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  1. MunsuLight

    Damage Calculations for Mesa's Regulators are wrong

    Can confirm .. Regulators feels weird and did the same test.. nad I agree ... I tested against unarmored target ..
  2. MunsuLight

    New Rotation in the "hardest" bounties contain Lith.

    Will bump ..
  3. MunsuLight


    I had this bug .. but the thing is super inconsistent
  4. Happened to me a lot when I was doing xini and leveling the weapon to forma it .. Cant really pinpoint the exact cause of it though
  5. MunsuLight

    [PC] Update 23: General Bug Report Megathread

    Last bounty in Cetus doesnt reward Axi like it supposed to .. it rewards Axi .. (at least one of the rotation)
  6. New Rotation in the "hardest" bounties contain Lith when it is supposed to be Axi Relic .. We have 2 Bounties that rewards Lith V5 one of the easiest and the hardest .. So no Axi L1 ...
  7. MunsuLight

    "On Damage" Arcanes stopped working [Fixed]

    This is kinda gamebreaking I hope the fix will come soin
  8. MunsuLight

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.3 - Limbo Prime

    All "When Damaged Arcanes" arent working atm ..
  9. I know when I started i tried to farm some drifting contact from the nightmare missions .. that is 20p+ a piece .. If not run relics in pub and sometimes people put vaulted relics where you can get some nice prime parts that have a lot of value .. I got like 3 Boltor Prime BP (65-70p each) .. .it is all about luck .. Also.. there is a new prime coming .. Pyrana, Limbo and Destraza prime parts gold parts gonna worth a lot the first 2-3 days ... I know last time, with Tiberon prime rare parts I have sold them for 100p+ the first few days .. If you can try to get Nekros P, Galatine P and Tigris P, Nekros Prime in particular (if you already have built them or have some sets in over). they are thing that get vaulted soon.. they will be worth more .. You can also do Vault Run with the help of recruiting chat .. The Corrupted mods (Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage, Heavy Caliber ,Fleeting Expertise, Narrow Minded), can net you some nice plats.. is a nice site to sell things OH I forgot.. these days, with the new Sacrifce Quest "spoiler mods" , if you have Filled Anasa Sculpture (the ananas one ) you can sell them 10 to 20 p each , or 5 for 60 .. pretty easily because people need ton of them If not .. Riven market even if hard to understand is a pretty nice way to make some plats if you have some good rivens mods ... or are good to give you an idea of what can be good .. some price are overexaggerated .. If you have discord.. there is a riven discord server I could link ... (if you send me a PM )
  10. MunsuLight

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    Can confirm it is not only onslaught .. sometimes a host migration just throw everyone under the bus even in normal mission
  11. MunsuLight

    Weapons not dealing damage

    Can confirm it is happening so infrequently and on all hitscan guns too .. which is kinda weird
  12. MunsuLight

    Hit registration bugged - no damage

    Can confirm it is happening so infrequently and on all guns too .. which is kinda weird
  13. MunsuLight

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    My mesa has i think 3 and regulators 3 .. this isnt the worst .. But I agree that the fact that they said we wouldnt need more forma .. they lied on that
  14. MunsuLight

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    No fix for Duality Equinox ? He cant even use weapon atm ..
  15. MunsuLight

    Titania Exalted Weapons.

    @Lancars It is a shame the Dex Pixia lost some of its crit even the the Primed Crit mods from the pistols ... But In my testing Dex Pixia is even more powerful .. Maybe because of the insane Multishot from pistols .. I like the change.. I did a Viral/Slash because even with a "low" status chance.. the slash and viral procs are massive .. Diwata is still super S#&$ty