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  1. What about fixing Khora LoS problem that are a hot mess since your Team changed them when we all know the LoS code is Just not working in this game. On the quoted post there are good example of how messed up it is atm. Cant even play one of my favorite frame atm Please make the team fix it. It is sad for Khora main or people who like playing her @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan
  2. Unnerf Khora.. She is just in a bad shape now.. You cant even whip on missions where the terrain has any kind of bump
  3. Sure.. You put a nerf never mentionned before this patch in the new "changes" ... I'm not even surprised that you nerf her..
  4. Where are the other round of xaku Changes ? ??? It almost been a month without them
  5. This surely dont look promising at all.. Fix Mirage if you change lights.. (toggle/hold to change bonus to either DR% or DMG%). It is easier than to fix the whole light system.. Also, I dont like you forcing people out of Direct X older version.. I dont crash at all on old version and now when I try the "newest" I'm always full crashing my computer.. It is nice to see that you care for people with older rigs /s
  6. Note on Grasp of Lohk’s ‘Target Range’: In Round 1, we made the distinction between Grasp of Lohk’s ‘Grab Range’ and ‘Target Range’. We then increased its ‘Grab Range’ and left ‘Target Range’ untouched due to “firing range experiments being a bit too wild for Round 1”. As we’ve continued testing, this has held true. In any instance where we’ve increased it, even slightly, we neared a state that we had already established was undesirable due to its encouragement of an ‘inactive’ way of playing (Ember’s “World on Fire” comes to mind before it was changed to “Inferno”). As a result, ‘Targe
  7. Xata's Whisper The no changes just made it not so good.. For a buffing ability it fall short of so many others, (Roar, Smite with augment, Shock With Augment, Toxic Lash, etc) I just dont get why the bonus isnt higher. Second. The void proc itself is mostly a nuisance except in some rare cases like Exergis or similar weapon in the same way as magnetize. Change the proc to either make it a bigger bubble and embrace it being "mini mag" bubbles or just remove the "bubble proc" altogether Grasp of Lohk It needs optimization to targeting enemies
  8. SO On Xaku.. Changes seems promising.. But Deny still wont be use.. Why makes forced synergies that barely help the skill at all.. At least the other 2 are useful.. (one is nice CC the other is boosted damage) ... Grasp of Lohk.. .Why the hell the range changes doesnt apply to both.. It doesnt make sense at all.. Stop being so full of fear about it.. The damage isnt even overbearing.. We dont want to be near enemies so that the things fire.. Come on DE you are better than that.. Vast Untime Seems a cool addition.. Xaku number 1 damage boost is still so pitiful even with a high amount of stren
  9. HELMINTH So still no Bile change materials. . No railjack ressource costs Who are Just outrageous. Subsumed cost /ability applying would be alright if it wasnt that almost everything cost BILE . Again pointing in the direction that the only problem with the HELMINTH system is bile... Xaku Not in this patch and no mention too. Read the reddit post. NOTHING about range change which is the bigger problem. BOUNTIES (deimos) Nothing on the horrible drop rates/time it takes to do the Latrox une bounty. It is 100% the worst time wise and it is the less action heavy Ne
  10. So forcing people to hunt to increase the standings/rank is your definition of FUN ? Come on DE. You seems to never learn from your past releases.. Forcing people to do content that they could possibly not like is not cool, even more when the content is new
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