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  1. I dunno atlas with petrify and a tigris prime is a pretty nice combination in almost any situation
  2. I think my go to warframe for that kinda business has to be Atlas. Like with his Karst skin he looks so cool! Also the way I have him modded makes him a tank that hits like a tank. If i could figure out how to properly attach pictures I'd show off a few lol
  3. My idea is we just make the mech into a warframe, like just size it down if we're not out on the drift or the vallis.
  4. If you want warframe to be like genshin so much just play genshin. Don't come back. You clearly see the hate and disagreements from almost everyone here, they don't like the idea. I don't like the idea. I've never played Genshin, and I certainly do not plan on it. Get this through your skull into that big ol' brain of yours. We don't want it. We don't want gacha elements in this game. We don't want 2 week timegates. We don't want an energy system you eventually pay some form of currency for. We don't want anything from that game. So please, please, I beg you to abandon this, you're ge
  5. The scariest part about this thread is that i have that helmet And Im not on PC!! OoOoooOoOOOo
  6. Ivara skin, dont remember the name but it starts with a Z. It looked nice at first but skathi is way better. And also zephyr graxx, and an excalibur helmet.
  7. Dang, really? I need to finish that quest lol
  8. I've read everything in this thread. Get this through your thick skull. Like for real, how does anyone put up with you? Like oh my god its a video game miniboss get over it and grind it out without many complaints like a normal player.
  9. Im not going to spout the same things the others have said to you. Yeah, the larvling dies so you dont get what you dont want, bugs n whatever, blah blah. You've heard that tons of times. Thralls dont die on a timer because DE doesn't want you to miss out on murmurs. Thats it. Get over it. Go not kill your larva until you get stubbas. I know ive done it for the things i do and dont want.
  10. Oh, so Big Band from skullgirls. I like it! also cornframe when
  11. I completely agree with this frame, they sound awesome! I would buff the final just a bit, make health go down by 2% stacked on how long they're inside the swamp?
  12. Halo takes your last played matches and lets you use freecam, pause gameplay, speed it up, slow it down. I think you can add effects? I'm not 100% certain.
  13. New augment for titania but it just takes the 'ia' off of her name and she just becomes big. That's it. Wings don't work anymore they're still tiny.
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