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  1. Ui change:Warframe Ability Augment stats are now displayed in the Ability screen for Excalibur, Mag, Volt and Wukong! More to come in the near future. Why even bother doing it for only 4 frames to maybe be forgotten later ... I know you are super busy with tennocon coming but I dont see a point to see infos if we cant have it for all frames .. Rest seems good . Im curious of hoe wukong will turn out
  2. 10 perfect Conservations’ reduced to ‘6 different perfect Conservations’. ‘10 Bounties’ reduced to ‘5 different Bounties’. So again you didnt listened to the feedback.. This is certainly worse than it was for both of these.. If 6 different perfect conservation is 6 different type of species this is a lot worse..if this is 6 "group of pobbers" it is worse.. Before it was 3 groups of pobbers + whatever other species. IT is more grindy than it was before 10 bounties to 5 differents is a lot worse time wise related if you cant repeat the same bounties over and over.. It is grindification Rest is more than fine even if the rewards are a little bit underwhelming for 2k + hours veteran
  3. Still no fix from what i see.. ? Can DE please give us some ETA about it
  4. Still nothing to address the Komorex/Cyanex clan affinity lost ? It has been almost 2week without news on that..
  5. No fix for affinity lost from clan because of Cyanex/komorex Rest is Nice but UI still has many many problems . It should be functionallity over form not the opposite. Still no "vaulted" mention and the number of owned should be on by default not the opposite. Also the fact that the name isnt the colori of the rarity like before is just unintuitive
  6. Whipclaw is affected by riven as atlas 1 and Gara 1.. But it is weird to see same results of a toxin proc .. if you have more and more toxin .
  7. So à nerf to Ivara disguised as a fix ? Still nothing about the lost of clan exp when completing Komorex/Cyanex? Upping by 25% is only 1 to 3 hexanon more per rotation and the reward is still bad . If it was à 25% buff all across the board it would be différent Rest is alright but there is so many other things to fix
  8. @[DE]Megan is there à fix for the loss of clan affinity lost because of Komorex/Cyanex . The last 2 hotfixes nothing have been mentionned about that even if Rebb answered on the thread and said that the team was looking for a fix
  9. So everytime someone use in game clever game mechanics they are gonna get banned ? Gotcha So what about retroactively banning everyone who cheesed Lephantis with Gara/Ember during the first PLaguestar before the fix ? So what about you making a mod Like shattering impact useless in game against only some boss (Profit Taker) just because you decided it was an exploit.. So what about everything that you want to nerf because it is too "efficient" like Itzal when you designed it to be the fastest AW.. SO what about the nerfs to Ember because she was "too good" for level 10.. And we can all go on like that, problem is that you design things without testing everything and you expect clever people to not try everything.
  10. They explained it in the hotfixes notes.. THey were switch teleporting the "VIP" to a pit
  11. Can confirm it happened to our clan as well I dont have screenshots to prove but it is happening to all clan Who complete the résearch
  12. Happened to me too with the lenz on today bow only sortie Not that it matter that much with nova + fully fledged operator but the bug is still bad
  13. Complete a Spy mission using your Operator. Warframe cannot leave spawn room. This things seems super fun and really a challenge.. I would like to see more of these kind of challenges.. they are different way of playing 😄 but... "Complete 3 different K-Drive races in Orb Vallis ... NO JUST NO.. @[DE]Bear Can your team also remove the gilding and formaing challenge which is both new player unfriendly and have no use for the "forma'ing" veterans like who already forma'd everything and have nothing to do with that challenge "6 different perfect conservations" ... Also no.. I wont try to capture different species for the sake of it.. i have no interest in all of that and make the thing longer "5 different bounties" ... is not really reducing the grind at all.. If people were spamming Profit taker phase 2 for vallis bounties it could have been done under 30 minutes.. now with this change it gonna take a lot longer..
  14. Probably died during the host migration like I did last time . It sucks but one of the two biggest problem of arby havent been resolved: host migration (causing this kind of bullS#&$) and longer rotations than normal one
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