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  1. For PS4 he has mod drop chance boosters...
  2. yeah, Im serious. MR 14 with + imp + Slash - Status duration
  3. to clarify, it just works like Rhino Iron skin, but is mobile.
  4. Or how I got my riven mod, but it turned into a Gaze riven?
  5. Systems is being added to survivals, and neuros is being switched to rotation A vault.
  6. Well, how high do you think it should be? They could make it like Rhino Iron skin calculations for Merulina and just also give it damage immunity while it is up. The would probably be ideal.
  7. I was not being rude in my statement. I was merely stating that it would be best to reiterate, as DE will more likely see it the more it is on the forums. Also, while there are some good ideas in there, there are also bad, it would be wise to catalogue then reiterate the good ones, for ease.
  8. Instead of just saying "buff her", why not actually tell DE how (much) she needs buffs?
  9. A person with the right to think that they are crying? Besides, it is true when it all comes down to "the grind's too haarrddd!!! make it guaranteed for 100% of the drop or nothing matters!" Sounds like crying to me.
  10. Oh I agree. I only have slightly better luck, but DE expects you to farm as a clan that is filled to capacity with everyone doing it.
  11. They drop, but are only a 10% chance (supposedly) so yeah...they do drop, just fairly rare off of a fairly scarce enemy.
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