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  1. Ty, didnt know warframes can equip 4 keys, still i would like to see conservation out of nigthwaves, people complained about 1 hour survival because is was boring for them, i complain conservation is boring for me
  2. And yes, my other challenge is orokin vaults, but nobody wants to do that, so instead of having 3 recovered challenges i have 1
  3. I havent recovered any mission since conservatiop pops out, and that was sunday nigth
  4. It is preventing me from capping, because i cant get more challenges till i finish it, so it is forcing me to do.
  5. -The missed challenge that always respawns in my table is conservation, and i cant get other challenge till i finish it. -Zealot gives 200 standing, i had to be like 24/7 to make it worth -Derelict mission ask for complete 3 invasions first, a lot of time for a small reward in standing
  6. In my opinion conservation is by far the most boring, tedious and useless filler activity on warframe, and begin to be forced to do it in order to progress nigthwave is awfull. Please delete it.
  7. It´s because a lot of warframe skills are useless, you can build full into a useless skill and your "1 trick" will still better, like vauban vortex/batille vs his other two skills
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