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  1. Even if the development team is 150ish (which rebecca herself said it's closer to the 200 range) the major issue that DE has had through my time knowing them, is their lack of management. Which is also what their glassdoor reviews said a few years ago, supposedly they're getting better, but how they handled The Old Blood/Railjack/Scarlet Spear, I highly doubt this, actions vs words and all. I think Warframe is a fun game that I've spent quite a few thousand hours playing, but I see so much more potential that hasn't even been tapped yet, with materials we already have in-game. Yet they keep adding new stuff that, while neat on the surface or in concept, is either completely different (TOB) or lacking entirely or feeling far closer to an alpha concept rather than nearing what they presented (Railjack,SS). When they do add something that is good (Deadlock Protocol) they make simple mistakes that bring the update as a whole down. #1 Lack of replayability in the new 'kill all' mini-mission, coin holder is too tanky past a point. The face-lift and new tilesets are a welcome improvement, however - those departments (along with sound, music) haven't been lacking in the past few years either. Then the fact that if there are 'changes in the works' we know it will take them many many months or even years before we see actual meaningful change/updates. I mean, RJ released 8 months ago, and had a 'revised' announcement back in.. march I believe. Yet we won't be seeing any meaningful changes to that until.. at least 2-4 months from now. Honestly, not excited for any new updates, with how their management (or lack thereof) is and how it seems they try to take too many projects on at once, announce things far too early and the lack of quality/needing revisits on some recent updates, make me just want to sidestep and wait a few months after it releases before trying it out. Which really sucks/hurts since I want to play, what sucks more is I'm not alone with this thought.
  2. I just see a hydroid sitting in puddle form on a wall, then have an alternative use for his 1 that makes a tentacle 'throw/fling' that enemy (or small group) towards your puddle.
  3. In GTA Online this is true, but in most Co Op games I've played you have more wiggle room. Failing the drill on the first heist for example ruins your bonus + more cops to deal with because you were slower. Don't even get me started on the 4th bank heist, running from cops to get out via sea, many ways of doing it - but that one typically requires perfection. I miss GTA:O, stopped playing due to cheaters, and getting called a cheater (6.5K/D, I would kill griefers). One of the main reasons I play Warframe is the parkour system, very satisfying when you perfectly move through the map flipping, shooting etc, without bumping into anything. The only other game I can think of that I've played that gives satisfying movement that is anywhere in the same spectrum is Team Fortress 2, and since I can't play that current (lack of real internet) here I am. The neat thing about GTA:O specifically though, is the plethora of tools, vehicles and ways you can approach most missions, which is one reason I played it so long (4153 hours), but cheaters ruin any fun you could have, which is why I 'retired'.
  4. Exactly, been saying this since it was added. I like the idea of pursuing / being pursued by a mini-boss while also getting resources that I'd normally farm for. Aka, a change of scenery, a way of avoiding burnout. Mutagen samples could be thrown in the 'resource' bundle too.
  5. I'd like for enemies in hardmode to get an extra moveset/ability. Special/unique units (like nox, bombard, drakk master etc) would get 1-2 unique new abilities too. Very odd to me how DE nerfed armor for everything, to then turn it up to 12 for steel path, like OP said, it isn't hard - just more tedious, it just takes longer. I get it that they don't want to take the time to 'properly' balance warframe, in the sense that in the same category one frame wouldn't completely, totally, unequivocally invalidate other frames in that category (cough, saryn, mesa cough) but .. with how many tens of thousands of suggestions on the internet - I see no way they couldn't do it if they actually focused on it. As it stands, steel path isn't something I'll be doing anytime soon, which is a disappointment for me since I was looking forward to it, it's just more health/armor for the sake of more health/armor, nothing new to learn or interesting to do, more of the same (exactly like kuva lichs, same tileset etc). Oh well.
  6. Eh just my preferred way of playing her, things that would break your line of sight while on the ground can be avoided in air. Also helps with dodging bombard missiles. Not saying 'my' playstyle is better, just the way I prefer to play her, the rare chance I do use her, nowadays I pick Titania over her, since she's in a better place now than she was a few years ago.
  7. Activate #3, don't even need her 2. Jump in the air, activate #4 (I don't much care for her augment, I'm too mobile for it). While falling, shoot everything before you hit the ground, rinse and repeat until 75/75. Rarely takes more than 30 seconds. I also use velocity on her with energize, for even more DPS could use Arcane Precision too.
  8. Then that means you aren't playing mesa correctly, because I can get to Rot C easily on any of the coins. It just isn't fun is the main gripe I have.
  9. In my experience, many who leave after dying are experimenting with a build and it didn't perform, so no need to stay. Or they're embarrassed and don't want to be a burden and leave. Normally players leave at 5-10, rarely have I seen players stay beyond that. And expecting them to do so, is forcing them to play the way you want to. Projecting your expectations on someone, then they not meeting up to it. Isn't laziness or sabotaging, its you being egotistical. Which is ironic, since you mention that in your title. For index, I normally do solo, not everyone wants to stay for more than a round. If you want to stay for longer than the 'new norm' as you may wish to call it, then use recruitment chat. Otherwise, prepare to be disappointed.
  10. Agreed, why not just increase the intensity to compensate? So 5 waves that are 10 waves (or maybe 15?) strong.
  11. I'd just like to have his pocket sand (#1) and his tornado (#3) actually convert all enemies touched (aka instantly kill them, with exceptions of course) and convert them into sand minions for a short time. Sure, inaros is a health tank, and most use him strictly for that. Rhinos is a armor tank, but at least he can CC and support his team. Inaros CAN CC, but when you can survive it all - why bother? I think the above suggestion (#1 + #3 instant wombo combo) would help make him more than just a health tank and breathe some life into his kit. Also his passive should be redone, or deal 20-25% per second.
  12. Personally I think that rescuing them should GIVE a coin (low or mid tier, not highest), I haven't found many in my travels, although I'm not actively searching for them either. But I think the rewards for freeing them are too little for what you're potentially giving up with that coin cost.
  13. If you know parkour it can be evaded with that too. The four beams have small ledges that you can stand on (near the top, by the ceiling), or you can just jump and aim glide or dodge/roll too. The boss fight isn't hard and is very flashy, operator mode isn't necessary to cheese the fight, the fight wasn't hard to begin with.
  14. I wouldn't mind the grind if it was fun. Kuva Liches, wasn't fun - to the point where when I got the rewards I never touched it again. The same will be here with the new mini-void. Which is a shame, it's a "built to destroy" mindset, aka get the loot then never do it again. Derelict, salvage, defection, ESO, among others, all follow this very bad mindset. It's a waste of development time (in my opinion) to create something that cannot stand on its own, that will be discarded after it's been sucked dry of resources (or what little fun it had). I think that DE need to consider fun, FUN at the forefront, then the grind. Warframe isn't going to die because of it, but it's deteriorating, full of content that you only do once - then pass it by and say "oh I remember that!, *shudders*", like Dog Days, better left a memory. That just showcases the lack of real overall balance in Warframe more than anything else. They balanced the mini-void event around nuke frames or fast kill frames like saryn/mesa/octavia. Yet if your frame of choice isn't on par with these frames, then it's irrelevant. A direct way of balancing this (and ESO/SO) is having weapon kills (on a per weapon basis, as not all weapons are equal) give more benefit for a kill than normal. 1 kill with a frame is 1 point on mini-void. 1 kill with a corinth is 2 points on mini-void 1 kill with the KNukor is 2 points (due to its range and crowd killing capabilities).
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