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  1. I would imagine that DE should have some way to keep track of any updates that happen through TennoGen already, but it would definitely make the process more direct and simple.
  2. Reminder: This skin is a TennoGen item, meaning that there is a creator behind it in which either DE or themselves would consult the other in regards to changes that would be made for it. I'm not exactly sure if a solution to this perceived issue would require changing a certain intentional aspect of the design in which the creator would not want to remove.
  3. While I do have some certain types of grievances related to the fashion of which the Steam Workshop is setup for Warframe TennoGen, one thing that mainly bothered me was seeing updated or resubmitted TennoGen items within the Workshop. Usually, it's hard to find these, and can mostly only be seen unless it's through an alternate source such as social media or even on these Forums. Some artists use a different option of simply making a new submission of their new version. It's definitely convenient in that way, but it can cause someone's past work to be flooded with old and outdated versions wh
  4. Don't we constantly help the Corpus and Grineer through Invasions? In which we even get benefits (as well as downsides) from assisting them? Like considering all the stuff they have done, we still help them and others who have been directly affected by their actions, such as the Ostron and Solaris. Sure, the Orokin Elites were worse in a lot of ways compared to our current enemies, but I don't see them as equal as the Entrati, who seem to want to do good and fix the current situation there are in. At least every faction (besides the Sentient since we don't know their opinion) would agree on on
  5. Well, maybe it's unfair to an extent from an outside perspective, but for the most part TennoGen artists don't really complain about this stuff all that much. And again, just to note, every single TennoGen skin's body is a recolor retexture of the base one. You're probably also thinking of Deluxes, which aren't TennoGen and are made directly in-house by DE.
  6. Yes. That's how it's always been when it comes to Warframe Skins. Helmets are free ranged to be custom models, but not skins, those can only be retextures.
  7. The body model in a TennoGen skin cannot be changed at all.
  8. Regarding this item, I recalled something from the creator along the lines of wanting it to create a skin from it. Luckily, I was correct, as confirmed by this tweet: Sadly, this was around the time that the artist had taken a break from doing TennoGen, and only just got recently back and decided to start a Protea skin. Not sure if they would have time to update the Onryo.
  9. Rocks... can be sharp. They can scrape, they can stab. And considering that this is shrapnel we are talking about, these aren't just going to be some pebbles thrown at the opponent, these are chunks of rock designed to cut and scratch. I don't know how one could interpret this as making 'no sense'. I mean... yeah. It's meant for the Bulwark. As much as I am somewhat befuddled by the decision to only buff that part of the ability, and not in a way that helps with bolstering it's defensive capabilities (like increasing the size of it), I can understand it as the Boulder is a secondary fe
  10. -oops, accidental quote instead of edit-
  11. It's not really the community who decides what a Signature is, it's quite literally DE's through simply putting it within the weapon's description or it having a specific synergy in which the specific Warframe can benefit from. The only two signatures that haven't received a bonus are both of Khora's Hystrix and Dual Keres for some reason, as well Mirage's Akzani is described has her favorites despite those not getting Primed nor having benefits either. Either way, it's pretty clear to see which weapon is meant for what Warframe.
  12. Nidus doesn't have Signature weapons. Despite the Hema and Hirudo being thematically appropriate and being apart of his bundle, there's no mention of them being his special/signature choice. Besides, it would be most likely that Nidus Prime would probably come with Gazal Prime, since it's still a Tenno weapon, and Djinn Prime, since Sentinels seem to have a universal bypass from the 'faction-restriction' aspect surrounding them due to certain lore aspects. Plus it would make sense since Djinn is Infested, and that connects it back to Nidus, and Gazal quite literally synergizes with it too.
  13. Atlas Prime didn't come with Tekko Prime, literally his signature? I know his Prime Access was the shortest but it couldn't have been that quick to forget. Also it's not necessarily true since Nidus doesn't have Signatures. Absolutely. I would only say it would be a problem if a Warframe were to have some unconventional Signatures, such as Hildryn's Larkspur (Archgun) or more than two of them, such as Gara's entire set. I think the former wouldn't be that big of a deal since Hildryn Prime won't come for some time and probably by that point aspects that make it unconventional would less
  14. It most likely will, just not now. It takes time to make contracts with artists and get update through certifications.
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