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  1. And.. technically speaking... even with MR tests, most of them are easy with only a handful being unique enough to actually be a challenge. Not because they're hard, but because they're so different from the 'norm' of playing. I think a method of introducing players to things like eidolons is change the quest that introduces you to them. When you unlock *spoiler mode*, have Konzu contact the lotus/tenno and start the quills quests. After that, have the quills give you an amp (could even incorporate this into the paradox quest that is soon to be, those who watched the trailer will know what I mean), the T1 amp, and have you fight a smaller eidolon equivalent. After completing the quest you have enough resources to create your own T2 amp, and thus the eidolon tutorial is complete and you now have the tenno badge to join pubs and hunt your own eidolons in groups. I think that would be simple, straight forward, help out new players with questions and it would help skip much of the grind that currently plagues amps/eidolon beginnings.
  2. Looking at the crafting times, seeing how many frames/weapons there are. Seeing that all items can be bought on the market/with plat (even in your arsenal). Then what felt like overwhelming amount of time grinding, collecting etc, to wait. At least that's what the 4-6 friends who didn't get past MR3 said to me when I asked why they quit. Hide weapons/frames when you're in arsenal should be a feature. Also showing where you can get them in the starchart would be a great asset to helping new players, same with weapons if they drop from anywhere. I understand why crafting times are there, and why they take so long (promotes spending plat, thus money for new players), but there should be a way to tone that down to help bring them in and get them hooked. Warframe isn't a bad game, far from it - but it needs major tweaks here and there to make it more newbie friendly. And giving more information is one of those major tweaks.
  3. I get where you're coming from, but there are two issues with your perspective. #1 Umbra mods aren't a necessity, they're a luxury, as such earning them speedily shouldn't be a concern of DE's, since you have other mods that fit the bill just fine. It also makes completing that umbra build much more satisfying when it's done. #2 If DE gave umbra forma as a reward for going beyond rank 30, that would anger quite a large portion of the community. While it would give an incentive to keep going, many don't reach 30, even with the lackluster requirements to do so. Not to mention it wouldn't set a good precedent if DE did do that, hiding worthwhile things behind even more grind (much more than usual). So while I see your perspective, I'm still going to say no. 1 per season is fine as it is, with 3 maybe 4 seasons a year, seems plenty for me. However, DE put aura forma on the market for plat purchase, maybe they'll do that for umbra forma in the future, but that would be blatant pay to win, so I wouldn't count on that.
  4. Exactly, which is why we have umbra forma - and to keep it relevant and rare, it should be limited to nightwave and stay at 1 per season. That way it's fair for everyone.
  5. A build that you are trying to go for, not all builds that use umbra mods require umbra forma, so in your desperation to fit another forma on a build you want them to be more plentiful, without acknowledging the ramifications of such an event.
  6. I think it's perfectly fine, it's a sacrifice after all, the sacrifice being time. If you put an umbra forma on something you better be really sure that you're sure. If umbra forma becomes readily available, then all builds will now require it for the next 'power creep level'. Personally, I don't think umbra forma needed to exist, throw 5-6 forma on a frame and call it a day, instead they added it - and now players want more, even when they don't need that power to be effective or complete any content.
  7. I'd prefer if they have us kill/save the lotus, it's as big a moment as Second Dream reveal was, and not a meaningless gesture like in war within (kill the queen, let her live, etc.). As for writing, it isn't hard either way to make a story that links and opens new possibilities going forward for either killing or saving her.
  8. Hey, you're kind of biased. Yeah wukong is better, valkyr needs some touchups. Wukong is not only more mobile (and very fun) but has more going for him all around.
  9. Hardly arbitrary, it's on the normal course of 'progression', and it helps make sure that the player(s) involved are at least minimally prepared. Instead a new player can "slip" and "fall in the deep end" without realizing what's going on. I don't see a downside to it, want to do eidolons? Then get the gear for it - ain't even asking much, two quests (Second Dream, War Within) that are on your "progression to-do list" that don't take long to complete. No different than any other game that has a gearcheck, except in other games there is challenge + lots of time involved. Here it's an extra 60-90 minutes of a great reveal (second dream) and a good followup. Hardly an experience ruiner like so many seem to think it is. I'm sure someone had a mental breakdown playing another game when they didn't have what the quest needed to progress.
  10. Agreed. I don't see an issue with requirements, especially when those requirements are pretty close to the floor. Lets take a page from the Book of WoW. In order to do dungeons you have a gear check, called Item Level (ilvl), if you don't have that level, it means you haven't done enough quests in the area or other dungeons leading to that point to access that content, meaning you are not prepared. So, having players get used to mechanics and frames and then learning about "spoilers" and how they work, is a bare requirement. And I see no problem with that.
  11. I cap my simaris standing daily doing an exterminate mission, and haven't had this happen in a few months (since the last time they bugged invisibility), and was instantly noticeable yesterday.
  12. Hopefully this is fixed, because it's quite annoying.
  13. Basically, loki/octavia/ash invisibility doesn't count, enemies get alerted the moment they see you and treat you as if you're visible.
  14. Why not both? Please both sides of the playerbase? The issue here is, both the playerbase and DE think they can only have one system, when infact you can have both. Same thing with easy power fantasy gameplay and tactical coordinated "rewarding" knowledgable gameplay too.
  15. I think the big problem here isn't that DE learned their mistake with PoE - but that they band-aid fixed it. So the grind that PoE had, all the time, materials etc - was bypassed when thumpers were added (resource dumps, similarly with Exploiter Orb). Giving surplus resources that you don't really need now. I remember the old system in WoW Burning Crusade/ Wrath of The Lich King, where you needed to do a handful of certain quests to have the ability to do a dungeon, to get a thing to eventually do a raid. While I understand the hate for that system, since you can't get to the juicy content immediately, it gave a sense of progression + actually feeling like you're doing some lorewise. However, since DE doesn't really utilize their lore properly, nor do they balance the grind our properly, it feels like a garbled mess. With Fortuna, there is a lore reason why you don't unlock Vox Solaris immediately, you need to earn their trust - makes sense. And it also makes sense that higher mastery rank players unlock that stuff faster as a 'reward' for playing through and trying out many of the weapons/frames playing the game. However, what backfires on DE is that many of the weapons/frames aren't fun to play for many, so they don't want to venture out and try them, when they're just a waste of resources. If they made more fun and interesting weapons, that actually deal damage (cough, rebalance cough) then it would greatly fix that. Not to mention having to level Vox Solaris once you get to that stage. Pretty much. In a way fortuna was just as bad, it just took another angle on the grind. A bit more time over the quantity and variety of resources needed to progress like in PoE.
  16. They have 310 employees according to the wiki - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Extremes. Which is 90 shy of Bethesda's 400 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bethesda_Game_Studios. So they have plenty. That is a non-issue, the community is split currently between solo and group focused players, that won't change no matter what, and shouldn't be focused on. Warframe is advertised as a co-op looter shooter, in every trailer (besides prime trailers) they show warframes working together for a common goal, including the newest CGI trailer at tennocon. Yet, like I've said before, volt/mag would be fighting for top spot on kills and excalibur would struggle to get a kill due to those two frames. And while some players prefer solo, doesn't mean that those that prefer groups should be alienated. If you like solo stuff and don't want to group up - then don't, but just because you don't want to doesn't mean the rest of us shouldn't get additional content, even if that content requires other players / teamwork to beat/defeat/complete that content. Means someone will have to go out of their comfort zone, but worry not the other 99% of Warframe is completely soloable, so don't whine because 1% of it isn't. Why is challenging content and better rewards separate, why can't they be the same? We have arbitrations, which is harder than star chart, with (mostly) better rewards. The duplicate cosmetic rewards + relics not being radiant is a big hit on 'better rewards' but the endo/aura forma/adaptation/rolling guard mods are nice, rest of the rewards are bad though. Quite a few players do endurance runs just for the fun of it, there is a Youtube channel where he runs for 12-16+ hours just because. As for ESO - I don't care for it. Even if DE did something different having the relics be radiant, that isn't enough to do it for me, and truly, there is only one frame that fits ESO - Saryn. So if you don't like Saryn or her playstyle, then ESO isn't for you by association. That's the flawed design DE has adopted, and that same design is what will eventually destroy Warframe. Edit - Also, you can edit your posts.
  17. It is a fact in WoW that not everyone who gets to max level plays Raids or even Heroic Dungeons for that matter. However, despite that fact I don't think that raids or heroic dungeons exclude anyone. If something exists and someone doesn't want to do it, that's their choice/right. Warframe currently doesn't have anything that is actually challenging, nothing that truly tests builds w/ arcanes or full focus school operators, and I'm not asking for something game-breakingly broken like Payday 2 Death Sentence or anything, where you have to cheese the game, only a handful of loadouts work. I want all frames to be able to play what would be higher level challenging content, but in a way that fits that frames playstyle, without alienating other frames or making them useless. However, in order to do that, no only would a power ceiling need to be established, but many frames would need to be updated and have a grounded 'role', meaning as you get into higher level content, teamwork, coordination etc would be needed. Not "squad" .levels of coordination or anything, but bringing frames that compliment each other or bring a useful ability to the squad. So you wouldn't bring Rhino so you could tank the damage, but because his CC/Roar is useful. You wouldn't bring banshee for her AoE but for her extra damage to enemies, etc.
  18. *shrug* I suppose vet isn't the correct term here, but geared player, so I apologize for using the wrong terminology there. However, the point still stands. I assume with that cherry pick and ignoring the rest of what I said, you at least understand what I meant? They completely undermined the grind that PoE/Fortuna added by giving bosses that just crap out the resources, making it so you stay even less in those open worlds (while pretty, have nothing beyond a pretty face, no character actual backstory or anything). leaving only those boss fights (eidolons/orbs) left to do. Yet those open worlds have interesting lore behind them, like gara's final fight, yet we can't actually go over there and see that or learn anymore potential lore from it. Nor can we find out other interesting/intriguing lore from fortuna, many areas that look like a battle happened there, but no info to explain what transpired.
  19. Know why I played raids during my time in wow? I wanted a challenge. I played Greater Rifts in Diablo 3 because I wanted a challenge with equal rewards for said challenge. I play higher tier maps in Path of Exile because I like to push my builds to the limit and I get rewards for my time. In warframe, I can spend any length of time in a mission and get the same rewards as someone who left at the first rotation, while the mission gets harder. They don't need to make new content every few months, I mean hell - Team Fortress 2 hasn't gotten an update in almost TWO YEARS yet players are still religiously playing it. Why is that? Because that repeatable content is rewarding. Warframe's content is situationally rewarding, that 80 endo is nice at first, until you realize you can get 200, 400, 1600 down the line. Those 2500-3500 credit caches are amazing, until you can make 100x that from index for far less work, with a frame/build you can make in your first 2 hours of playing (rhino). And the when you suggest someone, with valid criticisms to go play something else, because you cannot find a reason for it - shows you aren't here for discussion but for blind defense. Warframe has many problems that can be fixed, and they won't be fixed by playing something else. Even Destiny, with all of it's problems, brings in new players while respecting older players, and without alienating them. DE needs to pay attention and take notes from other games that have already gone through these 'phases' and start fixing these problems.
  20. Except the problem with your "spoiler" is much of that listed isn't actually big content, it's fluff it has no real substance. Tusk Thumpers added one new enemy type, singular, One that gives rewards only new players need, but only vet players can kill. PoE Remaster is just a facelift on The Plains of Eidolon, not adding new missions, rewards, or anything else. The Jovian Concord. I'm not going to deny that the new maps don't look nice, or there isn't minute details in things - nor do I mean to insult anyone who worked on it. However, there is very little sustainable content here, once you kill the new boss and get wisp - you're done, no reason to do it again. Once you've done the new disruption game mode and gotten the new resource needed to make the new stuff, you're done. Why is that? No. Actual. Rewards. There isn't an incentive to keep doing that content when there is no actual reward for it. Why do people play Defection? To get harrow, once they've done it, they stay away from it, same with salvage for nidus. Fortuna is the same way, you complete the missions and - you're done. Only a handful of other missions have a reason to continue, but their subjective. If you don't care for cosmetics, no reason to run Exploiter Orb indefinitely to get the Empherema's. The only redeemable feature, is they added mutagen mass, Injectors, Fieldrons (in rotation) with the normal bounties, but in turn gutted invasions, because that was one of the main reasons players did invasions besides weapon parts. While I cannot say for certain with Empyrean - my first impressions seem to not really fit within the rest of the design of Warframe. Very slowly paced, and while I haven't seen any rewards, I don't expect anything actually rewarding, looking at DE's track record (call me a pessimist but the evidence is there). If DE want Warframe to keep vet players entertained too, then they need to get rid of this "complete it then abandon it" mentality. You defeat a boss on the starchart and get the respective frame, you're done with it. There is no reason why players should be leaving or getting burnt out in the manner they are. It's due to DE's warped / flawed design with Warframe and their lack of ingenuity. They keep using the same formula (complete it, abandon it) mentality, they have quite a few different little things that they could easily add and breathe new life into dead parts of warframe. Anyone remember the challenge rooms in the void? How they were a big deal to find when you were a new player, but after MR 8 or so became "meh" because you either had all the rewards (which are worthless for trading for plat) or because you had something better? Focus there, and branch out to other things. In a looter shooter, players mainly play to get better loot and progress, but also want a challenge for that progression, being able to defeat enemies they previously couldn't. However, you can reach that 'level' very quickly, and then end up staying at a 'always defeating whatever you find' stage and that never changes, and those things that can challenge you are far beyond the 'balance scope' of what DE has selected. I've said it before, DE can easily (quite easily) appeal to both casual players (done already, they'll be entertained for at least 1-2 full years at this point if nothing was added for them) and vet players looking for a challenge. Focus on some older content that few play, change it how it needs to be to make it enticing (increase rewards, change loot tables, reward endurance runs, etc) and possibly change how the mission works in general. Start small and think big. I mean, any step towards an endgame or a challenge for vets is the step in the right direction - and anyone paying attention will notice that. Treating older players as just something to spit out to let newer players in isn't a good thing, the revolving door. Especially, when I have more hours in other games that haven't gotten an update in nearly a decade, that still keep me entertained and involved more than Warframe does with less than 1/4th of the time. I love warframe, I love the ideas and potential it has, but it hurts so much that DE would pander to newer players that won't invest nearly as much time, yet leave many of their dedicated fanbase in the dark or behind. You can see how this effects the community, look no further than the Youtubers who post content, so little has been posted in recent months due to there being nothing to do. And the reason why there is nothing, is because of that "complete it, then abandon it" you've gotten the rewards, and the rest of the 'rewards' are just credit caches, low levels of endo or insulting duplicates (common mods that shouldn't be in the droptable, cosmetics that we have x50+ blueprints of etc). So.. DE has some work to do, but saying that it's impossible to play without getting burnt out - that's naive.
  21. Perhaps, but that doesn't need to be the case with Warframe, considering it's a live-service style game. Meaning, if DE puts some effort into new game modes, and actually makes them fun and rewarding, no breaks will be necessary. Exactly. That analogy sadly doesn't work here, playing with those action figures you'd only be limited by your imagination. Can't tell you how many hours of my childhood I spent playing with matchbox cars or outside with sticks and my imagination, the only thing that limited me was.. my imagination. With Warframe, it requires a bit of work, but it isn't something that is impossible or asking DE to find the cure for cancer. It's been plastered all up and down these forums for years, and they just refuse to acknowledge it. E.N.D.G.A.M.E. C.H.A.L.L.E.N.G.E. R.E.W.A.R.D.S. These are what most vet players want, something that will challenge their new 'endgame' gear (arcanes, decked out warframes etc. and looking cool while doing so) and getting rewarded for their time/effort/investment of learning the game and creating a min/maxed build. Instead, there is no reward for that effort, and no challenge. And before you say it, no, removing mods and tying an arm around your back isn't 'challenge', especially not in a looter-shooter. Borderlands even challenges you when you get gear, even when in a party and players have designated roles. There is no reason why we can haven't one or two games modes that do this. I've said it before, star chart ~50 is ez street, this is your power fantasy playground, it would be exactly the same as we have now. 60-100 would be challenge territory, gradually getting harder and requiring teamwork, rewarding experience and "proper" builds. Then 105-125 would be "raid" territory, where gear is pushed to the absolute limits and 'skill/ability' is required, or at least the ability to memorize things. Similarly to how raids work in WoW, normal quests (start chart), dungeons (sortie), raids (... raids). DE has the foundations here to do so, without shaking up Warframe and making everyone mad. I just find it disappointing they alienate those that want a challenge, and those that don't want that challenge attack those that do - giving non-answers (remove mods, play something else, take a break) as a way to "fix" something DE should've treated a long time ago. Edit: The dumbing down of Warframe and making it easier is just further pushing away vet players that want more, and catering to those that won't stay here nearly as long for some cheap entertainment, when they could go much further and bring a better experience for everyone involved. New and old, challenge and casual players alike Quality > Quantity.
  22. Exactly. Not to mention if they focus on game modes and have them scale correctly (difficulty, rewards) then we could have something 'simple' entertain many times for hundreds or thousands of runs if done correctly. I mean, look at kuva survival/siphons/floods. Now imagine those with .. actually fun mission types - then they might have something (hey, not everyone likes survival). Sustainable content could work in Warframe, it would just need to be executed well enough by DE. A big factor for it work is that it would need to have replay value so players aren’t able to be burnt out on it insanely fast as the rest of the game. Meaning that it has to have good enough rewards for players to actually have an incentive to do said content and would also have to be unique so players aren’t bored out of their minds of the same thing over and over. Yup.
  23. Complaining just because you don't like it doesn't help anyone. Giving constructive criticism/feedback is what benefits everyone, it shows where you stand, what you want, and how the developers can possibly 'fix' the issue at hand. When you just say "I don't want it" it's no easier to discern what you want than a toddler screaming, you have to actually say what you don't like / what they need to fix / give suggestions. Personally, I think it's fine - I like that it's an attachment+syndana, gives me hope for even more flexibility customization wise with cosmetics. My main complaint is that is kind of clips with Nidus' Myxini helm in it's mutated form, other than upping the res a little - I don't see an issue.
  24. AFK guy is host, everyone has a 75% chance of 'losing' along with him and getting disconnected. Not sure how many here have played it, but Payday 2 has what you're asking for @Goit same Peer to Peer and vote kick system. Issue is, it's abused - and pretty badly. Someone gets accused for cheating because they're teleporting (turns out it's a bad connection but kicker doesn't know that) so poor guy gets kicked. You're playing I frame host doesn't like or doesn't think is meta enough, bye bye. Or you join a troll that kicks everyone before leaving himself, had that happen in Payday 2 a few times... Heart is in the right place, but there is no 'answer' here, there is no fix. The only band-aid fix that exists that has an impact is simply, abandon that person. Extract if you can solo, or report them (I hear DE takes them seriously), then move on. It sucks, but it's all we got right now.
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