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  1. Exactly, this is my point.
  2. That still doesn't fullfill the title of 'dedication/skill". I've done everything there is to do in the game at least once, and did over 190 runs on the Exploiter orb before I finally got a Ephermera. Technically speaking, nothing is hard in warframe if you prepare for it properly. But to say that you get rewarded for dedication is a lie at best, RNG is a fickle thing, and as such 'dedication rewards' shouldn't be given via RNG, but through killing it X times.
  3. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXactly. There is a difference between 'wow he knows his stuff and got it" to "wow he got lucky with RNG". DE doesn't seem to understand that. Like I've said before, killing her 30+ times should give the Ephermeras, 30 for the frost 50 for the shocking, simple, the must frustrating thing is - this is such an easy fix that lifts so much frustration, but they won't see it.
  4. I'm at run 185 - still don't have either. RNG no likey me. Like I said before, I wish it would give it to you after 30 or 50 kills of the orb as a 'here rng isn't kind to you, we will be instead". And if you happen to get before then, cool, RNG was on your side. Run 192 finally got one, the shocking. The only other thing I can think of is increase the drop rate of items based on how many runs you've done (say 0.2% or so per run) so after 5 runs that's +1%. Then reset when they receive the item. Grinding is fine, but something labeled as 'for the dedicated to get" should be given like I mentioned before, rather than pure RNG (which isn't fair as previously stated, it doesn't recognize dedication).
  5. What is it with players misreading stuff. We aren't saying that the """""" Exploit"""""" is creativity (this 'exploit' is actually them not checking their work). I like the idea of being able to use nova or octavia in a capacity where they normally aren't used. That's the creativity we're talking about. For example: when you think eidolons, what warframes come to mind? Chroma, Volt, Trinity, Harrow, Oberon and maybe Ivara (for those insane people). You don't think of Nova, Ember, Octavia, Nidus, Nezha etc. Any fight that is worth its salt that allows other 'non-boss meta' frames to be used, is a step in the right direction. While being able to kill all the vents was an oversight on DE's part, it was nice, for a time, that two popular frames (but rarely if ever used in boss fighting capacity) got some light on them in a new role. That's what we're talking about here. I don't need to cheese fights, we're already demi-gods. We're already overpowered beyond reason.
  6. #1 The main issue I have with that is, it implies that DE goes back immediately (or somewhat soonish) and polishes gameplay that had a rough start. While they do update things after they're released they typically update them a couple times (example the exploiter orb event) and try to fix some things. Or plains of eidolon where they did the texture revamp (which is nice). However, defection still has some mission nodes where your 'escorts' fall off the map, and you need a switch tele loki for it. Or other mission types where things are obviously not working or underused (salvage, assault, etc) and instead of updating them they just leave them there for new players to slough through. I think DE could improve on updating older content, and listening to community feedback on some issues more, like powercreep. I'm fine with being a 'officially-unofficial-official" beta tester, but things that have been around for years that need fixing, shouldn't be ignored just to release something shiny that's very similar to older content. Even though I like the idea of this buried debts event, the thermia is reskinned defense, and the boss fight while unique to itself, is very simplistic (wish they added a few more unique traits dependent to warframes). Also, before you possibly say it - asking more when you receive something doesn't mean you aren't thankful; it just means you don't want them to stop innovating or creating new stuff WORTH playing. By asking for more you say 'This is nice, but there is more than can be done, more possibilities, more new things to be had", and as such more content to be created.
  7. While I do agree, as someone who earned Insane in the Membrane in WOTLK in WoW - this event is worse than that for me. I've done almost 200 runs. 200. 40-60 of them are failed because bugs, phase 2 door doesn't open, trolls or horrible human beings whom disconnect or leave right after the fight - so no one gets loot. Infinite loading etc. Yet I've read some players have gotten these in as little as 5 runs. While it doesn't surprise me that DE didn't think ahead (they rarely do), why didn't we have the ability to buy them with the toroids we loot incase we didn't get them after x tries, or even a 'here ya go 50 kills later'. RNG is NOT a way to give exclusives like that. You can walk by someone with the effect and think 'wow he spent alot of time, but only took 10 runs". And walk by 20 people whom played a couple hundred without getting. Just infuriates me to no end, spent over 30 hours in the past few days going for these to not get anything for it. I don't need standing with vox, I don't need random fortuna resources. I'll give anything I have just to get that one cosmetic I'm after, and the fact that DE didn't plan this out - either shows they don't care, or are just lacking foresight (as per usual).
  8. Agreed, she would help move things along, not be required or even the sole means. I'm not advocating for a 'change this meta with a new meta', just wanting other frames that aren't used as often or don't have this sort of knack - to get additional flexibility or use.
  9. Special effects show away from the skin pls fix. https://imgur.com/a/6TffZ6l
  10. Yup had a 45 min run lost because host DC'd (instant back to orbiter - shame) and out of 14 attempted runs today with pugs (not enough experienced friends with time on their hands or insanity to get cosmetics at low% drops), only 5 of them were successful. Rest were because phase 2 door wouldn't open. While I do understand we are the 'beta testers' - it's very aggravating that a timed event, with exclusive content (even if it will show up 2-3 times a year like plague star), has so many glaring issues. And I completely agree with your technical analysis, it doesn't white knight or brown nose DE but looks at the issues realistically and factually without hyperbole.
  11. Just did a 45 min exploiter run (2 1/2 runs) host crashed as we entered fortuna from the cave. We lost all loot. Can we please have a snapshot system for loot? It's obvious with fortuna you're experimenting with the ability for players to do missions again without loading screens, and to try and cleverly hide them (like last of us with hoisting up the AI, or metro exodus with crawl spaces). So when a squad completes the orb fight and goes back into the cave. That moment when it starts announcing "players waiting for you" should be the timeframe that the game snapshots what loot you have. Then adds it to your foundry/inventory. So if you crash, you don't lose out on anything, this should also be done for endless missions, when you receive AABC loot - snapshot. Really hurts to not get a reward, and ultimately feels like time wasted. Not even mad that I lost on fortuna loot, I've already completed everything fortuna has to offer. The only thing that gets on my nerves is how long the door sometimes takes to load Phase 2 - when fortuna should already be pre-rendered from being their previously. So yeah.. Snapshot loot. Pretty please.
  12. They have creative wiggle room is what I mean. We are cyborg, mutated flesh ninjas flying through space with reckless abandon. They aren't limited to 100% realism or anything like that. I did mention in another post of a general idea of 'heat damage speeding up phase 1". Would give ember something beneficial - I'd juggle it around to see what we could change to make it more than just 'use ember phase 1 done' - but it's something different. I think many players, like myself, get upset or disappointed when something that has the potential to be more than what it was, is wasted, but DE treats it like it's amazing, when it's really simple or not impressive. Like when conservation came out - it's just find item, interact, follow the unfollowable (hard to see, still) trail - then bellow at the animal and capture them. Even with flying creatures they had prints on the ground, rather than feathers or carcasses to find (instead of innovating or changing up stuff if for no other reason than a different thing to look for, they went with same old same old). And back to the EXP fight - since ember was nerfed some time ago (buffed by some), then giving ember a place in a 'boss' fight - giving her a position or role that is useful again, I can't see that being unwanted by the community. If she's useful in the fight, but not overpowered, helps move the fight along faster (but maybe not entirely skip it), then what's the harm? You get multiple wins, players skip what they consider boring (because of DE's lack of foresight in design, their own fault). Players get a use for one of the most beloved frames (Ember) again, which she hasn't had in this capacity before. And it opens the door down the line for other frames to be useful in similar capacities (frost on General burner butt for example).
  13. I agree, it is a different mechanic, but it's a shame they played it and instead of going "lets add at least one more thing" they just thought "throwing hot potatoes for ~12-20 mins) yeah that's fun and engaging". Yeah, it's a step in the right direction, but unless they have some idea of updating the fight mechanics anytime soon, it won't be anymore in-depth for years to come. And that's kind of sad considering it's supposed to be a 'major event'. Which reminds me of how boring plague star is (lephantis fight). Either way, yes it's a step in the right direction, but a tinnie weenie step. They need to take bigger ones I think, they have the wiggle room to bounce back if it flops.
  14. I agree, nothing can be perfect - doesn't mean you should try to go for it. Perfect in warframe's case because of how much diversity it has with playstyles, is simply having different ways to tackle the same problem. While it's true that "just because it's the easiest doesn't mean you have to use it", when I'm getting the same rewards and am not guarenteed to get an item, having the most efficient system typically is what players navigate to. Just to be clear, I'm not saying meta is the only way to play the game, in any capacity from casual fun play to 'efficient grinding/farming'. However, I think we can all agree here that DE can afford to experiment and further flesh out the different mission types/boss battles we do have, to incorporate new and interesting ways to fight enemies that we currently don't have right now.
  15. You did I'll catch it and bring it back for ya. When something is simply better than anything else for less effort players will go towards it. Especially in a looter game like Warframe. If killing the map isn't a requirement (ESO for example) then nukeframes aren't needed. As such, frames that can survive with no effort are typically top picks, thus chroma and inaros. This doesn't mean that other frames that players like cannot be selected - it just means they normally aren't. I've done the fight with nova, equinox, hildryn, harrow, chroma, inaros, volt, oberon and loki (switch teleport was kind of fun). The two easiest to survive with this event with no effort required are chroma and inaros, bar none. That doesn't mean you can't bring something else, at least if you want to pay attention (even a little). My point still stands though, if a fight becomes so boring or tedious that certain frames or playstyles are gravitated towards, perhaps a look in design is in order, to help facilitate other playstyles as well. (Which is something eidolons could even use).
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