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  1. Thanks for ignoring the rest of the post though. I was trying to do humor since most don't like my constructive criticism saying I'm negative all the time, was an attempt at being funny, I see you aren't amused. Still, your post here doesn't negate my points in my post (that you ignored), so I ask, do you think my points are valid, and if not, what/why should they be changed?
  2. Well, DE is supposed to be looking at balance (whatever that means) if they had actual balance implemented putting cosmetics behind achievements could be a solution to the problem here. And while some find riven challenges to either be boring or hard, not everyone is going to get everything. Some will do riven challenges but not kuva liches, and vice versa but just because some won't participate or won't get it doesn't mean the rest of us shouldn't have a better system (who will participate) because of it. It's similar to the idea of changing a movie or video game even when those complaining about it won't play it (like parents getting upset about GTA, when they lack the parenting skills to monitor their kids). In the end, I'd rather have an achievement based system, which better supports Warframe's current progression-focused system, rather than an RNG system where some might get it, and others not. We get powerful through mods/gear, so putting those to the test (doesn't need to be super hardcore, but still) instead of having us do stuff we know we can do, dozens of times over and might never see the rewards.
  3. Because for some reason there isn't a 100% uptime on all different mission types. "But then players would play only capture/exterminate" Then allow players to open double the relics in the same timeframe or give extra traces (guaranteed 30 + whatever you get from the relic as a bonus) to give incentive to play those. Simple. DE doesn't understand simple, otherwise it would've been done already, but.. it's been suggested on the forums for years, so maybe they don't know how to read either. However, they've made a roadmap, but that requires writing, which needs reading to be done.. How did Warframe get created?! Seriously though, DE it's really that simple.
  4. True achievement based rewards would be far better (stay in arbitration, defeat X boss with Y stuff), instead DE would rather put cosmetic rewards behind RNG as a way to get players to keep playing bare bones content (like kuva lich) to get more runtime out of it while they choke on their aspirations for future content.
  5. While I applaud your dedication (as someone who got insane in the membrane twice before it became account-wide), I hope that the rare box disappears and they instead focus on a new way to get umbra forma. Like a month-long challenge, resets every 30 days, basically a challenge that DE could custom-tailor that makes it challenging. Kind of like the grendel missions , with mods, but limiting what frames you can use and requiring a certain quest progression to participate. Different challenges for solo and party play (so all can participate). The frames it would recommend would be ones that the player has (it wouldn't recommend frames you don't have). Because RNG like this, where you slave for hours upon hours, weeks etc. that isn't fun, and even when you eventually get the reward you don't feel rewarded, just resentment with slight relief. Until you realize how many more you need. If they did what I said above (obviously more than the rough draft I presented, more fleshed out etc) then they could still control the amount of umbra forma, make it interesting/challenging/reward (give cosmetics too) and keep players engaged as yet another way to get great rewards. And could be a way to challenge players (similar to raids, but not quite) and with the new 'dual squad' system around the corner, assuming they can get that to work, then even more wiggle room for greatness.
  6. Exactly, WFmarket is a nice medium between normal tradechat trading and an auction house. IF we had a full WoW/EverQuest (or the like) AH then prices would be even lower. Actually some have. Melee rivens were considered trash usually selling at 5-10p a few months before melee 2.999/3.0, after the re-work melee rivens jumped to 25-30p. Pistol rivens suffered after fortuna, and kitguns jumped to 40p-50p. Now kitguns are down to 15p-20p and pistols (especially after nukor) are up to 30p+. Rifles have always been around 40p-50p and shotguns lately have been fluxing between 25p-40p (used to be 60p range for awhile). Prices will flux based on what is popular, and what is meta (they are separate believe it or not). However, frames will always change based on what they released. Ivara prime (like any new prime) was 400p+ day one on WFM, then steadily went down over the weeks to the 120-150p resting place she's at (and will stay at) now. Fluxes are normal, but they wouldn't happen nearly as much with an AH.
  7. Maybe a past DAX soldier that was used, feels pity on the tenno (at least in second dream, thus the hesitation) but hates what he's become and possibly blames the tenno for it? I don't read the codex's (obviously), sometimes reading can be interesting and add to world building (Fallout series, Skyrim etc.) I find it to be kind of lazy here, especially since Warframe is grossly lacking in its story telling. Second Dream and The War Within are peaks that DE hasn't come close to since. What sucks is they have vibrant open worlds, begging to have lore attached to them, but are squandered, wasted. Withering away and forgotten by most as just 'something to explore with no substance, no depth". Most of the areas in Fortuna, some in the Plains, look interesting and SHOULD have something interesting happen (or has happened) but.. nothing. Just a shame. Hopefully we get more info as things go along but I doubt it, shame on The stalker having lore that debunks my theory - would've been a nice tie-in with the paradox that's coming.
  8. I think they need to find a balance first (by balancing Warframe, ironically). The liches/wolf didn't feel like 'bosses', at least not in the way I'd see a boss, they just feel like Borderlands bulletsponges that take up stupid amounts of damage, facetanking everything. The lich's having abilities is a step in the right direction for variety, and is a welcomed change. However, lich's having damage resistance of 95% + and damage immunity, is quite boring and could be done much better if we had better overall balance. I do agree that assassin-types and syndicate ambushes need a buff/re-work, but I think DE needs to focus on overall balance first, we're simply too powerful, but that doesn't mean we need to lose a power-fantasy, it just means DE needs to look at many of the ideas on the forums/reddit and decide if they want boss-types to be as they're, tanky, boring, uninspired. Or if they want them to have more abilities, mobility, actual countermeasures (that can be countered increasing skill and gives players something to learn). Anything goes here, but balance must be obtained to make this not only easier to do, but assist with many of the issues Warframe has with enemy armor scaling/damage output, etc. Sadly, when some players hear "balance" they get fearful of heavy nerfs, and don't understand that balance is important, even in a PvE game. We shall see though.
  9. Just watched a new players reaction to Second Dream and the part where stalker points the hunhow at the tenno (after they've just fallen out of their pod) got me thinking. When stalker looks at his hand, the tenno does too. My theory (probably unoriginal but a neat thought) is the stalker is the tenno from the future (The Duviri Paradox) and grows to hate what they've become, so they either try to kill them, or are 'trying to train them" (not enough story from stalker to decipher here). For those wondering "we'll there are millions of tenno", I've read on multiple forums that the 'theory' is, there is only one tenno, you the individual player, and when you group up - that's not in the lore, it's just 'the multiplayer'. Because I don't recall any dialogue where konzu or any other syndicate says "Oh, I'll just use another tenno", or the equivalent. Which makes the stalker = you from the future theory a bit more plausible. I think it has some great potential if they can give the stalker a legitimate reason for it (and to side with hunhow too). Assuming Warframe lasts long enough, maybe end up living through stalkers eyes then if we ever truly defeat him, we end up living 'through' stalker and that's how warframe could 'eventually' end? Just a neat thought to entertain. So, what do you think? edit: Remembered about the void and when you hear about the other tenno kids that got their powers. However, we haven't heard of them since.
  10. While I understand the point of your post, and to a degree agree with it. ( i like things being earned rather than handed out, without exclusive stuff, i.e. Opticor vandal). DE gets +1 point for finally doing this, finally giving us 'normal poor folk' a chance to use an exclusive mod, even if it's for ONE weapon (looks at DE). However, DE also loses 1 point (-1) because it took them this long to do it. Plethora of ways they could've introduced it, do 12 waves of ESO, kill profit-taker solo with a specific frame etc. The price is a half and half for me. On one side it has it's meme reputation and it's niche usefulness, but on the other hand it isn't worth the current price due to how it's niche and only useful on ONE weapon. Hopefully we get some fun weapons in the future that can use it (and it won't be limited to weapon types). That'd be cool. edit: Also, I think with this new 'ducat dump' there might be some plans from DE for ducats around the corner.
  11. While i can see your reasoning for wanting such a system, due to how games like this work it wouldn't happen. Say you wanted to exchange 1000 alloy for 100 oxium or 1000 nano spores for 10 Tellurium. These being obviously gracious amounts, since I'd expect a minimum of 10,000 alloy for 100 oxium and 100,000 nano spores for 10 tellurium. The problem with this system is, it undermines the game in the same was as an auction house would. Instead of playing the game and gathering resources, you're trading (with a vendor to 'dump' these resources) to get other resources that are more valuable to you. In the same way that someone trades the time they've spent working to buy plat, to prevent further grind to get what they're after. You'd be spending your resources (and time having farmed them) to get other things without spending more time. Furthermore, the entire resource system is also designed around the idea of using boosters. With how plentiful platinum is )and how easy it is to get), it's quite easy to sustain 30day resource boosters at 200p per. Considering syndicates alone, or even simaris dailies alone, can sustain that in a fraction of the time. Back when I actually had internet, casually playing 1-2 hours a day. I was making on average 800p a month from syndicate/simaris/fissures. Not including kuva farming/riven rolling, which is high risk, but with the potential for high reward. Easily getting one or two rivens that are mid-tier is an easy 400p+ in most cases (assuming the weapons are relevant at the time). I.. I digress however, I do understand where you're coming from on the resource front. However, it won't be happening anytime soon I'm afraid.
  12. Would be nice if they had phrases or something to determine what their third word is. My most recent lich I got exceptionally lucky, 2 tries and that was it. #1 was correct, moved #2 to 3 and put a third in for #2 and that was it. Felt nice, satisfying, even though I didn't do anything for it. Wish we had ways of finding the murmurs out sooner, since we have to go out of our way to find lich stuff anyways. Which is why I think sabotage/spy should give more murmurs by doing each vault you get +10-15 murmurs (only one spy mission allowed per lich). That would be nice.
  13. And DE can give the player multiple ways of killing them. Complete a special mission (infiltrate stronghold, silent or not so silent) on the ground (normal missions) that makes the lich go into space. We intercept with our railjack, fight their fleet and kill them. Complete a series of missions to force the lich into a corner so they go into their stronghold, where we can kill them at our discretion, they stay there for up to 12 real life hours or until we've completed 5 missions, whichever comes first, then it 'resets'. Since they're scared for their life and all. Then Railjack/Lich could be tied into Invasions. You get a special alert from darvo, nora, ordis (any syndicate for that matter for additional rep and depth here) that warns you your beloved lich is starting a fight, you can choose to fight against your lich (loud, not so silent) and try for murmur/trigger words, or fight WITH your lich (sneaky, not so loud) to make them stronger/give them an advantage. Perhaps increasing the bonus weapon damage/chunk of resources (useful, resources DE) and/or a cosmetic (besides ephermera). Gives reasons to do invasions again, since fortuna bounties give them more plentifully and are faster.
  14. Firstly, thank you for that link I've been looking for it for ages. Also I'd like to add this to my list of "why auction houses are bad for Warframe", since this topic comes up at least twice a month. Edit: Thought I"d contribute for OP - DE has spoken on the matter and said no. https://twitter.com/rebbford/status/1103418855207112704
  15. You know for a fact DE would implement it, but have the sentinel take 8 seconds to pick anything up with a 45 second cooldown. Similar to Carrier's "Looter" ability, that isn't an "aura of destroying all boxes" but just shoots a random box every 3-5 seconds, even bullet jumping to open every box is faster than that. @OP - no way this is getting added, use loot detector if you're looking for sculptures or your eyes (for icons) when stars drop. They aren't to get if you're looking / farming for them. As for Kuva Lich stuff, instead of requesting a bandaid (bypass one trigger word entirely up to two) and shoehorn a soft-meta of needing this sentinel with you on kuva lich hunts. Why not just request a better system than 'beat dead horse / kuva thralls until you get trigger words". I will wholeheartedly agree that Kuva Lich murmur grind is NOT fun and feels like it takes longer to get the trigger words that it should, however - your system isn't better, trading one bad thing for another. Sorry if I seem harsh, but that's what it looks like from my perspective.
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