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  1. Maybe because it wasn't directed at you? Or maybe it really is just because you can't be arsed to find out someone else's (hopefully) well thought and written opinion of either the game or someone else's opinion? Your 2 sentence comment is technically a waste of my time because you've decided to not keep it to yourself and instead make me perform another mouse scroll in this wall of forum replies.
  2. It's been this way ever since after the Jupiter tileset rework. To top this off, the only mildly interesting gamemode, Disruption, has gotten practically a single update. Arbitration's "+300%" feature is practically redundant when it isn't included on an already meta/primed/kuva weapon. The whole point of the feature is to encourage players to branch out to other weapons that've been collecting dust on their shelf, and while I appreciate this notion, I've never ever seen another player on Arbitration run anything not-meta. Its not enticing enough for anyone who isn't trying to 100% t
  3. Chroma's vaulting date has been publicly announced. It wasn't a sudden change, it was a planned one that was shared to the entire playerbase. Blame yourself.
  4. I implore you to find out how damage interactions work. What do Grineer have? Armor. What does armor do? Provide damage reduction. Corrosive does deal bonus damage to Grineer's ferrite armor type. That means that if we assume no damage reduction is taking place, 100 Corrosive damage will deal 175 damage to enemies with ferrite armor and only 100 to enemies without. Too bad, there's damage reduction. Until you strip away that damage reduction, you're not going to deal the damage your stats show. This is not bugged.
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