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  1. You know I actually like the new Warframes designs, especially Wisp's, but I can understand why people may I have a problem with Hildryn's. It's probably most due to the fact that its something that people are both used to and are also not in a strange sense, mostly because of how its presented and what its supposed to be. I can see why people don't like the idea of a "female Rhino", but honestly how else would they be able to make a muscular frame in any sense without having the natural resemblance of that frame? Besides I don't get any particular 'wrestler' nor 'bodybuilder' vibes from Rhino, and I know that sounds weird since he's supposed to be the big guy on campus, but remember he never really shows off his strength in a particular way (although I guess you could count his idles yet they also seem like basic 'look I'm so strong' flaunting). In fact, most of time he's using mostly his weight to some extent: his passive, his Stomp, and you could even argue his Charge is just him throwing his weight/body at you. I'm not expecting Hildryn to start grabbing enemies and throwing them into the sun, but just by her design I am getting way more of these thematic vibes than Rhino for some reason. Although, I do think her proportions should be slightly modified to appear more tall, as I can see why people find her 'midget-y'. Honestly I am just more interested in their play styles, because a 'no energy all shield' move set sounds very interesting, as long as its executed properly.
  2. Scruffel

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    But people making Excalibur skins and not Khora skins isn't really DE's fault, nor anyone's fault. That's just the creator's decisions. And technically certain frames who had nothing before did get something this round (Nidus, Rev, and Garuda). I can understand why it may seem completely unfair that their hasn't been any Khora skins accepted yet, despite their being in the workshop, but there's literally this line from Megan's post: "If you have a favourite item that didn’t make it, don’t fret! There’s a good chance we’ll be working with the creator to help get it across the finish line. Usually technical or stylistic issues are the main cause for rejection, but we do our best to help pieces with great promise get accepted to the game." That means there's still a possible chance one of the skins maybe added, for example one of Yatus's items was actually added late in the previous round. Also I don't really believe you on not wanting to be rude when you expressed hate to the person in charge of accepting items in a previous post. Sounds extremely rude to me.
  3. Scruffel

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    I understand some of your guys frustration over certain items not getting in, but is it really necessary to be rude to other's creations? I'm not saying you can't critique them nor DE's decisions but don't discredit the work that was put into them.
  4. Scruffel

    TennoGen Round 15 - Accepted Items!

    Not trying to sound disappointed, more curious, but why does it seem like the recent TennoGen Rounds are having less items added each time?
  5. No, the TennoGen creators usually update their own items while DE adds the fixes in-game. And they probably won't modify those items for a small aesthetic fix. Plus, this isn't really the place to ask for these kind of changes. Usually you either report these types of problems to the Feedback or Bug Reports Art & Animation sections.
  6. Are you talking technically or aesthetically? Because they are not going to fix a skin nor someone else's item for neither probably, due to it's not really the fault of either item. It's just the way how the items look together.
  7. Scruffel

    Atlas helmet WIP

    There are 2 problems that I can already see and that's from the design and the color palette. The design is not inherently bad when it comes to the 'faceplate' that this helmet has, in fact it looks somewhat fine and fitting for Atlas. The problem however, its the 'hat' part due to the fact that it gives away completely on what you are trying to reference. You see if you were to show me the faceplate by itself, I could only really describe it as one and I probably wouldn't be able to guess the theme of the whole helmet. But as soon as you add the hat onto it, I instantly know it's a gladiator helmet, and that's it. What I am saying is that you need to try and create some more interesting shapes and structures in order to allude more to the design of the helmet rather than taking the general shape of it and adding more detail to it. Another thing that seems conflicting is the color palette, or rather, the color usage that is present in this helm. Again, the faceplate seems to be using the color palette of Atlas fine, but then the hat gets a bit odd as it's mostly colored by the Accent, and barely uses the Primary. Now of course some helmets and even skins tend to barely use certain color regions to a degree (eg. Atlas Graxx and it's lack of Accents/metals) but the Primary color should be at least a noticeable one for people who are viewing your item. From looking at the item upfront I can't see the Primary at all, which can be a big problem to people who view the item at specific angles. Another problem is how the hat also uses the Tertiary color, but for metals. This would be fine if this was consistent through out the entire helmet, but the faceplate also uses Tertiary but in a different way. I could definitely see this conflicting for people who want to create specific color combinations but feel like they can't due the fact that they don't like a specific metallic color being present. My suggestion would be to redesign the hat as if it was connected or coming from the faceplate, and try to modify the shape a lot to continue alluding to it while still having certain details that bring home that gladiator theme. I definitely feel like there's some real potential for an interesting design of this kind, plus Atlas could use some more Greek inspired items.
  8. Scruffel

    Ugliest Frame

    Well I am quite used to being able to type for long, so creating that whole paragraph was somewhat basic for me.
  9. Except that's not the only thing that they did to that helmet? I know it's mainly a joke, but it's a complaint that I see a lot about Excalibur Prime's helm that I don't see the issue with.
  10. Scruffel

    Displaying Mastery Rank Progress

    The complaints of not needing it can be easily avoided if it was toggleable. Seems like a pretty simple solution to me.
  11. Scruffel

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Can we get an update on Atlas Deluxe? It feels like with Limbo Deluxe already near, that there should have been some confirmation of it being worked on.
  12. Scruffel

    Ugliest Frame

    What's even the point of this thread? Like seriously, it just seems like a pointless conversation because there is no 'ugliest' frame. It's all based around personal opinion. I bet there are people that absolutely hate one Warframe but love the design of that same one. I really don't see the point of trying to point out design 'flaws' in a Warframe, because those are just really design choices. Every character in this game has a design for their theme, gameplay, general aesthetic and design; and of course it's not always going to please every single person. I think all Warframes and even Primes look good in their own right, and it feels silly to try and determine which one is the ugliest because there is no true equalizer to determine it. For anyone who does think that a Warframe does look ugly, I have 2 things to say to you. 1: There's always someone that can think that your favorite frame is also the ugliest, son of a female dog that has ever existed, and 2: There are many ways to fix the design of a Warframe you don't personally like (color palette, skins, alternate helmets, etc). I know it seems like I came into this thread for no reason to complain about a silly topic but honestly I am just trying to remind people that you shouldn't feel bad for liking a Frame's design, everyone just has their own special opinion. In general, there is no ugly Warframe, and you shouldn't feel bad for liking 'something ugly', because there is no right opinion on what is ugly in this game. ... ... ... Anyway, Oberon Prime has the worst design ever, screw him and his angelic LEGO pieces on his shoulders. ⋅
  13. Scruffel

    Favens Doodlebox. Limbo WIP.

    Sorry to bother you or anyone following this thread, but I have noticed an issue with your Rhino Graxx skin. It seems that a part of the skin seems to be using a wrong color region, so I decided to recreate your color code example that you used in the Workshop submission as a reference. As you can see, the pair of large tubes in the back are painted in-game as Tertiary, when they apparently were meant to be Secondary. I'm extra sorry if you are still doing your contract work, but this was something that I felt like probably should be fixed. Not sure if this was intentional or if you had nothing to do about it, but hopefully I didn't waste your time at all. Love your work, and hope you have a good day!
  14. Scruffel

    Umbra and his scarf...

    They do, but they usually are obscured by the scarf and umbra pieces and sometimes don't tend to mesh well with the look of the skin. Sometimes it works, but it's not always the case.
  15. Scruffel

    Atlas reimagined

    I'm glad you generally liked my idea. On the topic of my Petrify buff, you could make consecutive uses decrease the amount of I-frames, so it doesn't feel like you can completely play as an invincible Medusa the whole time. There could be a small cool down from when you can fully get your I-frames back, so that it doesn't feel vague on when you can perform it properly again (plus it could technically connect to Atlas's brawler theme since it could act like a pseudo-counter move).