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  1. So far, after playing a few games with a couple of clannies (we couldn't quite manage a full crew) I'm actually having fun in Empyrion. Before that, I tried to solo the first mission and it didn't go well, so I simply waited. Now, if only DE can fix Old Blood for us.
  2. It's interesting that as the Kingpin/Nemesis was in development for so long that it doesn't feel more integrated into the game. It's been mentioned before that it just feels like some cheap after market bolt on, but, DE has been very thrifty with lore in the past few years. A lot of things have happened in Warframe that have no explanation. Honestly? I'm not expecting any changes to the Lich system soon, during the last Dev Stream [DE]Scott did state that changes will be coming to the Lich system, but, not until the new year. Notes have been made Digital Extremes, and I (along with many other players?) am awaiting your improvements to the Lich system. I do have to wonder though, why throwing out more (according to the forum posts I've read this morning so far) unfinished, unpolished content is more important than fixing the unfinished, unpolished content that you released previously? Can we have a reason for that? Because a lot of us would like to see a few answers from you.
  3. What we need is clarification, but we all know how amazing DE is at responding to questions on the forums. I have so many questions about Railjack, but honestly? What's the point of asking? The only people who respond here are other players, and none of us have any of the answers. The people with the answers are happy enough to simply ignore us.
  4. That's part of the point I'm trying to make. I may not have worded it well, but this is what I'm getting at. There's no point to the Umbral mods, they do not belong in this game as easy as it is, but still if you look at any build posted on this forum, reddit, you tube anywhere they all have the Umbral mods as part of them. Now that we have Umbral mods, it seems that no one can play without them. They've become the new meta. I pride myself in the fact that I do not use, or in fact need umbral builds to be good at Warframe, the fact that I play along side people who I know use them and match or exceed their performance goes to prove this. Umbral mods have no place in Warframe, or at least not at the moment. Remember a few Dev Streams back? We were promised a rebalance of how armour and damage scaling works? Could it be that Digital Extremes will make the game challenging for those of us who don't simply want to click E and win? Or will they just make it even easier, which is what normally happens. *canned laughter* I'm not holding my breath for a good result.
  5. The Best mission in the game at the moment is the sabotage on Jupiter simply because the entire mission narrative is Ordis. It's been 3 years since a certain someone took off their helmet, took someone else's hand and walked away from their responsibility as the carer for the Tenno of their own free will. Nothing in Apostacy Prologue hints otherwise, and, I have to admit, I'm a little sick of the way some of the community clings to her because lets be honest, if she was going to come back it wouldn't take 3 years to sort it out as she's supposed to be such an important figure in Warframe Lore. She's sent Sentients after us, she's the voice behind The New War, she betrayed her own kind during The Old War and now she's betrayed the Tenno as well. Leopards don't change their spots as the saying goes, a betrayer will always betray again, and again, and again. Who will she betray next? The Sentients again? If she does how long until she betrays the Tenno another time? Can we risk that? We don't need her. Death to the False Mother.
  6. You only have to look at Sacrifice to see that this is true. Sacrifice bought us the Umbral mods that have to be part of almost any end game build now even though the game is no more difficult now than it was before Sacrifice dropped. The difference between Railjack and Sacrifice is that whatever Railjack is going to drop seems to be locked behind a grind wall where as the Umbral mods are pretty much given to you after maybe an hours gameplay? There is of course, the chance that Railjack may only drop Railjack related items (as no non railjack items were shown in the dev stream) which will basically make it Archwing 2.0, and, if the drops have no place in the main game like Archwing, people will tire of it very quickly and leave to rot.
  7. When they made the whole thing opt out. I'm not going to lie, the concept is amazing (just as it was in Shadows of Mordor) but the implementation of it in Warframe is so awful that DE should be ashamed of itself.
  8. How do you think random co-op is going to work for you when the entire mission relies on keeping your ship alive? Will you be willing to be the one running around your ship repairing it while everyone else is out there having all the fun? I'm not talking about playing with friends, I'm talking about playing with totally random people, many of who probably don't even speak English to a level where they can understand you when you start typing to them, Warframe is a global game after all. Or, will you just wait and look at your railjack until the right people log in for you to team up with? Or will you play solo?
  9. Pretty much the ability to skip one Lich a week, which is something that the player base asked for, although it would have been nice to have it implemented in a better way that "talk to some minor NPC who we've pretty much ignored since it was introduced into the game as part of Chains of Harrow" It was pretty much a sarcastic "Thankyou" because once again, DE says they've listened to player feedback only to ignore most of it because of reasons we'll never know because DE refuses to speak to the people responsible for keeping them in the games development business. IE, the players. Digital Extremes really doesn't seem to give a jot about their reputation these days.
  10. I can't really comment on Railjack because I haven't played it yet. But, I am disappointed that that major concerns that players brought up about Old Blood and Kuva Liches have pretty much been ignored. I thought that with the extra time between this and the last dev stream that more progress would have been made on fixing the problems, but I guess DE has been busy concentrating on the next piece of unfinished content they're going to throw at us. I don't mind the unfinished content, I understand the need to give us new things to play and do. I just wish you would fix the last one before releasing the next, because it feels like when something new is released, you no longer pay any attention to the problems that still exist in the old.
  11. People can eat a banana with the peel if they so wish, it wouldn't do you any harm at all. Just like co-op or solo, the choice is yours. Borderlands, Destiny and World of Warcraft are all games that a person can play solo if they choose to, I hate to shatter your perceptions, but there is nothing to stop you from playing any of those games on your own. You team up with people for raids and dungeons, but that's all you need to do, if a game requires a squad for play, you shouldn't be able to launch out of the lobby without one. Even in WoW, you can enter a raid dungeon alone if you so wish, you'd be a fool to do so, but that choice is yours. Name one thing here in Warframe that you as a player are so weak at that you simply cannot do it without a squad to carry you. Because there isn't a single thing in this supposedly co-op game that I haven't completed as a solo player, and Railjack isn't going to be any different, even if I have to wait for the solo mode to be implemented get right to the very end. Yes, I'll party with my friends and clan mates, but when they aren't on, I'll be tinkering about by myself doing it solo just to see how far I can get doing it because of one statement from last nights Dev Stream, "playing railjack solo is going to be a much bigger challenge that doing it with full crew" Challenge? Bring it on, it's something that Warframe has been lacking for way too long. I know Redridge well, and the burning steps. Now tell me, what is there to stop a starting player from going there if he wishes to? Exactly! The same thing that will stop a new Warframe player from jumping into Railjack as soon as they get their Archwing! Absolutely nothing! Which is precisely what you can do to stop them. You cannot stop a player from doing what they want to do as much as they can't stop you. You can whine, whinge, complain, take to the forums and post a million posts about it, but to no avail, because Digital Extremes does not agree with you. That is why Railjack is only gated behind Archwing, because DE want those people to play this new content. The Old Blood has higher restrictions than Railjack, Arbitrations, even ESO requires a level 30 frame which is more than Railjack appears to. Still, remember what an awesome gaming community we are here in Warframe! I'm sure everyone will be more than happy to take these new players under their wings and teach them everything they need to know about railjack! Or will you play solo?
  12. So why is solo play even a thing? Why not make the whole game co-op only? Why did the chat of last nights Dev stream become a stream of "F"'s when co-op only was announced? Why can I go and solo a Tridalon? Why can I solo Profit Taker? Why can my weapons red crit for hundreds of millions of damage when nothing that exists in the game needs anything close to that to kill it and has to be gated by invincibility phases to stretch the fights out? If this is a co-op game at all, why do we have the ability to make ourselves so powerful that the difficulty of the game becomes joke? Why doesn't this game give us anything that is so challenging as to require us to actually team up and play together? Last night [DE]Sheldon dropped the bombshell that even though Railjack is co-op only he plays it solo. So, even this amazing new yet to be released co-op only game mode can be played and won solo! Go rewatch the dev stream and it's right there. I'm sorry, but your wrong, if it was only supposed to be played by "veteran" players only it would be gated in such a way that new players wouldn't be able to join, like say, Arbitrations that require you to have completed every node in the game (a requirement that increases with every new node added you may notice) This is not the case, and, as there is no kick button in squad play your going to either have to play with them or quit the mission and start again to get rid of them. Or, you can wait until your clanmates log in and play with them, or, you could use the recruitment channel, but what if there are no "veteran" players wanting to play at that moment? I guess you could always play solo?
  13. A quote from last nights Dev Stream. "All you need is an Archwing and you can join in Railjack" Not for new players you say, so why is the only requirement one of the earliest missions your given in the game?
  14. I'm not against team play, most of the games I play require some kind of coordination, but Warframe isn't one of them, 99% of the game is geared towards solo content, even the Eidolons, Exploiter, Profit Taker and all the world bosses can be played and beaten solo If Co-op is such a huge part of Warframe why is this? Why has team play been pushed back so much for the solo player experience? Just think how much more engaging it would be if the game truly was co-op, when you needed people for more than there ability to help you open a door that solo you can open yourself when playing solo. As players we have come to expect certain things of Warframe, and the ability to solo everything single damned thing seems to be one of them. You have to expect people to be unhappy when they cater to the co-op minority. Why minority? because it was the lack of interest in them that got raids removed from the game.
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