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  1. I'd never replace Ordis. I'm just hoping that the last phase of The New War will allow us to get rid of The Lotus once and for all.
  2. No, I just ignored it because he's right. It's not my fault is that guy presses too many buttons on his keyboard now is it?
  3. What people actually listen to those muppets? Nah, you don't need umbral forma at all. The game is no harder (with the melee 2.0 even easier) now that it was before Umbra even entered the game. People think they need them because content creators say you do, and remember there was a recent cull of content creators that didn't tow the DE line. I don't use them because I don't need them. Does that make me better than them? Awesome 😆
  4. Hologram Lotus (AKA The False Mother) Look, it's over 3 years (December 2017) since Apostacy Prologue, I think enough time has gone by to say that she's never coming back. If she was it wouldn't take this long no matter what excuses you come up with. If you can release content (and you have) you can work towards the release of the final chapter of New War. Meanwhile, Ordis does an amazing job running the Jupiter Sabotage and Disruption missions, let him be himself and stop having to pretend to be Lotus because you seem think we or the game can't cope without "Space Mom". We can.
  5. The command intrinsic is there to help you with your dreams Tenno! Seriously, the only way I can fly my own railjack is solo, or in premade party. It never used to be that way, but now it is.
  6. Looks at the stack of Umbral forma he already has from MR rank ups, twitch drops and things like that. Looks at his Warframes and melee weapons that totally own every bit of content in the game solo without having had to resort to using a single Umbral Forma to make them strong enough to do so. "Cool I guess?"
  7. When you say Water world, I'd like it to be an under water city like Bioshocks Rapture, sunken buildings connected by tubes and covered roadways. The option to sharkwing between them could be interesting, and of course there would have to be actual underwater missions to suffer because DE.
  8. All I see is Mars Attacks . . . . Please make it stop.
  9. The moment I saw the robo-dogue with Valkyrs head on a plate I had Mars Attacks flashbacks. I'm really liking the concept art for the new frame, but please God, don't make it force us to use K-Drive. I'm not feeling it for the new deluxe skins, Ember could just as readily be Titania or Equinox Night, and the New Revenant wouldn't look out of place on Nekros. I love your art Debby, but I'm on the fence this time around. I like the idea of briefcase weapons, but not ones that are worn on the back. Is there any chance that the default holster position could be hand held and they tr
  10. It is without a doubt the finest Titania skin I have ever seen on Ember! Although, it could also be an Equinox Night skin? The Revenant skin could be for Nekros at first glance. I'm sorry, but both of those skins are get the big "no" from me they're just too similar to the default skins from other frames we already have in the game for me to spend plat on.
  11. Personally, I think that whatever disaster almost destroyed the Tempestari (It has panels missing from the sides if you look through the "mist" surrounding it) is responsible for the death of Sevagoths operator. The crew was already in their life pods and ready to eject when something broke through risking their escape. Sevagoth (already in a pod) cast his shadow to destroy the boarders during which time his pod ejected separating them, the very nature of the void preventing his shadow from re-joining with him, and more importantly preventing Sevagoths operator from ending his/her transfe
  12. Warframe can never be allowed to have a happy ending because it simply wouldn't be edgy enough.
  13. When I started Warframe I played public, which just lead to people who had played longer than me with better gear than me finishing the missions before I'd even found my way to the objective. I was advised by someone in region chat to try the game in solo if I wanted to see all the content for myself at my own speed without other people beating me to it. So I did. Now. here I am, MR 30, all the frames, weapons, companions. you name it, I have it. Map cleared both regular and in Steel Path, 2-3 hours survivals, excavations, disruptions played, Prodman runs, Eidolons, Orb Mothers. all
  14. Head cannon, She "IS" the first Corpus Lich, during one of the scenes she says the line "We are the only monsters the origin system needs" or something similar. I'd need to replay the quest for the actual quote. It made me prick my ears up when she said it though.
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