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  1. It asked for a Transducer for me. BV ... mmmh... maybe it's not a V, but a 5 ! Ballas V - I'm calling it. But seriously; the one PDA with Baro Ki'teer icon seems to be someone from Fortuna (making fun of Bizz and his crap load of Grineer artillery shell); it seems to me to be a bit more serious than something a ventkid would deal with. So my guess on an adult we don't currently know, working on Fortuna (close to the rebellion).
  2. It looks weird - it's always a random nickname followed by numbers ; plus, the claim for the glyphe appears always within minutes (no more than 2). Is there any kind of advantage to launch a wave of bots to subscribe & claim a glyphe (for DE, the website, or else) ?
  3. Happy Awakening-day Tenno ! May this 7th year adds even more to your wisdom & brings you enjoyable moments~ (Ordis, bring the cake !)
  4. Completly agree. But, according to (what i remember of) the lore : the "golems" (first name for the warframe I think) did well against the Sentients, but Ballas added the transference for better control. I think, that right now, we are at the "Golem" level against sentients (we are mostly working around our weapons) - if we get some passive void-bonus for weapons & abilities, then we would trash the sentients like in the Old War (remember the warframe fighting with a Burston Prime 😄 we don't think that possible/efficient today). Hope that we won't have completely new set of mods specific to fight the sentients, but to get operator's upgrade...
  5. I'm bad at building/modding; have most of the warframe but surely don't know how to use most of their potential & many weapons are missing in my arsenal. Please teach me your tips'n tricks on that matter, to fight at the very least Battalyst lvl-136 (the highest level I spotted on the last Murex).
  6. I asked on warframe's reddit how do people would / are dealing with Battalysts level 140. All the answers were: 1- Mesa 2- Paracesis 3- Redeemer There was some other unique tactics, as Trinity's abating-link (to remove armor) / Frost avalanche (to strip all armor & freeze) / Banshee's 1 would also strip armor; and there was a "double wuklone" too. It's impressive how the choice of Warframe & Weapons look so limited... Most of the CC-frame are impossible to use, defensive-frames are limited to Frost & Limbo, offensive-frame are just "Mesa". Speaking of CC, some are more equal than others : Vauban's bastille & vortex have no effect; Nidus's ball hasn't any effect - BUT : Mag's bubble has a newly added gravity that is in-fact affecting the sentients units. Without talking about what could bring the New War / Duviri on the operator; I wonder how people will deal with the Scarlet event with the future "healing/defense" rework. (right now, I'm building a specific anti-sentient set-up for a redeemer prime; so far I can 2-shot lvl-140 Battalyst pretty reliably)
  7. Thank you for your comments - It makes me happy that you enjoyed it ! I'm not used to write stories in english & even less when it's about "horror", but I found a lack of depth with Hydroid and wonders how it would perform with a little bit of a "deeper darkness that you would perceive". With that idea of Hydroid being some sort of a portal to "who-knows-where", I can picture him on all sorts of stories.
  8. Lurking in a dark corner of our perception, A grineer soldier hears some kind of a "splash" sound. Opens the door to see what's looking like a leak inside. Entire worlds could be hiding. Turning back to inform about it, the soldier trips on the ground. He doesn't have the time to look at whatever blocked his way; this whatever quickly pulls him inside the room. With only a brief time to scream, he disappears with that same "splash" sound. To acknowledge their existence could shatter a mind... Slowly falling, maybe drifting away ? in a dark empty world, the grineer comes back to consciousness. Instinctively, he searchs for a light. Nothing in front, nothing behind or below. The feeling of emptiness, of loneliness, of vulnerability weigh more and more... No time to think, must not think... But, above, a well of light. The only thing that lights up this... place. Like a liquid-window of hope to that room, that stupid room. He knows immediatly that's what to reach to get out of here. ...With a single sight. As he tries to swim upward, an object hits him. It is a grineer mask. Cracked, ripped off a helmet... tainted. He stops moving. Takes out his trusty sheev. There is something here.He can breath thanks to his armor, but it won't last long. And so he observes. In this dark space, his senses are ringing every bells. He is being watched and it is a trap. They will come. This platform we made may be a mistake. They come closer. Forms are moving in the abyss. Multiple creatures. They're quick and moves like sharks around their prey. He catches a glimpse when one of them passes under the light.They looks like an unknown aquatic form. A bizarre mix between a crustacean and a squid. And quite big. As he braces for an imminent attack he sees the darkness in front moving.It is not big, it is gigantic. The grineer's blood freeze. Enormous, glowing, eyes illuminate the mere human. It is no tool, but a door. In that room, the water gathers to form slowly an individual. Walking as if nothing, Hydroid. The final mistake of our univers, Step by step in the corridor, the warframe's shadow is growing. He stops to slowly look behind. A tall, dark and cold vision fades away. It's when something will knock... - Hydroid I wanted to give something a bit more unique to Hydroid, and not simply somekind of "waterbending frame". I hope that you like it 🙂
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