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  1. So heard on Prime Time Xoris change is still going forward anyways. They'll be looking at other things that build the same way later on. Khora: *chuckles* I'm in danger! Really DE????? Like are you Really gonna kill frames (gara, atlas, khora) because of your damn stubborness ???? Without stat sticks those frames Will be unplayable. . You even said in the first post that you arent gonna nerf anything else ? ?? Our plan is not to nerf the base powers of the Warframes involved, or the Mods that amplify the issue (Blood Rush / Weeping Wounds / Gladiator Mod Set), as doing so isn’t fair as it’s a reaction to a single weapon. In turn, we have planned to only change the interactions with the Xoris directly. You are certainly good liars it seems These interactions have been in the game since i started played the game (950 days ago) and now you are trying to remove them ? It is chroma all over again. . ESO nerfing all the nuke frames again. ..im pretty sure you are using Steel path to nerf everything into the ground again and it sure does look like it with the highlighted comment
  2. And DE just wont care about this kind of feedback because they love to kneejerk nerf things that are CONVENIENT (and not even top tier damage).. He made good points but DE just dont care at this point
  3. For frames that use a stat stick, you accepted you were going to do less damage in exchange for not managing combo. Isn't that the exact CHOICE that DE claims they want us to have with the modding system? It also opened ALTERNATE modding possibilities. Let's consider Atlas. I probably wouldn't go for crit on a "standard" Atlas stat stick. However with the right Xoris build I could get Blood Rush, Glad set and with Arcane Avenger I could get to 100% crit. That let crit be a realistic option for Landslide when it really wasn't before. Xoris isn't even that strong and the nerf is just removing options instead of adding more viable options but your team fail to see that By nerfing Xoris you are REMOVING CHOICES from the player, not freeing us from some oppressive Xoris meta. Xoris was used solely for the QOL feature of infinite duration so that you could mod DIFFERENTLY All the other frames (Excal, Baruuk, Wukong, etc) that finally had some weaknesses patched up by Xoris will get nerfed again and to my honest opinions their EXALTED MELEE should be stronger than a NORMAL MELEE WEAPON
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration mission.
  5. I would increase the range of and Duration of the grenade even more tbh. The artillery change seems pretty nice, but I think you should let it be affected by buffs in general. Also make it scale with enemy level. Stop fearing "scaling" damage. Dispensary still need to be able to put more than 1 for "mobile" mission Temporal Anchor is still a mess of an ability.. Increase the range of explosion. Let us "deanchor" ourself to unleash a nuke
  6. Nightwave Act Additions: Added the following Nightwave Acts: _DAILY_ Friendly Fire: While piloting a hijacked Crewship, destroy 3 enemy Fighters No Mercy: Mercy Kill an Enemy Hush: Kill a Kuva Thrall Reclaimed: Clear a personal Kuva Lich Influenced Node _WEEKLY_ Explorer: Complete 3 Railjack Missions Forward Thinking: Destroy a Crewship with Forward Artillery Flawless: Clear a Railjack Boarding Party without your Warframe taking damage Confiscated: Hijack a Crewship from the enemy Heavy Ordnance: Kill 500 enemies with an Arch Gun _ELITE WEEKLY_ Grand: Kill The Exploiter Orb Choose Wisely: Kill or Convert a Kuva Lich Elite Explorer: Complete 8 Railjack Missions So you are litterally again forcing people to play content that they are done with.. What about the people that are done with the liches ? It is the same thing we told you in the past that you shouldnt do.. Stop making "gilding" challenge, "forma" challenge for those who are litterally done with the content. I have no interest in kuva lich at all and you are forcing down our throat to do some more and to kill/capture them. Exploiter Orb is just a no for me.. Doesnt give credits or ressources I'm gonna use.. Is a mess.. Take quite a long time to solo.. I love Profit taker because it is easy even solo RJ challenge seems fine except that the "Confiscated" and "Friendly Fire" should probably be switched.
  7. Can confirm Also happening with torid, pox grattler
  8. Grendel - Pulverize Augment - CatapultMiddle mouse button to launch Grendel in your aim direction. Costs 10 Energy. SOOOOO.. You put a bandaid augment when it should have been in the ability at first....... STOP it with the bandaid augment.. Other seems interesting enough.. Also thanks for the fixes for the rest
  9. I think your team is missing the point at all with all these changes.. We dont want your team to rewrite the damn code and change the value of skills.. We just want consistencies all over the board. I dont think that burst healing a la Equinox trin, etc should heal the damn thing when it wasnt specified at first .. Giving DR seems alright Problem is the OVERNERF for Vazarin Dash.. Do you really want no one playing with operator at all , because with Lockdown nerf combined to that, you are making Operator mostly usable only for the zenurik energy dash.. You are removing everything interesting about them.. Like when you did remove the Void Stalker buff to AMPS and to Guns.. With all these examples of nerfs you are just removing way to play the game DIFFERENTLY.. I know Vazarin dash is kinda OP, but you are just killing it for people that are doing super long missions . I wouldnt personnaly mind that nerf, but stop axing some fun for these peoples i think you also Have other more important thing to do than changing these kind of things.. Focus on the foundation first and after you can change the brick little by little.. You dont build a house (game) by adding more and more bricks until it crumble because the foundation are not solid enough
  10. Also this 100% .. It is not the first time you are doing a "fix" (essentially a nerf) because people are playing the game in a way you dont want to..
  11. Thanks for the transparency there.. BUT again it SHOULDNT be called an exploit . It is a clever use of in game mechanic that change absolutely nothing to how the event is getting played . Y'all want the OpLinks to be an exception to the rule : not fine because by "removing" it you are just messing even more with the code with more exceptions that just arent needed . Cant your team just let fun interaction stay in game . Also Exploit? Limbo AFKing every event he touches (and include a defense) is fine, but Venari being able to heal the target 50hp/sec is a #*!%ing exploit? We can all agree that Limbo is a nightmare frame to balance, but the point is how really inconsistent you all are about way of playing the game Want a list of what they stealth nerfed or "fixed" recently that created an outcry and there are just some few examples here : Gara "death touch", Mesa with Velocity (not working) (due to an outcry they decided to remove the fix), Chroma "fix" , Wukong sprint speed "bugfix", etc .. because DE only like to remove fun or efficient or what have been years in the game
  12. No Just No about Magus Lockdown nerf. That was the first time operator felt powerful and it was a nice tool for longer runs . Sure it was powerful as hell but now i guess it is time to get back to a useless operator You are also killing its CC aspect even more. People are playing CC less and less and You are Killing another tool That CC. Do your team want to accentuate the dmg meta more and more.? I 2 seconds....with lag the time you take to get in the wf could be that. Are the team really playing the game f you remove both the CC and dmg why even use the Arcane at that point . You dont triple nerf something the same patch. That is balance 101. Your team always tend to do that. So choose between dmg OR CC removed. . Not both at the same time. That is just dumb I just dont get why your team is always nerfing and not letting People feel powerful and have fun. I guess the only answer is that the team dont like when People play to a too high speed so they burn through the content. . Rest of the changes are great
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