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  1. Unfortunately I only play Warframe. Science accurate might be too much, sure, but at least it shouldn't look this blown out. Just that main room in general suffers from pretty dull, bright lighting w very little ambiance.
  2. This could be an opportunity to display on this section of the ship a real scientifically accurate version of what we already sees through the eyes of the space station. Not only that, but take that mentality and improve on it the Warframe way. Imagine if this could become a real time view of the most advanced optics in earth in this game. What an indestructible force of nature this thing would be if it accomplished that.
  3. When I think of space, I like to think of the darkest black, illuminated by stars. The most amazing display of nature... stars! Stars in the deep black night sky. Unfortunately, when I try to see this phenomenon on Warframe, through the windows of the main room, it looks so flat and blown out. There's a layer of brightness that seems to ruin everything. I'm not looking at space here, I'm barely looking outside, overwhelmed by bright lights. If I were to have the least favorite thing about this game in total, it would be the interior lighting of the orbiter. It's un-customizable, flat, and titt
  4. haha for sure it's pretty out there as far as Warframe standards go. i'm sure it's a polarizing skin.
  5. There's definitely some tweaking that could be done. If the jacket is blocking anything or glitching with other objects that should be looked at for sure. On that note I will say this about the Zephyr skin as well.... almost no syandana looks good on it 😂 because most syandanas block the awesome design on the back. Haha. It's almost as if it needs the ability to mess around with the syandana center point to be able to place it in a spot where it won't mess with the back. I was actually kinda surprised the skin didn't come with it's own syandana. Maybe in the future we can get one that works t
  6. If I were to ask for a nitpick here... man how could it would be if the jacket had a bit of a dual color there. Maybe if it took a hint of a another color from the set, you could make it have a really cool pearlescent shimmer. The thigs are already doing that, which is lovely.
  7. Loved how far into the Wipeout XL, realm of Formula One sci fi you took Zephyr's Harrier Skin. That is a superb breath of fresh air. For a bit there there were a lot of ultra-ornate fantasy themed skins (which are great but there are a lot of them). So it's cool to see a bold statement skin that harkens to other genre's of sci fi. I especially LOVE the jacket. That just tickled my brain in all the right spots. Thank you DE! 😜💥
  8. The oxygen tank icons, during a survival mission, as seen here at minute 30:31 on the minimap, (top left corner): Soaron - Twitch , really shows a flickering bug where air capsule icons just flicker like crazy during missions. Quite annoying. Another thing I found kind of annoying as a player (not so annoying just watching the video after the stream) is that Mirage's shadow holograms cast a shimmering, annoying light that seems to be more prevalent with the Beta Rendering Engine on. It seems to be related to the depth of field blur effect, something is making it vibrate really hard so wh
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