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  1. Excuse me.. but I wish this is only a typo... In the case which it wouldn't be such thing: Wat ?!
  2. The newby data-knife user: The madlad data-knife connaisseur:
  3. Pretty long to load the map + (solo) big 5 seconds of hard lags once in it + (group) 10 sec of hard lags once in it + freeze when many things happen (sometimes doors don't open too).
  4. The computer is freshly bought ; no modifications or additions on it so far. Model: HP Pavilian Gaming Desktop 690-00xx Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G, with Radeon Vega Graphics (3,6GHz) Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb RAM installed: 8Go ; usable 5.91 I wonder how I will modify that... and if it's the main issue..
  5. That may be why my computer suddenly lost its performance some weeks again : Newly obtain, it has 8go of RAM and right now, I can see " 8Go (5,91Go usable) " ... I dropped all my graphic from high to low and Open-Wolrd performance didn't upgraded - I though I went crazy (more than usual). Will try to fix that...
  6. Yeah, I rediscovered the CC part of this ability few days ago; that's neat. But we could argue that : 1- it will hold incomming damages, like today, but with more efficiency as it will not be a static bubble, but a true shield maintained in front of you; 2- the CC could also remain, but changed - unlike now (forced the enemy to not move) it will push them (opposite way of her Attraction ability) and so affect the same area she is protected from (larger angle, visualy more pronounced CC - ability to through enemies into the void like with the Attraction) For the "source of damage mult
  7. Think of a magnetize bubble staying in front of you & absorbing damage coming in front of you (with the same mecanism as Barruk's 1) - then she release the potential damage in front of her like a canister-shell (bigger the distance is, higher the damages will drop). We could argue that other frames has a similar attribute; but (if it's working as I described) I found it more suited to Mag than the current magnetize ability, as her first ability is the jedi "pull", her second ability became the jedi "push".
  8. I think that we got the official arrival of the Sentient army with Alad V as the general in charge of the Invasion. He says in the new mission that those hybrid will give him the opportunity to become a VIP in the Corpus. But if you're sane, you would see that except the used technology : it's still the same objective as the Infested-Alad V & he's doing "heresy". Nef Anyo would probably take his weaponery (he has the battacor & ocucor, using sentient parts merged to corpus materials), but he's siding "with the Void~" while these hybrid try to protect themself from it. (Sala
  9. I already smell the lvl-200 from the Tau system...
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