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  1. Same here. Whichever one is progressing during a mission, resets at the end of a mission, regardless if I'm at 10 or 100+. I've also seen one (or the other) reset mid-mission. Whatever the root cause of the double-mission is, neither copy can be completed. Bummer.
  2. 30+ attempts so far in the last 4 days, still no Harrow Neuroptics. And before you say 'it's RNG', note this: In those 30 tries, I've gotten 16 Power Throws as the C-rotation loot drop. It's not JUST RNG, something else is wrong, especially given that the Harrow Neuro and Frostbite are both 11.28% drop chance, while everything else (including Power Throw) has a 6.45% drop chance. I took Probabilities and Statistics in college. I can tell you that I understand RNG, as well as the difference between the 'chance' of something dropping, and the 'odds' of something dropping. The ODDS of Power Throw (with the lower drop chance) dropping 16 times out of 30 runs is so astronomical, as to be impossible in a truly 'RANDOM' roll. Something is broke.
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