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  1. I personally don’t like the turret idea because this is a fast paced game where staying in one small area kinda hurts you. I like the tracking targets idea and the slash damage but I think it could use some synergy with bastille, like...if flechette is in the bastille then give it a 2x damage boost or something and give it increase status chance or critical chance. I like the boost pad idea a lot actually but I think it’s kinda stealing from wisp too much if that makes sense
  2. I love Vauban a lot, he’s my second most used frame because I loved taking him to endurance runs. His rework is a great step in the right direction, but he is still facing the same issues as he was before, half of his abilities are useless (Tesla and Minelayer(the only useful thing about minelayer is the overdrive ability everything else is a gimmick)), his energy costs are way to high for the impact they bring to the table, I feel like bastilles energy cost needs to be dropped down to 50 or 60 from 100. Photon strike also needs to be brought Down to 50 energy because vaubans main combo that he NEEDS to spam to amount to anything in a mission is draining his energy too quickly. Sure you could make the argument “oh just pop all the efficiency mods on” but here’s the problem with that, all of his abilities require DR, EF, RG and PS to maximize their benefits. This is ZERO flex with how you build this warframe, there are WAAAAAY to many staple mods and he can’t fit them all, because the staple mods (primes flow, primed continuity, vitality, and natural talent) eat up half of his mod slots, oh and did I mention his cast times are absolutely horrendous? Yeah it takes a solid 10 years for vauban to cast his combo, sure once you get vortex down the photon strike isn’t horrible but when you need a maximum or 3 strikes to kill armor stripped 160 gunners your energy is gone. You’re better off making them float in the air and shoot them. BUT WAIT there’s more! Bastille’s armor strip doesn’t work on enemies that are being cc by other means even when they’re in the ability. So here’s another problem. Vaubans abilities are contradicting each other. “Enemy being zapped by your Tesla and you want their armor gone so you can get a new target for the rolling boi? Well you’ve just been bamboozled kiddo because that orb ain’t movin anywhere because that guy you want dead still has magical space armor that gives them a bagillion more health. Here’s some positive things that I like. Bastille armor stripping is amazing Bastille and Vortex synergies are cool overdrive is a nice damage boost The Tesla roller bois are awesome but I want more I like how bastille can give vauban the stripped armor (just wish the buff had a longer base duration(yes I know the buff can be refreshed)) P.S. Minelayer is still a gimmick but here’s a way to change it :D keep overdrive that is great make it so the boost pad leaves a residual speed buff kinda in the sense of novas worm hole augment (yes and make it effected my duration) tether ball is straight useless because vortex exists( this is the same problem Vauban had before rework “bastille is just better than vortex”) replace tether ball with a damage midigation ball, this would help his survability and make him not a big ol’squish Now finally...flechette, okay I personally HATE this ability and I know a lot of other people who do, it’s a Azima ring that’s just worse, atleast the azima had the decency to go in a perfect 360 degree circle. The flechette was like “hey, I wanna be like the azima disk *hits a fat dooby* but I want to shoot nails and never be able to hit the broad side of a barn” and it kinda just sucks at general mobbing. Sure you can make an argument for this too “oh it’s a low cost ability it’s not suppose to slaughter entire rooms” yeah I guess your right Jimmy...but does that explain why it has worse probability of hitting something then Clem who drank a little bit too much greedy milk?? Not gonna lie...I don’t really have a fix for this one. I don’t want minelayer to be a 100% buffing ability because that’s just not his theme as a warframe. I feel like if we were to keep flechette then make it work like the azima when it comes to the bullets being fired. I’d personally like to see it replaced with something more practical. But I guess every warframe needs that one mediocre ability XD. hopefully this feedback helps. Tbh it was more of a S#&$post but there are some elements in here that I pitched to my clan and they agreed with most of them, so who knows maybe DE finds this and takes some notes :P
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