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  1. yeah, i could see that working as well
  2. That was with Nekros factored in, try again tenno. I have noticed that rng makes it unviable, hence what i said.
  3. yeah, it just worries me that it will give too small an amount or diminishing returns per extractor as a slap in the face of those who wish to have an endless kuva mission.
  4. What prevents this from being cheesed is a combination of time invested and how even a meta setup will require at least one or 2 of the actual life support pods to be used, as the overabundance of rng of enemy life support drops makes a method too inefficient outside of use at least some of the pods for their actual intention.
  5. perhaps it adds an additional 50 kuva for every 20 minutes spent in the mission for a start. So each extractor will give 350 per extractor at the 1 hour mark for example, then 700 at the 2 hour mark, etc.
  6. Do you even math bro? I am sorry, but you are the one whom cannot comprehend basic math. Not only are the current missions going to be more efficient, but your math is way off! You will be getting 800 for staying twice as long as a single mission for siphon, and that is with the boosters. no matter how you look at it, the surv will be too inefficient.
  7. And how would it do so? From the way I see it, nobody will play it. You want to know why? It is inefficient.
  8. Yeah. That could potentially work. I mean, the intial delay of 2.5 minutes seems reasonable in this context to remain as is. In my personal opinion, it is not an alternative unless it can be used just as efficiently. Too much and we will lose the actual missions to time, yet too little and people just won't do the survival. Maybe the increase could cap out at 400 kuva or something if we were to remove the increase in delay entirely, otherwise it could quickly become more efficient than standard runs to just go through and do the survival for an hour or two.
  9. No, I quoted the right person. You said: Then I replied with: Then I went on to explain why you have to take time into account with these things.
  10. Except that you have to factor staying in longer. Will do some actually testing of time distances between pod drops when I get home. That said, assuming there is a linear delay of 2 pods every ten minutes, you turn every life pod into a kuva extractor, and both buffs are active every time that you collect kuva, which is highly unlikely, you will receive 33,600 kuva from an hour and a half. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many reasons. Firstly, as you stated, you will actually have to wait until 1 hour and 30 minutes with an additional 40 seconds to get all of these drops. Secondly, the chance of Charm proccing the desired effect of double resources is only 22.43%, meaning that the chances of the correct buff occurring in the correct time frame is slim to none. Thirdly and most crucially, the time distance between the drops is most likely exponential. This means that the actual number is most likely much, much lower than the actual number listed here. Additionally, the thought of using all the life support for only kuva is highly unlikely to actually happen, so the number is even lower. Meanwhile, if we assume that there are 10 kuva siphons and a kuva flood all up at the same time and all the procs mentioned earlier all proc at the appropriate time to maximize output, then we would get 26,400 kuva from all of the missions together in a fraction of an hour and a half in the worst case scenario. In the best case scenario, we would actually receive 33,600 kuva in a fraction of the time required by the the survival. Even assuming that the first scenario in survival happens where everything works according to plan, the fact that the kuva fortress moves around every so often means that more quick missions will spawn in, thus giving the siphons and floods continued supremacy over the actual survival mission because of efficiency.
  11. (PS4)Boomstickman98

    Console PSA - Invati Sekhara Script

    Yeah. Hopefully they also don't just make them merely a puzzle but a full blown boss that requires communication and teamwork to defeat. then it could genuinely be fun. I honestly find Tridolon hunting fun, though there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed, such as getting hit from Gantulust's light pillars despite not actually coming into contact with them and the wonky hitboxes on the limbs. yep, and there they go for the post.
  12. (PS4)Boomstickman98

    Console PSA - Invati Sekhara Script

    It will most likely be a new one, though it could be even better of a cosmetic reward.
  13. (PS4)Boomstickman98

    Console PSA - Invati Sekhara Script

    Mistake or not, they did not earn the item. Now, DE could have just made a sigil to represent the closing of trials or something, but people had ample time and opportunity to complete the raid. if they could not, then they do not deserve a sigil promised to players who did. It, as you said before, it is just a cosmetic.That said, we do not think you veterans are unloyal or any some such, we just worked to get this sekhara, some of us actually jumping in a raid because they were promised an exclusive good. If DE did not uphold their promise to keep it exclusive, that would look really bad on DE's part, because then we could not trust anything they say. They have to draw the line somewhere in the sand, lest people enter the raging currents of a stormy ocean to drown. I understand you all are upset. I cannot sympathize in this scenario because I actually made it very close to the mark , but just think about it as DE upholding a promise to the players that showed them support with the trials.
  14. ...and have it be as terrible as the face animation in Andromeda? It needs something more, otherwise it will just be too inefficient.