suggestions and inspiring artists. I've even done it. You don't need to make arbitrary restrictions upon them because you have a bias against a Warframe. Again, it's unnecessary. I'm pretty sure that doesn't have much to do with the items themselves, but rather if the items are given passes to be placed on consoles. Cause if I remember correctly, DE has to make contract deals with the artists in order to implement their items into consoles. Not trying to shift the blame towards the artists, rather it still doesn't have much to do with the Warframe.
  8. I know he already has a lot, and I'd also like more skins for Warframes that have less options, but it's unnecessary to prevent said items for that purpose. I've already supported how you can have it both ways, since it's not like an Excalibur skin is taking the slot of another.
  9. You know, those could be cool as Deluxe skins. But they wouldn't be possible at all through TennoGen. I guess besides the helmets.
  10. So how does Steam get their pay? That's the main reason why we have to buy it through our Wallet, it's basically a direct payment for them as they host the Workshop. But if we were to switch that to Plat, how would that work? Cause in that case, you could only buy TennoGen with Plat purchased through Steam. And sure, DE could give a fraction of what Plat is sold for TennoGen, but that's why we directly purchase it. There's no need for additional contracts. What about people trading with others? I'd imagine some people would want the Steam Plat for TennoGen, and if someone doesn't have it, what's the point of trading with them? The reason why it can be done on Console is because you're already paying the console provider with the store purchase of Plat. Basically any TennoGen purchases are already paid for them.
  11. It's been 3 Rounds since (if you count the most recently announced Winners) there was an Excalibur skin added, and there was only 1 Excal submission last round. And within those Rounds, we've had 3 Warframes get their first skin, then 5 Warframes get their 2nd skin for themselves (some overlapping with the first three). Actually, in the last Round in which an Excal skin was added, 2 Warframes got their first skin and 1 Warframe even got their first item in the form of a helmet. So honestly, I don't think a "break" is necessary.
  12. The "time" I'm referring to, is the releasing an item at the same time as another. Sorry if that confused you. Skin-spam? I really don't see how taking the time to create an item for a Warframe is considered spam. Even if it's for a Warframe that already has items, or multiple items in a round. Especially when it's the ladder case, that's usually considered a coincidence. Again, voting doesn't matter. Also, not sure what syandanas you mean. Well, they usually deny a creator's items for something that has to do with the item itself, not usually something surrounding it. Only cases of that could be when one item is too similar to another, or an item's faction/theme isn't allowed through TennoGen. But that doesn't have to do anything with time, nor with the "time" I'm referring too. Problem with that, is that would be creating limits and competition within the community, which isn't necessary since practically most of them are considered freelancers and doing it as a hobby. And trying to put a restriction on them that deals not with what they are allowed to create in the sense of what is appropriate within the game, but rather what they specifically want to, would be ruining artistic integrity. And trying to control a community which people can come in and out, can take breaks within, and suddenly come back would be hard to manage. Let's also think of a situation how this wouldn't work. Someone creates a skin for Nova. The Nova skin gets denied the first Round it was submitted into, now here's the issue. If that creator continues working on that skin, would that mean no one else could make a Nova skin? Or would it be allowed since it's simply a resubmission? Because if two Nova skins would be accepted, that's not only breaking the rule, but it could also imply favoritism and/or lack of consistency. And if that creator never updates the item? Are all Nova skins hold off in the chance that the creator may comeback to change it? Just allowing the artists and creators to make what they want, whenever they want is much better than trying to restrict them in such a fashion that doesn't serve much of a purpose than to... actually I don't see the benefit for the system for both DE and the creators. DE can't really improve a system that doesn't have impact on their decisions for items to be added. Honestly I'd rather prefer it if DE convince Steam to give them a new Workshop layout so they can finally forget about people complaining about it.
  13. Players do make the TennoGen, but then DE would put the items into the game so they can be sold. They would be selling a design of some other company's IP. So that is DE's responsibility. It wouldn't be cool. Also, cosplaying is a big difference. One is someone using a trademarked character for their own personal fashion/costume, and the other is a person using a trademarked character for a design to use as an in-game item which will eventually be charged at a price. You can obviously guess what causes more legal trouble. Heck, the former is practically free advertising.
  14. Because it is. You can see my above post about how I feel about this statement, but basically; it's unfair to deny a creator's skin, not for any technical or stylistic reasons, but because they made a skin for a Warframe at the "wrong time". Also, in order to be consistent about this rule, you'd have to deny multiple items for Warframes that have little to nothing as well. In general, it wouldn't work.
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