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  1. All these people defending how DE screwed up the highscores of endurance runners on Hostile Mergers. I respect the hustle, and I genuinely feel bad for everyone affected. However there really is not much of a point to justify, argue and whatever on this issue. The core game is being a looter shooter. 4k score is average 15 minutes of the Endurance, enjoy both Vandals. Its completely understandable if DE is willing to cut corners on the PvP aspect of a primarily PvE game, because business. Its crappy, but its society. Everyone got their loot, accounts will be returned in 2-3 days, anyone 2035'd would be their own fault, the game's perfectly fine. If you really want a game competitive at its core, CSGO is currently F2P.
  2. How goddamned hard is it for people to notice how only repeat offenders are banned, and people were only suspended, or to make it easier to understand, a temporary ban. Also, replying to multiple topics: Operations are definitely not to search for bugs and exploits, they're to provide new content to the very hungry playerbase that is the Warframe community. You find a bug? You tell DE and leave it alone. Abusing it to "shine a light on the issue" is a completely wrong logic, in fact you've just diverted DE from whatever other bug fixes they would be doing. In regards to the Loki bug, its not an issue with Switch Teleport. It was the issue with the tileset (I guess you could blame DE for this?). In any other pit, enemies would be teleported back onto the field, whereas players abused the fact that some areas of Jupiter didn't have this feature. Switch Teleport is fine. it's usage by the exploiters are not. The Riven bug essentially made it where Demolysts would take negative damage, which translates to the game's coding as infinite value. Blame DE again? As for the innocents who got caught up in the banning, tough luck. Not many would notice that their teammates were exploiting amidst the clutter of your average Warframe mission. At least you've gotten your Vandals? And to the one guy that said it was the Demolysts and their dmg resistances being unfair, jeez idk, CC exists? Edit: ...and how is that in anyway DE's fault anymore? Drug addicts are (obviously) addicted to drugs and will keep taking and trading them.They know its illegal, they still do it. Edit 2: I'd really like to see you people make your own game, the base version a complete mess, expand it over 6 years, constantly release brand-new content to please a community, all while pleasing all 360 sides of them, keeping the game in a state you feel is acceptable, and over all, support your own company. Step in their shoes, really. Jupiter is a complete new tileset (albeit some so-called copy pasting that isn't proven yet). A big one at that. Bugs happen merely in rooms like our Orbiters, is it really surprising to find some on Jupiter? FIxing these issues is of course, DE's duty. However, you've signed up to this rollercoaster ride by making that Warframe account and ticking the ToS box. You enjoy service provided by DE, under every rule and decision DE make. You ruin the game for others, there is complete reason to rid you. The game won't die by losing a few who try too hard (or not try at all?). As consumers, we ourselves have our duties. To quite literally, obey rules and regulations, terms and conditions, Terms of Service. DE is judge, jury, executioner so long you play this game. God knows one day farmers will poison crops, one day God brings a meteor on our heresy.
  3. Try checking Landing Craft>Customise Interior. Mine also got "removed" and moved in there.
  4. Having trouble understanding the "Fetch" update. Does it mean that my Kavat/Kubrow will have his own little vacuum radius, and any items collected by it will be transferred to me, or does it mean equipping Fetch gives the Warframe itself a vacuum radius?
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