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  1. MunsuLight

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    I will add to that.. When we will be able to have more than one Magus and Virtuous Loadout for Operator. We have now access to trees for loadout, but it would be nice, if we could also switch Arcanes on the operators in the different loadouts.
  2. MunsuLight

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    Baruuk is a frame that is unkillable in all content up to sortie 3 easy and his exalted can carry him to sortie 3 too.. Improvements for what? He can still scale beyond sortie 3 if he use his sleep + CL dagger. so ?
  3. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.11

    Problem is that 1 week of work for this amount of bugfixes is inacceptable in almost every game business, when there are bugs that are super old and still not fixed (I'm talking about 6 months + bug). PoE still has many bugs. Eidolons still have many bugs.. Fortuna have many bugs.. and the list goes on . What about arbitrations only being power strenght related ? That is not useful at all on a lot of frames. Do you want me to go on.. Oh, they said they wanted to make better spawns on Elite Onslaught . Never happened .What about the moderator changes ? No news since . There are still a lot of problem when you are a client and you try to do some operator things. Most of the new magus arcanes are buggy and even some of the older one. I dont mind having not that much content, because in one way, I think that the new content will be fun.. but will be buggy and forgotten to be debugged like all 1 year less content I love the game, but I do feel what veterans feels like (and even more recently with the content drought of last year). I also know that new content is what bring new players, but the new player experience is still horrible, full of noobtraps,
  4. MunsuLight

    The Prime Vault is Open!

    Can you please Unvault Dual Kamas Prime.. Not once, during the 430 days I have played they were unvaulted and they are with the 2 login weapon i miss, the only weapon I need to have everything fully completed 😞
  5. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    People wouldnt abuse the thing if the kuva rates were higher . They are abysmal . And I never abused of this "bug" and still think it is the game going Backward. What about host migration ISP PROBLEM bad connection ; disconnect. We are now at the mercy of the P2P system which is outdated
  6. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Again you prove how disconnected you are from the game by fixing a "bug" that was in the game still the inception of flood siphons. It is not gamebreaking at all and it changed nothing and made kuva farming tolerable .. because kuva gain are absolutely abysmal and the survival drop rate is even more abysmal. You fix something that didnt even need to be fixed when there is ton of eidolon bug not fixed; ton of fortuna bug still not fixed ; weapon and arcanes bugs not fixed ; thing that you supposedly fixed and is still not fixed ; and the list go on You should really listen to the community more and goes on the bug forums because the game is becoming buggier and buggier and you only care about fixing things that dont need fixes . Also this "fix" litterally screw people that have bad ISP and host problems..
  7. MunsuLight

    Adaptation and Vex Armor Potential Issue

    Oh that could explain why before the patch i wasnt getting destroyed at all during the profit taker fight in solo, and after that it was likely more hell
  8. MunsuLight

    Regulators prime damage randomly changing

    Mostly a UI glitch i think and it was happening a lot with Atmospheric AW weapon. So i guess the problem spreaded to even normal loadout
  9. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Magus Repair for client still not fixed
  10. MunsuLight

    Horrible assortment of fundamental gripes

    Essentially everything you said is true, but DE has a bad track record of not updating a lot of the old content
  11. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    can confirm. The caves pool are the Worst for that and when you need some charamote /synathid and you miss them because of thing bouncing it is not Nice. Also not seeing how many ressources you get when you mine is surely buggy
  12. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.7

    No tek gravity fixes. Still New Guns and moa showed on profile or bugged. Still no fixes for arbitration bugs Still no night watch napalm fixes ( no it wasnt fixed even if you told it was fixed ) Eidolon are Still a buggy mess And the list goes on
  13. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.4

    Same. I think it has to do with the order you put the precept in
  14. MunsuLight

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.2

    Is it normal that Garuda 4 dmg is so low ?
  15. Why is Soma still "Soma: 0.5->0.55" Rest is pretty fine, but some bad weapon like the simulor needed a real big changes in dispo..