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  1. Ah, okay. I hope you can get your Crescent soon.
  2. If I may ask, why are you solely using glands to farm Crescent Vulpas? You could just look around for em. I've found a couple by complete accident when I was just millin about on my way to my next conservation point.
  3. I honestly didn't even know there was an audio cue for Scintillant because I never actually saw one, even though I have obtained one weirdly. Do the sound like Corpus/Grineer Caches by chance? I really don't want to learn an audio cue i'll maybe use ten times then never again. Unless of course there is more stuff planned to be added that requires it.
  4. I would say decrease its power a little bit and give it actual range instead. It is entirely garbage rn. maybe chop it down to 100/150/200 health given over the 5 second period and increase the range to 5m/10m/15m based on mod rank? it would be powerful in low levels, but would quickly taper off during high level missions. I think what I suggested would be a tad more fair.
  5. Honestly, I'm not surprised that DE couldn't keep this promise either, considering. Though I knew from the get go that DE was gonna mess up and release the update late. Even if i'm wrong and it somehow gets approved by tomorrow or the day after and the push it to meet the deadline so that they are all synced up, it is gonna be received negatively for a long time, if it isn't just dead on launch.
  6. And how do you expect us to do it on forums when we just get shutdown by the moderators? The mods can just lock any thread with legitimate criticism, ensuring our voices are never heard by DE.
  7. As the title says, in-game autobans need to be reworked. I'm not saying they need to remove it in its entirety, but it doesn't work as it currently stands. As it currently stands, innocent bystanders are consistently getting banned for just farming using what DE has provided (Smeeta, Server Booster, Credit/Resource Booster, etc.). For example, here is one person who got banned for farming credits: This isn't okay. To change this, all DE would have to really do is fix it so that the autoban system kept a more strict timer that red flagged if someone got like say 20k kuva in 5 mins of a s
  8. about 2 weeks for doing what DE intended? for the love of....
  9. Hopefully this is the case. Not for your friend, but for you at least.
  10. So I just got out of a Granum void mission where I got nothing despite it being a tier three completion? I mean its no big deal, but I wanted to point out that this bug out regardless.
  11. Not even that would have really been needed. all they really needed to do was make it so the Liches had to be done solo (at least until MR 15). This would easily weed out those incapable of killing them in the first place, yet still allowing players who had the power to do it solo really prosper. That said, I agree that proper builds are busted for the kuva weapons and that something more should have been done to prevent this outcome.
  12. Is it guaranteed that the enemy will drop the pigment? Is it still affected by the Resource Booster? If not then we don't want that. If not, then it would be much easier to farm with Nekros/Khora/Hydroid/etc. Not to mention this new model hurts clans of friends who have members forced to take a hiatus for whatever reason. For example, my one friend had to take a year's hiatus because he couldn't afford new coolant paste for his PS4. He could certain other games fine, but intensive games like Warframe were too much. That leaves the clan with less members to work on the pigment. It also kinda ju
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