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  1. When in trade chat and you press in the right stick to bring up a list of clickable items (blue text items), clicking on, for example, a riven to view the actual riven to see its stats, I am unable to press B to back out of that screen and resume play. This causes me to have to reset the game because none of the buttons are responding to my actions. I can still move the cursor around but cannot press anything to back out of it. Actions to replicate: Go to trade chat. Tap right stick to bring up the list of items. Tap on any riven to view its stats. Cursor moves around but cannot back out of that screen.
  2. This is exactly what I asked for one page earlier! I’d love this so much!
  3. Can we hang our favourite weapons to the walls of our orbiter or dojo?! Please let us craft plaques (just like the fish plaques) so we can mount our snipers polearms and shotguns onto the walls!!
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