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  1. I really like the Ember rework but i would like to suggest some minor changes to Ember rework to make her feel more viable in terms of her passive. Because right now, the passive are way too unpredictable and unstable since the ability strength gain is based on heat procs on enemies but its useless if the enemy is dead. Thus making her Inferno kinda weak compared to other AoE frames if her passive doesn't work. So my suggestions are: 1. Make her Fire Blast AoE proc heat status WITHOUT requiring Line of Sight. or/and 2. Make her passive have buff timer after heat proc, regardless if the enemy is killed with her abilities, say, 3-4 sec buff before expiring or refreshed by recast. So, if she procs/kills 10 enemies with her abilities, she will gain 50% ability strength for 3-4 secs but if she procs/kills 12 enemies in the next cast and within the time window, it should override and give 60% ability strength with refreshed buff timer. This will make her inferno more viable along with other AoE frame in terms of damage. Please DE, i love the new Ember rework mechanic. I just wish her passive is more easier to manage. thats all!
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