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  1. If they happen I presume that they'll be something like the mobs we fought during Nightwave season 2. That wouldn't be so bad, just imagine screaming hoards of infested with some evil guy/girl behind them laughing like a maniac.
  2. They're listening, but they're choosing to ignore what's being said because they know better. Back in the early days of "The Old Blood" there was a Dev stream in which a certain Dev when asked stated live on camera that after reading the forums they felt that the overwhelming negative feeling from the players about the update was that Kuva Liches didn't take long enough to kill. As someone who was posting in these topics at the time I can pretty much guarantee the the actual issued were anything but that, in fact, I checked back at the time and time to kill wasn't even mentioned on this forum. It is however, a well known meme that if you want DE to actually take any notice of something in Warframe you need to post it on the Reddit. After all, one person on Reddit managed to get Universal Medallion functionality removed from Conclave, so it must be true.
  3. Just allow Warframes to swim and add under water content that isn't Sharkwing.
  4. Wait? They accidentally released something that the released into Nightwave accidentally again? DE, it's time to hire someone who knows what they're doing! Either sort this or release the rest of the Arcane Helmets as well.
  5. I do wonder how much money Tencent has made from people buying Forma thanks to the release of sisters of Parvos? I'm guessing the next Plague Star will drop after the rush on tenet weapons has passed, but I'm still not expecting the event to include Forma in the event shop. That would be a waste of so much potential profit.
  6. This is covered in The War Within. "The biomes had been sabotaged", "The food stocks dwindled", "Hunting parties roamed the ship" says The Worm Queen. Why do you think hunting parties were roaming the ship? What do you think they were hunting? Fresh meat of course. That's why no trace of the adults is mentioned, that's why all the evidence of the Zariman was destroyed by the Orokin, because of what the Tenno did on that ship.
  7. Yes, we kill innocent people to create our Warframes, but what would you expect from monsters like us? We killed our parent's, we stole children for the Orokin to use in Continuity, and then we committed Genocide on the Orokin, man, woman and child. Their blood covers us body and soul. We use our minds to control twisted, infested weaponised humans. Umbra has a soul, but who says that the others don't? Maybe it's just buried deep enough that they have no control and all they can do is scream silently into the darkness and pain. People who don't have the stomach for it will say this isn't so, but they're just ignoring the truth. Honestly though, the lore in Warfame is as light or dark as you want it to be, because it feels like DE gave up on the lore a long time ago. Most of what's said is head cannon with the most popular ideas taking hold. It's equally as viable to say that Warframes are made out of Fairy Dust and Pixie farts.
  8. If only her Sea Snares and Riptide induced cold status on their targets instead of just cold damage then they would be excellent for CC purposes.
  9. Players having fun cannot be allowed. Nerf incoming! (Cedo is easily the most fun you can have legally with a gun)
  10. Challenge in Warframe simply doesn't exist beyond a certain point. Once you have the mods you require and a few forma every last bit of difficulty vanishes. If you're looking for challenging gameplay, you've come to the wrong game, this is how the majority of players seem to want it, so this is how it's going to be. All that remains is a toxic RNG infested grind.
  11. I named my hounds after tools. Hammer, Spanner and "Cannot have profanity yadda yadda yadda" I'll give you a hint, it's a tool used to apply threaded fasteners for wood which share the first half of this tools name which ends in the word "Driver" Who chooses what words are profanity in Warframe? A 5 year old? For a game which claims to be M rated DE sure is terrified of offending someone.
  12. I'm not answering, because I think that op is actually Scott in disguise finding out what's popular amongst the players so he can decide what to nerf next!
  13. With the old system, and the old rate of murmur gain I used to use 5 different frames when farming them. Mesa, for hunting murmurs on most missions. Limbo, Excavations only (seriously, the only mission type I play as Limbo) Khora, for Mobile Defence and Defence. Ivara, for Spy. Nekros, for Survival. Now, with the new system I use one frame. Inaros, because all I have to do is 3 missions per planet, Extermination, Capture and Sabotage. I don't need to swap frames now, I just take one with survivability, I don't need to swap weapons, or tactics or anything, I just launch into the mission and shoot everything with my shiny new overpowered gun. Lich and Sister hunting has been dumbed down so much that it's become a chore that can be run through from start to finish in what? A couple of hours if your requiem mods are in the wrong order? I can knock a sister out of the game in less than an hour with a couple of correct stabs and an oul. Compared to the old system it just feels so unrewarding.
  14. I think it's time that DE did something with Darvo. Actually give him something worth buying such as frames, slots and so on. Maybe some Darvo themed goods in the same way that Baro has themed goods. Anything would be an improvement!
  15. RNG = Immersive gameplay. It's the mantra Digital Extremes uses when creating Warframe content. It prevents them from having to actually come up with any serious gameplay mechanincs.
  16. Why are people so hot on focussing on his second video? It's irrelevant. Games don't suddenly get good after 100 hours, we all know that, a game gets no better that it is at 10 hours, 50 hours whatever. I totally agree with what he's saying and there are plenty of games that I've walked away from because they just aren't fun no matter how long you play them. Are people getting bent out of shape because he used Warframe footage in his video? would there be all this "wah wah" if he had used Bless Online instead? No there wouldn't. I watched the 100 hours video and I totally agree with everything that was said in it. I wonder if the reason he used Warframe footage in that video was because of the people watching his stream who asked him to play more Warframe, and then, when he said no demanded he play more Warframe and then after he said no again tried to come up with excuses why he should play more Warframe like "It gets better after 100 hours" People need to realise that you can't bully people into playing a game if they're not interested, all you do is turn them against the game, so if he was interested in playing more Warframe he sure as hell isn't now. Score one own goal to the Warframe fanbase, and the loss of a streamer who would advertise the game while playing potentially bringing in more players to DE.
  17. My answer to this piece of headcanon is this. All those captives, all that biomatter, what do you think we make our Warframes out of Tofu? They scream because they know what's about to happen to them. "No! no! not me! I don't want to die!" As for Grineer assassination targets, well, they're clones so it's a case of. "Commander Vay Hek Sir, they just killed Vor!" "Again!! *shouty voice* Well, what are you waiting for Maggot, defrost another one!" Or, it could all be that the game is so mashed up and so few attempts at fixing any of this in the game lore have taken place in the past 4 or 5 years that questioning anything is pretty much worthless as the game has been reduced into it's simplest form. A corridor based horde looter shooter where the most important thing is grinding the next shiny rather than finding the answers to the questions the game asks which aren't there. I hate that it's come to that. The last serious attempts to add lore to the game were Nightwave and the Laverian, at least one of which is now pretty much defunct and the other is in a second concurrent Intermissions but under another name.
  18. I for one would pay good plat to have Ordis as a guide, Teshin and Little Duck as well. Just swap them out depending on what I feel like. +1 for this!
  19. As it's a free game, I'd invite them to download it and play a few games with me. I wouldn't want them to try it solo as most of the people I know who have done that have quit once they encounter something that isn't explained to them and gives them no clue how to progress, or any hints that the information is actually available. I'd want to talk them through the early game and explain everything to them while describing the game systems to them as they play through them. Also, I'd run the game friends only and assist them while they do the missions, not blind them with flashy effects while speed running through a mission in 30 seconds.
  20. Remove Ripline totally. Replace with an ability called "Rending Claw" which removes an armour percentage (up to 80%) and applies slash procs to all targets struck in a 180° forward facing within 2m. Or, if you still want to keep traversal "Pounce" which has the same effect only allows for long jumps. Why not make it tap for one and hold for the other.
  21. If you need immersion forced on you in every single mission you play then the immersion is not doing it's job. I understand that the Tenno are children and, like all children they need to be instructed how to do something, but after you have been taught to tie your shoe laces or ride a bike you don't need to be constantly badgered about it by a parent helicoptering around you like Lotus/Ordis pretending to be Lotus does. After a few years they get really old. "I'm detecting a large security force heading your way, it's the Grineer" I'm on a Grineer Galleon, who was I supposed to expect? The Spanish Inquisition? A PETA hit squad maybe because I let my Kavat my Kavat die? Do I need to be told a coolant cell has been removed after I'm the one who removed it and I'm playing solo? Why does Lotus talk down to us like we're a bunch of idiots all the time? Being able to them off with in Audio Settings, saved my sanity. I have nothing against messages and hints that assist new players in achieving the goals set by the game, but do we really need them to still be playing in our ears years after we've learnt what to do?
  22. Having played games like Azure Lane on mobile in the past I'm honestly looking forward to some of the "Extra skins" they may release into Warframe.
  23. We have that in Warframe only it's lines like . . "I'm detecting a large security force heading your way, it's the Grineer" and "Multiple enemies ahead, leave no one standing." and "Corpus walkers are heading to your location" and "Keep going nobody knows you're here" and "Bypass complete you may proceed" and "Mission complete, excellent work Tenno" and many many more. Luckily we can switch most of it off.
  24. I wouldn't say a waste, after all, those last few points helped me achieve MR L1. The problem is that apart from the occasional Void Storm and Sister/Lich showdowns, simply don't need to play the Railjack content island any more I'd rather have had a couple more points to throw into the skills of the crew I have than even more RNG to buy into.
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