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  1. It's all just head canon as nothing official has been written about it yet as far as I know, which is why we're making it up here. Every persons idea is just as viable as the next until we're told different. Lots of good ideas though.
  2. This is a different strain of infestation to the rest of the system "The Grey Strain", Maybe it effects people differently from the regular strain. The way I rationalise it is this. . . The Grey Strain is what constitutes part of the Warframes. It's engineered from the original strain to be more "beneficial" to the host, allowing more control over it by the individual family members or, the Tenno. This would also explain how Ballas took control of Umbra in the closing sick bed cinematic of Sacrifice. The Grey Strain rendered him more susceptible to transference. This is of cours
  3. A "reborn" Margulis is an amazing idea, but what would it change in the character? Margulis was executed, and one of the reasons for this was her refusal to accept the Tenno being turned into soldiers. Wouldn't she be just as protective of the Tenno as Lotus? More so maybe as Lotus was programmed to send us into battle and Margulis would still have her original anti-war ideals?
  4. I just assume that the derelict collided with Deimos when it phased back out of the void and it has nothing to do with a lazy asset swap. I'm all for giving Loid a more prominent role in things, but I can't see it happening. We've been asking for an option to swap the voice of Natah out of the game for some other narrator (Ordis would be good as he already does a couple of missions) ever since she abandoned us. I get the feeling that we have to keep Lotus ready for when they force us to accept her back into the role of our mentor at the end of The New War when it finally arrives.
  5. We got the picture of the weapon floating over the liches head instead, because apparently the wrong weapon is the only reasons that people want to get rid of an unwanted lich. Now we can see the weapon before we create the lich, all is well or so DE says.
  6. There are times when this game makes me throw my arms up in the air because of the bugs and unfinished feel of some of the content. But, the feeling I get jumping around in this game keeps me playing day after day. I may grind my teeth at times, but, Thanks DE.
  7. But 6 of them? you can normally tell after 1 or 2 if the weapon is any good. Not to insult people who think the Athodai is amazing of course. I just didn't find it worth the effort.
  8. Don't worry OP, it's pretty much just mastery fodder. I saw a few videos on how good it was but they were all 5-6 forma builds, and if something takes that many forma to be good, exactly just how "good" was it in the first place?
  9. I only use her to solo ESO, there are way more fun frames to play in the rest of the game. Mainly I use her 1 and 3 in combination. I hardly ever touch her 4, she's so powerful you just don't need it.
  10. Tubemen of Tyl Regor. It took place on the newly introduced Uranus sealab tile set, and was a fight between Mutalist Alad V and Nef Anyo. The outcome of Tubemen actually helped to shape the lore of the game as it stands today. This event is one of the reasons that Tyl Regor keeps going on about the Tubemen we murdered while your on Uranus. Actually, if would be awesome if DE re-ran any of the old operations and events in the modern version of the engine.
  11. I'd like to replay Gradivus Dilemma and Tubemen of Tyl Regor just so we can enjoy the lore surrounding them again. Come on DE, where's the harm in allowing players to replay some of the events from years ago?
  12. *sighs* I'm not a Tenno, they're not real, they only exist in this computer game called Warframe and, if for one second you think differently I really suggest you go and find help for your problems. Warframe is a game with a really spottily written lore. It is possible to read a passage from it and come up with 2 or 3 different interpretations of it all of which are perfectly acceptable and work within that segment of the lore. I've held many a lore discussion session with my clan mates coming up with new and interesting takes on the lore. Which one is true? Whichever one you l
  13. So, No news on Lavos? No answers to the questions about unmentioned nerfs in the latest update? No ability to even ask the questions and get them ignored? It's ok though, because we'll remember to ask dduring the next Dev Stream.
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