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  1. Here’s my thoughts of Yareli after having played her for roughly three days. Her kit has a fantastic Foundation for a kit but it has almost no structure or synergy to it, so let’s fix that. The focus of this topic is adding synergy and functionality between all of her abilities. Sea Snares: Overall a fun first ability, I don’t think it needs damage. The ability shouldn’t have a cap of 15 enemies CC’d when the bubbles have a very short duration to begin with especially when it takes multiple casts to cc a large amount of enemies. I will explain how each ability synergizes with each other in their explanations Solution: Remove enemy cap and add synergy with Aqua Blades and Merulina Merulina:Frustrating ability, the damage MIT is a good start but the ability NEEDS more in terms of scaling investment and giving more incentives to use it. I have a few ideas in terms of better health scaling and mitigating all the CC that can knock Yareli off of Merulina. Solution:When Yareli first boards merulina she gains 3 stacks of insert buff name here that gives her HARD CC immunity, these stacks are removed when hit by said CC, the stacks give Yareli 3 seconds of immunity to CC and will release 3 sea snares when procd, These buff stacks will regen one at a time over 15 seconds each. IF Yareli manages to lose all 3 buff stacks she gets knocked off Merulina releases 5 sea snares and gains a 20% movement speed increase for 3 seconds. Aqua Blades: This ability has loads of potential to be good and right now it’s on the right track all we need to do is give it some cool synergies with Merulina and Sea snares and these are pretty simple fixes…I think… Solution: Let’s address the synergies first and how it’ll affect damage after. Synergies 1: First let’s talk about Merulina, remember how I said it needs more incentive? This is that fix, When aboard Merulina Aqua Blades gains and additional blade going from 3 to 4 and consecutive hits debuffs the enemy and increases the damage scaling up to 2x damage this ability also gains a slight increase to range and any enemies within the radius of the blades when fully debuffed will be knocked down Synergies 2: Sea snares, this is where the damage of Aqua Blades will come from and where the real enemy scaling comes in, When hitting and enemy that has been CC’d by Sea Snares, Aqua Blades will do %max health damage starting at 5% scaling up to 10% (these numbers are effected by Merulinas changes) Ultimate: Help, I have no idea what to do with this thing? Idk make it when it CCs a certain number of enemies it refreshes the duration on Aqua Blades? Maybe buffs Merulinas Health. Edit: I nearly forgot…*clears throat, gets on floor* Please oh Lordy NERF THE MOMENTUM AND INERTIA OF MERULINA DEAR G- *voice cracks* IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO GO THROUGH ANY OF THE SMALLER TILE SETS. *deep breathes* okay, now that’s over *takes a sip of greedy milk*. That’s all I really got, on another note, I came up with a cool idea for the ultimate! Riptide: Any enemies killed by this ability will heal Yareli and Merulina for 15% of the damage dealt and if Yareli is on Merulina any enemies killed by Riptide will release 2 Sea Snares Edit Part Two Electric Boogaloo If any of the content on here was potentially stolen or if someone made a post with more or less the same ideas as me I apologize, I came up with the stuff here over my lunch break. So If I did unintentionally plagiarize please link your forum post below and I’ll credit you for your idea :)
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